The Hidden Secrets Of Area 51

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BuzzFeed Unsolved Network
BuzzFeed Unsolved Network - 8 months ago
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Son Tristin
Son Tristin - 16 days ago
Dragon ball Z
Adaline Flores
Adaline Flores - Month ago
BuzzFeed Unsolved Network you guys should go to stanley hotel
ACTIONSALAD - 2 months ago
march 2019 i died and warned everyone around me about cornavirus. then i warned them of aliens returning.
Will Brown
Will Brown - 2 months ago
Ryan mentions an underwater government base in ocean in one of the episodes but I can't find any good docs about it
Ben _Jamin
Ben _Jamin - 2 months ago
Thepolishedknob you tube channel alien sightings.
Vflorio - 3 hours ago
Shane: fill up the goo tank!
Vflorio - 3 hours ago
Shane: Bring out the goo tank!
kongou - Day ago
Element 115? Oh so this takes place in the zombies storyline
Ken Fromehurst
Ken Fromehurst - Day ago
Suggested Topic: Fredrick Valentich- The 1978 Australian UFO-PLANE Disappearance.
Jackson Birdsall
Jackson Birdsall - Day ago
Dudes watch the actual interview with bob lazar and joe rogan.... will break your break
charlie - 2 days ago
6:00 shane predicting the future again
Jana Velasquez
Jana Velasquez - 2 days ago
6:00 to 6:10 little did he know
Kamilla Sorenson
Kamilla Sorenson - 2 days ago
It’s my birthday today 😂 the day when ppl gather to raid Area 51
Kyle Hayslett
Kyle Hayslett - 2 days ago
Shane is so weird... lol Almost everything he does is so cringe-worthy lol
Maria Chavez
Maria Chavez - 2 days ago
I would really love to see them cover "The Kelly-Hopkinsville encounter. (A.K.A. The Kentucky Goblins Case.) It was a claimed close encounter with extraterrestrials beings in 1955 near Kelly and Hopkinsville in Christian County, Kentucky, U.S.
LIBRIAN Sana - 3 days ago
Sometimes their interaction literally distracts us watchers from story and sometimes break the momentum XD i am not joking i have to skip it sometimes... But sometimes their conversion is actually helpful to understand the story better...
Morgan - 3 days ago
2:02 😂
Bun Bun Treetops
Bun Bun Treetops - 3 days ago
In my country goo means poop :p
Taka - 3 days ago
Bob Lazar also took a group of people to witness a test flight of one of the saucers. The scanner is used as a way to prove he actually worked where he said.
Isaiah Pedraza
Isaiah Pedraza - 3 days ago
Oh yes oh yes aliens are real still can’t believe the Pentagon confirmed
nikkij55 - 3 days ago
This is Ryan’s better hair style
Wendy Lott
Wendy Lott - 4 days ago
ok, so I'm watching this in the end of May 2020 and what's creepy and right on the nose is Shane is EXACTLY right!! The Government recently released/confirmed UFO's/Aliens and he's right! the news barely even talked about it. The day of disclosure came and went secretly in the night barely a whisper. Our government is decades more advanced than we are. The internet for example wasn't released to the public until the 90's the government had it for at least 20 years earlier before the public got dial up. Why? because at the time the government had developed fiber optics/t-1 lines something again we didn't get until roughly 20 years later. Also touch screens, it's debut was in the 90's film Independence Day where the Government initially aided in the production of until they realized it's later focus was in Area 51 and the aliens they're rumored to keep. But again touchscreens when did the public get them? that's right roughly 20 years later.
Nik Stevanovic
Nik Stevanovic - 4 days ago
Why I’m so fat that’s the mystery I want
slinky minjaj
slinky minjaj - 4 days ago
Tristan - 4 days ago
I agree with Shane that if the government came out today and Said aliens are real here are pictures of them and this whats at Area 51 I think it will be trending for a day or 2 on Twitter and after a few months everyone will forget about it and move on with the next Thing
okamus panulirus
okamus panulirus - 5 days ago
So Bob Lazar
April E Salazar
April E Salazar - 6 days ago
S: Naw. It's just me.
