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Library Files
Library Files - 9 hours ago
The Kentucky Fried Turdby trashed the Preakness and Belmont this year.
Anthony Voltaggio
Anthony Voltaggio - Day ago
It was an aggressive ride by Joel Rosario there was no interference at all. In the derby Maximum Security had the race won before the incident on the last turn and he would have won the race regardless.
Neil Bahal
Neil Bahal - 2 days ago
Poor race by the jockey of War of will.
Mitary K.
Mitary K. - 2 days ago
There was some huge interference there
J T Mack
J T Mack - 3 days ago
War of Will bumps Tacitus and Sir Winston cuts off War of Will. Didn't we just have some long BS explanation about staying in your lane during the Derby? And they see no reason to call anything in the Belmont? What a tainted season. I hope Maximum Security blows them all away again in the Haskell July 20th. He's running June 16th in the Pegasus Stakes to prep for it.
bnegs521 - 3 days ago
2:30 When Sir Winston was here I was like uh oh if that Peter Pan move is coming it is LIGHTS OUT!!! Rosario could not believe he was that close right here and Sir Winston had not unleashed his move yet! It is almost an Afleet Alex type move. I do not think SW has AA's tactical speed and I am not comparing him to AA but that move in his last two races reminds me of the great AA. ---Tacitus is a TRUE grinder no racing luck yet but I love him. Really tough horse! Love him!
bnegs521 - 3 days ago
Master Fencer acquitted himself well on this Triple Crown trail. I would like to see more of him.
Fox_Voidz - 3 days ago
My grandpa won this race
Shawn Jerome
Shawn Jerome - 4 days ago
so the Dale jr. Interview video with his wife the comments are disabled and I'm sure this is why I just want to say junior I really respect you brother get rid of that gold digger that's all she wants
Global Agenda
Global Agenda - 5 days ago
I called it on my channel. I should have put money on it.
Rita Sics
Rita Sics - 5 days ago
Eddie De Leon
Eddie De Leon - 5 days ago
jockey joel rosario superb handling of his horse makes a big difference ... saving a lot of ground in the rail, wherein the Preakness winner position number 9 was really disadvantageous for this horse is very strong on the rail based on Kentucky derby and the race she won one of the jewel, ... the winning jockey made a bold move right in time when he put Sir Winston in the middle of the tract in straight part of the race up to finish line ... my observation
Karley Hamilton
Karley Hamilton - 5 days ago
The track looks the same as 1973!!
Ash Aquatics
Ash Aquatics - 5 days ago
What a move!!! Wow
Bonnie's World.
Bonnie's World. - 6 days ago
Joseph Marino
Joseph Marino - 6 days ago
God bless you with that horse racing I did that for years😉😉
Charles Bray
Charles Bray - 6 days ago
The greatest triple crown winner right here.
Greg Tanner
Greg Tanner - 6 days ago
How can there be an objection when the leader beat the otber horse in question by 8 lengths...totally stupid
Dwight Currie
Dwight Currie - 5 days ago
Both races were just that...Horse Races. One on a lousy Muddy track & the other on a fast track. Neither should have had any "Calls of Obstruction", but the Stewards at KB felt differently and their decisions are Sacrosanct
Peter Hull
Peter Hull - 6 days ago
To bad that Omaha Beach Could run and then maybe Secretariat family tree could have had something to say about who won this race Bnegs521!
Reed B
Reed B - 6 days ago
Who names a horse "Tax"
Sarah Hearn-vonFoerster
Not one of them will ever have the aura of greatness as did
carol gruber
carol gruber - 3 days ago
@apb5000 You might be right, anyhow, my nominee for greatest horse is Nijinski ridden by the greatest jockey Lester Piggott and trained by the master, M. Vincent O'Brian.
apb5000 - 4 days ago
@carol gruber Simple, just Superimpose both horses running on the same track of their Triple Crown wins and sync the horses starts and finishes. Secretariat wins everytime because he has all 3 track records.
carol gruber
carol gruber - 4 days ago
@apb5000 How do you know that unless they ran against each other in a match race? The greatest race horse of our time was Najinski ridden by the greatest joc, stoneface himself, Lester Piggott!
apb5000 - 6 days ago
@Sarah Hearn-vonFoerster Exactly the correct description... Tragedy!
Sarah Hearn-vonFoerster
@apb5000 Both Big Red and Little Red had the hearts of champions...and I still wonder about the amazing, tragedy of Ruffian.
