Ronald McDonald vs The Burger King. Epic Rap Battles of History

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Mr. CARMINE - 37 seconds ago
Agent Smith vs Agent Phil Coulsen
I have been asking for years. 🤨
Ryleah Hall
Ryleah Hall - Minute ago
*Harvey Weinstein*
*Chris Hansen*
Wint3rmint / Yung Mint
Wint3rmint / Yung Mint - 3 minutes ago
Keanu Reeves vs Josh Brolin (Thanos)
Oblivion - 4 minutes ago
Ed edd and eddy bs the three stooges
Monia Mohammed
Monia Mohammed - 4 minutes ago
Darkside (from DC)vs Thanos ( from Marvel)
ht3oldnavy - 6 minutes ago
raymond reddington and dembe vs frank underwood and doug stamper
Bits of Pulp
Bits of Pulp - 7 minutes ago
Five Guys. Five Guys won.
Fiiiiiive Guuuuys. Yum. Eat Fresh. We have the meats. It's way better than fast food. I'm lovin' it. Have it your way.
PokeTrener Ruski
PokeTrener Ruski - 7 minutes ago
i have one idea, personification of countries: Poland, Lithuania and Russia vs. Great Britain, France and Germany
serhat sural
serhat sural - 10 minutes ago
How about ghost face vs jason voorhees and maybe have michael myers in there
Spuddles - 12 minutes ago
Daenerys Targaryen vs Spartacus
Jay East
Jay East - 16 minutes ago
Erb Voice Over guy VS DBZ Voice Over Guy!!!
Axel Westdahl
Axel Westdahl - 17 minutes ago
Phineas and Ferb V.S. Rick and Morty
BURBUS BURBUS - 17 minutes ago
Coke to your Pepsi
Mac to Android
Trust nobody, not even yourself
D.J sammmy official
D.J sammmy official - 23 minutes ago
Eminem vs m&m
TackThe Gamer
TackThe Gamer - 23 minutes ago
Wendy’s won but if she didn’t join in I would say it’s a tie
Carl’s juniors left the chat
Denise Gruber
Denise Gruber - 27 minutes ago
You go @Wendy's 😂😂😂❤️
Dicaru 007
Dicaru 007 - 27 minutes ago
Wendy's doesnt keep their meat fresh and their chili isnt fresh...they just use an oven to heat it up
The only thing good about McDonald's is their Nuggets
And Burger King is just......there for no reason.....
Imma head to Chik Fil A instead
killer birdgamer
killer birdgamer - 27 minutes ago
Wendy Destroy them completely #mother mood
Jonathan Davila
Jonathan Davila - 27 minutes ago
Pepsi vs Coke
D.J sammmy official
D.J sammmy official - 28 minutes ago
Can you make pennywise the dancing clown vs the joker
Animal Lover
Animal Lover - 30 minutes ago
Wendy won in my opinion
casper bruynoghe
casper bruynoghe - 35 minutes ago
ERB VS eminem
David Blancarte
David Blancarte - 35 minutes ago
Jack Box woulda bodied these clowns
Gray Catbird
Gray Catbird - 37 minutes ago
I keep coming back to this one
MiHanLin1 - 43 minutes ago
Southpark VS. Family Guy interrupted by Rick and Morty
MIB VS. Rick and Morty
Doc Brown and Marty VS. Rick and Morty
Rick VS. Morty interrupted by Rick and Morty fan who they both turn on and destroy
HBANIKOS1 - 43 minutes ago
Ronald won because of the burger king foot lettuce reference
Ivaylo Rusinov
Ivaylo Rusinov - 43 minutes ago
I'm eating KFC while watching this
Miles Johnson
Miles Johnson - 44 minutes ago
Wendy won
Jeremy Casellini
Jeremy Casellini - 45 minutes ago
After Wendy, I was half expecting some White Castle and Whataburger characters... Subway vs Pita Pit, Taco Bell vs Del Taco, Taco Time, etc. Dunkin' Donuts vs Krispy Kreme. Colonel Sanders vs Pop-Eye's... then Chic-Fil-A busts in... hello? IHOP vs Denny's vs Waffle House... I can keep going.