T B - 6 days ago
Thats not Bob Lazar 5:32
DerpyGamer0013 - 6 days ago
What if, and just hear me on this one, there isn't actually aliens in there? What if, the American government is doing some sort of sick and twisted experiments on the human body with new chemicals/materials and stuff? Like, think about this. Finding aliens? No. Creating some sort of mutant/super soldier? Hell yes. If the American government could create some sort of mutant/super soldier that could destroy entire armies in seconds, then they'd be unstoppable. Personally, I'd say we should actually raid it(for real) to DESTROY Area 51 with all of its research and stuff to prevent such a super weapon from being made.
Maybe there'd even be doomsday devices(such as death rays, new kinds of bombs, etc.) just being tested with.
nicole s
nicole s - 7 days ago
so the govt has literally unveiled the secrets of area 51 in 2020 and it was barely news, some jokes were made on twitter and that's it. wow.
Zoe Dyson
Zoe Dyson - 7 days ago
*Flash forward to 2020*
Nasa: "ya uhhh aliens are real"
Kirsten Higgins
Kirsten Higgins - 7 days ago
Time skip to now government releases proof
Audrey Romero
Audrey Romero - 8 days ago
I was just watching Signal by twice and damn I never expected that this will be recommended
Amber Lane
Amber Lane - 8 days ago
Can we get a shirt for "code purple nurple" XD
Gavin McKee
Gavin McKee - 9 days ago
Aliens on mars would probably be like H.G Wells original war of the worlds.
Gavin McKee
Gavin McKee - 9 days ago
make Petscop 2
Dark Dreams
Dark Dreams - 10 days ago
Do an episode on Phil Schneider.
Louise Taylor
Louise Taylor - 10 days ago
I must add that i would not want any one else With Ryan then Shane. The other dude Ryan was with was just no comparison to Shane. Also, my thoughts on these Aliens is this: they either came from another time, demension or another planet and i believe they are always near... Ryan keep Shane, Tee Hee...
allstar life
allstar life - 10 days ago
This case should be solved by now. It's obvious 'aliens' exist. The odds of us being the only intelligent species is practically impossible, if anything there's heaps of different species out there.. If you're skeptical just look at the number of species in our world
Bee - 11 days ago
Aquatone sounds like a brand of sunscreen
Triggered 2.0
Triggered 2.0 - 11 days ago
idk if you’ll see this buzzfeed, but now the government has released “ufo sightings”. I’m not sure if it’s real but it could be something to look into
RandomPotato - 8 days ago
It’s real but they didn’t say it was specifically aliens, it could’ve been foreign aircraft or it could’ve been aliens
Arthur is Gae
Arthur is Gae - 12 days ago
owo uwu
owo uwu - 13 days ago
anyone here in 2020 when the government definitely did confirm ufos
Anonomous - 13 days ago
These are two of very few youtubers that don’t lie in their videos despite the annoyance at times they go off facts I can respect that
stars81121 - 13 days ago
These guys are incredibly obnoxious.
RandomPotato - 8 days ago
Why watch it then
Ryah - 15 days ago
Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand 2020
Wayne Scott
Wayne Scott - 15 days ago
Kevin Ayala
Kevin Ayala - 15 days ago
Lets not forget the SR 71 Blackbird that was being designed and under the works
Val 11
Val 11 - 15 days ago
"element 115"
Me: this must be Dr.Richthofen's work
RazorBlade7201 - 15 days ago
plot of GoTG 1 in a nutshell
Shreeya Chitale
Shreeya Chitale - 15 days ago
Pentagon confirmed footages of unidentified flying aircraft
emmablinkneverland - 15 days ago
I hope Wendy from red velvet (kpop band) watches your videos. She said she watches mystery videos.
Marcus Loeza
Marcus Loeza - 15 days ago
Pentagon makes announcement of UFO’s and no one cares. Shane called it.
