Live PD: Best of Lake County, Illinois Sheriff's Office | A&E

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A&E - 10 days ago
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CLAN [APES] OFFICIAL - 4 days ago
nightwishnemo perhaps on special occasions
CLAN [APES] OFFICIAL - 4 days ago
A&E love Your show dope
Boli420 - 5 days ago
The date says Nov 29th, but all I've seen so far is old videos. Trying a new scam are you?
teriyakisocks - 6 days ago
Deputy Lowe is a qt
furito burito
furito burito - 6 days ago
A&E the first one is so wholesome!
Michael Smith
Michael Smith - 24 minutes ago
That first guy driver was so funny you cant.......but he said he drivers license is expired, no insurance, vehicle is not registered, SO FUNNY! My CONCERN is the Sheriff just wrote a ticket for pills and no license ONLY, makes you wonder whats going to happen with the HEROIN and Norco 75 LOL-JUST saying, NO arrest? There is the letter of the law that simple is in question! Going to screen this case with the state for Heroin follow up etc.......hahah-SURE. However, if true good intention on the first cop!
Ankushi K
Ankushi K - 32 minutes ago
Police shouldn't bait the innocent citizens into agreeing to the search of their cars....once they say no...they should accept it....
Crow - Hour ago
Officer Zootopia is easily my cop on LivePD.
naptownsfinest2345 - Hour ago
the second call the lady cop has every attachment for that vest LOL
Mosey - 3 hours ago
Man, much respect to that cop for working with the guy
josh MD
josh MD - 3 hours ago
Much respect for that first officer. Normally, 100% of the time if you tell a cop the truth, it will be used against you. That guy was so lucky that that cop is doing positive public relations on this night.
Brian - 3 hours ago
Letting someone go for Heroin? Wow they sure do things differently in IL!
wilson blauheuer
wilson blauheuer - 4 hours ago
Lucas! Do you want a treat!? Come back!
Satyansh Kumar
Satyansh Kumar - 5 hours ago
I love the deputy with Pink handcuffs... 💕💕 She can arrest me anytime... 😛😛
Happy cheeks
Happy cheeks - 5 hours ago
They might as well be honest, they’re going to find out in the end.
phoebechan192 - 5 hours ago
Think of how bad a son is for his Mother who is very sick, to kick him out of the house. That poor Mother.
Dopeheads are funny AF
Tommy Mendez
Tommy Mendez - 6 hours ago
3:05 He took a cop out so he didn't have to go to jail😂😂
Lyle/Kelli Morris
Lyle/Kelli Morris - 7 hours ago
What a decent cop w the dude w no license, expired plates, pills n dope in the car. Thats how they should be thats PROTECT N SERVE all the way.....
Tyler Joslin
Tyler Joslin - 7 hours ago
My pizza
GasStationBeef - 7 hours ago
I love crack heads like that 😂😂😂
Dino Raf
Dino Raf - 7 hours ago
11:44 Idk what's better, her statement or the officer's reaction LOL.
19jcrown86 - 7 hours ago
Wish my wife would bee understanding
BRIAS PLEASURES - 9 hours ago
Just because someone commits a crime doesn't mean all bets are off police can kill everyone!!! BS! They used cars with civilians in them as human shields!!!! Fools!!!! You do ur best to fall back and protect the general population!!!! No excuse to chase that truck down!!! The truck drove recklessly trying to outrun them.
FUCK EVERYONE - 9 hours ago
This dude tryin to be Scarface lol
After he screams at his grandma
closeupman - 9 hours ago
the guy told you three times that mo wasn't arrested
Patrycja Zdunek
Patrycja Zdunek - 10 hours ago
“not that i know of” always sus
drjon4u2 - 10 hours ago
Great officer in the first part!
Toxic Cxrtz
Toxic Cxrtz - 11 hours ago
Bless that cop and I hope that guy got help and has a beautiful child
And the second moment was funny she doesn’t seem like a user just a funny person
Luis Gonzalez
Luis Gonzalez - 12 hours ago
Anyone else think the female cop is really cute?
Cursed Foods
Cursed Foods - 12 hours ago
‘my peeiza!!?’
Jeanie Martinez
Jeanie Martinez - 12 hours ago
Hahaha I need help yea fooh your gonna spend time in jail that's really gonna change you
Kelsey Flaig
Kelsey Flaig - 12 hours ago
Ma’am you’re living in a mobile home. I doubt you’re a high class roller
Dwight Clark
Dwight Clark - 12 hours ago
My Pizza! -exits stage left
lol - 13 hours ago
The guy in the minivan sounds like Ice Cube when he starts yelling 🤣
Quizey - 13 hours ago
2nd girl said she has to feed the house😂
One10 2Ten
One10 2Ten - 13 hours ago
Dog lady was probably an ear sore omg
TRuST No1 - 13 hours ago
that first cop was fkn amazing...he could of sent that guy away for awhile! need more cops like him.
Ramey Chisum
Ramey Chisum - 15 hours ago
4:08 That made me tear up. Compassion is a wonderful thing especially when a person is in a position of power but chooses to use it for good instead of destruction.
Oohie that big ole guy was an unexpected partner. Not someone you'd want to say no to.
Sonja unome
Sonja unome - 15 hours ago
You dont know your rights, and once you infract thats cause for search.
Chris DeBie
Chris DeBie - 15 hours ago
Dude.... this first cop is ONE AWESOME GUY!!
Muhiadin Mohamud
Muhiadin Mohamud - 15 hours ago
Emily Carter
Emily Carter - 16 hours ago
Second cop looks 12 lol
HasayFrio - 16 hours ago
The hackles on that dog in the last clip... 😳
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