Potato - 49 minutes ago
number 15, Burger King foot lettuce. The last thing you want in your Burger King burger is someone’s foot-fungus but as it turns out, that might be what you get.
BlueForte - 52 minutes ago
I'm siding with the redhead
Anthony Gonzalez
Anthony Gonzalez - 53 minutes ago
Jordan vs lebron
Anthony Gonzalez
Anthony Gonzalez - 54 minutes ago
Spongebob vs Mickey Mouse 🤷🏽‍♂️
Chris Gatton
Chris Gatton - 55 minutes ago
"...I'm Nice Peter and you're Epic Lloyd." Harsh, lol.
BurningFox - 56 minutes ago
I expected Taco Bell, not Wendy’s to show up
brabbit - Hour ago
Dr. Phil vs Dr. Dre
Ryan Gottlieb
Ryan Gottlieb - Hour ago
Wendy won
Srash - Hour ago
HP Lovecraft versus JK Rowling
That Guy
That Guy - Hour ago
#ERB Marco Polo vs Christopher Columbus
Ruthyan - Hour ago
Finally something worth to listen 683482times a day! They re baaaack
The Ultimate YouTuber
Hold the fuck up, did they just make a joke saying Android is worse than Mac? We all know it's the opposite
Liam Taylor
Liam Taylor - Hour ago
0:49 Does that mean Burger King is incredible and Ronald McDonald is an expensive rip off?
Miki - 04
Miki - 04 - Hour ago
Who else hoped for Colonel Sanders to come in at the end and destroy them all?
Sophie langan
Sophie langan - Hour ago
wendy hasn't gone international, so she's already lost, sorry
Mr JLexify /nicknorth123
Solid snake vs ninja gaiden
Ashanti Latham
Ashanti Latham - Hour ago
What the hell Wendy’s came from out of no where 🤷🏾‍♀️🤷🏾‍♀️🤷🏾‍♀️
M E - Hour ago
Eminem vs m&m
Joseph TH3 SUNGOD #
Joseph TH3 SUNGOD # - Hour ago
John wick vs Jason bourne
Joanna Olsen
Joanna Olsen - Hour ago
Dean and Sam Winchester vs BuzzFeed Unsolved (Shane and Ryan)
William Chandler
William Chandler - Hour ago
Wendy's won man
Sly Fox
Sly Fox - Hour ago
well both of them just got SERVED BY WENDY'S lol
Mascas - Hour ago
When you dont even have a Wendys in your country
Jacob Bryant
Jacob Bryant - Hour ago
Wendy definitely
shlok chaudhari
shlok chaudhari - Hour ago
Some one suggest a match up with one punch man
Godzillafan205 - Hour ago
Bob Ross v.s. Van Gogh
Cheddar Offical
Cheddar Offical - Hour ago
simo hayha VS stalin
nawal __
nawal __ - Hour ago
What about kfc vs wendey
Wild Card Willy
Wild Card Willy - Hour ago
Pls do Keanu Reeves vs. Matt Daman
Nathan Ahnemann
Nathan Ahnemann - Hour ago
I have to disagree with wendy mcgriddles are good lol but yeah she still won bc roast ppl online
Carson Dunn
Carson Dunn - Hour ago
Homer Simpson vs Peter Griffin
TylerDaMan 1
TylerDaMan 1 - Hour ago
Preach Wendy’s
nawal __
nawal __ - Hour ago
What about kfc vs wendey
Nix - Hour ago
I legit think that the announcer is a rooster who learns how to talk.
Nickolus Lynn
Nickolus Lynn - Hour ago
I think the people would love to see a Stewie Griffin vs. Eric Cartman video. Can you pull it off?
