College Kids React To Try Not To Sing Along Challenge (Ed Sheeran, Nicki Minaj, Marshmello)

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أروع متفرقات
أروع متفرقات - 11 hours ago
Nicki is Queen
Felicity Stitfall
Felicity Stitfall - 16 hours ago
u should a pink song
Cubs fan
Cubs fan - 2 days ago
They're all faking. It's easy as heck
nhoy gopez
nhoy gopez - Day ago
Cubs fan it's not easy for most people!!
Isaac Park
Isaac Park - 6 days ago
Fbe with bots 18.5m with out 10,000
Jay Simpson
Jay Simpson - 10 days ago
Y.M.C.A would of made everyone sing along
U-TOPIC 47 - 11 days ago
most of these are terrible
Joy Girl
Joy Girl - 7 days ago
Not rlly
A random Name
A random Name - 7 days ago
Natte Crazy
Natte Crazy - 11 days ago
3:24 you dont lonley i hate that song
MrJoRobb - 12 days ago
I fell asleep this was so easy. It definitely assures me there is a large gap in what people consider decent music.
listychick - 12 days ago
sponge bob curse you!! u made me sing on f.u.n
I love Gabe Wolf
I love Gabe Wolf - 13 days ago

Spongebob got me right away bam fun F.U.N
It's Rehhzy
It's Rehhzy - 15 days ago
Bro if I see George one more time ima punt his/her head
XxShadow 360xX
XxShadow 360xX - 3 days ago
Conrad Acosta
Conrad Acosta - 9 days ago
Robert Burton
Robert Burton - 13 days ago
It's Rehhzy dumb ass troll
Bombersbb 2
Bombersbb 2 - 15 days ago
Bruh the more I see Chelsea the more I think of Erin from the office
Davey Houston
Davey Houston - 16 days ago
I was never a child during spongebob so
Victor Garcia
Victor Garcia - 17 days ago
Spongebob got me immediately
Victor Garcia
Victor Garcia - 17 days ago
Britney spears go me
Victor Garcia
Victor Garcia - 17 days ago
Happy makes me cry not sing 😭😭😭
Shannon Douse
Shannon Douse - 19 days ago
Thats not singing, thats just mouth noises!
mouth noises = singing.
oh ya i laughed
Kaisha Page
Kaisha Page - 20 days ago
I see M.I.A I click.
أروع متفرقات
أروع متفرقات - 11 hours ago
Daniel Diaz
Daniel Diaz - 23 days ago
They should of played sweet victory by sponge bob
Son Phung
Son Phung - 23 days ago
Eskay H
Eskay H - 25 days ago
George is a whole mood.
5280 Videos
5280 Videos - 26 days ago
what the hell is the thing in the yellow?????
Brenda Berra
Brenda Berra - 8 days ago
Sponge bob...?
GG 69
GG 69 - 11 days ago
Thank you 🙏
Davey Houston
Davey Houston - 16 days ago
A character from rent the play!
Dragon Slayer
Dragon Slayer - 18 days ago
a monster
Liv - 28 days ago
pretty sure George wasn't dancing at 6:19, that was just a gesture!
Moistzz - 28 days ago
I lost with paper planes
pope francis
pope francis - 29 days ago
Exoqp - 17 days ago
pope francis lmao
p.s - Month ago
7:17= idk how you sing this song..
2 sec later
Shujaa Required
Shujaa Required - 20 days ago
4 sec
Aiman Mohammed
Aiman Mohammed - Month ago
I love eric. "that's just English"
amy the weirdo
amy the weirdo - Month ago
Is george gay? QwQ
Davey Houston
Davey Houston - 16 days ago
Are you joking yes and the sun is yellow
Kate Marie
Kate Marie - Month ago
amy the weirdo yes
Zero Of the Black Knights
I would assume so he was setting off my gaydar and I live in Minnesota
Zaynab Najafi
Zaynab Najafi - Month ago
Bring in more Anna and becca
Levi Harrison
Levi Harrison - Month ago
"I won and I knew I could do it but honestly I regret it a bit"
MissPop Coin
MissPop Coin - Month ago
7:17 - 7:21 2 types of people.
Barney the dino Flex
Barney the dino Flex - Month ago
Bronson Brandt
Bronson Brandt - Month ago
Spongebob got me
Oreopuppy - Month ago
Am I uncultured as I haven't seen any Songebob?
Giovanni Guzman
Giovanni Guzman - 14 days ago
Steven - 26 days ago
Driss Benajma
Driss Benajma - 28 days ago
Moistzz - 28 days ago
Tara Schiemer
Tara Schiemer - Month ago
Number 2 nooooo I love Marshmello
2015 KAYLA_FAITH_ONG - Month ago
I moved... I was eating...
Johan Giron
Johan Giron - Month ago
Goofy goober by spongebob
Bro moment
Bro moment - Month ago
The Strokes are the best band in this
emma blair
emma blair - Month ago
I see SpongeBob I click
Stethen Liebenberg
Stethen Liebenberg - Month ago
I wonder if they could pass this challenge with Mozart's Queen of the Night Aria.
Nathan Blizzard
Nathan Blizzard - 17 days ago
Stethen Liebenberg r/iamverysmart
Gracie Gomez
Gracie Gomez - Month ago
Me:thinking:alright im winning then spongbob :0 -_- start singen now
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