Cardi B Reacts to Offset Being Allegedly Hacked

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Jeremiah Cox
Jeremiah Cox - 5 days ago
I thought this show was called The Real 😂😂
Fuzzy Hoping
Fuzzy Hoping - 21 day ago
The Hacker Had Me Weak😂
Mona J
Mona J - 23 days ago
Tibusiso Mamba
Tibusiso Mamba - 24 days ago
Love Adrienne's makeup.
strawberryloli - 26 days ago
Lol offset on the live carrying the baby, soooo not staged.
Britt Love
Britt Love - 29 days ago
Tam's outfit
Dontay and Kenetra Tv
Dontay and Kenetra Tv - Month ago
He did it himself 🤷🏾‍♀️
Joy Love
Joy Love - Month ago
Cardi will NEVER be a woman..thats not in her....A woman see her man for who he is and don't place blame else where. He may want Cardi for his motive reasons as most husbands do but he sure as hell not loyal to her. .Husband and momma baby daddy or whatever their label is there is no need in playing a fool openly to no negro...period..Her being done with it and staying with him doesn't stop the REALITY of him from DMing other females better looking than cardi attractive and have sex to offer not on no entertainment station parole like those chicks so I can say it out loud..We will just wait to see what Cardi next excuse will be when he cheats or tweets AGAIN...because there will be a next time..ummm so instead of Cardi being over it I think WE should be over it and just be quiet the next time she runs to social media for applaudes over how she dealing with a lying cheating man. I'm not saying she has to leave him hell she liking it then I'm loving it. I'm just saying why run to social media with it????? AGAIN
Joanna Herodotou
Joanna Herodotou - Month ago
Black tights with white shoes?? Wonder why Jeannie is wearing that? Not an attractive look and she's the fashionable one!!
Nana Esi O. Nyarkoh
Nana Esi O. Nyarkoh - Month ago
Jeannie needs to give us a nails tutorial
Moony Mew
Moony Mew - Month ago
Cardi looks like a oompa loompa
Mya thinthin Kyu
Mya thinthin Kyu - Month ago
Marriage isn't keep praying God always has final saying. This whole world is mess. Devil is always at work. Keep eye on JESUS.
D.J Cheetah
D.J Cheetah - Month ago
Victorious Victory
Victorious Victory - Month ago
Buy Snowden NSA worker who told.
Precious - Month ago
Why would the hacker want to risk looking like a hacker by posting inappropriate posts. If there was a hacker they would make the account look legit as possible to make it look like offset was cheating, OR make him look gay by posing those messages. You can’t do both. There was no hacker, he a cheater.
DOPE TIZZLE - Month ago
Lol who's broken phone was that? Lol
Lungelwa Ben
Lungelwa Ben - Month ago
The real has become the fake
Shayna Robinson
Shayna Robinson - Month ago
Lol I'm sooo offtrack...I thought she broke up with him like last December?? What happened this Christmas?!
D.J Cheetah
D.J Cheetah - Month ago
They got back together.
B Jay
B Jay - Month ago
They’re married so... I don’t judge any married couple for dealing with each other’s bs. They took those vows it’s what they signed up for. It’s their life & they’re both in the industry that’s what comes with it🤷‍♀️ Don’t speak on anyone that’s further than you in life. Worry about putting yourself in a better position than you were in yesterday.
Victorious Victory
Victorious Victory - Month ago
If your a play boy bunny stripper prostitutes STDS easier to hack you.
Victorious Victory
Victorious Victory - Month ago
If your a porn addict it easier to hack you too. If you are a thief its easier to hack you too. If your a illegal drug dealer its easier to hack you too.
Victorious Victory
Victorious Victory - Month ago
If you have a profile of cheating it's easier to hack you base off of your behaviors. His profile is a cheater so if he gets hack it's easier to say he did it. For example if you have a profile of being a drug addict or alcohol you have a profile. If you killed a person you are likely to do it again. If you rape a person you can do it again. Its easier to create and blame you.
Victorious Victory
Victorious Victory - Month ago
People are getting hacked I know I was hacked!
Emmanuel Lafortune
Emmanuel Lafortune - Month ago
tamar would’ve kept it a buck
sirdorkster - Month ago
And Offset needs a vasectomy.
Tell Jaleel
Tell Jaleel - Month ago
2:08 looks like the black Adrienne. (My first thought, I could be wrong)
asdfghjkl - Month ago
Y’all sound an awful lot like a tea channel ☕️
Sarah Peters
Sarah Peters - Month ago
Change the name of the show.. “The FakeS!”
Josiah DavisTv
Josiah DavisTv - Month ago
Let keep it real is twitter was hacked not his ig and it funny how he was hacked after she exspose him those time dont add up he text her hours be for he was hacked
FruityUnicorn17 - Month ago
I think it’d be nice to have a more diverse group of guests on the show.............
