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Michelle Lowe
Michelle Lowe - 42 minutes ago
Nyi Chanel
Nyi Chanel - 45 minutes ago
you literally have the best personality ever! i can’t take it 😭❤️
AnabelG09 - 2 hours ago
I love you so much Jaclyn!!!! Please keep making more videos! You got me into makeup and I’m obsessed now! And it’s all because of you!! Keep being such a great person ❤️❤️
Kelly Kelly
Kelly Kelly - 2 hours ago
I miss you seeing you with red hair 😩
asund05 - 3 hours ago
i really loved this video, i've missed you!! ❤❤
elydamnit - 3 hours ago
The happiness radiating from this video is so contagious, I’ve never seen Jaclyn so happy but I’m 1000% here for it!!! 🖤
G Balla
G Balla - 3 hours ago
What lip color is that???
Jasmin Brzozowski
Jasmin Brzozowski - 3 hours ago
Hi Jacklyn , my name is Jasmin . I live in Norwich U.K. I have been watching you all the time. Specially at night when I’m going to sleep after work. You give me loads of life learning from all of your words of wisdom or stories when you open up while doing your beautiful make up. I’m so proud of you of what you have become. Just like you I also work to support my family. Specially my son. We are not together because when I got him his dad left us and when it’s time for me to come back in uk to work again when my maternity leave was up I thought of leaving him with my parents so I can work full time. And I got scared because I have nobody with me I said where will I leave him when I work which is 12 hours a day 4x a week. Now that his 17 he comes here to see me every other year we have been doing this for 3 years now. We exchange so I can get to see my parents too. Just like you my mom is my wall. So I’ve learned to put make up on because of you, I use stuff for what my money can afford to buy and what I got.. I use your techniques when there’s a party to go to.. aw I forgot yes I’m married now I found the person who made me feel complete. I would like to ask for a very huge favour is there any chance that you can send me some of your make up with lipstick cos my favourite are lipsticks. That is if you can only. In this interview you said you have loads of Jacklyn make up and you give some to your friends and family. As a big fan of yours I hope you have a heart to give out some for me. Please. I love you so much. And by the way your happiness is showing a lot thru your face your radiance is beaming so much. Your beauty shows a lot inside and out. Take care. I’m hoping to hear from you soon and I’m hoping that you will give in to my special request. Love you. I’m a dog lover too I got a cocker spaniel he is one of the most special thing in my life. 🥰🐶🐾💋❤️💄
Amber Vinall
Amber Vinall - 3 hours ago
What date is your birthday? I’m also a cancer/Leo clust
G Balla
G Balla - 3 hours ago
Where did you get your necklaces and top??
Sadie Ann
Sadie Ann - 4 hours ago
So I'm currently binging on your videos. Here you say you have a really high pain tolerance, but in one of your last favorites video you talked about how painful and how bad your period cramps are. You showed some bath salts. But, it reminded me so much of my situation, but I have Endometriosis. If you are still struggling with that, might be something worth looking into.
angela pearce
angela pearce - 4 hours ago
Need to know what lashes these are!
thinq about it
thinq about it - 4 hours ago
this is the jaclyn i used to follow.
Shanon Walsh
Shanon Walsh - 4 hours ago
100s of Jaclyn palettes?? Yes please!!!
Lochlain Corliss
Lochlain Corliss - 5 hours ago
Omg pls go blonde!!
Cierra Rose
Cierra Rose - 5 hours ago
I’m a cancer ( July 3rd ) and I felt everything you said
Cierra Rose
Cierra Rose - 5 hours ago
“My Jaclyn Hill palette broke!!!!!” screamed the broke girl watching Jaclyn Hill😉😇
Emily Connell
Emily Connell - 5 hours ago
My laser hair removal was completely painless. It just felt like something warm over my skin. Z Medi Spa Houston, TX girl! I’ve had 6 treatments and shave about once every 2 weeks.
