Noise Cancelling Headphones Challenge

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Dizzy Circle7192
Dizzy Circle7192 - 2 months ago
Link: You dont want to sleep-
Rhett: HoRsEs?!?
Dizzy Circle7192
Dizzy Circle7192 - 2 months ago
Elvessss 😂😂😂
______Averos______ !!!!!
______Averos______ !!!!! - 4 months ago
2:57 he wanted to slap him 😭😂
DougJK - 4 months ago
When both parties aren’t paying attention to the conversation haha
Ray or Alyx or Ry
Ray or Alyx or Ry - 4 months ago
I made the mistake of drinking wudder while watching
Lucy Worth
Lucy Worth - 4 months ago
Link- "I woke up in my bed"
Rhett- "You woke up in your belly?"
Link- "I don't know what you said, but I'm gonna say yes"
Lucy Worth
Lucy Worth - 4 months ago
Link- "Are you mad?
Rhett- "Am I mad?
Link- "Yeah!"
Rhett- "YES!"
Lucy Worth
Lucy Worth - 4 months ago
"Stop talkin about my whaa... whaa..."
"You're not saying words!"
Lucy Worth
Lucy Worth - 4 months ago
The only parts of the conversation that were understood:
-Rhett is mad
-They are going to Outback
-Horses in the back
Gregory Gold
Gregory Gold - 4 months ago
We gotta see the guys reacting to this now :)
Electra Pandora
Electra Pandora - 7 months ago
Olivia Ford
Olivia Ford - 7 months ago
I need more of this more
Jade Kenzie
Jade Kenzie - 7 months ago
Why did I just sit through the entire 11 mins? Lol
Villainnn - 8 months ago
this is like old people having a convo or people in oblivian talking lolololol
Yannira P
Yannira P - 8 months ago
I love this 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Ashley Torres
Ashley Torres - 8 months ago
This is me and my bf trying to communicate lol 😂
AnimeCanuck - 8 months ago
I want to see a reaction to this! XD
Melissa Relova Posada
Melissa Relova Posada - 9 months ago
I need more of this vids... cant stop laughing
Xiomara Montero
Xiomara Montero - 9 months ago
Rhett is speaking like Christopher Walken for about a minute I don't think he know how spot on it was 😂😂😂
Xiomara Montero
Xiomara Montero - 9 months ago
🤣🤣 bagpipes bagpipes!
Eddilisa Paneto
Eddilisa Paneto - 10 months ago
Lmfaoo this was soooooo frustrating to watch
beanie boo Queen
beanie boo Queen - 10 months ago
OMG I WAS DYING LAUGHING 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 this is the funniest video ever

I slept with 2 pillows under my head
Savannah Brittain
Savannah Brittain - 10 months ago
I’ve never laughed so hard In my life 😂😂😂
VirginityCheck - 10 months ago
This is just whenever you are really into the music you listening to or gaming.
Attila Light
Attila Light - 10 months ago
This is brilliant XD
Cristina Lovato
Cristina Lovato - 10 months ago
This was hilarious!!!
Zachary Smeltzer
Zachary Smeltzer - 11 months ago
Been watching since the beginning of GMM. This was possibly the funniest video you guys have ever made
Richard Jeski
Richard Jeski - 11 months ago
I laughed so hard at this episode
Alexander A.
Alexander A. - 11 months ago
literally not a single soul:
Link: I think it's good to get in touch with your feelings.
Leonard Greenpaw
Leonard Greenpaw - 11 months ago
this was great! Its like my grandparents talking to eachother
ANGERY OTTER - 11 months ago
Julia - 11 months ago
Do you have any residual guilt
ceeblerfox fox
ceeblerfox fox - 11 months ago
So good
Laurie Owen
Laurie Owen - 11 months ago
Both Rhett and Links voices have some serious Speech Jammer vibes!
bnenomore - 11 months ago
8:53 This morning I woke up- *poke poke poke*
😂😂 I don't why that moment made me laugh so hard
Michael Cutway
Michael Cutway - 11 months ago
This reminds me far to much of being on mdma at a dubstep concert.. fml
ur gay and i kinda like it
ur gay and i kinda like it - 11 months ago
They should have played 6ix9ine
Vv L
Vv L - 11 months ago
I love how how they talk is frustration with a hint of speech jammer 😂
Cotton Candy Randy
Cotton Candy Randy - 11 months ago
Did Link just gag for no reason?
Cotton Candy Randy
Cotton Candy Randy - 11 months ago
I forgot the time signature but he did do it once.
Chocolate Addict
Chocolate Addict - 11 months ago
rina aniraz
rina aniraz - 11 months ago
They are like a couple of old man shouting at each other because of the hearing loss. 😂😂😂
ryan ramirez
ryan ramirez - 11 months ago
😂😂 couldn't stop laughing
Joshua Armenta
Joshua Armenta - 11 months ago
I want a "Do you have any residual guilt?" shirt.
Shish - 11 months ago
Literally laughed the whole video. Haha. Sorry you guys felt tortured though.
Hayley Clark
Hayley Clark - 11 months ago
Matthew Mollohan
Matthew Mollohan - 11 months ago
This was funnier than I expected.
Kelli Hall
Kelli Hall - 11 months ago
This may be my favorite video of all time.
Jamie Rae
Jamie Rae - 11 months ago
8:53 the way link grunted while tapping him
Meg - 11 months ago
*hiphop bagpipes*
FAITH FORD - 11 months ago
This is what it's going to be like when they're old men.
snow ghost247
snow ghost247 - 11 months ago
I loved this
Leslee - 11 months ago
i accidentally started watching this before seeing the gmm and let me tell you i have never laughed so hard/been more confused than RESIDUAL GUILT lol
Gabriella Feliciano
Gabriella Feliciano - 11 months ago
2:50 and 3:48 is the part I laughed the most
Gabriella Feliciano
Gabriella Feliciano - 11 months ago
I did it but I lost
Carmenfoxy - 11 months ago
One of the best episodes yet.. couldn't stop laughing!!!!!!!
Vonny Bennett
Vonny Bennett - 11 months ago
bruh. I am CRYING. 😂😂
Big Cat
Big Cat - 11 months ago

