Why Parmesan Cheese Is So Expensive | Regional Eats

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i like parmesan cheese
i like parmesan cheese - 12 hours ago
ah, the prince of cheeses, parmesan cheese.
D00T SLAYER - 13 hours ago
MEME BOI - Day ago
*An Italian crime family specializing in the illegal operation of creating false Parmigiano Reggiano cheese to undermine the cheese industry.*
I wonder if the war on fake cheese is the same over there as the war on drugs here in America.
Nostradamus - 2 days ago
When I was in prison we had real Parmesan cheese. Ok, technically it wasn't "prison", but I was living in New Jersey.
Princess Blxssom
Princess Blxssom - 2 days ago
6:17 is it vsco it said oop
RamazanCDRE - 3 days ago
Because it has 150% of meat's total protein.
Adam A
Adam A - 3 days ago
The reason it can only be made there is government imposed monopolies. There is no technical reason for it. I wonder what the cost would be if it weren't for government protectionism. Just look at the alchohol industry, they culture the bacteria for their products, there is no reason why is could not be the same for cheese.
tokay gecko8
tokay gecko8 - 4 days ago
Wallace has his true goal of becoming the cheese master
Speedster Vlog
Speedster Vlog - 4 days ago
Jerry.... ya need to come back home.. Tom is missing you :!)
김종우 - 4 days ago
Well made film 👍📽
Liliana Silva
Liliana Silva - 4 days ago
sfbluestar - 5 days ago
If China says "only fried rice made in China is true fried rice", or if Japan says "only sashimi made in Japan is true sashimi", or if Mexico says "only tacos made in Mexico are true tacos", will that fly?
Raffy Sungarngar
Raffy Sungarngar - 5 days ago
This cheese is an international hero, killing Kim Jong Un silently with precision
Ryan boi
Ryan boi - 6 days ago
How do these guys have the urge not to eat the cheese
Ahmed mohmed
Ahmed mohmed - 7 days ago
How love cheese ?🧀😍
Like 👍👍
kunezu - 7 days ago
i thought the cheese was in a box cheese not the cheese itself
Thai001 - 7 days ago
In italy its cheap as hell.. the cheapest cheese in italy.
Im italian
akzion garcia
akzion garcia - 7 days ago
Your vid is the best relaxing vid ever
Tabby _Gacha
Tabby _Gacha - 7 days ago
0:48 the cheese literaly says 00P on it
Parmigiano Hermano
Parmigiano Hermano - 7 days ago
Hello cheese brothers
nick fatsis
nick fatsis - 8 days ago
Such a beautiful tasting cheese!!!!
Akirus Gauge
Akirus Gauge - 8 days ago
Kids: "When I grow up I want to be an astronaut"
Italian Kids: "When I grow up I want to be a Cheese Master"
i like parmesan cheese
i like parmesan cheese - 12 hours ago
i like cheese, specifically parmesan cheese.
Verrückter Leon
Verrückter Leon - 9 days ago
Honestly i find it disgusting that they do not use any gloves.
Land of Leo
Land of Leo - 9 days ago
Why was the intro a woman dipping her hand into raw cheese
K L - 9 days ago
I never tasted it.
In (usually) Italian restaurants a helping was offered for my meal.
I turned it down.
The smell repells me .
It smells (very strongly) like a very acidic Vomit.
Is the taste different ?
mr bae man 39 lol man
mr bae man 39 lol man - 9 days ago
I don't know. I'd rather buy fake parmesan than a real one, it's way less expensive.
mr bae man 39 lol man
mr bae man 39 lol man - 9 days ago
Cant you like, create those bacterias in a lab? That would increase the production of real parmesan
mr bae man 39 lol man
mr bae man 39 lol man - 8 days ago
@Mat dil ok
Mat dil
Mat dil - 8 days ago
​@mr bae man 39 lol man If you are happy with something like that, there is already a lot of imitation cheese around.
mr bae man 39 lol man
mr bae man 39 lol man - 8 days ago
@Mat dil yeah but we could try to make the most similar one possible so that the cheese is almost identical.
Mat dil
Mat dil - 9 days ago
It's not the same. By the way "parmesan" is the fake name. This is Parmigiano.
Felix III Soriano
Felix III Soriano - 9 days ago
So this is Giovanni. He is the head and supervises the making of the cheese. Thus he is the Cheese Master. Then that is Francesco. He supervises the milking of cows. He's the Titty Master.
B E L L U S M I N - 9 days ago
I want to sleep
My brain: cheese master
Thai001 - 7 days ago
This is 0% funny bruh
Mom & Kid's Vid
Mom & Kid's Vid - 10 days ago
Nice way....
