My Dog Does Weird Things | PART 2

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{Sugar Blossoms}
{Sugar Blossoms} - 6 hours ago
Tucker is the nations" best friend.... we are the nation. :D
Maddie Pope
Maddie Pope - 7 hours ago
Melisa Cāi
Melisa Cāi - 7 hours ago
Plaid Gamer
Plaid Gamer - 8 hours ago
He protekk
He atakk
He is tucker
Jo Cena
Jo Cena - 8 hours ago
I downloaded ur app tuckermoji!
Sky P.
Sky P. - 9 hours ago
He looks like a lil lion with all that chest hair lmao
S N - 9 hours ago
Funny subtitles!
Gabriel Varela
Gabriel Varela - 10 hours ago
oh god its a WIGGLE WENNIE.

im subscribing just because the wiggle wennie
Freddy Fazbear And Friends!
Tucker,A Lovely Golden Retriever With Lot's And Love And Caring For Anybody! He's Very Kind And Entertaining For Everybody To Watch,Can't Wait To See This Floof Ball Next Video~ UwU
avin rafael
avin rafael - 10 hours ago
Binod binod binod
Yugz Gaming
Yugz Gaming - 11 hours ago
HOOMAN! GIVE ME MY CHIMKEN!( Also Tucker you are the cutest doggy I have ever seen)
Crystal Hernandez
Crystal Hernandez - 12 hours ago
Emmie Thrasher
Emmie Thrasher - 14 hours ago
My dog is a golden doodle and she does things exactly like that btw love your dog sooooo cute!
Nathalie Malaak
Nathalie Malaak - 14 hours ago
you have the cute one
Esmeralda Marquez
Esmeralda Marquez - 15 hours ago
Tucker: 1:30 IS IT ME?!
Me: no tucker it’s me 😏
0k_Limitless - 16 hours ago
Doggo: You're next, Bottlaro
Bottlaro: DOGGO!
Doggo: Oh? You're approaching me? Instead of running away, you're coming right to me?
Happy Mack
Happy Mack - 16 hours ago
Oh, those concerned eyebrow wrinkles!!! Squishy squishy lovey face!!! Yes, I realize that I sound silly...whatevs 🤣
Wolfgang Kaml
Wolfgang Kaml - 16 hours ago
So funny lol Xd
Ïŋėß Ŵïŋčĥĕşŧēř
me watching this instead of doing homework
Star Roblox
Star Roblox - 17 hours ago
The wall that farts we will all die
ItzDuckie YT
ItzDuckie YT - 18 hours ago
Tucker stares at fire works
I no scared
Intense staring at bottle
But that that thing scares me
RainGuy - 18 hours ago
I’m back Tucker How’s It Going :-)
Janelle Obeng
Janelle Obeng - 18 hours ago
Why is tucker so cute
Bill Moody
Bill Moody - 18 hours ago
This video is very cute, but the dog steals the show! Tucker rules!!
Alex Papamatheakis
Alex Papamatheakis - 19 hours ago
I was bored so I searched up tucker budzyn on google and it said tucker budzyn was owned by a lady named Courtney Budzyn but I am now confused because Linda owns tucker right?
Jennisthe coolestpersonever
2:24 gives me life. That cute serious stare into the bottles soul.... Tucker is so cute!! My Gucci does some weird things. You inspire me to record her.
Affordable nuggets 45
Affordable nuggets 45 - 19 hours ago
So all I have to do is record my dog and get paid?

