Instant Save: DeAndre Nico Performs "All of Me" - The Voice 2018 Live Top 10 Eliminations

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Blair Adamson
Blair Adamson - Month ago
Reagan Strange took his spot? WOW WOW WOW
Blair Adamson
Blair Adamson - Month ago
He's SO MUCH better
Maria antonia Minaya lopez
Fantástica voz ,única .....eres un cantante de cantantes Felicidades !! Falta poco para que seas mundialmente conocido .
Angelear Abram
Angelear Abram - 2 months ago
Still not a Team Adam Fan!
Yelling: No No, please don’t pick him, at the new contestant! 🙅🏽‍♀️
Chris Keo
Chris Keo - 2 months ago
Jadakidss can sing???!?
Bassil Sockar
Bassil Sockar - 2 months ago
Well, let's be honest this performance was full of flaws. He would still have lost.
M S - 23 days ago
Bassil Sockar No he wouldn’t have. This was a great performance. He should’ve won regardless. Especially since Reagan didn’t perform.
Alicia Banister
Alicia Banister - 2 months ago
I hope nobody picks Adam for season 16
emaxulit1 - 2 months ago
Come on now, the show is scripted and Adam had to do what he is paid to do, follow the script.
Jennifer Francisca
Jennifer Francisca - 2 months ago
I guess I'm the only one who thinks he's overrated. I personally don't think Reagan is ready yet and what Adam did was wrong. But DeAndre isn't all that.
Edwin Sequeira
Edwin Sequeira - 3 months ago
Wow. He sang so beautifully.
M S - 3 months ago
The most beautiful tone of the season.😍💔💙
Debra Kirkland
Debra Kirkland - 3 months ago
wow... beautiful beautiful beautiful
BritxBrat2Fashion - 3 months ago
OMG !!! I remember on showtime at the apollo !!! he could blow and still can.
Silvana Lillie
Silvana Lillie - 4 months ago
His voice reminds me of Peabo Bryson
Aubrey Williams
Aubrey Williams - 4 months ago
what adam did was completely disrespectful and disregarded DeAndre
Danny Ordonez
Danny Ordonez - 4 months ago
I'm not watching the voice anymore. Adam totally sold him out. Strange didnt even look sick.
Carletta Goodrich Mann
Carletta Goodrich Mann - 4 months ago
Let's focus on Deandre his routes to stabilize his fan bases. HE is young handsome a the package that performs to sell albums. THe new age AAron Nevilles. The SOLO solution for ballads that women want to hear. DOnt you brake my ❤️ restructuring. Country 🔊. NOW I believe R&B Barry white. Write on. remix will make him ICONIC Blessings
Angelina Russo
Angelina Russo - 4 months ago
UhHhHhHMmM... *ExCuSe Me?* your going to tell people to vote for THE SiCk GIRL that still did her mAkeUp. That Man SANG HIS FRIKING HEART OUT
Laura Ramirez Rodriguez
Laura Ramirez Rodriguez - 4 months ago
You should be back Next season and win with Team John Legend
kayla anderson
kayla anderson - 4 months ago
1:03 adams face makes me so mad
David Hill
David Hill - 4 months ago
If DeAndre Nico made the top 8 instead of Reagan Strange, Kennedy Holmes would’ve won.
supersparkel 13
supersparkel 13 - 5 months ago
Get this boy a contract🙄
NileshR12 - 5 months ago
This is who Adam eliminated in favor of a 14 year old girl? He's so good!! I mean it sucks that she got too sick to sing but I mean then they should've done something else to have another battle between the two when she could actually sing
Kumulaau - 5 months ago
He’s good, but as for marketing him, he won’t do good. DeAndre will have a hard time selling albums based on the genre he sings.
불사신 - 5 months ago
David Hill
David Hill - 5 months ago
DeAndre Nico should audition for American Idol next summer should it be renewed for a third season on ABC.
Niaa Ward
Niaa Ward - 5 months ago
I hate to think that DeAndres not there because Reagan got sympathy that night but if the mic fits😮😮
Ha W
Ha W - 5 months ago
Hi guys i see u talking about adam? Can u explain to me please what happened?
kozy z
kozy z - 5 months ago
Ha W You're welcome!!!!
