Jeremiah Lloyd Harmon STUNS With Original Audition Song "Almost Heaven" - American Idol 2019 on ABC

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Robbie - 12 hours ago
I need this song on itunes or spotify please!!
behindtheballfield - 14 hours ago
pretty positive i have watch this at least 100 times
My-Anh Lê
My-Anh Lê - 19 hours ago
To all the people disliking this video: what the hell man
Carlie DelGuzzo
Carlie DelGuzzo - Day ago
If y’all think this is good you should sss him ain’t with LU praise worship group. In my opinion, it shows off his vocals better there than here on idol.
PM Teresa
PM Teresa - Day ago
I've watch this video 3 times. I really love the song, and his voice...
AmauriBR - Day ago
What about the flat in Nashiville? But not for an year ‘cos his carrear is going to fly high very soon! 🚀
Xkrules - Day ago
reminds me of country roads
Kyle Wilk
Kyle Wilk - Day ago
Amazing screw haters
Harry K
Harry K - 2 days ago
He's ok but that's just my opinion maybe write songs for people good luck to him.
Anna Biebs
Anna Biebs - 2 days ago
I can feel the sadness rolling of his voice :'
Azman 77
Azman 77 - 2 days ago
Don’t worry buddy Heaven is a life state not a place so you can find that anytime anywhere
Mia Tyler
Mia Tyler - 2 days ago
So gutted he was voted off Alejandro madison n jerimiah were my fav X
Mia Tyler
Mia Tyler - 2 days ago
Spelt it wrong but ain’t nobody got time for that
Bugsy Siegel
Bugsy Siegel - 2 days ago
The Weasley Family
minymoo97 - 3 days ago
for all of you looking for a way to listen to this on repeat: watch the version on his channel!
Anna Biebs
Anna Biebs - 3 days ago
He said he was gay n the background music is Mystery of Love ( soundtrack of call me by your name). We STANN
jayon101 - 3 days ago
When he was singing I thought of a early Elton John he sounded amazing he really captured the moment 💎💖
Alexis FX
Alexis FX - 3 days ago
So who wins

I’m joking don’t spoil I’m not done with the season
guxt65 - 3 days ago
He should have won. Period.
iidafh aild
iidafh aild - 3 days ago
But can he sing a song highway to hell?
Daniel Windham
Daniel Windham - 3 days ago
You are lyrically gifted as well as musically talented. We aren’t here to condemn but to love and uplift one another.
Jude Villeta
Jude Villeta - 4 days ago
Ughhhhh one of the best voices
Kim Belden
Kim Belden - 4 days ago
I can't believe he was voted off.
Ann George
Ann George - 5 days ago
Still pissed that.. they let him go
Benjamin Salhany
Benjamin Salhany - 5 days ago
Well written song, great lyrics and vibe, bad vocals
Jonathan Woo
Jonathan Woo - 5 days ago
This season could have been so special because of two "soul"ful musicians, Jeremiah and Alejandro. But they made a terrible mistake. What a loss for both the show and people wanting to see something special.
TrinkaD - 5 days ago
I'm 1000% convinced they sent him home because he was the biggest threat to Alejandro. These judges know exactly who THEY want to win, and they do whatever they can to get what they want.
Chuck 21
Chuck 21 - 5 days ago
We miss you Jeremiah! We listened to your single, Love Again, on Spotify and it is so good.
Frances Oconnor
Frances Oconnor - 6 days ago
I knew that the judges shouldn't of saved Lacy because she got booted off on Mothers Day.
Daniel Talis
Daniel Talis - 6 days ago
his debut album is coming. this masterpiece on Spotify soon
Matthew Little
Matthew Little - Day ago
can’t wait , he deserves it
dogroferifno - 6 days ago
Everyone of his performances went downhill after this one be honest well he is a really good singer he didn’t have what it takes to win
Mikenna DeBruin
Mikenna DeBruin - 6 days ago
This song reminds me so much of Troye Sivan’s “Heaven.” So beautiful.
John Chipman
John Chipman - 6 days ago
how did he lose? he was one of the few that had an original sound, proof the show is fixed!! I am sure he will be o.k. without the puppet show holding him back! love ya Jeremiah!
Michael Barone
Michael Barone - 6 days ago
someone must of hacked the results! He is amazing!
