Why Parmesan Cheese Is So Expensive | So Expensive

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Paul Meiz
Paul Meiz - 3 hours ago
made in Italy or not, which one tastes better ? Any comparison videos out there ?
FANG - 5 hours ago
2:25 Cheese cash bought that guys suit and watch.
Andres Gonzalez
Andres Gonzalez - 7 hours ago
This cheddar cost a lot of cheddar
Steve Hambone
Steve Hambone - 23 hours ago
Is anyone else so sick of these fkn Gramaly adds? cmon You tube, Share it round a bit ffs sake, if you're gonna put so many adds on, at least mix them up ffs!
Kelly Bills
Kelly Bills - 23 hours ago
Psh. I get it for free at my local Dominos.
Rare Nature
Rare Nature - Day ago
These ppl never use glove??
Boris Molotov
Boris Molotov - Day ago
I use this on my spaghetti, it's heaven, we have this cheese in my local supermarket.
Mukesh Raj
Mukesh Raj - Day ago
From where ur rennet comes? By killing innocent calves brutually.... murderer's cheese is called pamerian cheese
tiffanys right
tiffanys right - Day ago
Why are they not wearing gloves. Gross
Maria Cappello
Maria Cappello - Day ago
Please call it Parmigiano and not Parmesan. I would never call cheddar cheddigiano...😊
Christopher Hall
Christopher Hall - 2 days ago
Well...if you wanted to use the term parmesan you shouldn't have teamed up with Hitler. Put all the cheese and wine people on a barge and sink it.
Lil King
Lil King - 2 days ago
Vi piace il parmigiano huh?
Kirikiri Last
Kirikiri Last - 2 days ago
Wtf is her accent lol
Jessica H
Jessica H - 2 days ago
My favorite cheese omg
DragonFireGaming - 2 days ago
Oh my god, stop commenting about him touching the wheels. He could have been checking to see if it was done, geez the Internet always realizes bad things before good things...
Adam Schmidt
Adam Schmidt - 3 days ago
This is sharting a ton of misinformation and structured more like a COMMERCIAL RATHER THAN A DOCUMENTARY OF CHEESE PRICE. These 3 bacteria can be easily recreated and produced. Not just that, but that isn't how it works when cows digest and produce milk. That's why it can be made just about anywhere. This milk fat is curdled with vinegar which is why it always smells like feet. Whey is just the liquid remaining after milk has been curdled and strained. Fermentation is just a chemical change with effervescence. Sourdough is just lactic acid bacteria and yeast in a mixture of flour and water. IDK what "remnant" or "branded" translated in CC is though. Branding is just burning something and I doubt that's what you saw being poured in. These "fake parmesan" companies aren't counterfeit at all. In fact, there are many legitimate companies that this company would call a "copycat". That's exactly what you do when you try to claim victory to a monopoly. The "protected designation of origin scheme" is just that. This scheme literally defines their monopoly and claim ownership of a free market. That is why "it is still struggling to get the recognition" that many would agree, no one deserves to own.
Mercy Geda
Mercy Geda - 3 days ago
Narrator: @7:14 wheels remain relatively untouched for one year..
until the guy decided to count them 😆
cinnarapmon - 3 days ago
just go to walmart you dumb fucks, i mean you still get cheese but processed
Daniel Vasconcelos
Daniel Vasconcelos - 3 days ago
Those bacterias are like the cutest thing in the world .. i feel bad about eating chesse now
Lalisa M. Fan
Lalisa M. Fan - 3 days ago
I guess parmesean is a vsco girl
Did u see the oop on the wheel???
T S - 3 days ago
so this cheese is not raw? sad.
MarekUtd - 3 days ago
I get the real stuff from Aldi and man is it goood!!!
Andrew - 3 days ago
imagine ur job title being the cheese master
Pat Vav
Pat Vav - 4 days ago
China makes the same stuff. No big deal.....
DreamX - 4 days ago
I hate it when people just stick their hands in food it's gross
Evie Bot
Evie Bot - 4 days ago
*Cheese wa wheeze!*

Ayla khalid
Ayla khalid - 4 days ago
0:48 Oop even the cheese is a VSCO Girl
Elizabeth Gray
Elizabeth Gray - 4 days ago
Parmigiana cheese is delicious. And I pay the big bucks for it.
Jake Kennard
Jake Kennard - 4 days ago
So it’s a 2.2 bn industry with a 100bn black market? U wot m8?
msr111 - 4 days ago
Same sad situation with evoo, truffles, and a list of other commonly and rarely consumed food and beverage items. Glad that I don't need to buy saffron, caviar or pricey alcohol. Counterfeiting is so profitable that it makes the numbers truly staggering.
IciunX - 4 days ago
Best cheese ever
omni - 5 days ago
ive had the reaaal deal not the winco one AND ITS AMAZING
Michel Belgraver
Michel Belgraver - 5 days ago
It sounds as if Sonmi-451 is the narrator 😅 But interesting short, no regrets on watching!
sad Doll
sad Doll - 5 days ago
Looks like clumpy cum
Minyadagniriel - 5 days ago
omg this is my favorite cheese to eat straight! i can down a wedge in one sitting! XD
Leigh Avery
Leigh Avery - 5 days ago
7:18 video you can smell. 🤣
rosy huening
rosy huening - 6 days ago
"the bad bacteria might have joined the party"
ofc, seeing the cheese master stirring the milk with his bare hands
wonder walls
wonder walls - 6 days ago
Any lactose intolerant buds?
MagicEmperor - 6 days ago
I think the narrator has a nice voice!
Dawn Soap
Dawn Soap - 6 days ago
Wow, fendi cheese!
Michelle Serna
Michelle Serna - 6 days ago
Can you imagine breaking into this place to steal a wheel of cheese?
*Italian police* "Where is she?!"
*Me hauling ass across the field holding up a giant wheel of cheese* "See ya later suckas!!"
venkataraman somasundaram
Nothing great about either the process or the content.Just a hyped up stuff.
SMOK3LOC 73 - 6 days ago
I see them stamping the Cheese block....