Aju Aju
Aju Aju - 10 days ago
i don’t know why every cheese making videos on youtube are hell satisfying for me i think there would be people out there feeling the same.....!!
vinwiki - 11 days ago
Jason Saville
Jason Saville - 11 days ago
I always enjoy all kinds of cheese a lot. How about the Plymouth Artisan Cheese in Vermont? I think Plymouth Vermont cheese is the best ever. I also love Cabot Vermont cheese.
Anakin Skywalker
Anakin Skywalker - 12 days ago
Cheese is just a loaf of cow fluids
TiTAN - 12 days ago
Ironic that the EU is protecting Italy's sovereignty via cheese.
Jillybean - 13 days ago
job hire-er: so what skills do you have?
me: “cheese master”
job hire-er: ok wanna be manager?
Dik Tracy
Dik Tracy - 13 days ago
The red, bad bacteria, settled into your cheese blocks at the bottom of the vat, as per your cartoon diagram... lol 4.53
Silent Dawn
Silent Dawn - 13 days ago
I don't buy into why this would be expensive. Well, maybe because of the aging.
The reasoning in the video is because there's some unique bacteria that grow in a specific Italian region. However, later on, they cook the milk. The video tries to say that only the "bad" bacteria die in the cooking. LOL. I'm sorry, but that's just false. Cooking kills all of the microorganisms in the food. Fire and heat don't discriminate between "good" and "bad" bacteria, they aren't Santa Claus. LOL. If it's the bacteria that define the cheese, then just put them after the cooking. Of course, it would and does mean *anyone* is capable of producing it. This is such a sad marketing ploy to try to sell their products as being "genuine".
Mat dil
Mat dil - 9 days ago
@Silent Dawn Maybe you should ask yourself why there are products that are know, appreciated and protected in the world. For Parmigiano Reggiano, first of all, the quality of milk is very important. And the milk is connected to the kind of treatment and the the type of grass that the cows eat. Then it comes the kind of manufacture and the knowledge of the people making Parmigiano. Finally there is the aging made in a certain way and for a long time. All the process is made with few, simple ingredients (no strange chemicals) and following a very strict quality standard that is reflected in the protection that was promoted first just in Italy and, then, in the EU. In all this you may add that the tradition of making Parmigiano in that area is from medieval times, when Parma cheese was already known and produced. Centuries of experience, tradition and history and you come and say that "it'S a mArkEtIng viDeo!!".
Silent Dawn
Silent Dawn - 9 days ago
@Mat dil ? I made my comment because in this entire comment section there are only "Oh, I've never tasted real parmesan before" comments, a bunch of people falling for this marketing video, no one pointing out that those "originals" don't do anything scientifically different from the other brands. Like, it's so obvious...
Mat dil
Mat dil - 9 days ago
Oh my God!!! You cracked the code!!!! You!!! A guy on youtube able to uncover the great plan of hiding the parmigiano secret!!!! I'm sorry but this means that you have to be silenced. We will find you!!!!!!
aleshamania - 13 days ago
Одну бы блять шайбочку такую 😍
Christina White
Christina White - 13 days ago
love cheeses~
Tavi T
Tavi T - 13 days ago
The only type of parmesan cheese i knew of was the type that went on my spaghetti
Angrynerd3356 - 13 days ago
G’day Curd nerds.
stedz2000 - 13 days ago
hmm, I have a sudden urge to eat cheese for some reason...
Joe Thomas
Joe Thomas - 13 days ago
5:35 that looks quite deep
Ze Yang Lim
Ze Yang Lim - 13 days ago
Cheese having a ID

Baby born on a plane: am I a joke to you
Ankit S
Ankit S - 13 days ago
Thanks bacterias for the cheez and many other things. I hope climate change doesn't bother you.
Jukka-Pekka Tuominen
Jukka-Pekka Tuominen - 13 days ago
And Parmesan isn't even the most expensive cheese.
Sam M
Sam M - 14 days ago
Now China will look at this video and start bulk producing it
Bintang Mahardhika
Bintang Mahardhika - 14 days ago
I saw a bag of grated parmesan once shopping, and sees the cost, about Rp.100.000 or about $9 which is alot in my country
sandeep dey
sandeep dey - 14 days ago
No gloves hmm hmm
Mickehd00d - 14 days ago
The workers sticking their bare hands into the milk makes me uncomfortable. Stop that.
Felix Hickish
Felix Hickish - 14 days ago
I made a cheese dildo and it was worth nothin cause I used it.
