College Kids React To Try Not To Sing Along Challenge (Ed Sheeran, Nicki Minaj, Marshmello)

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Scarlett Fairbanks
Scarlett Fairbanks - 12 hours ago
Madison, Chelsea and Tori should be naked and bare foot
Matheus Souza
Matheus Souza - 14 hours ago
07:02 i hate that girls 🙄🙄
Huseyin Olmez
Huseyin Olmez - 22 hours ago
Ew look that gay
Var Drax
Var Drax - 23 hours ago
I swear in every single one of these videos tori is such a vibe, love her
ilva brn
ilva brn - 16 days ago
"i don't know that song"
10 secs later: "i love ed sheeran"
Demon Corp 1
Demon Corp 1 - 16 days ago
What song played at 3:55
Aesthetically Basic
Aesthetically Basic - 16 days ago
Mia - paper planes
Michelle Cueto
Michelle Cueto - 16 days ago
George is an actual legend
Rose Rivas
Rose Rivas - 16 days ago
I came for "ITS A FINAL COUNTDOWN!!!!!!!!" Where is it? 😭😭😭
Sharon Choi
Sharon Choi - 16 days ago
I only went here for BTS 💜
Damian9303 - 16 days ago
Man they didn't even have sweet victory!!
Brooklyn Ulibarri-Marquez
Where is bts ?
Caleb Woerner
Caleb Woerner - 23 hours ago
Hardss28 - 17 days ago
I watch for tori lol!! must be nice hanging out with her.
ERnestina Lopez
ERnestina Lopez - 17 days ago
Who doesn't watch I carly
Reggie M Widgeon III
Reggie M Widgeon III - 23 hours ago
I hate i Carly.
Le Jenni :p
Le Jenni :p - 16 days ago
ERnestina Lopez iCarly is the best
caroline s
caroline s - 17 days ago
Captain HUGGABEAR - 17 days ago
I came for spongebob but you don't even put the right one
Andres Cruz
Andres Cruz - 16 days ago
Donovan Fichtelberg
Donovan Fichtelberg - 17 days ago
Who in the hell said “let’s put George in the videos he’s gonna make ppl wanna watch us”
JaY - 17 days ago
Boul George needa be smack
Cade Fix
Cade Fix - 17 days ago
Be better without George
Jonathan Wallis
Jonathan Wallis - 16 days ago
@Zkettlesss classy
Stephen Highley
Stephen Highley - 17 days ago
Asrielix Lynx
Asrielix Lynx - 17 days ago
Why does Brittney actually look hella adorable in that video?
Asrielix Lynx
Asrielix Lynx - 17 days ago
Abdul Esaqzai
Abdul Esaqzai - 17 days ago
Brittney's garbage her voice is garbage
Jake Kuddoa
Jake Kuddoa - 17 days ago
Your whole life is garbage.
Xpertness 31
Xpertness 31 - 17 days ago
George is gay
Kende Asztalos
Kende Asztalos - 16 days ago
Such a genius
Agata Nowobilska
Agata Nowobilska - 17 days ago
And?? Lol
Ariola Granede
Ariola Granede - 17 days ago
Nice observation. Thanks for saving me from embarrassing myself by asking him out😳
KpOp TrAsH
KpOp TrAsH - 17 days ago
Xpertness 31 really?! I thought he was straight...
livvy j
livvy j - 18 days ago
Anyone else got a crush on Adam? He's a male version of me😂
Peyton Alder
Peyton Alder - 18 days ago
Why they always say I CANT after they lose
Ignacio Martinez
Ignacio Martinez - 18 days ago
you should do an episode with justin Timberlake songs
Nesh Tautari
Nesh Tautari - 18 days ago
I kept thinking Ashly was Carly Incontro 😅
katiefarrey - 18 days ago
No one:
Eric: bOOm bObOom boOm bOom bobOom boOm bAa-
Liberty S.
Liberty S. - 18 days ago
1:53 omg yes! "I feel weird" merch by Kristen Mcatee is everything!
Star Killer
Star Killer - 18 days ago
9:10 Secret message: F*ck you Spongebob/ F U *Spongebob right beside it*
Wilson Puaque
Wilson Puaque - 18 days ago
George is gay
Jodie Spurlock
Jodie Spurlock - 17 days ago
No dip sherlock
Anelisiwe Novukela
Anelisiwe Novukela - 17 days ago
Who doesn't know that?