Emily Connell
Emily Connell - 5 hours ago
The laser you’re using must remove the blonde hairs too. 🤷🏼‍♀️
Preetina Singh
Preetina Singh - 5 hours ago
You’re amazing!!!
kaitlin medeiros
kaitlin medeiros - 7 hours ago
Yaaaassss cancer ❤❤❤❤#july4th I love you girl dont ever change who you are
Beatriz Pedroza
Beatriz Pedroza - 8 hours ago
This was fun to watch :)
Alyssa Hudson
Alyssa Hudson - 9 hours ago
You were so happy! I loved it!
smallcheryl15 - 9 hours ago
So nice to see you being so genuin! Loved this video!
Karen Garcia
Karen Garcia - 9 hours ago
Lemon and some tapatio 😍
Maria Cibrian
Maria Cibrian - 10 hours ago
Move to LA Jaclyn... ... I will find you a home I am a Local Realtor here in LA
Meagan Brown
Meagan Brown - 11 hours ago
sis you chewing mac n chz into the mike TRIGGERED me please never again 😂
Mychaaa C
Mychaaa C - 11 hours ago
my names mycha too 😂❤️ probably spelled differently but 😂.
Jenni Janatuinen
Jenni Janatuinen - 12 hours ago
Your natural skin colour is so beautiful. That foundation is not :/
Hazel Kettelkamp
Hazel Kettelkamp - 12 hours ago
Please post more content like this. We love it and getting to know you more!! Super enjoyable! ❤️
Mary Helen Lawley
Mary Helen Lawley - 13 hours ago
JACLYN U ARE THRIVING!!!!!! LOVE YOU abso-toots💛💛💛💛💛 so excited for make up line OMG
BossLadyDiary - 17 hours ago
She could of been autistic
Stormy Spino
Stormy Spino - 18 hours ago
Where is this top from? 😍
Vuhhnessa12 - 18 hours ago
As a Mexican we eat Doritos like that with tapatío on them too
escar9 - 19 hours ago
Hi Jaclyn can I have one of those extra ‘Jaclyn palettes’ laying around your house? 😍😍😍😍
Your energy and your vibe is so amazing🙏🏻
Stephanie Jacobo
Stephanie Jacobo - 19 hours ago
Love you Jaclyn❤️ , and your real ness 👍
Daniella Garcia
Daniella Garcia - 19 hours ago
Watching your video I’m like oh my god me too, she HAS to be a cancer. ITS JUST A CANCER THING 😂
Stephanie Ibarra Portillo
Stephanie Ibarra Portillo - 20 hours ago
Girl we add a Mexican salsa called guacamaya or tapatio and then sprinkle with lemon it’s bom dot com.
elexus babb
elexus babb - 20 hours ago
wahhhhhh im a leo 🥺🥺🥺
Bianca Perez
Bianca Perez - 21 hour ago
19:03 lol 😆
Sarah Kelly
Sarah Kelly - 21 hour ago
“What’s your least favorite sign?”
My brain: Don’t say Sagittarius. Don’t say Sagittarius. Don’t. Say. Sagittarius.
Jaclyn: Sagittarius.
Me: Well fuck.
Not all of us are bad, Jaclyn. 😂😂
Mommy G
Mommy G - 21 hour ago
I enjoyed this video so much. Good for you! Enjoy your life girl!!
Laura S
Laura S - 22 hours ago
You should try adding Valentina to your Doritos too 😋😝
Libby Smith
Libby Smith - 22 hours ago
You are so beautiful and genuine I love that! Thanks for just being yourself!!
Christina Luna
Christina Luna - 22 hours ago
Glamour Shots?? You wanted to own Glamour Shots.
Genius.Beauty - 23 hours ago
My boyfriend calls that “happy weight” he claims he got big after being with me
Jaysika Romeo
Jaysika Romeo - 23 hours ago
Ur amazing
selena quillon
selena quillon - 23 hours ago
This video is so genuine and funny! It made me smile so much and it makes me happy that you’re in such a good mental state. Love you girl!❤️
Lucia Lumia
Lucia Lumia - 23 hours ago
Omg you want to go to Greece I want to go to I also am Greek
Miranda Brandt
Miranda Brandt - Day ago
This video made me legit love you more. You're always such a bright light and hearing your struggles with anxiety and depression made you so much more relatable. I have been struggling the hardest over the last 3 years and I started to fall in love with makeup and I have felt that it's helped me escaped and make me feel so much better. Thank you for this video, your honesty and what you do for the community, especially with all the disgusting drama going on now.
