Calboy - Givenchy Kickin (Audio) ft. Lil Baby, Lil Tjay

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ripjoseph coleman
ripjoseph coleman - 9 days ago
This the song Cal Stole LA4ss flow I remember this
S. Jay
S. Jay - 10 days ago
so underrated
Devon Chambers
Devon Chambers - 17 days ago
Bro that fact that cal boy just did biggies flow from notorious thug with bone thugs and killed it is crazy🔥🔥🔥
Priyanka Kumar
Priyanka Kumar - Month ago
Voice beautiful, beat nice, back ground beat sound nice, rap wording beautiful, back ground voice beautiful, sound nice, SX wording 🔥🔥❤️, ending wording beautiful 🔥.
maldito culero
maldito culero - Month ago
Money Creaper
Money Creaper - Month ago
They took the hardest part of tjay verse out of the song !!!! They don’t want everyone to say he carried go listen to the unrealesed version that dropped 2 months before this
Ronald - Month ago
Que duro
tyrese page
tyrese page - Month ago
Baby went crazy💯
Udoh Etieno Nsikak
Udoh Etieno Nsikak - Month ago
This guy is the GOAT
AgentkillzDaGreat - Month ago
stop sleepin' on calboy
LLAMAJAY126 - Month ago
Best calboy song🔥
WidmoCiała - Month ago
Big respect from Poland🇵🇱
Israel Mendez
Israel Mendez - 2 months ago
Notice that Calboy and Lil tjay have made it to XXL 2020, and I’m glad I’ve discovered this song before the announcement congrats to them!
Tk Dripaz
Tk Dripaz - 2 months ago
Vanessa Sanders
Vanessa Sanders - 2 months ago
of mice and men
Prod itzDimz
Prod itzDimz - 2 months ago
i wanna get beats to him
Yung Zee
Yung Zee - 2 months ago
ugg jr
ugg jr - 2 months ago
lil Flow
lil Flow - 2 months ago
Where the vid for this cal
ninjafreshtildeath - 2 months ago
Love the biggie part
BigBelly Three
BigBelly Three - 2 months ago
ugg jr
ugg jr - 2 months ago
This one needs a video.... Lil Baby went in
Crowen - 2 months ago
[Chorus: Calboy]
Thousand dollar Givenchys, you can't kick it with me (Can't kick it with me)
I used to ride on the ten speed, now I'm in a Bentley
(Now I'm in a Bentley)
I heard they out to get me, so I gotta turn on this fifty (Turn on this fifty)
Block boy known to get busy
Check out my drip, it cost fifty
[Verse 1: Calboy]
We got a whole lotta bullets, lil' bro got the glizzy but I got the choppa in the trunk
50k up in my jeans, it look like my pockets just got a new case of the mumps
I need that fetti on fetti, these niggas be jealous, these niggas be bitches, they punks
Hope you ready, I'm ready, I know 'bout some killers that carry machetes and pumps
Leave him like Nutty Professor, he clumped
I made a million, it still ain't enough
I poured a four up to serve in my cup
These niggas be talking, boy, shut the fuck up
Dripping like a bitch, get a nigga stuck up
I just hit another lick, yeah, a nigga lucked up
I was running off the drugs, got a nigga fucked up
We gon' send a couple shots, niggas better buck up
Spit yo game, talk yo shit, boy
It's real in the field, better grab your stick
Lingo too cold, better grab your bitch
I'm too good with the words, when I shoot I don't miss
All this smoke, I gotta light one
All these opps, I gotta strike one
Wanna tweak with the gang, you got the right ones
Cut 'em down back, got blood on my ones
We used to play in them hallways with the walkie talkies
Ayy, now we just hop gates when we hear walkie talkies
Money ain't in yo conversation, nigga then why we talkin'?
'Cause I be getting money too often
Fuck a lil' bitch, I'm balling
[Chorus: Calboy]
Thousand dollar Givenchys, you can't kick it with me (Can't kick it with me)
I used to ride on the ten speed, now I'm in a Bentley (Now I'm in a Bentley)
I heard they out to get me, so I gotta turn on this fifty (Turn on this fifty)
Block boy known to get busy
Check out my drip, it cost fifty
[Verse 2: Lil Baby]
What you callin' in the cut, yeah
I can't talk about my opp, they dead
Rather talk about the guap, instead
Every nigga on my roster, playing
New Amiri jeans, fuck it, I'm a fiend
I done got the bitch a loft and all
I done seen niggas running up down, they don't keep it real, then I watch them fall
I hit the gas, I don't stop for laws
I went from rags to racks and [?]
