BREAKING: Cam Newton agrees to 1-year deal with New England Patriots | CBS Sports HQ

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Joshua Rich
Joshua Rich - 2 hours ago
Perfect match ! Cam has no heart and Bill has no Soul ... congrats on your Diva Qb Pats
get shit done
get shit done - 8 hours ago
he is one overrated and out of shape somewhat of a quarterback, bad deal pats
j s
j s - 2 days ago
New England Patriots needed some news other than them Filling other teams again
Stanley - 3 days ago
USA proud
USA proud - 3 days ago
Boycott the nfl !!
richard albanese
richard albanese - 4 days ago
If you don’t stand for the national anthem I won’t be watching the damn morons
Stephen Prescott
Stephen Prescott - 4 days ago
Belichick/Newton or Arains/Brady?
Patrick Irwin
Patrick Irwin - 5 days ago
1 year than on to another desperate team Pudtridiots #4 in AFC EAST 😲
Keith Sjosten
Keith Sjosten - 6 days ago
Great, he'll be 83 years old by the time they play again. Hope they're not paying in advance!!!
Joel Baker
Joel Baker - 6 days ago
Ummm there's no football this yr...Who fkn cares!
Patrick - 6 days ago
Go New England Patriots.
Joseph Kelley
Joseph Kelley - 6 days ago
Congratulations to both Cam and the Patriots - great pick-up - he'll have
a career year under Coach B.
Chris Manhoff
Chris Manhoff - 6 days ago
First Take said that Bill Belichick and the Patriots were considering Colin Kaepernick.
dorcko90 - 6 days ago
2 games in to season Newton will hurt his pinky toe and be out for season
Nigol T.
Nigol T. - 6 days ago
Oh this is nothing more than Kraft being political 🤣😅😂
njolique laa
njolique laa - 6 days ago
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Warren Carlson
Warren Carlson - 7 days ago
he sucks
Wolfy - 7 days ago
El Chapo
El Chapo - 7 days ago
QUESTION: i dont follow football but what's with the controversey of Cam signing with the Patriots
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No words...
KId Mk2
KId Mk2 - 7 days ago
paladin876 - 7 days ago
BMAC looks like he's thinking. "I'm too high, when did weed become stronger than crack!?"
Patriot Hound
Patriot Hound - 7 days ago
Not gonna work. He is not Brady and what l mean by that is he is a man - child Bill, will have zero tolerance for that crap. The second he pulls his baby bullshite he will.
be gone! Although the league has destroyed the defensive side of the game to finally get the mobile Q-back safe enough to light up the score board. They have been trying for thirty years to transform the position but injury was always the problem. Now that the libtards got involved and completely pussified the game he has a shot to be successful. But he is self destructive man- baby. It's a none starter.
John Mac
John Mac - 7 days ago
There goes the Patriots winning season!!!!!
Alex Parker
Alex Parker - 7 days ago
Yo u should post vids of u actually fishing
Winston Richard
Winston Richard - 7 days ago
I don't clear this
Jose Hernandez
Jose Hernandez - 7 days ago
oh im in rats territory
PaleoVirus - 7 days ago
He only deserves a million
Debbie RightNow
Debbie RightNow - 7 days ago
Cam Newton is an unreliable player. Lacks consistency
Hugh Lee Darby
Hugh Lee Darby - 7 days ago
Dam he sucks, so glad the Panthers got rid of him. Maybe we can compete now.
Blitzburgh let's go
Blitzburgh let's go - 7 days ago
That figures. 💩💩💩
Randy Bandy
Randy Bandy - 7 days ago
And thinking people of the world don't give a rat's ass!
robinlasenby - 7 days ago
This horrible Cam had to settle for a deal like this former Mvp if he was white he would've gotten a much better deal this is some racist ass shit he us a former MVP of the league
Ted Freitag
Ted Freitag - 7 days ago
This guy is a bum. Remember his Super Bowl hissy fit? Definitely NOT a good fit. Just another “look at me” clown. Horrible decision.
jeremiah lewallen
jeremiah lewallen - 7 days ago
And also caught cheating again. Not a surprise.
Tramaine Terrance
Tramaine Terrance - 7 days ago
Hello, Humans.
"The scientists of today think deeply instead of clearly. One must be sane to think clearly, but one can think deeply and be quite insane." -Nikola Tesla
CriticalThinker08 - 7 days ago
All i know is that Cam Newton at 75% is way better than any other AFC East QB now. 5 or 6 wins in division like always. Rest of the schedule is toughest in the league this year but they'll win 9 or 10 games and then i like playoff chances with new offense
howard cobb
howard cobb - 7 days ago
I'm on the only one who feels bad for the other pats qb
Juice Box
Juice Box - 7 days ago
Way to fit the agenda. "Black Superman" to the "Patriots".🙄 #ScriptedSports
The Ascended Path
The Ascended Path - 7 days ago
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Patriots=bruh moment
Bruce Grumpy ol'Biker
Bruce Grumpy ol'Biker - 7 days ago
you so called pro's are missing something where is Cam Newton From ? Where is Jerod Stidham From ? Both From Auburn, i think Cam may think he's there to be the Next QB, But i think he's there to become Stidhams Teacher and maybe give Stidham 1 more year to Grow.