Okay, I need your palette now!
Sarah Hayek
Sarah Hayek - Day ago
Never have done Nacho Cheese with lemon, but woman....dip them in cool whip. Life changing. I swear.
BeautyLover8403 - Day ago
I’m a Sag and I like to do the same thing all the time and I’m pretty much always satisfied lol! I don’t believe in astrology.
Real Leigh Real Beauty
I have a question that no one asked and it may be something I've missed along the way but do you still have your other dog, Frankie? I haven't heard you talk about him
KJS FL - Day ago
Honestly, you are so much prettier with little or no makeup. You look a lot younger and healthier. I truly mean it. 😊
Gabrielle Hardin
Gabrielle Hardin - Day ago
Berry Wafflecone, perfect sweet scented summer candle
JJ Cole
JJ Cole - Day ago
The ear redness is giving me my own anxiety
Kayla Boviall
Kayla Boviall - Day ago
Nacho cheese Doritos dipped in sour cream 🤤🤤
Elizabeth Church
Elizabeth Church - Day ago
"Toxic AF"...and her ears look like hot tamales
Shelby Bruce
Shelby Bruce - Day ago
I havent spoke to my mom in 2 1/2 years. She chose her husband over me and my sister
Shelby Bruce
Shelby Bruce - Day ago
I've been through a lot of shitty relationships. To the point I was pushing my now fiance away. Now were better than ever and now get married in december
Jana Blanárová
Jana Blanárová - Day ago
I am sagittarius and do the same things all the time. I don't like any changes. Be home with my husband and just chill, is the best thing to do.
Joanna Smith
Joanna Smith - Day ago
So happy to hear you found your self-worth and your happiness. You’re glowing.
Nur Humaira
Nur Humaira - Day ago
also loooove your energyyy in here
Nur Humaira
Nur Humaira - Day ago
wish i could get the jaclyn hill palette :c
Andrea Gutierrez
Andrea Gutierrez - Day ago
About the laser removal, it is not that bad. Of course it depends on your pain tolerance, but I did a Brazilian and got several sessions and it got better every session. But then again, I also have a high pain tolerance.
Jocelyn Martinez
Jocelyn Martinez - Day ago
if you say you believe in God you need to stop blaspheming his name and saying that being gay is okay, it is not, the bible is very clear on that.
Maria Camila Orjuela
you say that because you don't know my shih tzu,,,, she's a bitch hahai still love her
Adele Attwood
Adele Attwood - Day ago
@jaclynhill i love how you always keep it real in your videos, i love your beautiful personality........i wanna be a close friend of yours let's be real hahahaha!!!! (shame i live in perth, western australia). but seriously i LOVE this video.
xxhellosunshine1 - Day ago
How do you keep your skin so clear while wearing a full face of makeup everyday?? I need your secrets!!!
Erin S.
Erin S. - Day ago
YSL mon Paris? I think it’s called mon Paris, it’s a round faceted bottle black hard bow and it’s pink. It smells amazing. Also I really want a throwback Gucci RUSH!!! The red box pump bottle. Not rush 2 the OG Gucci RUSH!!!!
Ps I was married before too and it was toxic. Now I’m married with two kids and feel like God sent my now husband to me and things happened the way they did for a reason! I’m happy you found your way out on the positive side of things. Of coarse it takes time to get there but we all have the choice to make it good or make it bad. High five woman!
Cassy Redmond
Cassy Redmond - Day ago
That's exactly how i knew 🧡
Bliss Ruby
Bliss Ruby - Day ago
Jaclyn guuuuurl, that nose contour 😳
Kayla Ron
Kayla Ron - Day ago
what foundation did u use
Gabie Laraa
Gabie Laraa - Day ago
Always killing it! 😍😩 stunning.