Striker 333
Striker 333 - 6 days ago
Please put the ghost of Secretariat in all Belmonts so greatness lives on.
apb5000 - 6 days ago
In all 3!!
Striker 333
Striker 333 - 6 days ago
Where is Maximum Security?
Global Agenda
Global Agenda - 4 days ago
He is suing the horse racing body, so he stood down.
smylebutta7250 - 6 days ago
Much more contact than in the Derby. What a joke.
Anna Masterstar
Anna Masterstar - 6 days ago
The greatest was and still will be Secretariat 🏇 😍 But this was a nice move good one Sir Winston
bert forbes
bert forbes - 6 days ago
Strangely, I was thinking of Secretariat while handicapping the race. Not his Belmont Stakes, but his Marlboro Cup against stablemate Riva Ridge. I Remember Eddie Maple and Ron Turcotte slapping Five as they crossed the finish line. And I looked at the then World record clocking of 1:45.4. When I saw Sir Winston Peter Pan closing kick in 1:46 and change, I thought this was really possible. And Joel doesn't fool around on big race days.
jmn93065 - 6 days ago
Isn't it interesting, Sir Winston jump in front of War of Will, to his inside, causing him to break stride. Yet he wasn't disqualified. Another horse was disqualified for this same maneuver in a previous race. hmm, wonder who that was???
Notice the announcers are consistently making excuses for the bump. Something strange here goes.
Merle Keller-DIckey
Merle Keller-DIckey - 6 days ago
Too bad the jockey held Tascitus back for so long...He was really.coming up.on even Sir Winston .. But it was a good clean race. Not as fast as I was expecting
But good ....
Out Of Time
Out Of Time - 6 days ago
Yep, we would have watched Secretariat blow this field away by 31 lengths too. And remember Secretariat was only galloping in that race and not in a full out run. The jockey claimed he never used the whip once.
Amalgamaite - 5 days ago
Right. And they retired Sec MUCH TOO EARLY! Secretariat could have run another two years, in my opinion, and just blown everybody away.
Out Of Time
Out Of Time - 6 days ago
Tyler is an amateur jockey. Tyler on the 9 horse had the opportunity and the chance to fit himself on the rail before the first turn and he didn't take it. Instead he runs War of Will 3 and 4 wide thee entire race. So disappointing.. Slow fractions and horses running extremely wide allowed Sir Winston to win. As he jumps in front of War of Will again.
Mallory S
Mallory S - 6 days ago
War of Will was not running this race as a winner. He just cant get the distance.. BUT it did not help that Sir Winston cut him off mid stretch, costing him a better placing. Just like how Maximum Security cut off another horse that didnt even place or show signs of winning anyways but still got DQ..... if you're gonna hold the standards of racing that harshly, at least do it all the time for every horse. 🤷‍♀️
sheshr - 5 days ago
Maximum Security cut off War of Will. So that's 2 of three races War of Will was cut off.
De Oppresso Li-bear
De Oppresso Li-bear - 7 days ago
Disqualified. Give Maximum Security the KD now please.
Out Of Time
Out Of Time - 6 days ago
Maximum Security raced erractic and doesnt deserve to be the winner. The horse got what he deserved.
geraldo n rincon
geraldo n rincon - 7 days ago
People need to stop comparing every other horse to Secretariat. He was one of a kind. Secretariat Belmont Stakes will never be duplicate, it was a superb, out of this world performance even for Secretariat standards.
The Devil's Advocate
The Devil's Advocate - 6 days ago
His 💓 was 9x bigger than a normal horse's
Avery William
Avery William - 7 days ago
Ima ride till I can’t no more
bsullivan161 - 7 days ago
Secretariat went through the first 3/4s in 1:09!
Bob Walker
Bob Walker - Day ago
What was his time at the mile marker?
anhell32 - 6 days ago
people needs to stop comparing big red ...just enjoy the races ..we all know never will be another Secretariat...enjoy and stop comparing the obvious ..