Randall Greene
Randall Greene - 7 days ago
Great move by the Patriots. Now they won’t be on the hook to take the washed up scumbag kaepernick
The Mirror
The Mirror - 7 days ago
the NFL is still in business? gimme a break nobody really gives a shit anymore
M.K - 7 days ago
Time to see how the Patriots way fits Cam. Boss move though, eager to see this!
beat army
beat army - 7 days ago
Cam newton is overrated now. That being said I think brady will be on the bench before the season is done
R . A. Gilbert
R . A. Gilbert - 7 days ago
Go CAM !!!!!
Hoodie Hat
Hoodie Hat - 7 days ago
BILL wtf man.
Tyler Bell
Tyler Bell - 7 days ago
This is what our beloved celebs and politicians have been up to !!!!!! The whole world knows the truth now except us! Our media is hiding the truth from us!! THIS IS WHAT SHOULD TRULY UNITE US ALL 🇺🇸
Mondo A
Mondo A - 7 days ago
So Football is a go???
Goku Black
Goku Black - 7 days ago
@Mondo A Yeah
Mondo A
Mondo A - 7 days ago
@Goku Black Just Pro???
Goku Black
Goku Black - 7 days ago
dailydose - 7 days ago
ight who else is a patriots fan finally saying yes were going 4-12 lol
Goku Black
Goku Black - 7 days ago
Marie Pierre
Marie Pierre - 7 days ago
Nice pick To replace Brady but a new chaper open To New England Patriots after the diamond left patriots but his story stayed always alive no matter what after 20 years.
josec011 - 7 days ago
Still a big IF he only has Edelman and james white plus it's a new offence new coach new approach to the game
winston ledford
winston ledford - 7 days ago
short season
xXWolfiethewolfXx - 7 days ago
I hate sport idc that dis get dislikes I have my Opinions so zip it
Jason C.
Jason C. - 7 days ago
False Hope.
xXWolfiethewolfXx - 7 days ago
Blahblah yatahyatah otay what is there to sport show NOTHING ABSOLUTELY NOTHING
SkimmerVideoz - 7 days ago
A coachable real talent under the roof of the best mind in football history. If he stays healthy, great marriage
M Theory
M Theory - 7 days ago
You can have him.. He was pulling Panthers down at the very beginning of last season.
snakedog - 7 days ago
Not sure why everybody’s so high on this pick up? If Newton is so good why did Carolina released him then?🤔🤔🤔 I doubt he can carry the team.
Goku Black
Goku Black - 7 days ago
Because he was injured smart guy
RafaelRBLX - 7 days ago
Goku Black
Goku Black - 7 days ago
What about him lmfao
Andrew J
Andrew J - 7 days ago
Every year: this is Cams year
Cam: tanks
Everyone: well hes not healthy yet
SupervisorMartinez - 7 days ago
Coat Tail Riding ..,.
G. CRAIG - 7 days ago
Jarrett Stidham needs your prayers
Sony Bruno
Sony Bruno - 7 days ago
They're winning the super bowl
Mr. Moseby
Mr. Moseby - 7 days ago
Bucks vs pats gonna be hell
Michael Horn
Michael Horn - 8 days ago
Good for him! But, I thought that the black man was oppressed!!!???!!!
Goku Black
Goku Black - 7 days ago
Ericocktero Cuevas
Ericocktero Cuevas - 8 days ago
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Goku Black
Goku Black - 7 days ago
What're you talking about
Secondary Account
Secondary Account - 8 days ago
geno. - 8 days ago
Tom Kaos [Official]
Tom Kaos [Official] - 8 days ago
*Patriots gona need a Miracle to ever get to the playoffs now that their 1 man team is Gone* 😂🔥😂🔥🔥🔥🔥
brady morris
brady morris - 8 days ago
Let’s goo
Tulo Sabe
Tulo Sabe - 8 days ago
Let's goooooooooooooo
Bob Murphy
Bob Murphy - 8 days ago
What a waste of money he's a bum
Aaron Chick
Aaron Chick - 8 days ago
Patriots cheat cam a baby
TheHandofGod - 8 days ago
Cam is gonna flop.
mjstory1976 - 8 days ago
Tom - 8 days ago
Trending with 83k views? Get out of here
Uintabri - 8 days ago
Another loser player went to some loser team in a loser league. Next!
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