I'm on they ass, the cash involved, now my shit passed from wall to wall
Ain't ask shit for a minute as soon as I get it, I feel like I have to ball
Big team player, pass the ball
They was hating on me, passed them all
I got some niggas who sitting in prison, I'm with them, I'm trying to get past the wall
Thousand dollar shoes, wear them one time
We don't fuck with them, they ain't our kind
VVS stones, I bet I shine
I been on the road for this
Couple niggas dead and gone, I miss
I've been riding in the ghost for this
[Chorus: Calboy]
Thousand dollar Givenchys, you can't kick it with me (Can't kick it with me)
I used to ride on the ten speed, now I'm in a Bentley (Now I'm in a Bentley)
I heard they out to get me, so I gotta turn on this fifty (Turn on this fifty)
Block boy known to get busy, check out my drip, it cost fifty
[Verse 3: Lil Tjay]
We are the youngest niggas coming up
Say you a shooter, nigga, you a bluff
I swear the money giving me a rush
Bitches see diamonds, now they wanna touch
AP is heavy bitch, dancin' on my hand
Choosing a frenzy, I don't give a damn
Too many Glocks for it to jam
Money and a burner, nigga leave a tan
I'ma just leave a nigga in the sand
Or I can get a head-up for a band
Fuck all that talking, now I got a plan
I'ma just move it until they understand
Niggas woke up, posting on the 'gram
Still in the trap, sorry Uncle Sam
Took us some time, started with a gram
And I still got some silent niggas in the can
Chop it up, chop it up, chop it up, block it up, block it
You see the ice on my neck, try and touch, I'ma pop you
Woah, Givenchy my drip for the day, I got more in the closet
Givenchy my shirt, Givenchy my shoes, I'm not a regular shopper
Tony Mo
Tony Mo - 3 months ago
Durk would’ve killed this
K Teresa0
K Teresa0 - 3 months ago
"And I Still got some solid niggas in the pin" 🙏🏾
K Teresa0
K Teresa0 - 3 months ago
These Niggas be talking 🤫 boy STFU ‼😤
Sharron Witherspoon Jr.
Sharron Witherspoon Jr. - 3 months ago
That Biggie flow verse 🔥 🔥🔥
Austin Kanenwisher
Austin Kanenwisher - 3 months ago
This needs to have a music video
mitchell mundy
mitchell mundy - 3 months ago
This song 🔥
Izzy Therealest
Izzy Therealest - 3 months ago
I just might leave a nigga in the sand ✌️
Izzy Therealest
Izzy Therealest - 3 months ago
This beat kickin 🎧
Scrape the pavement
Scrape the pavement - 3 months ago
1:09-1:21 I heard that Kodak voice I might be tripping thoe
JosueFresco - 3 months ago
jaythunder19 Jaythunder19
jaythunder19 Jaythunder19 - 3 months ago
Lil Tjay trash as hell but all 3 of em went off
Epixploits - 2 months ago
Spaceman Suit007
Spaceman Suit007 - 3 months ago
Lil t jay was bout to come back on lil baby but they cut his lines 😡
RMPX - 3 months ago
slowed reverb version:
blackbluerray - 3 months ago
seyad - 4 months ago
seyad - 4 months ago
T 13
T 13 - 4 months ago
Put sheff g on this
Cesar - 4 months ago
Lil baby carried
Epixploits - 2 months ago
NickyP - 4 months ago
Fire 💯
HOLLYWOOD 1 - 4 months ago
Calboy verse all day on DIS !
Imran Ahmed
Imran Ahmed - 4 months ago
literally everybody killed this
William Guillen
William Guillen - 4 months ago
paul lewis
paul lewis - 4 months ago
this go crazy
Pjay Fifer
Pjay Fifer - 4 months ago
That boy hitting. That cook laflare "heyyheeyy" 😂
Pjay Fifer
Pjay Fifer - 4 months ago
I thought this was durk no cap
Siccboy Jb
Siccboy Jb - 4 months ago
Calboy the most best rapper with lil tjay
1 maxx
1 maxx - 4 months ago
This song is fire
Ny Kidd
Ny Kidd - 5 months ago
Fire AF
Ny Kidd
Ny Kidd - 5 months ago
This great
Coggy - 5 months ago
This song is so underrated😔
Aju Tak
Aju Tak - 5 months ago
The beat is so cold , who is it ??
