Conan Hunts Down His Assistant's Stolen "Gigolos" Mug

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Gati Akbar Wibisono
Gati Akbar Wibisono - 2 hours ago
He's trying to be detective conan
Nyle Levi
Nyle Levi - 21 hour ago
Kramer starred in the Disaster Artist 4:44
Bojan Stamenkovic
Bojan Stamenkovic - Day ago
Col William NOYDB
Col William NOYDB - 2 days ago
Funny how many people drink on the job.
MonMon Fiasco
MonMon Fiasco - 2 days ago
Ive watch this like 20x for the past 2years but I can't stop rewatching it when i see it on the YT Home
Sell It With Melik Updates on current Matters
Do you ever drink at work?
Rocco Fiero
Rocco Fiero - 2 days ago
Man, these bits with his assistant are HILARIOUS! Conan's ability to improvise is great.....Example; One worker shows him her bottle of booze and he says "What kind of office is this? This is what detectives in the 20s did." LOL
Jeff Summers
Jeff Summers - 2 days ago
Never could stand Conan, but that Sona is just adorable.
Vanilla Killa
Vanilla Killa - 3 days ago
“Downtime” legendary
Vince Fl
Vince Fl - 4 days ago
2:22 is comedy gold. "What kind of office am I running?".... "well, i have downtime" :O :) no scripted sketch could touch that...
Jessie Hudgens
Jessie Hudgens - 4 days ago
I love how Lindsey just has a pic of Jeff Ross behind her
Imogen Jackson
Imogen Jackson - 4 days ago

අපි පලංචියේ මධ්‍යයේ විශාල අවකාශයක සිටින අතරඅලසයන් ඔවුන්ගේ රැස්වීම් පවත්වයි ඒවා සිනහවකි
Kaneseb - 4 days ago
Conan: Do you ever drink at work.
me: LMAO!!!
Robert Rodriguez
Robert Rodriguez - 4 days ago
They should just get married already
videopaenguin - 5 days ago
Imagine if Ellen staff did this to her...
Asish B Nair
Asish B Nair - 2 days ago
I'm pretty sure she'd kill them or at least destroy their lives.
Eric Figueroa
Eric Figueroa - 5 days ago
See, if Ellen documented herself harassing her employees then it’d be a funny bit
Ashwara Sukhedo
Ashwara Sukhedo - 5 days ago
poor Kramer....
詹惠 - 6 days ago
Among all the late night show hosts, Conan seems to be the best boss. He does create a happy working environment for his staff
Macaco Macacão
Macaco Macacão - 6 days ago
" this is wat detectives did in the 20s"
Macaco Macacão
Macaco Macacão - 6 days ago
THIS CHANNEL IN VISUALIZATIONS HAS 23.000 dollars only on youtube!!!! :))
Macaco Macacão
Macaco Macacão - 6 days ago
SONA IS BEAUTIFEL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Serena Perez
Serena Perez - 6 days ago
I am on a Conan binge sketch show marathon now
livv's msp
livv's msp - 8 days ago
Me being a massive it’s always sunny in philadelphia fan, I straight away saw the sunny photo on her wall 😭
Gangadhar 18
Gangadhar 18 - 9 days ago
Hang up th...HANG UP THAT PHONEEE!! Damn man, I love Conan.
Alejandra Franco
Alejandra Franco - 9 days ago
Conan and Graham Norton should do a show together 😎😎😎
Soudipan Maity
Soudipan Maity - 10 days ago
Kramer and Conan are on a whole another level.
K G - 11 days ago
I love Sona! Conan has such a interesting and frankly awesome group of Americans working for him. I would love to go to their office parties.
Allen Prescott
Allen Prescott - 12 days ago
His interactions with his assistant are my favorite bits of the show X D
A Joke
A Joke - 13 days ago
As expected of detective Conan.🧐
He found the Gigolos Mug. 🤔
B - 13 days ago
6:14 Sona actually wanted a hug but Conan decided to rather be a jerk. Lol. Classic Conan.
