The Hidden Secrets Of Area 51

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luis salazar
luis salazar - 14 days ago
1942 Los Angeles Aka the battle of Los Angeles
Sentiløng Jamir
Sentiløng Jamir - 17 days ago
Bighead Biggerhead
Bighead Biggerhead - 18 days ago
BuzzFeed Unsolved Network all they did in Area 51 raid is hang out
Odin Satanas
Odin Satanas - 20 days ago
Although we all know element zero is the real way to get zero G, artificial gravity and FTL drives We don't find it til like 2150, on the mars prothean base Hahaha, but if it plays out like that, we'll be fucked by the Reapers arriving and better hope we have a Commander Shepard :p
Willa Mae
Willa Mae - 7 hours ago
Why does this scare me but no serial killers that have never been caught lol
Jugger naut
Jugger naut - 13 hours ago
was it to much work to put in a real pic of lazar? come on guys, now i cant trust any pic they show here
Michael Dameron
Michael Dameron - 18 hours ago
13:40 I got CoD Zombies whiplash from them saying Element 115 is involved with futuristic alien tech
Carter Stubbs
Carter Stubbs - 20 hours ago
I used to actually enjoy your guys commentary. But holy crap is this ever ignorant. Did either of you actually watch the documentary? And I get that Shane is supposed to be the skeptic, but let's be serious he plays into it so much that it's a little ridiculous.
You guys have really gone away from the investigative interest that you had before, and have just turned this into some really bad comedy sketch.
Lilly Rogers
Lilly Rogers - 23 hours ago
Ok, this is extremely weird, I must be having my own personal Mandela Eddect. As I was watching this video, it became clearer, and clearer, that I have saw this on here before, I wasn't 100% sure til' Ryan mentioned the hand scanner thing, then I knew he had talked about this before. I'm a bit mezmerized at the moment. On another page, wouldn't it be cool if Area 51, was like Warehouse 13!
AmKam Omega
AmKam Omega - Day ago
This was the weirdest episode I've ever seen
Sun Shiner
Sun Shiner - 2 days ago
Damn Ryan’s body tho! His chest is ripped!
Mr Roboto
Mr Roboto - 2 days ago
CIA detector: what's the code name?
Assistant: Purple nurple!
Miss Linny
Miss Linny - 2 days ago
Please do a episode in york in England. Known to be the most haunted city in Europe.
Alexander McCoy
Alexander McCoy - 2 days ago
Why is no one talking about the fact that Shane invited the nipple kink to begin with
tracey’s hell
tracey’s hell - 2 days ago
i can’t believe u guys are back and i didn’t know
Fiona Sinani
Fiona Sinani - 2 days ago
If aliens do exist, how do they make alienbabies ?
witchywoman2008 - 2 days ago
You could say that plane will need some pretty good EL-E-VA-TION
Renesmee Cullen-Black
Renesmee Cullen-Black - 3 days ago
Please make a podcast
Ryoga Kun
Ryoga Kun - 3 days ago
Mrs Juicy Baby
Mrs Juicy Baby - 4 days ago
do one on Henry Hudson
Danny Bishop
Danny Bishop - 4 days ago
115? Black ops zombies lol
Evan Scanlan
Evan Scanlan - 4 days ago
When did Lazar ever say the handscanner was alien? He only said it was used at S-4 from the beginning and then this proved to be true. If he wasn't there then how would he know this?
FluXs - 4 days ago
2:48 your welcome 😂😂😂
elizabeth mcgrath
elizabeth mcgrath - 4 days ago
You should do what the try guys did and leave buzzfeed and have your own unsolved channel.
MrCyaltrbye - 5 days ago
Big fan. BUT I think you can afford to actually use Bob Lazar’s photo...(afford meaning spend the time and not worry about negative consequences)
Astro Wolvez
Astro Wolvez - 5 days ago
It's never good when russia gets it's hands on unstable chemicals.
Dipak Singh
Dipak Singh - 5 days ago
Hey Ryan and Shane, Do you guys believe in 'Fermi Paradox'??
bridie r
bridie r - 5 days ago
aliens are already here, and we are the aliens. that is why humanity and technology suddenly progressed exponentially in just a couple of hundred years when "humans" have been living on the earth for thousands...
VIDire WolfIV
VIDire WolfIV - 6 days ago
Correct me if i'm wrong but the reason why humans and everything on earth dont affect anything with gravity is because Earths gravity is much larger and pulls way more than anything on earth ever can. So if a new element has the chance to make thing float then it would need to overcome earth gravitational pull and essentially orbit the earth while being only a few feet above the surface. idk if that is even possible.
Sahota Karan
Sahota Karan - 6 days ago
There is official release of ufo’s footage From navy can you please explain that one alsoo
SevOneSev7en - 6 days ago
0:20 Me playing Destiny 1 on a Friday back in the day
Anonymous - 6 days ago
I love your video's. I love the content but what makes the show so great is you two. You banter and humor is so fun to watch. You guys seem like so much fun. Keep them coming!
Legend 28
Legend 28 - 6 days ago
You can actually watch the Janet flights, fly into "the ranch" and the new area 51 aka tonopah aka drone testing place, by googling janet tail numbers and typing them into flight radar 24 app.
Yisrael Haber
Yisrael Haber - 7 days ago
What if he just walked in on humans in alien costumes engaging in an orgy or something wierd like that... if there are furries then why not this too?
walter mcdonough
walter mcdonough - 7 days ago
bob lazar is a liar
Genio nerve
Genio nerve - 7 days ago
Better not be clickbait
Felix Jakobsson
Felix Jakobsson - 7 days ago
You could use any word for a code word like:
Code: pineapple-juice
Adam Wolf 237
Adam Wolf 237 - 7 days ago
I now purely watch these vids for Shane and Ryan's charisma
DaTerminatorMan - 7 days ago
Me: Hears them talking about element 115

