You Can’t Con a Con Artist If You’re Also a Con Artist - Key & Peele

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Gold Plated Ghost
Gold Plated Ghost - Hour ago
😆😂😅 bruh
NO HATE - 3 hours ago
These people seriously exist .I cant begin to tell u how many times I met these same types of dudes BIG MAN LEMME HOLLA ATCHA
Shape Shift Inc.
Shape Shift Inc. - 5 hours ago
This was funny and worth the watch time. Nice job boys.
jitter bug
jitter bug - 6 hours ago
That is how they really sound showing you their ID somehow that proves they are not bullshitting you.
Click The Creeper
Click The Creeper - 13 hours ago
i gotta question right quick
Aladdin - 15 hours ago
Comedians like them come one in a billion.. crazy how both of them are together..
Lance Dolan
Lance Dolan - 21 hour ago
This felt exactly like my actual encounters, and nothing like a comic skit.
Prymic - Day ago
I had a dude in an escalade come up to me at a gas station and ask me if I could give him some gas. I drive a beat up 22 year old camry and this dude wanted my money wth
Greg Gregson
Greg Gregson - Day ago
Honestly I'd be enticed by "big man"
MG Tamim
MG Tamim - Day ago
I don't live in the states. Do these kinda people really exist? Could someone describe them a bit more?
SQMC - 8 hours ago
Yeah. In major cities and most decent sized towns, there's always people like this. They're usually in shady areas or downtown. They approach you when you're alone or at night so you feel vulnerable and more obliged to give them money out of fear for your safety. They always have some elaborate back story and every question you could ever have about their story will have some outlandish explanation.
Smithp24 - Day ago
I know nobody is going to care, but the title reminds me of Dutch and Hosea from rd2
Matthew Payne
Matthew Payne - Day ago
"....and crescendoing with....a Yogurtland punch card."
Edward C.
Edward C. - Day ago
Creshendoing in this... duntadadon...Yogurt Land punch card
(LOL, as a form of ID?)
Shane Yerbey
Shane Yerbey - Day ago
Can I get pork chop
claytonbill - 2 days ago
I remember in late 90s a bunch of dudes would pull this one...the ID, hey I am a legit person.
How did so many people run with this method to establish trust with people from whom they sought to acquire funds?
Chuck Berry
Chuck Berry - 2 days ago
Chuck Berry
Chuck Berry - 2 days ago
some how you all play that roll to good
Marcus - 2 days ago
but you could tell they’re lying
SA - 2 days ago
This guys are badass
Ralph Lee
Ralph Lee - 2 days ago
You guys are UNBELIEVABLE.
Adriana Meza
Adriana Meza - 2 days ago
Wassup with the Dutch subtitles
Christie Allen
Christie Allen - 2 days ago
Catch you on the uplift :) love you two :)
R3D GAM3R KING - 2 days ago
Kili Kalani Kane
Kili Kalani Kane - 2 days ago
Happened to me downtown L.A., brother in a Hi-Vis vest was stopping all the cars asking for any help, he said he ran out of gas and his car full of kids is around the corner. I gave him $20 and saw him the following week. He forgot he had asked me before and asked me again. Peace ✌️
tyler lions
tyler lions - 3 days ago
Peele's teeth are nice. bottom k-9s ;)
AZOMBIERYO - 3 days ago
Youre telling me they call everybody bigman.....i thought i was special
Son Lee Quang
Son Lee Quang - 3 days ago
auto subtitle recognizes this as dutch
Rylee G
Rylee G - 3 days ago
I gotta know you to give you more than $5
Rylee G
Rylee G - 3 days ago
Big man 😂 the accuracy
Ramiz Amca
Ramiz Amca - 3 days ago
These guys are legends :)
Juan André Barbosa Nuño
They need to be marry
poop - 3 days ago
Its 2020. This could never be made without libtards screaming that its racist.
Kevin Zuker
Kevin Zuker - 3 days ago
I like that Peele has to look real close at his ID to remind himself where he "works." He hasn't even bothered to memorize the details of his con
Carter Bartram
Carter Bartram - 3 days ago
That YogurtLand punch card also came up in the Loco Gangsters sketch I think.
Elder COCHEETAH,Neutral Master
Lmao....moondust in her lungs....bawawaw
Q Buff
Q Buff - 3 days ago
That Bally Total Fitness line took me back lol
Harvir - 4 days ago
I got scammed once. They always show you some proof they are legit. This guy showed me a website, saying he's an artist.
Marcus Miller
Marcus Miller - 4 days ago
This Atlanta all day
Eleberium - 4 days ago
Reminds me of when Reigen saved Mob
Shane V
Shane V - 4 days ago
Trump2020 vs Kanye2020
MrHotBagel - 4 days ago
They always say "Hey Big Man"
but never "How are you Big Man?" =[
I_Like_It_Here - 4 days ago
“Mine is 1 2 3 ....5” was so great
Samuel Coleman
Samuel Coleman - 4 days ago
This is so accurate, I've had this exact interaction.
Kordor Marwein
Kordor Marwein - 5 days ago
Iwkaoy - 2 days ago
I used to work at a job that had the address 12345 and everyone would always think I'm joking when I tell them the address
Jampack Gaming
Jampack Gaming - 5 days ago
They always say God bless you 😂😂😂
Trey P
Trey P - 5 days ago
Thanks key and peeele keeping me happy in these sad times!