K - 14 days ago
Kramer said 👀😳👁👁👓👓
BENOY PRABAKARAN - 14 days ago
Fallon/Kimmel - I have an Army (celebrities)
Conan :- We have a Crew
A - 16 days ago
I love the complete lack of respect that Conan's staff has for him.
Eve Divinity
Eve Divinity - 17 days ago
The answer to the last riddle is an eye
Mohamed Sali Namshad
Mohamed Sali Namshad - 17 days ago
Conan’s actually Michael scott + Dwight
Clayton Brown
Clayton Brown - 18 days ago
She’s become annoying though.
Ben 1989
Ben 1989 - 19 days ago
Kramer can watch a tennis game without moving his head
Mike Mendez
Mike Mendez - 19 days ago
Aww im in love!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hehehehehe........
anubhab bhattacharyya
anubhab bhattacharyya - 20 days ago
Real life Michael Scott and Pamela Beesly
HuskyGuitar9712 - 20 days ago
Every time I watch this Conan video, I also get Prego tomato sauce ad
Michael Avery
Michael Avery - 20 days ago
I love how she says BOOMBOX
Molly Walters
Molly Walters - 22 days ago

ඔහු උණුසුම් ඩීජේ කෙනෙක්ෆිල් පැවසීය
Fran Ferri
Fran Ferri - 22 days ago
Had a goof laugh. Great video.
Kods S.
Kods S. - 23 days ago
"My eyes are closed, I don't know why"
Faisal Javed
Faisal Javed - 24 days ago
i love this girl
Avi - 24 days ago
Why do I feel as though most of the thefts are committed by Conan? Just a feeling
Shane Montie
Shane Montie - 26 days ago
"It's an astronaut with a boombox" is funniest thing ever to me
Bojan Stamenkovic
Bojan Stamenkovic - 27 days ago
Genius Marc Says
Genius Marc Says - 27 days ago
Armenians . I stay away
ramdin ramdina
ramdin ramdina - 28 days ago
There are many other late night show host but The Conan show looks like they are a Big family.It show that everyone are special, interesting and unique,in respect to his comedy with his staff.
Shalini Sharma
Shalini Sharma - 28 days ago
We want office series starring Conan😂😂
Aubergine Bellen
Aubergine Bellen - 29 days ago
I love Smola Muviserman. Huge fan.
mooseguy547 - Month ago
Did anyone else go on Amazon looking for the astronaut boombox water bottle?
Patrick - Month ago
Sona.... my god you are beautiful
Spede526 - Month ago
I don’t remember this episode of the office
Aadya Bhardwaj
Aadya Bhardwaj - Month ago
She has a Harry Styles doll on her desk😂
Muhib Rehman
Muhib Rehman - Month ago
It's "Coffice."
quirky mermaid28
quirky mermaid28 - Month ago
I aspire to be as cool as Sona
Demon - Month ago
Thats how i make my day fun to by drinking
Neil Brideau
Neil Brideau - Month ago
Phish destroys America. Just sayin.
Gerrit Lange
Gerrit Lange - Month ago
4:18 This reminds me so much of House of Cards 😂
vikas shukla
vikas shukla - Month ago
1:46 Anyone noticed a creepy Conan doll in the background.
lil Mayne
lil Mayne - Month ago
damn i love Sona!
vampire2615 - Month ago
53000 audience seems cool now as compared to your 185 staff.. Huh... ;-)
Mod EfyeR
Mod EfyeR - Month ago
1:21 was that porn on the background?
Sangeeth K S
Sangeeth K S - Month ago
06:43 should be the thumbnail for this video 😉
Alex Beachbum
Alex Beachbum - Month ago
"Drinky-Winky" enters my vernacular.🍺
Ron Lambert
Ron Lambert - Month ago
mmmmm she looks good here...