Kiei Murayama
Kiei Murayama - 5 months ago
Dylan Whigham
Dylan Whigham - 5 months ago
Lil babys verse was straight viby
Savage Jordan
Savage Jordan - 5 months ago
co coa Johnson
co coa Johnson - 5 months ago
Boy it's real in the field better grab yo stick!!🔥🔥
Davide Magani
Davide Magani - 5 months ago
Jesse Liguori
Jesse Liguori - 5 months ago
xXdatkingtorryanXx GC
xXdatkingtorryanXx GC - 5 months ago
we need calboy and Youngboy dat would go hard🔥😈🔥
Monza Destiny
Monza Destiny - 5 months ago
So nobody gonna talk about how this nigga used B.I.G. lyrics and flow but ain't even quote him🤔 unoriginal asf🚮
BlackChinese Doll
BlackChinese Doll - 5 months ago
They Never Fail Together ‼️🔥🔥🔥 Straight FIRE 🔥 & LilBaby Always Kills Shit 💯
Kerwin R
Kerwin R - 5 months ago
Tjay verse was the coldest tbh
Danny Boii
Danny Boii - 6 months ago
I NEED Roddy, Calboy, Lil Durk, and lil baby on a track ASAP
ad 148
ad 148 - 6 months ago
Lil durk on the remix is a banger factsss
ad 148
ad 148 - 6 months ago
Calboy is so much like durkio
Reluctant Raspberry
Reluctant Raspberry - 6 months ago
0:55 calboy sole the flow from Biggy in “Notorious thugs” by bone thugs n harmony, if u listen to it, it sounds almost exactly alike just with a few words changed up
Arturo Magana
Arturo Magana - 6 months ago
Calboy murdered both of em no cap
Raging Blast 3 fan
Raging Blast 3 fan - 6 months ago
It's fireeeeee
Tyrea Robinson
Tyrea Robinson - 6 months ago
This trio went off !🔥🔥🔥
Jean Paul
Jean Paul - 6 months ago
No one can beat the swag of Asian Cal Boy, she is not like other trappers who are using *Authentic Views Com* to get they Views up. Thumbs up who agrees👍
Dime Bags_xx
Dime Bags_xx - 6 months ago
Why yo sound mad fire 💯💯🧢🧢🧢 fuck witem if u dare 🤷🏾‍♀️
BerZurK - 6 months ago
Lil Baby and TJay both went hard asf tho 🔥
Matti Schön
Matti Schön - 6 months ago
Tjay killin' it
Tamsin Schaeffer
Tamsin Schaeffer - 6 months ago
This kid has potential and talent. Super impressed!
Rahmon Hasani
Rahmon Hasani - 6 months ago
🔥🔥🔥🔥 dammmm
Luis Fernandez
Luis Fernandez - 6 months ago
man TO MANY PEOPLE be sleeping on calboy, not the people reading this
#3DOne - 6 months ago
This song is hard as luck! Str8 up 💪#3DOne 👍
Arthur Williams
Arthur Williams - 6 months ago
Yo this jawn is STRAIGHT🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Mark steven
Mark steven - 6 months ago
No This track is not going through *AUTHENTIC VIEWS D0T C0M* Moreover lil tjay killed the beat!!!
Bale Rochecouste
Bale Rochecouste - 6 months ago
Who high asf rn
David Vágner
David Vágner - 6 months ago
this shit kickin af
ISSA FOFG - 6 months ago
This hard🔥🔥 but how's this for a South African Trapper? #TALKTHATSHII😤🔥
ISSA FOFG - 6 months ago
This hard🔥🔥 but how's this for a South African Trapper? #TALKTHATSHII😤🔥
CARLOS - 6 months ago
we need Calboy Durk and Roddy on a song
Lucas Silva
Lucas Silva - 6 months ago
Spit your game, biggie i guess everybody got it
tiste gottabeonit
tiste gottabeonit - 6 months ago
MUSIC VIDEO??????!!!!!!????
Xxxdudestomp - 6 months ago
DeAndre Smith
DeAndre Smith - 6 months ago
Bro music lit as fuck
roger moore
roger moore - 6 months ago
Lil Baby say I can't talk about my op dey dead rather talk about da guwap instead🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🎤
ryan chang
ryan chang - 6 months ago
susu_sucuk - 6 months ago
I already know this will be underrated af bro
Ryan Campbell
Ryan Campbell - 6 months ago
Calboy went crazy with that notorious thugs Flow
Louis Lutchmann
Louis Lutchmann - 6 months ago
The 867 ppl who dislike this is on dick Also Tjay went dumb on this he 🐐🐐🗣🗣✅❌🧢
Queen Thicka
Queen Thicka - 6 months ago
Nstant Fan 💯🍩🥞❄️🎼
Mikey Money
Mikey Money - 6 months ago
Song of 2020
YNW Flawayway
YNW Flawayway - 6 months ago
Thousand dolla Givenchy you cant kick it wit meeee
Strawberry Faygo
Strawberry Faygo - 6 months ago
새우깡스모커 - 6 months ago
Next videos