Angie Martin
Angie Martin - 7 days ago
Btw they were not gonna call that crap on sir winston that's how horse racing is gonna go sometimes
Running Down a Dream
Running Down a Dream - 4 days ago
Never made contact
Angie Martin
Angie Martin - 7 days ago
Master fencer was FLYING
Daniel Leal
Daniel Leal - 7 days ago
What's the difference between what this guy did to block the other horse and what happened in the Kentucky derby
apb5000 - 7 days ago
Every year proves the true greatness of the greatest... Secretariat!
apb5000 - 3 days ago
@Out Of Time the Belmont is where God whispered in Secretariat's ear "Run", and boy did he!! "The Move" in the Preakness was unbelievable. And his giving every other horse a head start in his races showed his good sporstsmanship!! 🐎👍
Out Of Time
Out Of Time - 3 days ago
@apb5000 Only pansies would have a go at what you just said. I can respect that. I know how you feel. Watching the races and with every single TC year that passes us on by, makes Secretariat look more and more incredible. SECRETARIAT was God's horse.
apb5000 - 3 days ago
@bnegs521 I have never watched hockey or soccer! I stopped watching basketball after Bird and Magic retired and MJ made palming, carrying, and traveling legal, and definitely haven't seen a game since the Piston players attacked the fans! So I haven't watched a basketball game, pro or college, this century! I quit watching pro football when Colin Kaepernick and the players started kneeling for the flag (I'm an Army veteran). I watch college football and college baseball. You can attack me and hate me all you want if it makes you feel better about my admiration of a horse. Have at it sir.
bnegs521 - 3 days ago
@apb5000 Every time you watch a basketball highlight you cannot appreciate it can you? You compare it to MJ don't you? And what about a hockey highlight forget the fact the Blues won the cup last night NONE are as good a the great Gretzky! That was a great move by Sir Winston I appreciate that. Big Red's 2:24 is untouchable! That does not have to be touched for me to enjoy THIS race. Congrats to Rosario and SIR Winston!
apb5000 - 3 days ago
@bnegs521 I understand. Yes sir. I was only 13 when I watched him race. You're right. My bad. Please forgive me.
Robert Perone
Robert Perone - 7 days ago
Another controversial call. Sir Winston could have easily been disqualified
Robert Perone
Robert Perone - 6 days ago
@Out Of Time Yes I do. I have owned and trained. When War of Will bumped Tacitus it looks like he lost his stride. What a shame..
Out Of Time
Out Of Time - 6 days ago
@Robert Perone Do you know that the horses on the outside,( the 2nd lane)have to run 350 ft farther, in a mile, than the horses on the rail do. And if they run 3 wide it's tripled.
Out Of Time
Out Of Time - 6 days ago
@Robert Perone What is totally b.s. is the fact Tyler on War of Will had the chance and the opportunity to fit himself in on the rail before the first turn and he didnt take it, because he is a amateur jockey.. Instead he runs the 9 horse 3 and 4 wide the whole entire race.
Robert Perone
Robert Perone - 6 days ago
@Out Of Time Totaly Agree. after he ran in front of War of Will he then went all the way back over. he was all over the track. Never stayed in his lane
Out Of Time
Out Of Time - 6 days ago
And he should of been. Just because Mark trained both horses 7 and the 9. While the 7 caused interruption to the 9, it's overlooked. Tacitus earned that race and should have been the winner. The 10 horse ran extremely wide the whole race.
Mike Warren
Mike Warren - 7 days ago
Wow what a slow time!!!
Venia tocando corneta Joel Rosario desde el giro del ultimo codo. Excelente conduccion.
the gitano
the gitano - 7 days ago
Congrats Joel Rosario
do heo
do heo - 7 days ago
Garbage season. Maximum Security got robbed of a triple crown chance.
Sean DeMarco
Sean DeMarco - 6 days ago
You seriously have to be kidding. Also the actions of the owners being whiners about the whole thing should have had you angry at them for taking the spotlight off the following races. That horse not continuing to run in them says something about that ownership group. Heck by not running again they can say their horse won the Kentucky Derby really and showed enough there to demand more money in the breeding shed.
Alejandro Silvera Castillo
Agree with you totally
Turd Ferguson
Turd Ferguson - 7 days ago
I stopped caring for any race after this years derby...No shot at a "legit" triple crown
Kitty Terry
Kitty Terry - 7 days ago
Great race Sir Winston!
Jon Johnson
Jon Johnson - 7 days ago
I hit a trifecta 2-6-7 .....#7 was 1-2 horse......2 and 6 were both $46 horses......$2100 straight.....
10cent super paid $10,000
2-6-7-5.....Los Alomitos
The $1 exacta was $444.... I had a $2 exacta......I got lucky!