Sounds like a good idea
Snowflakeplayz Roblox
Snowflakeplayz Roblox - 20 hours ago
Human version: listen Linda Dog version: lying Linda
Brittany YoungStrickland
Brittany YoungStrickland - 21 hour ago
Give your Soul Jesus Christ if you have not, He is the Truth, The Way and The life.(John Chapter 14 Verse 6). God Deeply loves you and wants you to be in Heaven after you Die. (John chapter 3 Verse 16). God bless.
Herina Stacy Ho Hen
Herina Stacy Ho Hen - 21 hour ago
Tucker when the first time came: kisses linda a lot.
Tucker now: hekk you linda
LucarioBlaze21 - 21 hour ago
Bro at 2:14 he looks like he is ready to attack a bottle
seah - 21 hour ago
please answer me i really know what type of dog it is
Jem Panda
Jem Panda - 19 hours ago
Tucker is just a Golden Retriever
KatPlaysRoblox - 21 hour ago
Awwwww his face made me subscribe I’m dying of cuteness 💀
Mamun Qazi
Mamun Qazi - 22 hours ago
Can you make tucker eating street food
Pu Kway
Pu Kway - 22 hours ago
Dog abuse. A better title would be "My human does weird things."
Bandit Pugs
Bandit Pugs - 23 hours ago
i feel like you guys should start uploading like every 2 day because i love tuckers videos and hate having to wait for like a week or longer so consider this comment
Aaron Corcoran
Aaron Corcoran - 23 hours ago
Thanks for making my day
Hendra Tio
Hendra Tio - 23 hours ago
Tucker is a good boy until he high five umm .x, cute :3 funny tho- new home!
Scottie Thompson
Scottie Thompson - 23 hours ago
Tucker is Best Boy!
Vidnyesh Kanse
Vidnyesh Kanse - Day ago
Unknown Youtuber
Unknown Youtuber - Day ago
Nick Maclachlan
Nick Maclachlan - Day ago
Never mind the dog being weird, who puts the springy door buffer thing on the door and not the skirting board??????
Gabriel Wennberg
Gabriel Wennberg - Day ago
More tucker more tucker pls 1 of my favorite channel
Ken S
Ken S - Day ago
Ok...this woman’s baby voice BS is annoying as heck.
melissa stella
melissa stella - Day ago
I feel like u inhumane if u dislike a video about an animal ...sincerely y 🤔🤔🤔🤔
Jezziq q
Jezziq q - Day ago
*Hahaaa...Omg..So sweet dog* 😊💞🥰😍
His so pretty😁😇👍
Thanks for sharing 🙏
V-HOPE,kamilia,and SONE with CROWN in a SUNRISE
I hope y'all fine after the accident. It was terrifying
shadow and stevie
shadow and stevie - Day ago
Tuckera is so adorable when i get older i want a golden retriever but i live my borrder terriers
Yash Singh
Yash Singh - Day ago
Hekkin bootle..!!!! Doin a pms 😤🐕
After Dark
After Dark - Day ago
652 thumbs down for Linda's laugh
Chuah Bee Leng
Chuah Bee Leng - Day ago
I just notice that in some videos there is smock like ghost😱
Ishanya peter
Ishanya peter - Day ago
Can you repost the dp because i want it as my walpaper
Rockin Rainbow
Rockin Rainbow - Day ago
Y dog waits upstrairs to like that I have to push his butt or pinch it from him to move but he died like a couple weeks or months ago not so long I still haven’t gotten over it.
Amalfeat - Day ago
One of the best dog channel it feels like he’s talking
Cuttest dog I have ever seen ☺️☺️😊✨💙
iTz lOla
iTz lOla - Day ago
“oh garsh”

can that be my new catchphrase please
AKANKSHA - Day ago
Hello friends I am Tucker fan from India I just love him he is very cute. Love from India ❤️❤️❤️
`* Peachy~Ponyo *´ シ
U should look up dog speaks with buttons and do it with tucker see what he does :)
Rossi-Oigle - Day ago
Teasing a beautiful Golden like Tucker, how could you! ! 😀He seemed really grumpy, down-in-the-dumps, in this video. Suspicious of everything. I hope he cheered up after food, and was his usual smiling, tail-wagging self.
Sharon Kincaid
Sharon Kincaid - Day ago
Beautiful sweet dog. Not funny to laugh at his fear.

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