Lily Thick
Lily Thick - 18 days ago
David Wiltshire how is it ??
David Wiltshire
David Wiltshire - 18 days ago
Ikr it's manky
Gilbert Valdez
Gilbert Valdez - 19 days ago
SpongeBob was the only one that was good
Willow Mellet
Willow Mellet - 19 days ago
George is iconic
Angel Sherrell
Angel Sherrell - 17 days ago
Mayco Sierra how is he rude
Mayco Sierra
Mayco Sierra - 18 days ago
#you are rude sorry
stranger people
stranger people - 19 days ago
0:52 "I'vE nEVeR hEaRD ThiS sONg"
WTF?!!!!! REALLY?! I'm so sad for you:(
Reinard Harmse
Reinard Harmse - 2 hours ago
@creeper awww man Agreed!
stranger people
stranger people - 16 days ago
@creeper awww man that's song is so great.
creeper awww man
creeper awww man - 16 days ago
stranger people that song is terrible
Mayco Sierra
Mayco Sierra - 18 days ago
Luna Cartridge Squad
Luna Cartridge Squad - 19 days ago
I’m gonna lose because it’s ED SHEERAN I LOVE HIM
Sophia Fetouh
Sophia Fetouh - 19 days ago
me: knock knock
Adam: whos is there?
me: Britney Spears
Adam: Britney Spears who?
me: knock knock
Adam: who is there?!?
me: Britney Spears
me: Oops I did it again
Frank Geez
Frank Geez - 19 days ago
Why not Anaconda you fools?
Ry Guy Rampage
Ry Guy Rampage - 18 days ago
Or fresh prince of bel air
Jack Huber
Jack Huber - 19 days ago
Next video, I know it’s more spongebob but hear me out...

Nina Ben.
Nina Ben. - 18 days ago
omg y e s
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Pretty buoy Jones
Pretty buoy Jones - 19 days ago
All hail the queen Nicki Minaj!!!!👑😍😍🔥👌 Super Bass issa classic bop...periodt!!!🙌❤💯
Ayeefluffy1 - 17 days ago
Zachary Younus crack. Is it crack you smoke?
Zachary Younus
Zachary Younus - 18 days ago
Pretty buoy Jones cardi>nicki
Ultra Jules
Ultra Jules - 19 days ago
george is actually the most iconic human ever
Lil JUAN CRUZ - 19 days ago
val - 19 days ago
Madeline Maxson
Madeline Maxson - 20 days ago
You should do land of 1000 dances by Wilson Pickett
jessica arguera
jessica arguera - 20 days ago
If they were doing spongebob they should’ve done the campfire song song
Jess Fairfield
Jess Fairfield - 20 days ago
Gorge is so gay
Cute Killer RBLX
Cute Killer RBLX - 19 days ago
Karl Bonell
Karl Bonell - 20 days ago
Should do a beatboxing react video for 2019 gbb
Apostolos Apostolides
Apostolos Apostolides - 20 days ago
The twin sisters... ugh.... I love their vibes so much!! plus they are one of the OG's so i'm glad they're still around!!
Ali Mustafa
Ali Mustafa - 20 days ago
I do not know any of those songs but spongebob when he sang fun
Xavier Jacinto
Xavier Jacinto - 20 days ago
Do you watch wwe
Ikpeba π
Ikpeba π - 20 days ago
Motherfuuuuuaacker baited me with spongebob in sweet victory suit
Angel Orellana
Angel Orellana - 20 days ago
No George
SmittyBoi - 20 days ago
Anyone else excited for Battle for Bikini Bottom Rehydrated?
bryan espinoza
bryan espinoza - 19 days ago
Rachel Ramos
Rachel Ramos - 21 day ago
ok but George’s shirt 😍😍😍😍
Pupets vs
Pupets vs - 18 days ago
Ghastly Ghost
Ghastly Ghost - 21 day ago
Rachel Ramos creepy
ava and aubrey
ava and aubrey - 21 day ago
stop hating on george! >:( plz
Ema - 20 days ago
No ones hating on george😂
ava and aubrey
ava and aubrey - 21 day ago
why does everyone hate on george?? :(
MJ Nation
MJ Nation - 21 day ago
Did anyone else get n X-Men apocalypse ad
Bambi Ornelas
Bambi Ornelas - 21 day ago
You guys should have punishments for these kinds of videos
zim zim
zim zim - 21 day ago
All the other ones? Pfff, easy.