Its all rigged. Those idiots know how to place horses just enough to make they're money. When a jockey falls off his horse, he deserves it......who says crime doesn't crooked horse jockeys.....CROOOKS
TheVideoKid782 - 7 days ago
good race, expected a jockey to get thrown off and run the entire track himself but ok
oscar hernandez
oscar hernandez - 7 days ago
Win Sir Winston AND I Win also
Samara's World View
Samara's World View - 7 days ago
Wow just seemed to b doomed this year. Blocked again. Maybe a win or not but definitely not when u get cut off. Bad move on the jockeys part though by not saving ground on the rail. Oh well maybe next year if there is one.
mark snow
mark snow - 7 days ago
the besthorse won the race!!!!
Eric Cartman
Eric Cartman - 7 days ago
#29 on trending street
jel0sh - 7 days ago
Haha Sir Winston impedes War of Will on the turn causing War of Will to fall back & no one cares lol
Running Down a Dream
Running Down a Dream - 6 days ago
@jel0sh I've watched 1000s of races...owned them, trained them and the Belmont was a non issue
jel0sh - 6 days ago
@Running Down a Dream Nope I'm not kidding at all. He wasn't making a move, he showed absolutely no signs of making a move. He should have finished better then he did at the Derby except he didn't because he was impeded BUT he wouldn't won & only would have had third at best. The Belmont though you're he was a tired horse so I don't think he would have won this race either BUT the same thing happened to him here that happened to him at the Derby. I it looked more dramatic at the Derby because he wasn't already tired & slowing down some like he was here BUT it was the same exact thing none the less. The only difference is that MS came out because you could tell he was clearly spooked by something by how he was turning his head to try to look at it, where at the horse here did it intentionally. I would just like to see a fair distribution of the rules applied. At the Derby they all said if it was any other race then the Derby then 9 times out of 10 he would have still been DQ. So the Belmont must have been that 1 time out of 10 where they aren't DQ.
Running Down a Dream
Running Down a Dream - 7 days ago
@jel0sh you kidding me? He was actually making a move when MS came out...he was a tired horse going into the Belmont and pretty much ran the way I expected
jel0sh - 7 days ago
@Running Down a Dream He was already beaten in the Kentucky Derby too. He wasn't slowing down but he wasn't speeding up either while everyone else was moving on & yet in the Kentucky Derby it resulted in a DQ
Running Down a Dream
Running Down a Dream - 7 days ago
@jel0sh War of Will was a beaten horse at that point....he wasn't going anywhere
Michael Otten
Michael Otten - 7 days ago
War of will shouldve called objection.
Maurice Campbell
Maurice Campbell - 5 days ago
Don't be a sorry loser
m. Stimson
m. Stimson - 7 days ago
I didn't know that was on yesterday... So thanks for things like you tube(incase we missed it).😇
Pen Griffey
Pen Griffey - 7 days ago
any one else see master fencers huge strides at the end
adorthus - 7 days ago
Tacitus got the same bump the Derby horse got HORSE 💩
FAWN TEACH - 7 days ago
🔷️🔷️🔷️ BullSh*t move by Joel.
David Rosado
David Rosado - 7 days ago
I used to be a jockey and i'm glad for Joel Rosario. I lived 14 yrs is Santo Domingo. Pa lante papa.
Геко Иосифов
Хорошая лошадь Сэр Winston.
Геко Иосифов
Matthew Sanchez
Matthew Sanchez - 7 days ago
IM PROUD OF MASTER FENCER, nobody gave him a shot in the derby finished 6th closed like a freight train and eventually passed everybody on the gallop out. Meanwhile in the Belmont he closed without switching leads, the difference in the race, he should won watch him on the far outside, he passed everybody again on the gallop out he needs 2 miles lol
Richard Frye
Richard Frye - 7 days ago
Yea right, all sports are rigged just like the Kentucky derby. Say what you want but I took the red pill and he should have been disqualified if all things were fair since what took place in the Kentucky derby was not nearly as infractional.
David Turco
David Turco - 7 days ago
So who thinks that is Maximum Security did what Sir Winston did to WOW there would have been a protest by Casse? Three races and WOW was in controversy in all 3. The Derby we all know, but guess who was out of control and needlessly ran out of his lane down the stretch? then be bumps Tacitus and cost him the Belmont. Yes haters, Tacitus was knocked off his stride, it was only at about 2:45 in the above vid that Tacitus hits stride again and blows by them.