Gamma Bat
Gamma Bat - 5 days ago
1:09 the facial expression
SaltyChip - 5 days ago
“She got some moon dust in her lungs.”
That’s never good, that’s never good!”
Al E
Al E - 4 hours ago
@Amin Nazari His wife is an astronaut in training, but somehow, in that training, she went to the moon and got moon dust in her lungs. Incredible. He needs to start a Go Fund Me. Right now. Maybe I'll create one.... For her of course
Melon Head
Melon Head - 20 hours ago
Hah when life gives you lemon, burn life’s house down with the lemons.
Amin Nazari
Amin Nazari - Day ago
What is moon dust?
R G3
R G3 - 6 days ago
"Big man big man"
Its hilarious because alot of them call u that🤣
Tomás Nicolau da Costa
She's getting eyeball replacement surgery AS WE SPEAK
Liviya Farnham
Liviya Farnham - 6 days ago
Liviya Farnham
Liviya Farnham - 6 days ago
Good for a 10oz yogurt
Bob Mills
Bob Mills - 7 days ago
Wow, they got their own show!
But but I thought black peoples be so oppressed in the USA. 🧐
Bob Mills
Bob Mills - 7 days ago
A black president was voted in two times and they still cry so oppressed in the USA. Good grief.
Juan Ramos
Juan Ramos - 7 days ago
Is very true and honest sketch but I don't find it funny
Boiar Muzhik
Boiar Muzhik - 7 days ago
Tone deaf that the point (?)... not sure .
Joseph Coyote
Joseph Coyote - 7 days ago
Gas jugging
Janaka Goonasekera
Janaka Goonasekera - 7 days ago
The wardrobe department is amazing.
ben mansel
ben mansel - 8 days ago
This should have been the live action death note
Nick Thorp
Nick Thorp - 8 days ago
I got approached by a charming lady when I lived in west London one evening she was dressed like Mary Poppins complete with crochet fingerless gloves, Victorian black boots and a fascinator hat! Her story was that she had been in a domestic and needed train fare to get to a relative etc. But details didnt make sense. I politely said her story didnt quite add up I didn't believe her but I hope she stays safe and she almost nodded in agreement that she was lying.
Janaka Goonasekera
Janaka Goonasekera - 8 days ago
Sahar Varona
Sahar Varona - 8 days ago
Hey big man big man can i ask you a question biggest of man?
Tyree Nelson
Tyree Nelson - 8 days ago
"Big man"
"Big man"
"Can I ask you a question biggest of men"
T T - 8 days ago
"Can you spare some ChangesS Bro" 🤬 gosh I hate them very useless people
guitarbrother - 9 days ago
The biggest of men ;D
tudy loco1
tudy loco1 - 9 days ago
Its hard to help ppl nowadays we dont know who is telling the truth
Marquis Patterson
Marquis Patterson - 9 days ago
"I give you the 3 that's on my person." Lol
Joe Garibay
Joe Garibay - 9 days ago
These two, man 😂😂😂😂😂👌🏼
agent pixi
agent pixi - 10 days ago
I always just give em a few dollars as soon as they start.
I already know you trying to get a bottle of Steel Reserve or a few Natty Boh tall boys man I'm not sweating a few dollars.
Richard Nunez
Richard Nunez - 10 days ago
Fuuuuuu! There's this guy in Houston that does the same damn thing! I was driving with my niece and rolled down the window to hear the guy out. He started his rehearsed lines. I yelled at him to take his scam someplace else. My niece looked at me so shocked. Hahahaha!
Jimmy Cen
Jimmy Cen - 10 days ago
Ay big man
Rod Powers
Rod Powers - 10 days ago
Man the other day,as I was leaving Wal-Mart...I came up to the stop light to make my left turn...I man was there with a work for food sign...I had about $7 in my pocket and decided to give it to the man...CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT SUMBITCH HAD THE AUDACITY TO ASK ME TO GO TOO THE ATM AND MAKE WHAT I GAVE HIM AN EVEN $100.... 🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕
Lloyd Burner
Lloyd Burner - 10 days ago
oh boy
Miko Philo
Miko Philo - 10 days ago
fun tip;
always hustle near an ATM in case you encounter "sorry all i have is plastic."
1:51 - "ATM machines that i did not know previously were here."
MoZz - 10 days ago
sad part is that this actually happens all the time, people trying to rip other people off.
SaveMeA.PieceOfThatCorn! - 10 days ago
I been told the same story twice by a man who claimed he was on his way to his wifes late stepfathers funeral and needed gas and money for a busted belt on his truck.. when i heard that all i could say, oh no,what,he died again!??🙄.. He must of forgotten he encountered me before, cause he said, well thanks anyways and walked away... Im just standing there, thinking🤔 damn this fucking guy, the last time I saw you it was hot and now its cold. You really couldn't find a job since then.. Astonishing!...
Kenneth Faulk
Kenneth Faulk - 10 days ago
Key and Peele is better than Dave Chappelle show, but Chappelle show predicted 15 years in the future. Everything in his show came to pass. All hail the King
Deauntaye Morgan
Deauntaye Morgan - 10 days ago
Just people who smoke
Mark Ewer
Mark Ewer - 10 days ago
The outfits are hilarious 😆
xXGrEyZXx - 10 days ago
"But my dick got chopped off tho"
Ben Warner
Ben Warner - 10 days ago
“Crescendoing..” great use of a great word
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