Took My Uber Driver on a Date (pt2)

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Yeplayaisaiah 0229
Yeplayaisaiah 0229 - 9 hours ago
Me: I wonder when swoozie is going to make a new video?
100000000 years later: swoozie has uploaded
Yassen Kolev
Yassen Kolev - 15 hours ago
What happened to Call of Duty booty girl
Hakeem Ricardo
Hakeem Ricardo - Day ago
Apex>FN godd try tho swoozie
I'M SO BOREDDD UGHHH - 2 days ago
I don’t like Uber because since I do trust people, I don’t trust Uber people especially when it’s men.
Dino JULIOPOOH - 2 days ago
I love u
Lucas Jordan
Lucas Jordan - 3 days ago
They probably got the cars from selling black slaves which isn't cool
Dannotation - 3 days ago
You see why I am the one?
Kenya Lovell
Kenya Lovell - 3 days ago
it's me hoes
it's me hoes - 4 days ago
U should do another part omggg
Mentoristic Leaf
Mentoristic Leaf - 5 days ago
~~~~R.I.P Blockbuster (if you dint know a lot if block busters got shut down)~~~~
Jumping Tuna
Jumping Tuna - 5 days ago
The whole situation screams sketchy to me. You made the right move.
Damjan Plays
Damjan Plays - 5 days ago
Adande got out of banging 20 girls xD
denim jones
denim jones - 5 days ago
yoo og
bigmaxcc - 6 days ago
Sounds you got finessed
Kaesi'sJourney •
Kaesi'sJourney • - 6 days ago
In the criminal justice system, sexually based crimes are considered especially heinous, in NYC the dedicated detectives that investigate these vicious felonies are members of an elite squad known as the Special Victims Unit, these are their stories

Esther Diaz
Esther Diaz - 6 days ago
This lady is an amateur, obviously she didn't look into swoozie because all she had to do was hand over "War and Peace" by Leo Tolstoy. But I'm glad she doesn't do her homework because I can look forward to more videos :)
Abel Gonzalez
Abel Gonzalez - 6 days ago
Bruh for sure human traffickers. Swoop they were bout to take ur lungs fam
crazyify 12
crazyify 12 - 7 days ago
(Zat is my wife) top ten anime betrayals
Nicholas Pdx
Nicholas Pdx - 7 days ago
Marcos Jimenez
Marcos Jimenez - 7 days ago
Dark Wolf
Dark Wolf - 8 days ago
Guys who smoke cigarettes is a turn off as well.
Life of a ROBLOX roleplayer
Wes Chan
Wes Chan - 8 days ago
Not today Satan!!!
Shadowsong - 8 days ago
Moral of the story: DON'T DRINK SOMETHING YOU HAVEN'T SEEN BEING POURED YOURSELF and DON'T GO INTO STRANGERS' CARS ! That's how swoozie avoided real trouble right here
LPSRainbowFez - 8 days ago
But what was the address? Was it a house or like an abandoned building or something?
mrosepapii - 6 days ago
He should've screenshoted it and went to the police
The failure
The failure - 8 days ago
I got an Uber add 🤨
Lil_Squid - 8 days ago
Who thought the beginning was an ad
Nick Luna
Nick Luna - 9 days ago
I just wanna know her instagram 😭
Space Unicorn
Space Unicorn - 9 days ago
“Not today satan”
Sosiska killer
Sosiska killer - 9 days ago
Пхпхпххе, тебе повезло , интересно а что было бы если бы ты все таки поехал ? , Тебя бы правда на органы пустили? , или они устроили там вечеринку, а на следующий день ты был в лесу полуголый :3
Manaal Siddiqui
Manaal Siddiqui - 9 days ago
I was seriously spooked to death! This was clearly either an orgy gone wild or at worst Human trafficking. Guys partying and all is fun, but if u don’t know someone, don’t let peer pressure get the best of you! Also don’t drink something that you haven’t seen poured out in front of you. Swoozie man u need to report these people to the police or Uber or whatever. Dunno how many victims they’ve had or could have!
Italian stalion
Italian stalion - 9 days ago
Do you have a license ?
lenin moon
lenin moon - 9 days ago
Lol get out!!!
Jon Haba
Jon Haba - 9 days ago
I think you should have went by the address to see what it was about
angel88 - 6 days ago
Black survival instinct would never allow me to engage in such foolishness. If it feels off avoid it.
Micky Lang
Micky Lang - 9 days ago
Bro this was human trafficking. Legit
DeathToBoredom - 9 days ago
So... Anyone gonna call the cops to investigate on Justine and her comrades of rich AF traffickers?
Meme Man
Meme Man - 10 days ago
This could’ve turned into Get Out

P.S Can anybody tell me if the ending to the video was a reference to Get Out
Robert Stevens
Robert Stevens - 12 days ago
Swoozie the Uberman mans only dates Uber drivers.
ChikoMontez Xsherijatauna
Brave to take an Uber to escape them
They probably know where you are but just waiting👀
Llouvakates Mantua
Llouvakates Mantua - 13 days ago
Christian hotline 😂
D L - 13 days ago
Dodged an orgy 😂
Quinton Brown
Quinton Brown - 14 days ago
ՏաԾՀՀɿȝ ԳԾɿՌԳ ɿՌ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
MarkDaSavage 222
MarkDaSavage 222 - 14 days ago
Why do I feel like they were gonna have a big orgy at that house?