Ha W
Ha W - 5 months ago
+kozy z Now i get it, thank u so much once again
kozy z
kozy z - 5 months ago
Ha W
Ha W
Ha W - 5 months ago
+kozy z That's really bad of him to do something like that Thank you for the explanation dude, I'm not from usa, I'm from Morocco , do that's why i didn't know what's going on, cause I'm watching only the videos here
kozy z
kozy z - 5 months ago
Ha W Right after DeAndre performance he urges people to vote for Reagan because she was too sick to sing
thats none
thats none - 5 months ago
I don't want Adam to be a judge anymore. He was very obviously biased. Especially when he brought up his daughters.
marygraceful - 5 months ago
Adam is a biased LOSER. DeAndre is amazing!!!
Çiğdem Ocak
Çiğdem Ocak - 5 months ago
I don’t care what Adam did anymore, I just want to hear more songs from Deandre. He is great👌🏻
Off Tha Block
Off Tha Block - 5 months ago
Look at Adams face. He already knows what he's gonna do.
Susan Mencer
Susan Mencer - 5 months ago
He doesn't need Adam because he sings wayyyyyyy better than Adam. He reminds me of Luther Vandross.
Monica - 5 months ago
I feel super bad for DeAndre, like I'm livid about what Adam did. I've been bothered by it all week then was mad all over again after the Voice's attempt to smooth things over without an apology. HOWEVER, am I the only one who thinks that DeAndre's GoFundMe is in bad taste? I mean really? Come on DeAndre I thought you had more class than that. I'm sure I'll get tons of hate for this and that's fine maybe someone can open my eyes to why it make sense.
Anonymous Cookie
Anonymous Cookie - 5 months ago
This made me mad😤 He sat there and sung his heart out while the little girl sat there and watched, and he was voted out. What even is the world anymore? SHE JUST SAT THERE!!!
Maryse Nicole
Maryse Nicole - 5 months ago
What he did is so unprofessional and he set him up for a fall earlier on when he picked a song for him that was so out of his comfort zone and did not show him doing what suits him best..... Adam has been on the show too long and wouldn’t be missed if they let him go
Dylan Gavin
Dylan Gavin - 5 months ago
Idunno I think his instant save performance was better than Strange's LOL
Chia Lee
Chia Lee - 5 months ago
Never pick Adam as the coach. He cares only for himself. He just wants to be the winner only. Never give his team's a chance.
Play Terae
Play Terae - 5 months ago
First Adam picks a Bruno Mars club song then delivers a back stabbing comment to help save Reagan .... not Fair to DeAndre at all.
1962sherrynurse - 5 months ago
Maybe he would still be on the show if he could sing!
Divine Blessings
Divine Blessings - 5 months ago
Charlie A
Charlie A - 5 months ago
Would have wore a fitted shirt to show those guns than these suits. That’s just me 🤭
andekay - 5 months ago
The only song I liked that you did.
You have a REALLY great voice. I just didn't like your song choices...or those chosen for your. Also, watch too many runs...
Carol Taylor
Carol Taylor - 5 months ago
I don't trust myself when it comes to hearing singers... so I had my husband (who has an incredible voice and ear) listen to Kirk and DeAndre. He wasn't impressed at all with Kirk... too shrill and pitchy .. I even played him several songs to make sure it wasn't just a bad song choice. And my husband loves country, so it wasn't that. As soon as I started the DeAndre song, he was amazed. The richness and range just floored him. Keep singing DeAndre!!!
Shaddy Hicks
Shaddy Hicks - 5 months ago
I am so mad.. Adam needs to apologize. That was so unfair to treat Deandre like he invisible. Shame on you as a coach. My family and I will vote for Kirk instead.
J.L Official
J.L Official - 5 months ago
Adam really lost my respect bye
luke morrison
luke morrison - 5 months ago
Wow. Eliminating this guy was a huge mistake! Great voice! That's why don't like adam. He swears he can do anything he wants bc of his fame and popularity. Wish this guy the best in his career.
Charlotte Damone
Charlotte Damone - 5 months ago
That’s was amazing 💯 how Dare Adam rob him of his moment that he worked so hard for! If she can’t sing then she should’ve went home sad but true try again next year! Don’t steal someone else’s hard work and sweat
Danny Tennant
Danny Tennant - 5 months ago
adam chose reagan over this guy??
StaciLe League
StaciLe League - 5 months ago
Beautiful, heartfelt rendition
Miss. Kriss
Miss. Kriss - 5 months ago
Shame shame on you Adam Levine! As much as I understood why you were saying what you did about Reagan... She was great in the beginning and I really liled her, but she is not on par talent wise with the remaining contestants.. For you to take the opportunity to kind of compliment DeAndre on his killer vocals and push for the less talented contestant that didn't even perform was a bad move. Her next performance showed that she is NOT on the same vocal level as the others. Shame on you for playing favorites on a show about talent!