TT Boy
TT Boy - 7 days ago
Finally someone else who gets it.. Tacitus got screwed..
Steve Kissee
Steve Kissee - 7 days ago
Yet another horrible ride on Tacitus!!
Strawberryowl - 7 days ago
War of will was asleep for the entire race 😓
John Kaufmann
John Kaufmann - 7 days ago
Uh...Hello??? WAR OF WILL was bumped by TACITUS! Period! Big High Five By Gaffalione to Rosario past the wire! Did u see that? Uh No...Wait! I did but I saw only what I needed to see! Get Over It!!!! Masterful Ground Saving I had a ton of horse ride by Joel Rosario!
Dexter Haven
Dexter Haven - 7 days ago
The triple crown is getting to be a joke. The Derby win was tainted by a foul that didn't happen. The Belmont win was tainted by a foul that did happen. But wasn't called. War of Wills was clearly impeded.
atokadjoe - 7 days ago
Some of these people on here have no clue how the pari mutuel betting system works. Talking about how it's rigged, but they can't elaborate. Secondly, wanting an objection on War of Will. Yes he made contact but finished 9th. What are you gonna do? Move him to 10th? Clueless.
Joshua Snyder
Joshua Snyder - 7 days ago
Horse racing is an antiquated mess. Needs to be done away with.
Joshua Snyder
Joshua Snyder - 7 days ago
@Ryan L NASCAR is an antiquated mess on wheels. Not interested. At least the drivers get to choose to race, unlike these abused horses.
Ryan L
Ryan L - 7 days ago
Joshua Snyder I’m guessing you watch NASCAR. Clown
Francisco Colin
Francisco Colin - 7 days ago
This year’s Triple Crown was “interesting”...It was disappointing that Omaha Beach never ran a race, the KD had the world talking in a negative way, Bodexpress stole the show in the Preakness in the most unusual way, and here in the Belmont, a trainer I’ve never heard of probably had the most dramatic Triple Crown experience...that I can remember. Overall...I’m glad we got to see all this! I will never this year’s Triple Crown season.
Manny Lopez
Manny Lopez - 7 days ago
our you guy's serious everyone is talking about who got bumped but if you guy's actually watch the race the number 4 horse should have won that race all his jockey should have done is ride him but he didn't look he is standing up whipping the poor horse and at the same time holding him back man come on he lets the 7 and 10 horse go right by him and if you look at the whole race that jockey is talking to the 1 horse the whole entire race I've seen a lot of races in my time but I think that this time was a joke!!
Underwoods YT
Underwoods YT - 7 days ago
Does anyone know if California gold is going to ever race again?
alan 777
alan 777 - 7 days ago
Should of mean D/Q b.s.💩💩🤪!! Corrupted horse racing at its finest!!
Martin Pupelnickel
Martin Pupelnickel - 7 days ago
Sir Winston should be disqualified for bumping into WOW and impacting Tacitus - funny how the jockeys in the KY were INSTRUCTED to claim foul - oh well since I bet Sir Winston to win it was money in my pocket -
youroldaesthetic - 7 days ago
HORSERACING KILLS HORSES. Stop promoting animal cruelty!!!
revpgesqredux - 7 days ago
Tacitus ran 2 miles and finished a closing second
Břäm Şçřõğhæm
Břäm Şçřõğhæm - 7 days ago
2nd place is the first loser!
Jay Loving
Jay Loving - 7 days ago
Boy, them were some good horses, doncha know.
So_what_08 - 7 days ago
Did they seriously not do anything of that "small bump" between War of Will and Tacticus?? It's obvious that this was worse than the derby you can see how close all of their legs were and it looked like War of Will lost his balance
J L - 7 days ago
Great race!
Ma/ Co/
Ma/ Co/ - 7 days ago
War of Will cut off twice now
Andru G
Andru G - 5 days ago
Ma/ Co/ WoW proving he doesn’t have the stamina to win races that are longer than 9 1/2 furlongs or against more talented fields twice now***
Jesse Warner
Jesse Warner - 7 days ago
You really see how hard the jockeys are hitting the horses with their crops on the replay.
scrub44 - 7 days ago
brings tears to your eyes, doesnt it??
I kinda though jovia was gunna go wire to wire
Johnny Khomlately
Johnny Khomlately - 4 days ago
Sure you did. Sure you did.
20alphabet - 7 days ago
It was fixed... a scripted race.