B. S.
B. S. - Month ago
Lindsay Varquez ... Marry me 😆😆😆😆
Ron C
Ron C - Month ago
I don't understand why would people dislike Conan's videos?
Ironclad Nomad
Ironclad Nomad - Month ago
I love how the first thing Sona says when Conan walks into her office space, while laughing, is, "What is wrong with you?"
Vic 989
Vic 989 - Month ago
why would u bring alcohol out in front of the boss
Eric Antao
Eric Antao - Month ago
Why not hire Michael Scarn
Cid Austriaco
Cid Austriaco - Month ago
0:06 - 3,000 staff members
5:06 - 10,000 staff members, what??
Shi Diss
Shi Diss - Month ago
If this was The Office:
Conan- Michael Scott
Sona- Pam
Lindsay- Meredith
Sarah- Phyllis
Keri- Kelly
John- Jim
Kramer- Dwight
RJ- Ryan
And ofc Jordan- Toby
T SMACKS - Month ago
She cute
Thulsa Doom
Thulsa Doom - Month ago
Like a penis is stiff
Nunya Biznizz
Nunya Biznizz - Month ago
R.J.: My eyes are closed, and I don't know why?
Greg Mitchell
Greg Mitchell - Month ago
“Excuse me, Kramer? How dare you? I’m trying to conduct an investigation here. Hang up the-HANG UP THE PHONE!!!” Lmfao
Phatpipes - Month ago
She so loud, brutal, honest and hilarious.
Juan Tjuk
Juan Tjuk - Month ago
What kind of a work place is this?
Pravakar Patra
Pravakar Patra - Month ago
The drunk one!
Königstiger مقداد
I wish Conan never age..
Pravakar Patra
Pravakar Patra - Month ago
Well, your wish is coming true!
Zipho - Month ago
😂 Conan saying he doesn't have that kind of money
R W - Month ago
She’s gorgeous
Andy Edwards
Andy Edwards - Month ago
5:14 girl in the background's like...oh no don't get me involved in this
Enr1218 Rrm
Enr1218 Rrm - Month ago
Whats up with Kramer's eyes wth
Nitheesbalaji M
Nitheesbalaji M - 2 months ago
it's not a healthy number of times that I've watched this video
TheZygomaticus1 - 2 months ago
Should have a disclaimer at the beginning "do not eat anything while watching".
Tobias Grimaux
Tobias Grimaux - 2 months ago
Who would name their daughter Keri O' Keeffe, it sounds more like Karaoke fe
I identify as a sexy man
I identify as a sexy man - 2 months ago
Random buckets of chicken laying around, you can drink, how do I work here? 😄
Joe Robins
Joe Robins - 2 months ago
Conan, pay your interns.
marisa tamayo
marisa tamayo - 2 months ago
"colonel's dead."
"what the hell is that?" conan is so iconic
marisa tamayo
marisa tamayo - Month ago
@Hand me a Dozen Beers thanks for letting me know!
Hand me a Dozen Beers
Hand me a Dozen Beers - Month ago
*Colonel's as in Colonel Sanders founder of KFC
Flumpty - 2 months ago
Dylan Farewell
Dylan Farewell - 2 months ago
I love how she can't lie to him lol
Angela Xu
Angela Xu - 2 months ago
This happened to me, too! I left my expensive sunglasses in my bedroom, and when I turned around and looked for them and they're gone. There're another two male flatmates I was flatting with but nobody admitted. I mean why would two guys wanted to steal a female's sunglasses anyway? 😒
Mithila Parekh
Mithila Parekh - 2 months ago
Conan's cheekbones in this are beautiful
Philip Aton
Philip Aton - 2 months ago
Why are there 3000 staffs on ConanCo?
TheThailightZone - 2 months ago
Wow, 185! I thought your staff would be like 30 people.
Joe Sheppard
Joe Sheppard - 2 months ago
Watching this for the thousandth time.
Wolfs Rain
Wolfs Rain - 2 months ago
So who has the bottle of booze now?
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