Makes my mind thinks of Cocaine....
enter a name here
enter a name here - 6 days ago
That’s not Parmesan cheese. It’s parmigiano reggiano. Parmesan is what kraft sells that they find wood chips in. Best cheese in the world hands down.
David Corgiat
David Corgiat - 4 days ago
lol turns out winco does have it aged 22 months and its pretty good best I have found so far
David Corgiat
David Corgiat - 5 days ago
lol true I live in Bakersfield California, deli that an idea iwill check a couple out,allthoe this is an ass backwards town probly better off finding a place next time I am in Fresno thanks
enter a name here
enter a name here - 5 days ago
David Corgiat how would I know where you can get it if I don’t know where you live. I’m in ny, the Italian deli across the street sells it. Any big city with an Italian neighborhood might have it. There a Whole Foods ? They have a pretty good cheese section and usually carry it. Never heard of a winco. Try ordering it online. It wouldn’t go to waste. You can make a lot of sauces with it or top pastas or salads with it plus it lasts forever. Some aged cheddar has a similar taste to parmigiano, irish cheddar aged is almost like a creamy version of it. It’s excellent. Probably the cheese you buy if you let it age more you’ll get a similar profile. Sorry I can’t be more help.
David Corgiat
David Corgiat - 5 days ago
I would not call it high quality its just Tillamook white cheddar but aged over 2 years its amazing how the age can change the taste so iget that at just my local winco can you suggest any specialty or any store that may sell it thanks @enter a name here
enter a name here
enter a name here - 5 days ago
David Corgiat if the place where you buy high quality cheddar doesn’t have it than I doubt you can find it where you live.
Maruthi Nandan
Maruthi Nandan - 6 days ago
Make an episode on basmati rice
abel carreon
abel carreon - 7 days ago
It seems Italy has a monopoly when it comes to making that kind of cheese.
Steve A
Steve A - 7 days ago
Parmesan cheese is gross. I’m glad I don’t spend money on that. ;-;
jay stick
jay stick - 4 days ago
:O how dare u? Parmesan is amazing
Sarah - 7 days ago
3:52 why is it looking like sour milk.
BEAUTIFUL LIFE - 8 days ago
Who needs banks now..
Just steal cheeeseee and be rich
Snowy Yoon
Snowy Yoon - 8 days ago
*why did i even watch this? I dont even have the money to buy fake cheese.*
David Morefield
David Morefield - 8 days ago
Chinese Parmesan cheese is identical and costs only .15 cents a pound
RuaSpace - 5 days ago
David Morefield if u like eat shit
RuaSpace - 5 days ago
viethuong vothai
viethuong vothai - 7 days ago
David Morefield lol they are not identical at all, if they are identical and Chinese parmesan is cheaper why did everyone didn’t even care about it?
XFrosTBiTe ——
XFrosTBiTe —— - 8 days ago
Now we know pretty much with all foods, mf hands been ran sacked all thru the making
GaslitWorld f. Melissa B
One day of these day, I'm going to treat myself to one pound from a store in Ann Arbor, MI, which sells imported cheeses, oils and vinegars from Italia.
msr111 - 4 days ago
Assuming that store is selling the legitimate products you expect in exchange for the high price, then enjoy every bit of it. But, the points made here are that so much deceit and trickery goes on with labeling and appearance it's impossible for non experts to recognize a fraud. EVOO I no longer buy....it's cut with junk oils and Italy knows this but doesn't stop exporting it. Truffles from China are sold as cultivated in France, with a huge pricetag. The pervasiveness of food fraud is just terrible and not only limited to high end items either.
Martijn Vv
Martijn Vv - 8 days ago
699 Euro for a 39 Kilo first class wheel here in the Netherlands.
jorge caldera
jorge caldera - 8 days ago
All hail the cheese master
Phil Perry
Phil Perry - 8 days ago
I'm not saying parmesan is cheap but it isn't more expensive than certain swiss cheeses.
msr111 - 4 days ago
Gruyere is one example.
kev3d - 8 days ago
0:05 Watch out for that guy, he's a real firebrand.
Dizee - 9 days ago
Few tips to make your cheese taste better,
*wear some dang gloves*
kyle o
kyle o - 9 days ago
*and i OOP*
peebis official
peebis official - 9 days ago
First-world problems.
V Kash TM
V Kash TM - 9 days ago
Awesome video, thank you from California I now realize I need to try the real thing. My Grandmother is Italian and she used to always go to the Italian market in Eagle Rock I will check there, hopefully they carry this product.
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