Elissa Zini
Elissa Zini - 5 months ago
Deandre got robbed they should have waited for these three to sing it wasn't fair that regan didn't have to sing I think Deandre should be given another chance both guys got robbed and adam telling everyone to vote for regan even after no singing was wrong.  I think adam will be surprised how many people wont pick him as a coach after this stunt he pulled. Lost all respect for him.
Nacho M
Nacho M - 5 months ago
This is not justice
Brooke Styles
Brooke Styles - 5 months ago
Reagan was good but how could you let someone go with a voice like this come on Adam😕 DeAndre should have had a different coach
ENdOf DaZE - 5 months ago
Holy shot! This duds sux. He totally butchered this song.
Yadira Pinon
Yadira Pinon - 5 months ago
If Regan would have sang she would've won regardless. Adam knew this. Defended her. And America voted. Period.
Jade Diamond
Jade Diamond - 5 months ago
I think DeAndre Nico will have the same music career as Jennifer Hudson, the lead singer of Daughtry, Clay Aiken, or Adam Lambert. Didn't win the competition but still one of the most successful contestants from the show. He'll have to hustle for it, but he has the talent, work ethic, and discipline to make it.
Ellie Viemont
Ellie Viemont - 5 months ago
deandre literally said in an interview that adam sold him out and that he just got over laryngitis so like
wenmc88 - 5 months ago
You deserved that Instant Save!
Victor Ruiz
Victor Ruiz - 5 months ago
Yeah he is pretty good. His voice may be better than Adam Levine
Whatever YT
Whatever YT - 5 months ago
Wow what a horrible singer. No awards for trying either you're or you're not.
Whale Tart
Whale Tart - 5 months ago
DeAndre, I watched this performance again today after watching how Reagan sang last night and I hear and see it all in perspective now, you should still be in with a shot for sure.
.Well, you know the saying, When one door of happiness closes, another one opens. But sometimes we stand and look at the closed door for so long that we do not see the open one"
The Voice is just a platform and going forward what matters is how you promote your artistry. I was just watching a You Tube clip yesterday about Fantasia and thinking, wow, she has not had the fabulous career that JHUd has had, at the end of the day its dedication and hard work that pays off.
Blessings to you and your future career!!!
Stephanie Brooks
Stephanie Brooks - 5 months ago
Has Adam apologized? To DeAndre? To viewers? If so, I missed it. If not, what a shame, because it's certainly warranted. I felt DeAndre's confusion, disappointment and hurt. What Adam did was entirely disrespectful. To The Voice (if it matters to you): if your show is a true singing competition, then it's obvious there's a critical rule missing. If you cannot sing (perform) for whatever reason, then you cannot compete. What's the point of singing to "save" your spot in a competition, if another contestant can move forward in your place.....without singing! In that case, many aspiring artists can just phone it in (or whisper if they've lost their voice). Which proves my next point. At various times in a singer's career, they will suffer from hoarseness, laryngitis, throat nodules, etc. Guess what? The show or tour must go on! That was a life lesson lost that night. Kelly's voice was hoarse that very night and admirably performed her new song Heat. Many are calling for Adam's departure from the show. I would concur. He's proven in the past couple of seasons he's only there to collect a paycheck, or so it seems. I know that it probably won't happen corporate edicts and such.
Michael Burnside
Michael Burnside - 5 months ago
Adam, you're a jerk, Kelly, you are lovely as always and a class act. Reagan needed support yes, and the show should have provided plenty of time for Adam to stand on his soap box instead of DeAndre.
