Foreign Boys | Rudy Mancuso, Anwar Jibawi & Wuz Good

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Rudy Mancuso
Rudy Mancuso - 2 months ago
Minky Desor
Minky Desor - 3 days ago
Muneercoolkidd Gamer sub to me
Lucky Charm
Lucky Charm - 5 days ago
I close the comment😊
Angie Molina
Angie Molina - 17 days ago
Rudy Mancuso I love this I really hope you reply
jesus hernandez
jesus hernandez - 21 day ago
I will watch this forever
Vicky Sang
Vicky Sang - Hour ago
first time hearing him with an american accent
ELLY THYNA - 3 hours ago
JR Firdousi
JR Firdousi - 5 hours ago
I in love with the last song😘
Ashley De Leon
Ashley De Leon - 9 hours ago
Actually Latino are great
Alan Romeo
Alan Romeo - 14 hours ago
I like how you touch the piano
Sidhanth Boyanapalli
Sidhanth Boyanapalli - 16 hours ago
The people who disliked are Donald trump and his people
Random ._. Potato
Random ._. Potato - 18 hours ago
ıɱ ῳɧıɬɛ ąŋɖ ıɱ ąཞąც ąŋɖ ıɱ ƈɧཞıʂɬıąŋ 🤔🤔🤔🤔ცųɬ , ơɧ ῳɛƖƖ , ɠཞɛąɬ ῳơཞƙ , ƙɛɛ℘ ıɬ ų℘!
Jemimah Ngu
Jemimah Ngu - 19 hours ago
We don’t wear tight pants😂
Heaven Atsbeha
Heaven Atsbeha - Day ago
can we have the Album!? when is the Album coming out!?
Mohammad Osman
Mohammad Osman - Day ago
Kids voices
Dylan Rodrigues
Dylan Rodrigues - Day ago
Dylan Rodrigues
Dylan Rodrigues - Day ago
Check out my YouTube channel and subscribe.
Kevin Isthebest1738
2:05 best part
Queen of music
Queen of music - Day ago
Anwar i love u
Rudy i love
Wes i love u
I love all of u😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
jokerrappar - Day ago
Like dude .. this is HEAT
Cameron Smith
Cameron Smith - Day ago
I feel like I’m breaking the law being white now😂😂😂😂Or like I’m a disgrace
Liberty Barber
Liberty Barber - Day ago
"The world has other colors too"

I love this guy so much.
Domingo Ayala
Domingo Ayala - Day ago
I actually lock my car doors when I see ANYONE, no matter their color .
Elise Bo Weiss
Elise Bo Weiss - Day ago
i didnt know anwar could sing
Elise Bo Weiss
Elise Bo Weiss - Day ago
Rudy: we're all, not white *he is white himself*
you're black, your *Arab*,
*IM LATIN (Latin is a skin color from now on i guess)*
Tanja Thomsen
Tanja Thomsen - 2 days ago
The Foreign Boys should be a real thing
Rimy Amr
Rimy Amr - 2 days ago
ام انور فصلتنيييييي
TallyMan Gaming
TallyMan Gaming - 2 days ago
To white people
TallyMan Gaming
TallyMan Gaming - 2 days ago
Is this so suppose to be racist
Erica Ramos Soares
Erica Ramos Soares - 2 days ago
Wess can sing so goooddd😍 it's so relaxing
Donna Heard
Donna Heard - 2 days ago
Anwars face singing 🤣🤣🤣
Donna Heard
Donna Heard - 2 days ago
Seriously f**ked up 🤣🤣🤣✌️❤️
Donna Heard
Donna Heard - 2 days ago
Crimson Cherry
Crimson Cherry - 2 days ago
the music intro made me think of the doors but of course we get the foreign boys haha
Wil-B-Cool TPS
Wil-B-Cool TPS - 2 days ago
Yooo VIDEO OF THE YEAR!! 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 Thanks for bridging the gaps! Everyone who is speaking up and fighting the good fight 🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾
Uniquization - 2 days ago
Who made the captions on is? Lol they got a lot of stuff wrong
SDL Football
SDL Football - 2 days ago
This could be such a good film
Any BA
Any BA - 2 days ago
The last song is made for