John Bortolin
John Bortolin - 7 days ago
Zzzzzzzzzzzzzz is the race over yet.
Jane Metzger
Jane Metzger - 7 days ago
Thanks for posting, didn’t get to watch it yesterday! 👍🏻
Kaitlyn Friedman
Kaitlyn Friedman - 7 days ago
Mehrad - 7 days ago
*lana del rey has entered the chat*
Phameful - 7 days ago
New GTA update looks amazing!
Brinx - 7 days ago
My cat's breath smells like cat food.
Amelia Smith
Amelia Smith - 7 days ago
That was boring
Angel Gonzalez
Angel Gonzalez - 7 days ago
I had a good feeling #7 was going to win congrats to sir Winston and Joel good race too
mr.epicmelon 0
mr.epicmelon 0 - 7 days ago
Lil Nas x
Jason Sechrist
Jason Sechrist - 7 days ago
Sir winston bumped a horse to get to the front, why not disqualify him.
Global Agenda
Global Agenda - 4 days ago
It was meant to be.
Maurice Campbell
Maurice Campbell - 5 days ago
Mad you did not win bo ho
Juan Vega
Juan Vega - 7 days ago
Also the fact that sir Winston is trained by casse and sir Winston interfered another casse runner, ironically Motts horse would have been placed the winner
TT Boy
TT Boy - 7 days ago
Because they didn't want anymore bad publicity..
Juan Vega
Juan Vega - 7 days ago
There definitely should have been an inquiry in this race!!!
Ronnie Bishop
Ronnie Bishop - 7 days ago
That was a horrible run by Tacitus.
Kevin James
Kevin James - 7 days ago
Tacticus is still one of my favorite horses.
Norwall Music
Norwall Music - 7 days ago
I love me some racing. Glad I watch this video. Very nice job!
Princessa Stardusty
Princessa Stardusty - 7 days ago
wtg Joel, good ride! and S. Win is a nice horse! i really like S. Win. i do feel bad for WofWills though, the poor horse has been nothing but constrained, (and we know what that does to one) restrained so much so he was climbing all over the backside of M. Security in the Derby, ...bah! and Tyler knows it too, conditioned WofWills prob could have gone wire to wire and why NOT ?, he should have been sent on to do just that, wth - look at the horse, he wanted it. geez. retraining him so much all the time, waiting for what?, uses up energy and psych's the poor horse out, ug. : / screw ups this year, ... lol curse is about right, and dumb. now more Santa Anita mess too, ... excuses and no reasons for any of this BS. ...
Arlis Dezayas
Arlis Dezayas - 7 days ago
This is animal abuse
Sean DeMarco
Sean DeMarco - 6 days ago
@John Bortolin they also need to stop racing horses at 2 and 3 when they are not physically matured yet. Have you seen the deaths piling up btw at Sana Anita?
John Bortolin
John Bortolin - 7 days ago
Arlis Dezayas These horse love running but I would like to see them get rid of the whips.
Blair Sveinson
Blair Sveinson - 7 days ago
Joel Rosario made an instinctive move typical of competitors looking to win. With long shots back in the mix, my interest is renewed.
Michael Heery
Michael Heery - 4 days ago
@Stephen rtv and ssr head i am watching d obriens mounts. The weather is so bad for flat racing..ok
Stephen rtv and ssr head
@Michael Heery who? @ ascot?
Michael Heery
Michael Heery - 4 days ago
Stephen rtv and ssr head
He's a brilliant jockey look forward to seeing him at ascot next week. Also can't wait to see newspaperofrecord
Stephen rtv and ssr head
I was raging backed War of will and bricks and motar
Teresa Harris
Teresa Harris - 7 days ago
Master Fencer was actually, the only excitement on the track. Damm, he was coming down the stretch fast. The trainer and jock just need to get him making his move sooner.
Matthew Sanchez
Matthew Sanchez - 7 days ago
Teresa Harris unfortunately he didn’t switch leads or level off, I had him and was rooting for hem. He by far was the best and widest of all
Gene Cole
Gene Cole - 8 days ago
Looks like Sir Winston impeded War Of Will at the top of the stretch.
Justin Fencsak
Justin Fencsak - 8 days ago
Worst triple crown ever
cheryl hawkins
cheryl hawkins - 8 days ago
Sydney Austin
Sydney Austin - 7 days ago
Strong horse, indeed
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