Capt. Jack Fan
Capt. Jack Fan - Hour ago
Jacksfilms VS Jenna marbles or pewdiepie
Davis Farley
Davis Farley - Hour ago
You should do Aragorn Legolas and gimli from lord of the rings vs like leia and Han from star wars
SIR NAM - Hour ago
Rick Sanchez vs doctor who!!!!!!
Amir Javan
Amir Javan - Hour ago

Ronaldo VS Messi
Amir Javan
Amir Javan - Hour ago

Ronaldo VS Messi
Christopher Brown
Christopher Brown - Hour ago
Wendy smoked em
Kyle Hill
Kyle Hill - 2 hours ago
Wenddy Won withe The King comeing in secound n_n .
How about Jackie Chan Vs. Chow Yun-fat?
Sara Emily
Sara Emily - 2 hours ago
Wendy's came in at the ninth hour and stole the show.
Jack Ward
Jack Ward - 2 hours ago
A beatbox battle between Jason Voorhees and Michael Myers
NathanAlmighty - 2 hours ago
Very nice rap battle. But the addition of wendys. was. so. ASS.
Faith Warehime
Faith Warehime - 2 hours ago
What abt Chick-fli-A?
Billy Billy
Billy Billy - 2 hours ago
Don’t look Me up
Don’t look Me up - 2 hours ago
this beat was one of their best
Cristian doodle
Cristian doodle - 2 hours ago
It will be even funnier if it was ronald McDonald from rackracka😂😂😂
Joshua Burgess
Joshua Burgess - 2 hours ago
Wendy's for the win
G.U.N Eaze
G.U.N Eaze - 2 hours ago
In every rap battle you find the word I’M
Sabrina Savage
Sabrina Savage - 2 hours ago
You know a minute into this I was thinking "Man they should have Wendy in here." I was not disappointed.
Weasel of War
Weasel of War - 2 hours ago
We need Keanu Reeves v Liam Neeson. Thanks.
Lucian CHARLES - 2 hours ago
Hisoka (HxH) vs Dio (Jojo's), that might be interesting ✌
AirborneX - 2 hours ago
Wendys is the new apple Bs
SCWELL - 2 hours ago
Ronald winner
Oliver C.
Oliver C. - 2 hours ago
Louis XIV vs. Henry VIII? :D
Albert 97
Albert 97 - 2 hours ago
You can be the queen Wendy's but you forget one point : you was created in U.S.A not United Kingdom
Your fast food better gave a high five to guy' so its not taste enough fast food from Barack Obama 👨🏾‍💼🇺🇸⭐
Dave Carl
Dave Carl - 2 hours ago
ERB sucks now....thank you corporations for scerwing things up....
Francisco Cardoso
Francisco Cardoso - 2 hours ago
Aguante las hamburguesas de la abuela perroooo
AestishPride - 2 hours ago
The only "good" and real Ronald is RackaRacka Ronald, not this poor boy 😉
mattwo7 - 2 hours ago
Hatsune Miku vs Gorillaz
Hampton & The Hamsters vs Gummibär
Hampton & The Hamsters vs Alvin and the Chipmunks
Allangard De Griss
Allangard De Griss - 2 hours ago
I liked the Cheeto fry things
The joshua Project
The joshua Project - 2 hours ago
The King wins every time.
Darth Motherfucker
Darth Motherfucker - 2 hours ago
The fries from McDonald's are so good or should i say the salt is
Kayla Wilson
Kayla Wilson - 2 hours ago
Selene Lunaris Tsukinonaku
Good Going Wendy... That was priceless 😂😂😂
Daniel Nunya Bidnezz
Daniel Nunya Bidnezz - 2 hours ago
Yeah... Wendy stomped 'em... just like it does every day. :-)
Also... she's hot.
Edward Javemi
Edward Javemi - 2 hours ago
H...Holy shit.
vino marcello
vino marcello - 2 hours ago
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