Last To SHOWER Wins $10,000 - Challenge

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FaZe Rug
FaZe Rug - 25 days ago
if you don’t like & subscribe right now you’ll smell like ketchup FOREVER. Don’t risk it!
Luis Mario Saavedra
soldiermaanSZN I’ve been here before 500k subs
Salvador Silvestre
Salvador Silvestre - 5 days ago
FaZe Rug please do it again I loved it
DizzY x KonduiT
DizzY x KonduiT - 17 days ago
FaZe Rug I love you
Aslynn Hill
Aslynn Hill - 18 days ago
FaZe Rug what was worse last to leave the stinky room or the last to shower ?? 😂
Medyo Maldita
Medyo Maldita - Day ago
Ive been watching your vids since last week and i find papa rugs so funny. Love your family so much♥️♥️
Judith Gomez
Judith Gomez - 2 days ago
Junior really reminds me of my second oldest brother that passed away.....
Luuk Scheffmann
Luuk Scheffmann - 2 days ago
every skittle have the same tast
jboy 30
jboy 30 - 2 days ago
Green is my fav
aerogaming 714
aerogaming 714 - 2 days ago
Rugs dad is funny
Amelia Tateo
Amelia Tateo - 3 days ago
I love papa rugs energy lol
Abby Nunnally
Abby Nunnally - 3 days ago
i like red and green skittles
Galaxy Paws
Galaxy Paws - 3 days ago
I can't eat skitels
Rogerina - 3 days ago
I'd just take a bath
I'm Cute
I'm Cute - 3 days ago
No apple cider vinegar? LAME
jade bridle
jade bridle - 3 days ago
i like the purple skittle....
Sassy Sapphire
Sassy Sapphire - 4 days ago
I don’t think I could have done this lol I would lose
Tessa Turner
Tessa Turner - 4 days ago
I literally would have stayed out there all day and had food thrown in my face for $10,000, No problem
yoyoblaze - 4 days ago
Papa rug is so funny
It’s Ibra the gamer
It’s Ibra the gamer - 4 days ago
Hilarious vid 😂😂😂😂
Queen ally
Queen ally - 4 days ago
10:58 lmaoo😭
Maggie Daubney
Maggie Daubney - 4 days ago
Jeliam Zoe Jimenez
Jeliam Zoe Jimenez - 4 days ago
When rugs says that" he won't get the stuff poured on him "
Then you see the intro flash seeing rug covered in kechup and mustered 😂
Salvador Silvestre
Salvador Silvestre - 5 days ago
Love this
Gamewith Nike
Gamewith Nike - 5 days ago
miley unicorn
miley unicorn - 5 days ago
This is how many ketchup was on the people👇👇👇
VRF 999yadig
VRF 999yadig - 5 days ago
pt 2
Jayve Marie
Jayve Marie - 5 days ago
i like the yellow skittle
PossiblyAnimation - 6 days ago
I’m shouting out my first 10 subs
Monique Hairston
Monique Hairston - 7 days ago
TheClutchPlays ,
TheClutchPlays , - 7 days ago
Bruh eats all the expired food🤮🤢
TheClutchPlays ,
TheClutchPlays , - 7 days ago
All the items are expired first minigame eats green Skittles🤣
Abraham Gutierrez
Abraham Gutierrez - 7 days ago
I think popa rug was a bit to exaggerating
Muhammad Taha Imran
Muhammad Taha Imran - 7 days ago
rug: you wanna win?
papa rug:oF cOuRsE
Iam HeavenLeigh
Iam HeavenLeigh - 8 days ago
hit the Thumbs up if anyone else seen dad cheat LOL
Aiden Hayes
Aiden Hayes - 8 days ago
Is it ok if I hit the inside down like button???
Phoebe Channel
Phoebe Channel - 8 days ago
Life of A Lucas
Life of A Lucas - 8 days ago
Do more of these challenges
Dr.Tomato ?
Dr.Tomato ? - 8 days ago
Ewwwwwwwwwwwww🤢🤮 hahahah😂🤣
Skittles - 8 days ago
14:16 pablo eskibar if u know u know 😂😂
Achi Brown
Achi Brown - 8 days ago
I like wat papa rug did (said keep it n give it to him parents👍
kemii Pratt
kemii Pratt - 8 days ago
"where do you want the ketchup" brian is like anywhere cuts him off " just a little bit on the shoulders then on the hair!!!
ghost timari
ghost timari - 9 days ago
Green is the best
Joshua Dlin
Joshua Dlin - 9 days ago
wtf kind
wtf kind - 9 days ago
I wanna be as big as you one day😰
Mazin Ismail
Mazin Ismail - 9 days ago
14:38 you pep that fly they must really stink
Abel Arteaga
Abel Arteaga - 10 days ago
Papa rug is so funny
TropicalWooly Clips
TropicalWooly Clips - 10 days ago
Faze rug: I have cheese in my arm pit 14:24
Grant Wayne
Grant Wayne - 10 days ago
Kaleb Cepeda
Kaleb Cepeda - 10 days ago
Red skittle
Savage Watermelons
Savage Watermelons - 10 days ago
Rug I saw you look at your forfeit when they poured coke on junior you cheated🤭🤭🤭😱😱😱😱
Savage Guys 9K
Savage Guys 9K - 10 days ago
White boys 😂
ANONYMOUS KANXA - 10 days ago
Ew have the coolest dad
Osman Lopez
Osman Lopez - 10 days ago
Lmao someone forgot to tell junior to take his shirt while he spray tans 😂😂
Omar Cano
Omar Cano - 10 days ago
Did anyone else see the mustard frowny face on papa rugs shirt
Nathaniel maynard
Nathaniel maynard - 11 days ago
Rug: eats the green Skittles
Nathaniel maynard
Nathaniel maynard - 11 days ago
Rug: these are all expired foods
Fairy Sinister
Fairy Sinister - 11 days ago
At 3:08 did somebody throw something at juinor
MerviOnTØP - 11 days ago
5:31 So we now know the truth about your trickshoting skills now how the heck did you get into FaZe?😂
DeeTheDon99 - 11 days ago
Nigga ate the pie 🤣😂
Josiah Anderson
Josiah Anderson - 11 days ago
*14:16* it looks like papa rug just vanished into the flour
Alayne Antunez
Alayne Antunez - 12 days ago
Juniors tan Said
KillerRage187 - 12 days ago
This is how many ads played in this one video 👇🏽
Brennan Foley
Brennan Foley - 12 days ago
0-0.45 his tan line tho
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