Last To SHOWER Wins $10,000 - Challenge

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FaZe Rug
FaZe Rug - 7 months ago
if you don’t like & subscribe right now you’ll smell like ketchup FOREVER. Don’t risk it!
Cool Aid-gamerYT
Cool Aid-gamerYT - Month ago
i hate ketchup too. Especially in my hair.
Cole Yu
Cole Yu - Month ago
FaZe Rug ok did it
Sam Savage
Sam Savage - Month ago
Love you rug
But I’m already subscribed
Preston Howell
Preston Howell - Month ago
Purple Alien Gamez
Purple Alien Gamez - 4 hours ago
Philani Mapisa
Philani Mapisa - 11 hours ago
Hey rug you should makes,last to leave the tunnel wins $10,000
Rekzz - Day ago
I think papa rug made go crazy meme 0:34
Eilish Avocados
Eilish Avocados - 3 days ago
Rug is the only reason we are getting through quarantine
Fisipuna Taliai
Fisipuna Taliai - 4 days ago
Did you know Stephen curry had a brother name seth curry
KiNG CRiS 17
KiNG CRiS 17 - 4 days ago
7:53 papa rug invented the TikTok challenge
Liz Hopkins
Liz Hopkins - 5 days ago
My fav skitle coler is green like yoy
Wallie and Natalie blogs
Faze how old is papa rug?
Wallie and Natalie blogs
Um ok GG
Callie_ Wobbles260
Callie_ Wobbles260 - 6 days ago

aslo Me eating a pickle: well i think i lost my appetite
Ariana Monzon
Ariana Monzon - 6 days ago
mobile gaming
mobile gaming - 6 days ago
First time junior taking a shower
um ya
um ya - 8 days ago
This is the first time I have ever seen rug without Gucci or designer
Aaron Vasquez
Aaron Vasquez - 8 days ago
Jay is soo tan lol
NB - 05LA - Folkstone PS (1413)
My fav skittles colour or flavour green orange and yellow!
Lil Reeze
Lil Reeze - 8 days ago
Lil Reeze
Lil Reeze - 8 days ago
wavy Caleb
wavy Caleb - 9 days ago
steve kerr was a good shooter
DRAKE CLAN - 10 days ago
Papa rug did them wrong his butt was to high up
Nathan Bankimbaga élève
if you whant
Nathan Bankimbaga élève
and subscribe
Nathan Bankimbaga élève
please watch my first video please lets get it to 60 views i deleted it by accident it on 52 views please watch it
Jeff Can
Jeff Can - 10 days ago
ITS JAY - 11 days ago
Watch 17:20 I was dying it was so funny🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
JibyVlogsOfficial V2
JibyVlogsOfficial V2 - 14 days ago
If you don't subscribe to : jibyvlogsofficial
Your mom will die in a car accident
krotonic crater
krotonic crater - 14 days ago
11:02 it hurts me when he called it birdie it's a shuttle
Clapped247 - 15 days ago
Yall see JRs tan line holeeee
Patrick Diaz
Patrick Diaz - 16 days ago
CardioFN - 18 days ago
Who’s been a fan before 2019

👇I am gifting my next 30 loyal subscribers
Luis Fernandez
Luis Fernandez - 18 days ago
Man can u send me 30k dallors
Doofus97 - 20 days ago
How to go inside???????????????
lillia diggs
lillia diggs - 20 days ago
10:58 is me anytime i succeed at something
Tius Turitt
Tius Turitt - 22 days ago
puprle skittle
Shameem Fatima
Shameem Fatima - 23 days ago
Good job 👍
lyrics world
lyrics world - 25 days ago
Layzaal Khan
Layzaal Khan - 26 days ago
If I was in the challange I would never leave because it's a dream come true to win 10k
MrPakkmann - 28 days ago
Abe Equiz
Abe Equiz - 29 days ago
That’s kinda weird saying Noah’s hot if your a boyb
Saeed Vlogs
Saeed Vlogs - 29 days ago
Do one more please
Naser Otman
Naser Otman - 29 days ago
i was subscribe for so long!!!!!!
Romelia Garcia
Romelia Garcia - Month ago
Juniors push ups was 6
cocoz _nut
cocoz _nut - Month ago
1:45 they could've dumped in all the skittles😐
Brock Lesnar
Brock Lesnar - Month ago
Yakidon Warren
Yakidon Warren - Month ago
16:37 That was not 4 it was 3 and a half that shouldnt count
Manu Danda
Manu Danda - Month ago
This was my dream. Just great.
Lizhaé Breedt
Lizhaé Breedt - Month ago
Yanal Qutaish
Yanal Qutaish - Month ago
15:54 Really your dieing already i can do BETTER
Btw rug your the best
gloria perez
gloria perez - Month ago
Mbn spending quality time with your dad .🥺😂
Aiden Breining
Aiden Breining - Month ago
I shaved my head bc of quarantine
Aiden Breining
Aiden Breining - Month ago
Orange is the best flavor of everything
Abhinab Bhatta
Abhinab Bhatta - Month ago
this is funny that he ate the expired skittles
Lilah Grace
Lilah Grace - Month ago
Their tan tho😂
Daniel Hawzi
Daniel Hawzi - Month ago
No way rug just ate expired skittles
Prince Adrian
Prince Adrian - Month ago
Try not to vomit 🤮
Tony Salas
Tony Salas - Month ago
rabab m-osman
rabab m-osman - Month ago
my is purple
Dibancat The beast
Dibancat The beast - Month ago
juniors fat af thats why he could only do 4 pushups
Kahzzi - Month ago
Dibancat The beast shut the fuck up
D34DP001 3
D34DP001 3 - Month ago
Who else noticed that there was no host
Silvano Eduardo
Silvano Eduardo - Month ago
Plz raply
Joshua Masters
Joshua Masters - Month ago
not a big fan of skittles lmao
Yenuka Sudusinghe
Yenuka Sudusinghe - Month ago
look at that kids tan line
Anonymous Gamer
Anonymous Gamer - Month ago
Wait....I didint know flour can go expired 😂
Tavion Smith
Tavion Smith - Month ago
Cool Aid
Cool Aid - Month ago
I know I’m late watching this but I don’t realize why they put gross stuff on them because yeah it will make you want to shower BUT over time I feel like I would have to take a shower instead of forcing.
Muhammad Ali
Muhammad Ali - Month ago
faze rug:getting closer
Burhanuddin Nadir
Burhanuddin Nadir - Month ago
Mine is green
En Ng
En Ng - Month ago
Its six
Never Ending Rain
Never Ending Rain - Month ago
love this family
JAYJEET DAS - Month ago
Rug= the best please like my comment
Natalie Larrain
Natalie Larrain - Month ago
ItsXxJeyran_Yt - Month ago
Its all expired, eats skittles 😂😂
Nacho Guy
Nacho Guy - Month ago
I love Papa Rug. Period
Hiren Dakssh Jain
Hiren Dakssh Jain - Month ago
Was i the only one who was staring at their weird tanlines
Ryan Parker
Ryan Parker - Month ago
No I’m late but it’s pretty awesome of papa rug letting junior win
Alex Molina
Alex Molina - Month ago
4push ups I can do 50
Ashikk Biswa
Ashikk Biswa - Month ago
Hi fuck u bich
ronak mankale
ronak mankale - Month ago
Papa rug is so cute man the way he is it’s so great
Jose Baez
Jose Baez - Month ago
Junior head up when doing push ups it’s less wait on your body
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