Jonathan Louey
Jonathan Louey - 14 days ago
The fact that swoozie turned the te video from scary to joyful, and publish it to YouTube like it's a normal thing to have surprises me! Swoozie you dodged a bullet
HairMak - 16 days ago
I am not the one morpheus! Lmao
Liana H
Liana H - 16 days ago
omg is this finna be an orgy
Andre Alvarez
Andre Alvarez - 17 days ago
I would have been like yeet bitch
Abdullah EL Tawel
Abdullah EL Tawel - 17 days ago
Do u actually drink??
w0W3s - 17 days ago
The plant was probably the MVP of the club
Luke Farnham
Luke Farnham - 18 days ago
He was gonna get robbed
Bing Nova
Bing Nova - 18 days ago
Oml dude I love you videos XD
Highlight of my day
Femi - 19 days ago
sWooZie fan discord chat
ALONSZO Villar - 19 days ago
0:29 that's the girl from block busters
Lbpc2 2
Lbpc2 2 - 19 days ago
Does anyone else still use taxis?
Hector Hernandez
Hector Hernandez - 19 days ago
Bruhhh they was trynna flipp!!!
Sonja Dögg Ólafsdóttir
Im getting a card.
Boyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy fuck yeh
ida broeng
ida broeng - 19 days ago
Need some likes
Mini Ju ju
Mini Ju ju - 19 days ago
For a minute when he said core I actually thought that was a car brand
Pop Corn
Pop Corn - 20 days ago
Sky Aranda
Sky Aranda - 20 days ago
Smartest rule ever to not drink drinks that you didn't see get poured from the bottle, you neeeever know
"Smells like roofies to me" (scary but hilarious) lmao!😂
Joshua Spath
Joshua Spath - 20 days ago
This had human trafficking written all over it.
Jim - 20 days ago
How Do I GET this story about MORRISSEY to you? Youll love this!
Sean Jacobson
Sean Jacobson - 21 day ago
This video made me uncomfortable
Banana Man
Banana Man - 21 day ago
My Theory:
They were getting you drunk to take you back without trouble or any thought and would sell you and that’s how they had all that money, and if she had all those friends how would she be lonely which was her reason of doing uber
ScorpioChild - 21 day ago
Wow crazier story than part 1! However I think part 1 was a much better experience than the Uber driver u dated in part 2. Yeah that’s creepy & glad u used common sense!
Olivia Terra
Olivia Terra - 21 day ago
The real question is... Did he get 0 stars on Uber?
KaptainBasketball - 21 day ago
William Robertson
William Robertson - 22 days ago
Bruh you think a bunch of super drunk girls having a house party is sus? U weird
Purple gamer
Purple gamer - 20 days ago
William Robertson yeah when ya kidneys gone don’t say nun
WARHEAD 25 - 22 days ago
5:12 is that Eminem?? 😂😂
Emelia - 22 days ago
Hey my moms the head pastry chef at Nickel Diner- thanks for the shout out
01man01truck - 22 days ago
Good call, man. Shit sounds creepy af
Yusef Stewart
Yusef Stewart - 22 days ago
How is that plant still alive!
Yusef Stewart
Yusef Stewart - 22 days ago
That plant is gonna get fucked up
Yusef Stewart
Yusef Stewart - 22 days ago
Swoozie has a bad experience with liquor. This is why he didn't drink i think😂😂
Nizelle Balingit
Nizelle Balingit - 22 days ago
Am i the only one still wondering why swoozie doesnt have a million followers on twitter
Jah Singh
Jah Singh - 22 days ago
100% An Orgy
truevpcool - 22 days ago
“Nope, nope, no. No alcohol for me this is the Christian hotline byyyee” 😂
*poors it in planet and goes back to the dance floor*
Elijah Lieu
Elijah Lieu - 22 days ago
I was so curious of what was bout 2 go down
Mary Hope
Mary Hope - 23 days ago
OathAndOblvion - 23 days ago
I thought it was going to be an orgy
Lexi Love
Lexi Love - 23 days ago
I laughed my ass off omfg. 😂😂😂😂 They were def suspect I’m glad you left before hand.
La Maravilla R
La Maravilla R - 24 days ago
They try to get you to get you to go an illuminati party 😂😂😂
Suisen - 24 days ago
I’m so curious as to what they were doing
maxwell brodersen
maxwell brodersen - 24 days ago
You sure it was a cigarette it was prob weed tbh
Stingz - 24 days ago
I wanna be in a orgy too
MissAllie0717 - 24 days ago
Tbh I think I would have just asked the husband to take me back home
Rhys Lewis Webb
Rhys Lewis Webb - 24 days ago
Why do I get the feeling this guy over exaggerates everything to the point it’s not true
Tabitha Howard
Tabitha Howard - 24 days ago
Oh Adande😏😏
Marko Bencik
Marko Bencik - 24 days ago
MVP: Plant
Sentry COD
Sentry COD - 24 days ago
Fuck this shit I'm out no thanks ✌🏽
Lamphrey James
Lamphrey James - 24 days ago
Marcelle B.
Marcelle B. - 25 days ago
Wise man
Kai Sea
Kai Sea - 25 days ago
7:55 NOW you're suspicious?? NOW?????
Lit Ruffintuff
Lit Ruffintuff - 25 days ago
Think Justine was escort aka prostitute
Esaias Snipe
Esaias Snipe - 25 days ago
So uhh, yeah I don't wanna know the timeline where swoozie hopped in that car, but in that timeline this video wouldn't be here.
Bry Zuniga
Bry Zuniga - 25 days ago
Your smart swoozie!! 😊😊😎
Leonardo Da vinci
Leonardo Da vinci - 25 days ago
Adonde, call the cops
CCB Live
CCB Live - 25 days ago
it was gonna be an orgy 😂
Carlos de la torre
Carlos de la torre - 25 days ago
Legit thought the same results
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