Every COD zombie player ever: Let me tell you a little something about element 115
Alex singh
Alex singh - 7 days ago
This is why the show is called unsolved its never solved
Mo Hawk
Mo Hawk - 8 days ago
I have seen actual beings flying past me on their UFO crafts.
The ones I seen was friendly.
roanoke - 8 days ago
Call of duty zombies anyone??
Rachel Smith
Rachel Smith - 8 days ago
What do they mean, "produce its own gravity"?? That's what every element does? All mass produces gravity. That claim is meaningless
Michal - 8 days ago
"What a privilege it would be"

- Shane, on the destruction of earth
Jack Ashmore
Jack Ashmore - 8 days ago
Shane is so right, it would instantly turn into a joke if the government said aliens were real
Eduardo Sinaloa
Eduardo Sinaloa - 8 days ago
Where not alone people.
Jose Medina
Jose Medina - 8 days ago
I don’t think they had hand scanners back then plus do you ever wonder how we discovered the internet?🤔
Pinnacle Gaming
Pinnacle Gaming - 8 days ago
Hand over the coochie
softeshake - 8 days ago
this is the result of giving scientists crack
Åy DÇUØ - 9 days ago
Element 115.............zombies???
Dave Vaidya
Dave Vaidya - 9 days ago
Honestly, I wish they were reverse engineering alien technology. It would really help mankind progress themselves in the face of 21st century problems.
Hailey & Her Hammys
Hailey & Her Hammys - 9 days ago
The government didn’t kill bob cuz there was no truth to his story and found no point
IightninXB - 9 days ago
why does he talk like that when he tells us about the history
chloè Siana
chloè Siana - 9 days ago
*he's in there dancing to Billie Eilish*
Courtney Hammett
Courtney Hammett - 9 days ago
I saw a UFO 🛸 once. Flew down close to the car I was in, huge and bright
jawd6715 sprite animations and more
ELEMENT 115 it's call of duty boiis!
SCF - 9 days ago
Ryan just figured out that nipple play feels good. Your gf isnt loving on you right
Siena Ashwin
Siena Ashwin - 9 days ago
Aliens are cool!!!
cat - 10 days ago
s4 had never been heard of before bob lazar. its existence was apparently confirmed after the fact from what ive heard. its the most convincing thing about the case for me
Jasxon Amano
Jasxon Amano - 10 days ago
I just love how Shane is like
(¬_¬) to ghost but he's all
¯\_(ツ)_/¯ to aliens
Z Null
Z Null - 10 days ago
For a physicist, this guy's understanding of very basic physics seems... poor. Whaaaat, an element that produces its own gravity?!
...So, like everything that has mass and/or energy?
Miss Angry Face
Miss Angry Face - 10 days ago
How I missed these fancy bois
James Lampkin
James Lampkin - 10 days ago
Why use a fake photo of lazar? Thats not even him!
Edd 1
Edd 1 - 10 days ago
Who bob the jet car guy? He's a bullshiter anyway don't worry yourself about him
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