Angelle Love
Angelle Love - Day ago
I want a palette 🎨 ;)
GordiBella Beauty
GordiBella Beauty - Day ago
Yes nacho cheese with lemon and Valentina hot sauce
Sarah Jackson
Sarah Jackson - Day ago
In a Cancer too ☺️ I knew there was a reason I instantly liked your videos. I’ve been watching you for over a year and you’re my favorite simply because of how real you are. Your humor and the way you express yourself are so similar to the way I am along with your love for routine 😂 and I love that you have such a big heart and always aspire to be transparent instead of guarded with your audience. I hope to meet you one day. 🙏💜
Laura Peters
Laura Peters - Day ago
I love you Jaclyn but it kills me you would give me piece rather than a million dollars. I guess when you are rich money isn't important but when you have 4 little boys and they have to go without money seems more important....
Nina Hinojosa
Nina Hinojosa - Day ago
love you Jaclyn always
India Richards
India Richards - Day ago
Arggghhh I loved this video so much. My favourite from you to date. ❤️
Kelsie Kohn
Kelsie Kohn - Day ago
Will you please post a list of the products you used in this video?! You mentioned you would but I don't see it anywhere. @jaclynhill
Stephani Nicole
Stephani Nicole - Day ago
The most cringiest is moment is when she was eating Mac n cheese... Umm weird. And the "weird" picture your referring to on Jon's ig is the picture YOU took lol... So.... This was just kinda weird overall. And the story about the fan wanting a pic with you for their sister seemed like a pointless lie LMAO
Melissa Hoffmann
Melissa Hoffmann - Day ago
Damn girl you packed on some lbs
jennykins89 - Day ago
Cancers! 🙋🏽‍♀️🙋🏽‍♀️ AYYYY!
Marie Kemp
Marie Kemp - Day ago
Love you so so so so much! But @jaclynhill what brush are you using to bronze your face??
Dorianne Kaboya
Dorianne Kaboya - Day ago
“It’s kinda my birthday, too” 😂😂😂😂
Nora Ho
Nora Ho - Day ago
Plot twist: Jacklyn’s dad actually watches every single video of her
HanMarie - 2 days ago
Yay to a fellow cancer 🥰
Kathya Ponce
Kathya Ponce - 2 days ago
The tattoo idea is beautiful I love it
Candice Michelle
Candice Michelle - 2 days ago
I deal with anxiety too, it got so bad to where I was on the verge of losing my job 😔 I had to get a note from my doctor letting them know that it can just happen and it’s something I can’t control. You are such an inspiration and I hope to one day meet you! ❤️
Catherine Lessard
Catherine Lessard - 2 days ago
What is the lip color she is wearing on the thumbnail 😍?
breanna soto
breanna soto - 2 days ago
You’re so funny! Love you so much! Keep doing great boo ♥️♥️
Shaina Whalley
Shaina Whalley - 2 days ago
Loved this 😘
Thomas Anchell
Thomas Anchell - 2 days ago
Omg did Jaclyn Hill just call me lame?
ribidimi - 2 days ago
how much filter is on this video lmao
Gabriela Estrada
Gabriela Estrada - 2 days ago
Can we please talk about this queen's intro like ??? Godesssssss 😍
Samantha Bouls
Samantha Bouls - 2 days ago
Thankyouuuu, someone that agrees that laser hair-removal HURTS AS HELLLL. Litterly everyone told me that the pain is “between my ears” no one believed me and I thought I got crazy or something..... After the laser appointment I needed 30 mins to cry the pain and selfpitty out 😭😂
Nena Wild
Nena Wild - 2 days ago
Leonie de Ruig
Leonie de Ruig - 2 days ago
Oh my god, i really need to know which lashes you were!!! Soooooo beautifulllll❤
ana espinoza
ana espinoza - 2 days ago
Can I get a pallet? 😬
Kaitlynn Burk
Kaitlynn Burk - 2 days ago
What lip did you use
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