Samantha Folkes
Samantha Folkes - 5 months ago
I can bet Reagan with be eliminated just because of what Adam did
Roopa Mahadevan
Roopa Mahadevan - 5 months ago
Deandre is a great singer who didn't deserve to leave. Reagan is a good singer for her age, but you look at Kennedy and you can DEFINITELY see a big difference. I wish both of them could be there, but Deandre deserves it way more.
bionicrat - 5 months ago
This was a gorgeous performance looooooove the way he sings 🎤🎼🎵🎶🎉🔥🎉🔥🎉🔥🎊🎊🎊🎶🎶🎶
it'stish Daniels
it'stish Daniels - 5 months ago
You give us all of you and no Adam can't bring you down,cause your head above water and you're gonna be fine,Adam crazy but you're in your mind,so all of you did win all of us👏👏
redseavids - 5 months ago
Adam Levine should go out for impartiality he is a judge not a coach.
sallyplus4 - 5 months ago
DeAndre here we are at Monday again. Even though Adam crushed you last week I had to listen again. There has to be some punishment for Adam. He should be fired. The only good thing that came out of last ties day is the voice has been exposed as to how contestants actually win. Last week explained all the times I wondered why someone sang a song they shouldn't have. God go with you. And the fans of the voice should have no mercy on the show whether Reagan wins or not. You were one of my 3 to win. And win a coach working to help you win you could have.
DUNIMUS _ - 5 months ago
I think A.L. doesn't know the difference between a coach and a cheerleader. I would never trust him as a coach after the stunt he pulled. Anyone that does in the future, I would question their common sense. You trust your coach NOT to throw you under the bus....and then say "I love you".
Marie Brice
Marie Brice - 5 months ago
You were wronged. My heart hurt for you when Adam did not give you credit for you beautiful performance. He did a disservice to you.... He chose a side and revealed who he believes in. I would buy your music. So sad.....
Gracie Ambrósio
Gracie Ambrósio - 5 months ago
Dreandre is probably thinking why didn't I chose other coach , damn it
Gabriel Dent
Gabriel Dent - 5 months ago
Unpopular opinion: I never thought DeAndre was that good
Loreal Cooper
Loreal Cooper - 5 months ago
I'm not trying to bash Adam, but, he does not exemplify what a coach on The Voice should be. I've sat for a while and have watched his non-verbal and VERBAL queues and to put it simply- I think he should go.
Jacinda Okoh
Jacinda Okoh - 5 months ago
I stop watching the voice after the blind auditions but this is exactly why I don't watch shows like this. The fans always side with whatever the judges say instead of going with what they feel is right.
rayn eddie
rayn eddie - 5 months ago
been seen lot of singing competition..adam is well experience singer..he got his own reason maybe..stop judging.. DeAndre is a good singer but this is just like usual All Of special...maybe Reagan can give something different... everybody's got a bad day...but magic did happen...pity the girl..y u guys so mean to her? if the day's not yours,u can't do anything..move on...njoy the show... the voice not about adam,reagan and DeAndre only
sierra 5
sierra 5 - 5 months ago
They might like children more. Ewww
Zachary Collins
Zachary Collins - 5 months ago
This just makes me believe that this shows
R I G G E D!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
It’s started from Christina Grimmie, leading into Brooke Simpson, especially KYLA JADE!!??? HOW DID THESE NOT BECOME WINNERS????
Given the fact I’m sorry “RAEGAN STRANGE” is T R A S H, you are pitchy, not on tone, sorry I hate karoke singers
god I hope you see this too!!
You cannot compare to my boy!!!! HIS UNMATCHED POTENTIAL WILL NOT BE FORGOTTEN. I definitely want to BOYCOTT BECAUSE OF TRASHY ADAM LEVINE. How can you sit there and not acknowledge DEANDRE, but acknowledge someone who DID NOT PERFORM, sorry rules are rules RAEGAN SHOULD OF BEEN SENT HOME. I best believe I will MAKE SURE RAEGAN GOES HOME THIS WEEK, sorry she’s not a winner LEVINE!! #levinesucks #avengedeandre #pleasesendherhome @reaganstrange
halym74 - 5 months ago
“That’s all I can say. It’s weird.” It is not weird Adam, u just lack professionalism. It is far more respectful if u have asked the producer to give u extra air-time for u to campaign for Reagan instead of doing what u did.
Lyntelle - 5 months ago
Why do they keep saving ppl not deserving of a save?
Rochelle Barrow
Rochelle Barrow - 5 months ago
I've been watching YouTube all night, not everything somebody said about them but the truth is if Adam was so understanding about that little girl he have enough money to give her a record deal to help her get a record deal he did not have to throw that guy under the bus he have enough influence to get her something on her own she didn't have to do that just my opinion
Sugar - 5 months ago
J K - 5 months ago
I hope Deandre ends up winnin in music industry like Bruno Mars ❤️ show Adam up
Selena Sanborn
Selena Sanborn - 5 months ago
Pharrell should permanently replace Adam!
