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Lilly - 17 hours ago
Does no one notice that Damien is wearing a 9S costume?
Heat Marco_ BEAST
Heat Marco_ BEAST - 2 days ago
Courtney(as a random person):Where are you from
If movies were real 6:AM I A JOKE TO YOU!?
Shane is from phenoix arizona
Sasha TMP
Sasha TMP - 2 days ago
If Shayne doesn’t greet fans like that from now on I’m unfollowing him from twitter
Brad and Miranda Mann
Brad and Miranda Mann - 4 days ago
*f u r r y. c o n ?*
Xavier Hawkins
Xavier Hawkins - 4 days ago
Who saw the “OOH that’s good” shirt
Hourng Ly
Hourng Ly - 5 days ago
Make Every mall ever
Wouter Moerman
Wouter Moerman - 6 days ago
1:05 Shanye West (read captions)
Diego Hernandez
Diego Hernandez - 8 days ago
Los Angeles Comic Con is my go to con
Swecraft100 - 8 days ago
Närcon is best con, you can't change my mind
Raed Qureshi
Raed Qureshi - 10 days ago
Who saw the ooh that’s good meme shirt
Casey Plays
Casey Plays - 11 days ago
I miss old Smosh with Anthony
Pixelgamer 1
Pixelgamer 1 - 11 days ago
go to 2:29 and pause you will lol
Angie’s Art
Angie’s Art - 12 days ago
when are you going to do “every fan ever”
Louie Jay
Louie Jay - 13 days ago
Where's the anime cosplayers?
Nate the great yt 5000
Nate the great yt 5000 - 15 days ago
I like game con
Boiled Eyelash
Boiled Eyelash - 17 days ago
I thought they meant Shane Dawson not Shayne
elosin asub
elosin asub - 20 days ago
wow. noah looked so hot in that joker outfit like i-
ThaCHUBBmonster - 20 days ago
Anyone realise the ooh that’s good t shirts from the dead meme video
Mochi Yui
Mochi Yui - 23 days ago
3:35 i saw the ,every Sephora ever, and ,every hot topic ever, wigs
Evan Severs
Evan Severs - 23 days ago
watching this on my iPad when i should be sleeping so the clicks at 0:57 really scared me
Lexi Scott
Lexi Scott - 26 days ago
Thikdik 🤣
progamer 65
progamer 65 - 28 days ago

Ryan - 28 days ago
And this how the *you got it homie, keep chasing your dreams meme started*
Carlitos Elmar cianito
Carlitos Elmar cianito - 29 days ago
I wanna meet Zane Thiccdick
Not A Human . exe
Not A Human . exe - Month ago
the joker that looked better looked actually a lot like the second spider man. (without the make up and costume)
the CDSHOW - Month ago
1:26 is Shane having a Stroke ? 🤣🤣🤣
Weebing with Lemon
Weebing with Lemon - Month ago
I saw mini dalek..I is happy 😁😁
Crazy one
Crazy one - Month ago
not a single soul:
Shayne topp: yOu GoT iT hOmE
Pasta Kat
Pasta Kat - Month ago
Ahhh hey your stuff! 🤣
TheBuriedGuy 15
TheBuriedGuy 15 - Month ago
Elie L
Elie L - Month ago
Anyone else notice Wes’ emo makeover wig at 2:03
Gimme a _ Burrito
Gimme a _ Burrito - Month ago
Robber: give me all ur money!
Shayne: you got it, homie! Keep chasing your dreams!
Rand Binchi
Rand Binchi - Month ago
5:02 I feel like Olivia treats Shayne like how boze used to treat joven
ryan Lysaght
ryan Lysaght - Month ago
Did u see ooh thats good shirt
TheDerpBeast - Month ago
3:50 look at the shirt lol
Trisha Davis
Trisha Davis - Month ago
Dude it’s Jason
Dude it’s Jason - Month ago
A guy
A guy - Month ago
There’s a ooh that’s god shirt
Geek Boi
Geek Boi - Month ago
I was spinning a Batman fidget spinner at the begging of the video
Renault Vitality Cakeman2009
Did anyone see the ooh that's good t shirt from when memes die video : )
shadowmaster warrior
shadowmaster warrior - Month ago
Why is damein always the one who gets made fun of
Lazy Penguin
Lazy Penguin - Month ago
Who else noticed the oooh that god shirt on the clothing line
I couldn’t come up with a Name
Did you see the “ ohh that’s good “ shirt at 0:07
Unforgiven Admirer
Unforgiven Admirer - Month ago
Smosh but my fav is Ian and cartni
BLOOD_DEMON 699 - Month ago
Is that an operator costume from warframe 2:03
hawkdoes randomstuff
hawkdoes randomstuff - Month ago
i still havent seen a vr headset in my life unless you count youtube
AshesToDust - Month ago
The fact that Damien was wearing a blindfold, so he exploded because of pure awesomeness.
7Matthew Wick
7Matthew Wick - Month ago
0:07 who noticed the ooh that's good shirt like if u did
Jamie Thomas
Jamie Thomas - Month ago
Who spotted E.T.
Rebecca Laverdure
Rebecca Laverdure - Month ago
That 9S tho 🤙🏻👌
Richard Messer
Richard Messer - Month ago
What about Godzilla fest
Superman 500957
Superman 500957 - Month ago
How to sound like batman

smoke for 10 years
Isaac Jones
Isaac Jones - Month ago
They should do Every Furry Convention Ever
Chuck E Cheese Plush Show
Strixus ROBLOX
Strixus ROBLOX - Month ago
Sam ThickDick xd 😆
Glorious Katfood
Glorious Katfood - Month ago
And a Much Shttier Joker!
Kenny Sling
Kenny Sling - Month ago
Now furcons
The Only inkling MEME Queen
5:00 When you see your favorite YouTuber
IDrovePastYourHouse -
IDrovePastYourHouse - - Month ago
*this is completely unrelated but I want another Invader con*
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