Lax For Life
Lax For Life - 20 hours ago
It was literally a flying saucer going 500 mph into the wind HOW did no one care
Morph Plays
Morph Plays - 15 days ago
Fill up the goo tank... I need that on a shirt
TESS YVONNE - 16 days ago
Well we all know one thing they deffo hiding something at 51
Shaun Davenport
Shaun Davenport - 16 days ago
Is this vid aimed at 12yr olds???1min 20secs I'm out!!!
Marina Vering
Marina Vering - 16 days ago
My aunt passed by a crashing U-2 aircraft.
Simon - 16 days ago
5:58 this is hilarious the other day the government released proof of UFOs and everyone was like oh hecc for moaybo 2 a week and then no one cared shane was right guys omg
ItsJustBunny - 16 days ago
Ryan has a VERY creepy voice...
Toni Lynn Licavoli
Toni Lynn Licavoli - 16 days ago
If Bob Lazar, looked over & saw a tiny alien through a window, & security quickly came & blocked him from looking & didnt want anyone to see this...ok Bob! WHY was there a window in the door then?? Security wise, that makes NO sence what so ever, there would be NO window into this tiny aliens room dude!
erlis fazla
erlis fazla - 17 days ago
maybe they found teslas notes
EinieN J
EinieN J - 17 days ago
Ancient astronaut theorists say yes 🖖🏻👽🤘🏻
I believe Bob 👍🏻
Lillian Parsons
Lillian Parsons - 17 days ago
Shane always has that smirk on his face at the beginning of the episode
Ellie Simon
Ellie Simon - 18 days ago
The scariest thing about this episode is the door disappearing at 10:40.
Fatima Abubakar
Fatima Abubakar - 18 days ago
This episode aged well
Mason French
Mason French - 18 days ago
13:44 “element 115” oh no... oh no.
Natalie Quinn
Natalie Quinn - 18 days ago
April and august are my brother and my birth months
Nerex - 18 days ago
Bob never really claimed he has seen the aliens lol
Zoe Kin
Zoe Kin - 18 days ago
Americans don't have the stones to do anything in their apathy and laziness. They are pacified, and have no spine.
joe Brady
joe Brady - 18 days ago
U know u came here to see them go there

Oh only me
itzUrGurl Isabellee
itzUrGurl Isabellee - 18 days ago
1:00 the noises tho–
alexa valentine
alexa valentine - 18 days ago
may 2020: navy confirms ufo siting
Brandon Alvarez
Brandon Alvarez - 18 days ago
Element 115 from zombies😐👀
Thomas Lyne
Thomas Lyne - 19 days ago
Staying with the UFO genre, I’d like to see you do a story on the Aurora, TX UFO.
Laine 33
Laine 33 - 19 days ago
Blows raspberries?
MARÉE&ROSÉ bake shoppe
MARÉE&ROSÉ bake shoppe - 19 days ago
What about the UFO’s over the White House in the 1940s?!? That’s not a plane! You should research that!
Marchis Armin
Marchis Armin - 20 days ago
the guy in the left have some mental issues
emily exe
emily exe - 20 days ago
Cut to now when the Pentagon shares video of confirmed UFO's (or UAPs lol) and I literally saw it on my timeline/trending for abt 12-24 hrs...Shane got it pretty close lol.
Ivor Bacon
Ivor Bacon - 21 day ago
Please someone tell that Chinese man to stop laughing, he spoils the programme, FFS.
lemonberry s
lemonberry s - 21 day ago
aliens must love Nevada, seems like its the only place they go to
Minjun Choi
Minjun Choi - 21 day ago
these 2 guys are weird
Katherine Mulgrew
Katherine Mulgrew - 22 days ago
imagen being in 2020 and having UFO confirmed...
Cwassont •_•
Cwassont •_• - 22 days ago
me : buzzfeeds trash
also me : religiously watches Unsolved, Worth it and Tasty for Alvin and Rie
Zach Schneider
Zach Schneider - 22 days ago
Funny they predicted that it if released it would be tweeted about for a little while then kinda dropped which is 100% what just happened
wot #1fan
wot #1fan - 23 days ago
Bob has said many times he never saw a Alien. Think you mixing that part up with another person. Please give source of Bob saying he saw an Alien please. Bc I never heard that be glad to read or watch the source if I'm wrong.
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