Paul Mulryne
Paul Mulryne - 6 days ago
Don't even watch AM. Dienloaded
Dejun Fajriady
Dejun Fajriady - 6 days ago
Robert Walker
Robert Walker - 7 days ago
mary kris gay Ruiz
mary kris gay Ruiz - 7 days ago
I cant believe it that he didnt make it to top 5...😭😭😭 he is really good, so sincere when he sings.. and that original song, surely touches every soul who listens to it. God bless you jeremiah 🤗🤗
Angela F
Angela F - 7 days ago
I am so pissed because he's gone!! HE SHOULD have WON!!😖
Cullen Cirillo
Cullen Cirillo - 7 days ago
The story is great.. how it all sounds from the way American idol makes it out to be seems so fake. Be your self bud.
zashi07 Zashi
zashi07 Zashi - 7 days ago
I just love katey perry.shes the only reason i watch american idol.
Annabelle Nakar
Annabelle Nakar - 8 days ago
I love you Jeremiah, You are very talented and gifted you are bless, God loves you very much and I think our father in Heaven wants you to be happy. Only God knows your heart . I will wait for your CD's and concerts . My idol forever. . I know you are going places . More power to you Jeremiah.
bigal25938 - 8 days ago
Jeremiah was not unique enough. Sounds like too many other singers.
neng_atcha - 8 days ago
Why am I crying watching this? He's seriously good..
Sally Robbins
Sally Robbins - 8 days ago
What a blessing to this world 🌎 you are Jeremiah!!!
Meg Byers
Meg Byers - 8 days ago
He’s better off, now Jeremiah can make it without having to be tied to American Idol. Great start to discovery of this amazing Talent!!!
handsome dan
handsome dan - 8 days ago
He’s ginger, what did y’all expect?
M V - 8 days ago
Him not winning is definitely a message for all of us out there who deserve the best.. Hold on like he did.. The best is yet to come
Taaquan Jackson
Taaquan Jackson - 8 days ago
He is friend with my Music teacher
Rianna Ragoo
Rianna Ragoo - 8 days ago
He is a pure star
melodi morgan
melodi morgan - 9 days ago
Noooooo....whyyyyy?.....what's wrong with you america??😢
red zone
red zone - 9 days ago
The Judges is suckkkkkkkk.....😈😈😈
Elizabeth L
Elizabeth L - 9 days ago
Carol Lamb
Carol Lamb - 9 days ago
Love this guy, but with hindsight I wonder if his upbringing will hinder his opportunity to reach the audience his voice and music deserves. He sings a lot of ballads which tie, but on the other side, this version of landslide is just epic. However he needs to widen his range to appeal to a wider audience. Can’t deny his talent and he needs to break free. Listened to another version of him singing landslide on youtube, had something missing from this performance. Early days for him and I wish him all the luck in the world bye has an incredible voice that the world needs to hear
Jory Porteous
Jory Porteous - 9 days ago
How is he not famous yet, and how is this not already a hit single? The guy's voice was amazing and the song was great easy to follow, great lyrics, and a great hook.
azumi empress
azumi empress - 9 days ago
he is a champion forever
Noah H
Noah H - 9 days ago
LOL I can’t believe people think god really cares if a guy likes another guy. What a whole other level of stupidity. I grew up listening to that shit and knew it was bullshit all on my own lol
Anna Beatriz Rabazallo
Anna Beatriz Rabazallo - 9 days ago
the best audition
JAMES R S - 10 days ago
Idol wont be the same without him, tho i still have some favorites there.
I just comeback to watch all of his performances again. Anyone with me?
David Scholfield
David Scholfield - 10 days ago
You can conform your beliefs to God or conform your god to your beliefs, but one of those options is called idolatry
Alexis Ip
Alexis Ip - 10 days ago
Well i watched this more than 10 times and more to come. So sad to see him voted off ugh. Such a gem ❤️
clmusic47 - 10 days ago
Jeremiah, you were the winner no matter what the judges said. I don't know how they could have voted you off. I'm still so sad. You were the only reason my friends and I kept watching week after week.
Marya Swell
Marya Swell - 10 days ago
What a truly sweet soul. Shame on his family for not supporting this lovely human
seathom play
seathom play - 10 days ago
I loved the song; I'm not a musical expert, but his voice didn't sound as good as his writing. Reminds me of Taylor Swift, in that regard, and I guess she's doing pretty good.
Benjamin Hillman
Benjamin Hillman - 10 days ago
there is absolutely a place for you in heaven but only if you keep the fathers commands and leave behind the homosexual lifestyle still a beautiful song God bless
Vanessa Karepowan
Vanessa Karepowan - 10 days ago
His the next john lennnon
Dale Jayme
Dale Jayme - 11 days ago
Read about Sodom and Gomorrah. Don't miss it.
Evan C
Evan C - 5 days ago
Jonathan Paul amen! So much hypocrisy. If we’re gonna obey the Old Testament, we would be stoning disobedient children to death.