Nikk Nikk
Nikk Nikk - Month ago
This cast is so lame.... takashi has ties with Instagram . He might have set this up tbh
Lauryn Rae
Lauryn Rae - Month ago
“ dis too much!!! D-I-S TOO MUCH” 💀💀💀💀💀 love adrienne
Bee Lee
Bee Lee - Month ago
Bahaha that ain't no hacked account. He should know better as a public figure. A private message is never a private message.
Amber Fells99
Amber Fells99 - Month ago
Naw yall bugging
Amber Fells99
Amber Fells99 - Month ago
Cardi a liar dude don't want her
Royal Africa
Royal Africa - Month ago
I thought this was The Real. There are some real butt kissing though.
Gorgeous Frazier
Gorgeous Frazier - Month ago
Loni hair is laid
Boo Bax
Boo Bax - Month ago
You can clearly see it's fake. Jadr just trying to get famous any way she can. The bitch got Tekashi's face TATTOOED on her chest.
Lushanda Poitier
Lushanda Poitier - Month ago
Why is Loni's attitude so stank
Aaliyah Nicole
Aaliyah Nicole - Month ago
All I heard was "Let's applaud Cardi for looking stupid in front of millions of people because of her goofy ass husband and then trying to cover it up" It's ok to say that this was probably a lie and he really did text ole' girl. But whatever.
SpoiledAndCoiled - Month ago
I’m sorry but Loni sounds stupid as hell why would she be contacting somebody she’s on paper in a case with 😂. You think ima contact somebody that had me jumped 😒😂 like fr come on now. Their marriage is and always will be a joke. That’s it😂
VOLËNA Love - Month ago
Why is this even a topic who gives af y’all consume to much of everybody’s lives who cares if his account is hacked why do you care if it’s true or not
Lilman Thomas
Lilman Thomas - Month ago
I just don’t understand why Cardi still with him after cheating multiple times 😐😐
Melodic - Month ago
He did it.
Stefani Joanne
Stefani Joanne - Month ago
I understand why she put him on blast. It’s because everyone idolizes these ridiculous couples. Well all these “”””marriages”””” are trash behind closed doors! Look at jay and Beyoncé. Lol
Melissa Gauna
Melissa Gauna - Month ago
Everyone thinks offset is lying but homeboy ain’t stupid. Yall REALLY think he would DM a ex hoe that has a case against his wife because he’s horny? Cheaters don’t make the same mistake twice so if he wanted to cheat I’m sure it would be with a new chick and they’re would be some type of NDA .
Daniela Tesfaye
Daniela Tesfaye - Month ago
how you get your twitter “hacked” but dm someone on ig
Queen 99
Queen 99 - Month ago
This show is really getting boring ....all they talk about is celebrities.and yea he cheated before .so if Cardi wants to deal with that .that's on her. That's her husband
Queen 99
Queen 99 - Month ago
Jade was petty for that
R D - Month ago
Let's tell one more story about Jeezy 🤦 your my hero 🙄 this show gotta be cancelled
Jordan Shaw
Jordan Shaw - Month ago
Y'all not real.
Kess A
Kess A - Month ago
Tamera looking like a Greek goddess
TAM AND JON - Month ago
Kuron King
Kuron King - Month ago
They be acting like they scared to speak their mind like the be walking on egg shells
Lidya Solomon
Lidya Solomon - Month ago
Girl Adrienne you looking finneee sis!!! Get it you lost weight yessss!!!!
kickingitwithsofi !
kickingitwithsofi ! - Month ago
Idk cause people make fake pages
Natasha T.
Natasha T. - Month ago
Dis tew much
Lexy Martin
Lexy Martin - Month ago
She grown and he grown. Ain't my man so it ain't my business. Any woman that stays with her man after cheating then all that mess she can deal with on her own.
I love how there is so much shade when it comes to reality stars and artist taking back their cheating man....yet when beyonce did it suddenly we cool with it. Suddenly the song is "save it for the kids" oh plz...
Sergio Flores
Sergio Flores - Month ago
Y’all know Loni is talking about Tamar. 😂
Girl Tamar only talks about it when they ask her. She’s already famous in her own right.
Essence D
Essence D - Month ago
Mhmm no Loni I dont think she is trying to get clout. She calling offset out period and he bold and disrespectful to be messaging her knowing she has a case against Cardi because he can't be faithful. Cardi needs to wake up. She caught a case over him and stay defending his philandering ways.
Ale 01
Ale 01 - Month ago
No one said it how it is cus they don't want to get on cardi's bad side. Offset has cheated before so why would it be surprising he did it again? She just looks stupid coming up with excuses only she believes
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