Donald Trump
Jada Gladue
Jada Gladue - 2 days ago
If you still think Native Americans live in tipi’s you’re a racist.
Test Duck
Test Duck - 2 days ago
Zeus Infante
Zeus Infante - 2 days ago
Go to 6:09
_ saatchi
_ saatchi - 2 days ago
rudy and wes sound like little kids
on the other hand anwar sounds like a 40 year old man
dragon - 3 days ago
تحس اني انا افهم انجليزي
OfficiallyMia.l Lehauli
bro this was the most shortest 10 minutes of my life
i demand more
sharbel isaac
sharbel isaac - 3 days ago
Im just like anwar
Purple Gem
Purple Gem - 3 days ago
9:00 *just a reminder for my fav song now*
Hadif Ryoukuse
Hadif Ryoukuse - 3 days ago
I need the full song of you guys sing rockstar
Rangopal vpm
Rangopal vpm - 3 days ago
7:24 omg it was awesome 💥🔥
Moneyandtime Freedom
Moneyandtime Freedom - 3 days ago
The 4 in boys 😬
zhraa qassem
zhraa qassem - 3 days ago
All the songs in this vid are beautiful and awesome and I’m just starting to watch Rudy’s vids few weeks now and I love every single one of them he really have Avery good talent and voice 🖤🖤🖤🖤
Artistic Grace
Artistic Grace - 3 days ago
Cam Griffin
Cam Griffin - 3 days ago
When will the foreign boys return?!?!
Sckay High
Sckay High - 3 days ago
Legendas em português rudy
L-Y3T - 3 days ago
If you see a black man and he's smoking some weed, try him like he murdered someone in the first degree, then you're racist.
L-Y3T - 3 days ago
If you see a black man, and you pull him over, keep on asking if he's drunk when he's clearly sober, you're a racist.
L-Y3T - 3 days ago
Rusul Kaulitz
Rusul Kaulitz - 3 days ago
We want more please !!!❤️❤️❤️
Push33nMast3r - 3 days ago
The singing is that bad it’s good
Farrah mag
Farrah mag - 3 days ago
This was funny but at one point I got a little mad but u guys are awesome like if u loved this video I would go to every concert they had
xheneta krasniqi
xheneta krasniqi - 3 days ago
jylkyh lmhojnkvobhghynhkhponkgdbxb xfbobjkcggcggn
jaya - 3 days ago
best video i’ve ever seen
The unicorn galaxy of oreos -_-
Who came from instagram?
Sheryl Abraham
Sheryl Abraham - 3 days ago
I'm kinda opposed with the 'white people' song! 🗽
Zeus YT
Zeus YT - 3 days ago
Brings out the guitar but doesn’t use it
Malak Mohamed
Malak Mohamed - 3 days ago
Part 2
Xavier Owens
Xavier Owens - 3 days ago
Just from the 1st minute I knew this was going to be my favorite video
Vineeth Andrews
Vineeth Andrews - 3 days ago
What is this type of songs called?
JEFF21GAMING - 3 days ago
Is racist on iTunes for download🤔😂
Its Destiny
Its Destiny - 3 days ago
White people this song is for you~
Black person singing
HA Gallery
HA Gallery - 4 days ago
1000 subscribers without a video
6:07 6:07
6:07 6:07
6:07 6:07
AvaBeast Gomes
AvaBeast Gomes - 4 days ago
YouTube : Foreign Boys will return soon. Me : They better.
TuiBird Pua
TuiBird Pua - 4 days ago
Viznr - 4 days ago
chito tagalog
chito tagalog - 4 days ago
that was soooo cool!!!
Fatin Zulaikha
Fatin Zulaikha - 4 days ago
Is anwar rrly a muslim? Im confused lmao
CHED Penalosa
CHED Penalosa - 4 days ago
Omg lololololo
DIVINE - 4 days ago
that white ppl song is so tru to this day
Omar Contreras
Omar Contreras - 4 days ago
Post Malone
R_ ShotZ
R_ ShotZ - 4 days ago
You should like post it on Spotify or soundcloud
The BlueJacket
The BlueJacket - 4 days ago
4:56 anyone think he’s like Freddie Mercury.
pretty angel
pretty angel - 4 days ago
Whatching this has made my day💕
fatma assili
fatma assili - 4 days ago
You are genius Rudy !
SSARO Gaming
SSARO Gaming - 4 days ago
Do you know what it’s liiiiiike to be Ethiopian
I eat injera be doro every single niiiight
It’s to spicy
Edwin Delgadillo
Edwin Delgadillo - 4 days ago
Rudy Is 27 years Old
T.T_Frost T.T.OWNER - 4 days ago
May i say that i don’t exactly like this ik its a joke but some ppl might not get it and get offended if they are white cuz at first i was offended cuz im white
aldniaj - 4 days ago
Christine Kemuma
Christine Kemuma - 4 days ago
the fact that they are singing this with a straight face tears me up!
ahmed Harouny
ahmed Harouny - 4 days ago
cool songs we want more forign boys
Vy Ng
Vy Ng - 5 days ago
zahrra bbh
zahrra bbh - 5 days ago
jedden12 - 5 days ago
the songs are great
Jawhara Nassereldine
Jawhara Nassereldine - 5 days ago
dude drop the 2 songs ! they are a hit
PGT4 _knight
PGT4 _knight - 5 days ago
Why does anwar and wish good sound like girls when they sing?
PGT4 _knight
PGT4 _knight - 5 days ago
PGT4 _knight
PGT4 _knight - 5 days ago
I mean wus giod
Dumitrita Fiodorov
Dumitrita Fiodorov - 5 days ago
NampiG Tamin
NampiG Tamin - 5 days ago
That was awesome..
Albert Aridarno
Albert Aridarno - 5 days ago
when you hear some music and the goosebumps hits you...then you know why.
Yobani Basurto
Yobani Basurto - 5 days ago
It’s 2019 not 1960 ok Rudy
Consuelo Castillo
Consuelo Castillo - 5 days ago
It’s like the rat pack without the corrupted Italian 😂
Btw I’m joking 🙃 ✌️
Miguel Arvizo
Miguel Arvizo - 5 days ago
Jersey boys
Vick Star
Vick Star - 5 days ago
First song Called white people second showtime song called racist
Timmy Pellettieri
Timmy Pellettieri - 5 days ago
As someone is the son of an Italian imagrant I feel really connected to the songs even though Italians in America tend to be really white
hot princey
hot princey - 5 days ago
i mean rudy look cute
Briana Pena
Briana Pena - 5 days ago
Rudy i have seen this video like 1,000 times already and i wish you made a real audio of these songs.... i would literally listen to then everyday and the gym♡♡♡
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