Jonathan Paul
Jonathan Paul - 5 days ago
The Bible also said Gluttony is a sin. Take the Bible's advice and stop judging.
Evan C
Evan C - 9 days ago
Behold, this was the iniquity of thy sister Sodom, pride, fulness of bread, and abundance of idleness was in her and in her daughters, neither did she strengthen the hand of the poor and needy. The only homosexuality mentioned in Sodom and Gamorrah was homosexual rape. Stop being so cold man.
Lekha Mutyala
Lekha Mutyala - 11 days ago
perry's wearing a lionel richie shirt lmao; who else re-visited this youtube vid after harmon's elimination? he is legit phenomenal and is gonna go places for sure
Far North Hobby
Far North Hobby - 11 days ago
Altair76 - 11 days ago
Dayum....And America kicked this GREATNESS off the show!!!??? What the!!??
Lejonet - 11 days ago
That is some masterclass songwriting and singing. Very unique.
sharon hieb
sharon hieb - 11 days ago
Its all a game. He will be back, wait and see. You can tell who they like to win. I really dont want to hear personal story from any of them
steve nelson
steve nelson - 11 days ago
If your a gay thats normal , If your parents are not agree than they sick !
Travis Woods
Travis Woods - 12 days ago
And this is why religion is ridiculous. It makes someone like him feel as though he doesn't belong. You are human and you are part of this world so you belong because you are here.
Nzfilms - 12 days ago
what was the guitar for?
Maclaren Christopher
Maclaren Christopher - 12 days ago
I think he is really good.. Voted out is really fuck up. I will tell you if beatles would have want this song, it would be one of the legendary song today.
Elizabeth Watts
Elizabeth Watts - 12 days ago
How did they save Laci over him?! Seriously.
johnmonk66 - 12 days ago
Wow, what a surprise...lucky they go to everyones job to film them before the show and got this footage..... they must hire thousands of films crews to go do in depth interviews with every one..... funny how all the 'surprise' singers were interviewed before they appeared
Jarvis j
Jarvis j - 12 days ago
When Lionel says " you need to lose the broom my friend" I know exactlyy what he means. Most profound statement of this audition
Sean- E
Sean- E - 12 days ago
Also figures... pks always fd up.. why? Cops kids also
Sean- E
Sean- E - 12 days ago
F a g ..... smh
Dilesh Dias
Dilesh Dias - 12 days ago
Amazing ❤️
grey chapin
grey chapin - 12 days ago
the winner of american idol.
Fausto Imberti
Fausto Imberti - 12 days ago
A Gift for the World this guy 😭😭😭♥️♥️♥️🙏🙏🙏
Karen Bayer
Karen Bayer - 13 days ago
I cannot believe they picked Lacey over him.
Peanut - 11 days ago
Yep, unbelievable
J - 13 days ago
so that i can't see anyone has said it...thank god he can sing cause he is a terrible janitor. his mopping skills are the worst
ima piledriver
ima piledriver - 13 days ago
Austin Pietrak
Austin Pietrak - 13 days ago
D S - 13 days ago
In my opinion God creates love, so loving someone (no matter the sexuality) is never wrong, how can we question Gods creation? (if we believe)
streetsounds electro
streetsounds electro - 13 days ago
Erm, I've just read jeramiah has been booted out of this show!!!! It's a big fix, he was just to good and the American public must be deaf
Edward Gomez
Edward Gomez - 5 days ago
They fucking thought the mediocre singer Alejandro was better like wtffffff
Peanut - 11 days ago
Lucca - 14 days ago
Ary Witjaksono
Ary Witjaksono - 14 days ago
No more American Idol......Suck Judges
Bryce Krampert
Bryce Krampert - 14 days ago
anyone else watching after he got eliminated and crying
Kya Han(ST)
Kya Han(ST) - 14 days ago
They really played my mans last night....he should've made it through :(
Kc Weber
Kc Weber - 14 days ago
This is quite sad seeing this again, I had my hopes so high, but yeah, I’m looking forward still to what the future holds for you. Soar high Jeremiah. 🌈
Puthinatorz 30196
Puthinatorz 30196 - 14 days ago
came back to watch this video after he got robbed. God, I am crying again 😭😭😭😭
KILLER THOR - 14 days ago
Why i am watching it daily AM i addicted 🤔
okayy elena
okayy elena - 14 days ago
anyone else here after seeing he being let go 😓
KevinKnox Playlist
KevinKnox Playlist - 14 days ago
How tf did this guy get voted off? Not enough millenial voters and the judges are on drugs
Angie Rucker
Angie Rucker - 14 days ago
He always sings ballads/slow songs
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