Spongebob? F iS for fRieNdS whO dO stUff tOgEthEr
Niels - 21 day ago
7:16 - 7:27 that transaction had me dieing lmao
Sean Scott
Sean Scott - 20 days ago
Niels 😂😂😂😂😂
Kody joe Holdershaw
Kody joe Holdershaw - 21 day ago
I don’t know this song... I love Ed sheeran
Ghufran Jamil
Ghufran Jamil - 21 day ago
You lost me at super bass
Ghufran Jamil
Ghufran Jamil - 21 day ago
and sponge bob
Rosa Maymi
Rosa Maymi - 21 day ago
George is everything
Aesthetically Basic
Aesthetically Basic - 16 days ago
@Jeylon Blake @georgetoddmclachlan
karina kari
karina kari - 17 days ago
So true
Jeylon Blake
Jeylon Blake - 19 days ago
Rosa Maymi do you know his Instagram ?
- P R I N C E S S -
- P R I N C E S S - - 21 day ago
Ashly wearing Kristen Mctee merch. We stan.
Criminal Gamer
Criminal Gamer - 21 day ago
I handled everything but the last two
ImSoLament - 21 day ago
Love this one so much
felix Vanderborght
felix Vanderborght - 22 days ago
Please get that george thing out of here
Elijah Kidd
Elijah Kidd - 20 days ago
@Luisa Butera no he right
Luisa Butera
Luisa Butera - 21 day ago
felix Vanderborght you’re the one that should get out of here lmao
Tarun Sreelan
Tarun Sreelan - 22 days ago
Madison is kinda basic
Hayley Bates
Hayley Bates - 21 day ago
Tarun Sreelan ikr
Marissa TheBookNoird
Marissa TheBookNoird - 22 days ago
Lost at the first song already
Kolbrún Karitas
Kolbrún Karitas - 22 days ago
You should do try not sing mamma mia
Patricia Jessica Kativa Antonio
You guys should do bad guy from Billie eilish or thotiana from blueface
Carolyne Argana
Carolyne Argana - 22 days ago
The spongebob one got me!!😄
FelixBan - 22 days ago
I‘m from germany and i never watches spongebob in englisch, so it was easy. And damn Tori looks somehow good😅
Maricake M
Maricake M - 22 days ago
FelixBan what do you mean by “somehow”? :)
Anna Esters
Anna Esters - 22 days ago
I never watched sponge Bob when i was a little kid😬
Javier Romero
Javier Romero - 18 days ago
Justdance Panda
Justdance Panda - 20 days ago
4:03 is how I feel rn
jordan fields
jordan fields - 22 days ago
@Drew Maxcy you missed out
Adison Bourg
Adison Bourg - 22 days ago
I think you should do old time road
Dina haddad
Dina haddad - 22 days ago
Do you mean "old TOWN road"
Misty S
Misty S - 22 days ago
WOT_ 101 good
WOT_ 101
WOT_ 101 - 22 days ago
I've never heard that song before
Sara Loving
Sara Loving - 23 days ago
Adam breaking for Britney is the best part
Imani Lloyd
Imani Lloyd - 23 days ago
You should give the winners actual awards 💁🏾‍♀️
Lamiah Dawood
Lamiah Dawood - 22 days ago
Imani Lloyd I totally agree because I think that a award or a prize motivates people more so they can win
Lol Pop
Lol Pop - 23 days ago
Never invite George please.
Chloe Uzo
Chloe Uzo - 18 days ago
Why because he’s gay? Wth is your problem
Fluffkin Mod
Fluffkin Mod - 20 days ago
Abdus Fahim
Abdus Fahim - 20 days ago
Yess please
Random Girl
Random Girl - 23 days ago
dk if it was already in one of these challenges but they should have played sweet victory yo
Julie Erasmus
Julie Erasmus - 23 days ago
Are there any songs that Tori doesn't know?
Hello Bye
Hello Bye - 23 days ago
There’s some hate comment about George ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ why being so rude tho
aka exoticway derpyboiii
aka exoticway derpyboiii - 23 days ago
George gay ass
Zorkle Sporkle
Zorkle Sporkle - 21 day ago
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