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anil singh
anil singh - 7 hours ago
Are you pregnant
ValeriaEmme - 7 hours ago
When she says "you guys" 😳
Myrah Holland
Myrah Holland - 7 hours ago
Addison is so sweet and I love her laughs and she dances so well. And I have been waiting for her to follow me on tiktok
Hello - 8 hours ago
Hey Addison I love your family and ofc you I hope u notice me one time❤️😭😭😭❤️
iKutie - 8 hours ago
I’ve never heard her voice-
Meika McCord
Meika McCord - 8 hours ago
Ik it is not my place but if it is true you will be the best mom evy
Meika McCord
Meika McCord - 8 hours ago
Do you have a baby cause that is what everyone is saying
Max Hudgins
Max Hudgins - 8 hours ago
I like you Addison Rae
Steven Calcano
Steven Calcano - 8 hours ago
I bought those headphones just for addison rae
Йоан Вълчев
Йоан Вълчев - 8 hours ago
I Love you ❤️
Rivuxx_06 - 8 hours ago
Alguien habla Español aquí??
Hamburger Fox
Hamburger Fox - 8 hours ago
Sooo..are you gonna apologize orr...what??
Maya Doucher
Maya Doucher - 9 hours ago
i get stuck in baby swings all the time lmao
Nirvash Sibran
Nirvash Sibran - 9 hours ago
Addison the one time when I was 6yrs old I burnt my nose one a prayer lamp
Lin Mollika
Lin Mollika - 10 hours ago
When I was born my mom was 18
Meghmik Voskanians
Meghmik Voskanians - 10 hours ago
Hey Addison, I subscribed you because I'm your huge fan I love you so much and I watched your all tik tok and if you reply my I will be soooo happy ❤️
It’s Galaxy
It’s Galaxy - 10 hours ago
I wish she is my bid sis 🥺💖
Hendrik Kookmaa
Hendrik Kookmaa - 10 hours ago
Addison seems like a nice person, she should start making tik toks
Schleich horse lover 400
Schleich horse lover 400 - 10 hours ago
I had a dream of meeting you all and I wish it was true!😫😊❤️
Little Billie
Little Billie - 10 hours ago
Hey im the girl you talked to in the tiktoklive❤💙💚💛💜
Addison Rae Edits
Addison Rae Edits - 10 hours ago
Little Billie
Little Billie - 10 hours ago
I talked to her today she told me because of all the hate she leaved but she told me she will be posting very soon
Little Billie
Little Billie - 10 hours ago
I talked to her today,she told me she will post soon but she leaved because of the hate but she told me shell be soon as back as possible.
Nurten Ozaktan
Nurten Ozaktan - 10 hours ago
make a video with Adam B's little brother
FISHY BRUDDA - 11 hours ago
What’s the baby called Addison ?????😂😂😂😂
roza - 11 hours ago
addison i love uuuuuu sooo much😍😍😍😘
RENESHA PATEL - 11 hours ago
Ivy Rain
Ivy Rain - 11 hours ago
Addison Raecist
Little Billie
Little Billie - 10 hours ago
Carlyn Chong
Carlyn Chong - 11 hours ago
Hi im your biggest fan😍😍❤💖💝💞💎👑
Ej Ruiz
Ej Ruiz - 12 hours ago
Addison keeps cutting her dad off lol
Kathleen O'Brien
Kathleen O'Brien - 12 hours ago
This was very entertaining, more family videos. Subscribed due to this. Stay safe x
Its VANO - 12 hours ago
Destynee Oviedo
Destynee Oviedo - 12 hours ago
Now I’m craving a pickle😂😔but I don’t have any😔😖
Milod Arhel
Milod Arhel - 13 hours ago
Frosty - 13 hours ago
It’s fine I got stuck in a baby swing as well. stuck in a baby swing gang 😂
Elias best
Elias best - 13 hours ago
Jamootv Love you Go to tt Ent you sieet
Yoselin Rodriguez Beltran
Yoselin Rodriguez Beltran - 13 hours ago
Addison i have been crying what ever u did it’s ok people are hating on u but not me you’re my favorite even i’m 9 i we’ll die for u. 🥺💙🕊i’m a big fan plz do some tiktoks because u know addi i i’m you’re biggest fan i well follow u until u notice me addi addi ADDI🥺Plz hope u read this ignore all the people that hates u but u know ily 🥺💫plz u always make my day happy i was sad yesterday i went to you’re TikToks and u haven’t post so i got way sad 🥺becouse i always watch them plzzz 🥺💫🦋💙ILYSM!! plz Addison 💫💙🦋Remember you’re strong 💪🏼 girl that never gives up no matter what 💙hope i’m read this🥺💫🦋💪🏼💥💙
lol lol
lol lol - 13 hours ago
hey addison rae i love you soo much pls reply and i hope one day i can meet u 💕😘😘😘😘😘😍😍😍
Heather Arnold
Heather Arnold - 13 hours ago
Have you ever been to avoyelles parish
Cylie Bozarth
Cylie Bozarth - 13 hours ago
her dads cajun accent makes me laugh even harder hahahahahaha
Mimi Nassif
Mimi Nassif - 14 hours ago
Who love addi wooooo🤗😙😗
disneylove 3000
disneylove 3000 - 14 hours ago
Addison I love you so much!!! Like it is so hard to explain. Can you please give me a shout-out❤️❤️