Music Is In My Head
Music Is In My Head - 14 days ago
What a load of bullshit. If the cheese can only be produced at one place, how can it have counterfeit products? Are cheese consumers so dumb as to not being able to recognise a fake from real?
Or is there any such thing as real here.. I think it's just marketing strategy to make fool out of buyers.
Mat dil
Mat dil - 9 days ago
If you produce a cheese in Minnesota and then you put a label on it that says "Parmigiano Reggiano", it's counterfeit.
A B - 15 days ago
Have a hard time following along with broken English. I am hoh
James S
James S - 15 days ago
Lock down has resulted in me learning so much about everything
i like parmesan cheese
i like parmesan cheese - 12 hours ago
nice to see people learning about the prince of cheeses, the parmesan cheese.
Sam Lander
Sam Lander - 16 days ago
Why is Parmesan cheese so expensive?  
Because it's worth every penny.
Ali adil
Ali adil - 16 days ago
They are touching with there hands now unhygienic
IronScrap _
IronScrap _ - 16 days ago
I swear that the italian translation of cheese master doesn't sound as cool, unfortunately
Stephen John Bisabis
Stephen John Bisabis - 16 days ago
Im a photographer.im a cheese master also...say cheese!!!
Joseph Alphonse
Joseph Alphonse - 16 days ago
I never thought Italians also do cheese. Assumed it was only a French thing!
Jukka-Pekka Tuominen
Jukka-Pekka Tuominen - 13 days ago
Every nation does cheese! It is one of the simples ways to store milk.
heyJustephan - 16 days ago
The bacteria hoax is just to protect the business XD but all in all good quality.
oswaldo padilla
oswaldo padilla - 17 days ago
If Parmesan is that expensive how do these restaurants stir your pasta inside a cheese wheel also how is it sanitary to use the same wheel for other peoples foods
Kriglum07 - 17 days ago
Guess I've never had real parmesan!
Massimo Pecile
Massimo Pecile - 17 days ago
What its parmesan?? Its parmigiano, i dont italianized english words, it sound bad
Luna Nora
Luna Nora - 17 days ago
Normal person: wow.
zLenna - 17 days ago
This is what is keeping me from doing homework
Pink Perfume Fairy
Pink Perfume Fairy - 17 days ago
E Kar
E Kar - 18 days ago
My answer would be because of time
bruh bruh
bruh bruh - 18 days ago
My parents: What do you want to do when you grow up? Me: c h e e s e m a s t e r
Miguel Sanchez
Miguel Sanchez - 18 days ago
This makes me feel bad about buying Kraft Parmesan cheese.
i like parmesan cheese
i like parmesan cheese - 12 hours ago
you should.
Miguel Sanchez
Miguel Sanchez - 18 days ago
For one, I appreciate not putting an English voice over the Italian interviewees. The subtitles do just fine.
Nicky Adam H
Nicky Adam H - 19 days ago
northern italy? place that 3 bacteries + 1 virus grow so FAST
Casanova Frankenstein
Casanova Frankenstein - 19 days ago
I'm positive there is amazing parmesan other than where these knuckle-dragging commie Neanderthals are making it.
Mat dil
Mat dil - 9 days ago
"Commie Neanderthals"..... are you from US? They don't produce parmesan, they produce Parmigiano Reggiano. Parmesan is a fake name of a fake product.
Ethan Crabtree
Ethan Crabtree - 19 days ago
They want global monopoly on parmesan
Mat dil
Mat dil - 9 days ago
@Ethan Crabtree Maybe you should make it clear, then.
Ethan Crabtree
Ethan Crabtree - 9 days ago
@Mat dil lmao it was a joke
Mat dil
Mat dil - 9 days ago
No, they wan't to protect Parmigiano Reggiano. You can keep having the fake one, if you prefer.
Anastasia Schiavv
Anastasia Schiavv - 19 days ago
Me an Italian who eat the REAL parmesan cheese every day looking American people in the comments who never eat the real one: 😌
Mat dil
Mat dil - 9 days ago
E che oltretutto criticano pure....
pm modi
pm modi - 19 days ago
This called a Italian job 😂😂😂😂
MyskQL myskQL
MyskQL myskQL - 19 days ago
Повезло попробовать такие сыры в Италии,это очень вкусный и качественный сыр.Не то что наше говно,которое нам суют из за наших низких доходов
Yeeg - 19 days ago
How people beat dark souls and sekiro: Actual skills
How I beat dark souls and sekiro: "Cheese master"
Veyebz Hip Hop
Veyebz Hip Hop - 20 days ago
Stop touching with bare hands
ExistedOcean 183
ExistedOcean 183 - 20 days ago
The Home Depot of cheese
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