Link: dO yOu hAvE aNy rEsIdUaL gUiLt!??!
BangShanghai - 11 months ago
Now can they do a react video to this
mercurymanfan - 11 months ago
And why does Link suddenly have a speech impediment, but not Rhett?
mercurymanfan - 11 months ago
OMG, this is me and my husband at home, we both deaf af!!😂😂
M - 11 months ago
Awkward episode
Grim - 11 months ago
So like another version of whisper challenge? 0•0
CL Turtle
CL Turtle - 11 months ago
Link: are you mad
Rhett: (laughs maniacally) yes I am mad
Paul Bagnoli
Paul Bagnoli - 11 months ago
whyd they both get so nasally in when they spoke lol
ashsoo - 11 months ago
this would be great time to know sign language ;)
Tanisha Akhand
Tanisha Akhand - 11 months ago
This is hilarious! Please make a reaction video!!
tk marshall
tk marshall - 11 months ago
two grown men yelling at eachother for 11 minutes
Cary Ulmer
Cary Ulmer - 11 months ago
My husband had to stay at an extended care facility for a short while, that had alot of hard of hearing older women with Alzheimer's. (My husband has neither, he was only there after a hospital stay for o.t. on his arm.) There were 2 older ladies there that the staff always put at the same table for meals, & every meal their conversations sounded just like this. It always ended with Phyllis getting mad at Elsie & then the fight was on. We had to laugh at these 2 every day, their misunderstood conversations were hilarious. (Always wondered if that's why the staff seated them at the same table every day🤣)
Haya - 11 months ago
Glock seventeen
Glock seventeen - 11 months ago
typical Oblivion NPC conversation
Advaita Manikkath Ambat
Advaita Manikkath Ambat - 11 months ago
This was very...uhm...erotic.
MICHAEL Foster - 11 months ago
Rhett and link are back
Elisabeth McCurry
Elisabeth McCurry - 11 months ago
Why did Link's accent change
Meghan Hanczyc
Meghan Hanczyc - 11 months ago
I wanna see a video of their reactions to this
Anthony Cordova
Anthony Cordova - 11 months ago
I wish we got to see them reacting to watching themselves doing this. lol
Melody B
Melody B - 11 months ago
Seanb3133 - 11 months ago
this is fake
watch 2:14 they mess up
Meghan Collins
Meghan Collins - 11 months ago
You guys should play another scary game!😂
Nicah Santos
Nicah Santos - 11 months ago
This is the most I’ve laughed at a more in a while
Satan is a computer
Satan is a computer - 11 months ago
Rhett: You have antisocial feelings?
Link: *I have Ashton Kutcher's what?*
mikeysrose - 11 months ago
This was way more entertaining than I thought it would be. My face hurts from smiling and laughing. Good work, Mythical Society!
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