Addi Baby Lover
Addi Baby Lover - 14 hours ago
Taiana kapeli
Taiana kapeli - 14 hours ago
Awww I feel like her mom feels left out🥺
francisco rojas
francisco rojas - 14 hours ago
She’s so cute
Sadik Kaplan
Sadik Kaplan - 14 hours ago
Sadik Kaplan
Sadik Kaplan - 14 hours ago
Arizona sexy
Taylor Cole
Taylor Cole - 14 hours ago
Am I the only one that didn’t know her mom has a accent
Sara Singh
Sara Singh - 15 hours ago
Addison is just like her dad
niyah gang
niyah gang - 15 hours ago
So when They was talking about baby swing I remembered this one day when My cousin got stuck in a baby swing on my sister birthday it was so funny
Little Billie
Little Billie - 10 hours ago
Rehema Amadi
Rehema Amadi - 15 hours ago
Please tell me l was not the only one recommended to watch this video
So Amazing
So Amazing - 15 hours ago
I think Enzo and Lucas were playing Fortnite when Addison was filming this🤣
Ryan Dikeman
Ryan Dikeman - 15 hours ago
I love u
allicen miller
allicen miller - 15 hours ago
Where and why did she have a jar of pickles
Roxz Yt
Roxz Yt - 15 hours ago
Why don't you have very many YT videos but a lot of tiktok videos
SAVAGE LEAH - 15 hours ago
Julie Dinh
Julie Dinh - 15 hours ago
lmfao I got stuck in a baby swing when I was 8
Vis Izaiah
Vis Izaiah - 15 hours ago
she’s sponsered, ShE’s SpOnSeReD, SHES SPONSERED
DamarisBatalla - 16 hours ago
Hi Addison I know that I am kinda late my family is like you when I was born it was my mom and me so then when I was 1 my dad came and they got married but I still don't have his last name only my mom's but it's okay👍
Ebonie Zamudio
Ebonie Zamudio - 16 hours ago
My mom if I got stuck she would laugh her head off then get mad then be worried
Jynx - 16 hours ago
Deadass your making shit worse for your self by not apologizing🤦🏾‍♂️nobody’s finna forgive u
Sara Singh
Sara Singh - 15 hours ago
You really clicked on her video just to type a hate comment? Your life is sad...
Ivana Mirilovic
Ivana Mirilovic - 16 hours ago
Beverly Sinclair
Beverly Sinclair - 16 hours ago
is that your real dad, no disrespect, but you don't look like him too much, you look more like your mom, she is so beautiful
Vanessa Cazares
Vanessa Cazares - 16 hours ago
Storytime on how I got into a car crash with my big bro and older cousin and my dad at 5 years old:)
So my dad was about to stop at a red light and a truck was next to us. My dad was literally about to stop when the truck went in front of my dad and my dad crashed into the truck. I started crying cuz I was scared and my big bro offered me his i pad to try and make me happy😂😂😂😂😂
Lovely Lestano
Lovely Lestano - 16 hours ago
Sheri gives me anxiety
Genesia Zammit
Genesia Zammit - 16 hours ago
Didnt she have black hair 5 days ago
Little Billie
Little Billie - 10 hours ago
Yeah but she filmed this like 10 days before and then post it after it
Peyton Jarrett
Peyton Jarrett - 16 hours ago
Enzo litterly fell off the sidewalk walking the dog!!😅😅😅😅
Summer Tran
Summer Tran - 16 hours ago
bro addisons teeth are so freakin white goals
Roy Davin Dacullo
Roy Davin Dacullo - 17 hours ago
Addison is very cute
scaballer_12 33
scaballer_12 33 - 17 hours ago
The ADHD in that family though
The Pet Crew
The Pet Crew - 17 hours ago
Addi seems so kind! I want to be friends with her so bad🥺
Ava Avila
Ava Avila - 17 hours ago
Siri is so confuse🤣
Ellie Holmes (student)
Ellie Holmes (student) - 17 hours ago
Facts GG
Facts GG - 17 hours ago
Please come back it’s ok mistacs are mistacs
Bella Tabañag
Bella Tabañag - 17 hours ago
This is off topic but... me waiting for her to make a boyfriend tag with Bryce Hall:👁👄👁
JANNAT GREWAL - 17 hours ago
love you
Nicholas Bichay
Nicholas Bichay - 17 hours ago
you should post more often
Addler Lewis
Addler Lewis - 17 hours ago
Ur dad is hilarious
Maria Dudzinski
Maria Dudzinski - 17 hours ago
Could you please follow me on TikTok so we could talk? I love you so much! I wish that I lived where you lived
Little Billie
Little Billie - 10 hours ago
I talked to her today,she doesnt follow people apperently.
Hamnah Rahim
Hamnah Rahim - 18 hours ago
Wait addi didn't u have black hair???????????
Sunset edits
Sunset edits - 18 hours ago
My idol 🥺
Nat and Zach Bernard
Nat and Zach Bernard - 18 hours ago
Hi imagine if you say hi back
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