Ms YW - 5 months ago
Very disappointed in Adam. DeAndre did an amazing job that night. You as a coach, not only not supporting him, also took his precious moment to get sympathy votes for Reagan. Not very nice!!! Poor DeAndre.
Abazi Ndiaye
Abazi Ndiaye - 5 months ago
I was shocked by what Adam said.
I could not breath!
I think Deandre will never forget those moments in his entire life.
How can someone be so mean like Adam.
It's shocking.
Better leave the show before your family life starts to get over your judgement Adam. Are you going to throw every good contestant because you have a cute little girl !!!!!
Thiago Polycarpo
Thiago Polycarpo - 5 months ago
I agree with all the people who think DeAndre got robbed and want that Adam get replaced, I hope they replace him for Kelly, she is the voice, she is nice and supportive and she is a light that this show needs to continue, because now it's just getting more and more disappointing
Dennis Tokay
Dennis Tokay - 5 months ago
I hope they get rid of Adam that whiny very crepe
Patricia Jeffries
Patricia Jeffries - 5 months ago
Adam made a huge mistake. Although I still like Adam, I would never pick him for a coach after this.
Bambang Sudanto
Bambang Sudanto - 5 months ago
1000% soulful and touching final performance of the night...this gave me one steal this stellar young gifted contestant?????
Valdiceia Souza
Valdiceia Souza - 5 months ago
I'm very disappointed in Adam. But I think Reagan will leave The Voice in the next round. The others are better than her. That is, Adam will not win this season in any way.
Sorry for my English. I tried haha #Brazil
Valdiceia Souza
Valdiceia Souza - 5 months ago
Merri Cat
Merri Cat - 5 months ago
Your English is fine
krstn_grey - 5 months ago
Why is everybody crucifying Adam Levine for this single lapse of judgment on his part. He has been a good coach ever since even paying Christina Grimmie’s funeral dont you dare forget that. R u kidding me? Fire out really?
anitabreakone - 5 months ago
krstn_grey He was a very great person for what he did for Christina but that doesn’t make what he did to DeAndre alright. He needs to rethink what he did and understand how wrong he was. How he should never show favoritism over an artist on his team or take away from one artist to showcase and uplift another one. So wrong. 😞
Anoud3 - 5 months ago
Pure talent and great voice
KimKnows EvenMore
KimKnows EvenMore - 5 months ago
Why did it take him to now , to do something DECENT ???  Maybe not knowing who he was , or letting someone else (meaning Adam) tell him who he should be. It just shows he's not READY , that is probably what Adam meant here (but I'm not a mind reader). But , if he was ready , he would have been choosing his own songs. Kirk Jay knows who he is , so making this a Racist thing only makes Nico look bad.
Monique LovesYou
Monique LovesYou - 5 months ago
Didn't you notice how the songs adam choses for him lands him in the bottom two weeks in a row and when he chooses his own songs, people actually love it.
designdesign23 - 5 months ago
This was one of DeAndre's best performances and one of the best instant save performances I've ever seen. The fact that his triumph was followed by Adam making this moment about Reagan is disgusting.
Matheus Santos de Andrade
Matheus Santos de Andrade - 5 months ago
I hope Kelly wining this season
Matheus Santos de Andrade
Matheus Santos de Andrade - 5 months ago
+anitabreakone when she was on the painel**
Matheus Santos de Andrade
Matheus Santos de Andrade - 5 months ago
+anitabreakone yeah. Jennifer had a very good team the last season she was on the painel. And now, once again with those beautiful and talented ladies. So much love for JHud and Kelly. This show is better with them.
anitabreakone - 5 months ago
Matheus Santos de Andrade Or Jennifer
Matheus Santos de Andrade
Matheus Santos de Andrade - 5 months ago
Love Kelly
Matheus Santos de Andrade
Matheus Santos de Andrade - 5 months ago
So disappointed with Adam
tonyapinkney34 - 5 months ago
This was a great performance and a great injustice was done to DeAndre. He needs to be asked to come back. If you are on a voice competition and can't use your voice you should be eliminated. #bringDeAndreback
anitabreakone - 5 months ago
tonyapinkney34 Even if he leaves next week he should get another chance to shine.
Elen Carla
Elen Carla - 5 months ago
DeAndre, you're awesome, an incredible singer and I think, despite what happened, you're going to be really successful and famous.
And Adam, if you do this kind of thing you are never gonna win again, because your past and present attitudes and decisions are making people not believe in you as a coach anymore. Quit sabotaging your best contestants!
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