Ronald McDonald vs The Burger King. Epic Rap Battles of History

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RJ MASTER BLASTERS - 33 minutes ago
Wendy rap was just as just garbage as those two!
Tim Skarin
Tim Skarin - Hour ago
Landkrabben - Hour ago
Lloyd truly have some Epic facial expressions for his characters. Top 3 for me is Thomas Edison, The Burger King and Theodore Roosevelt.
Ms.chomps - Hour ago
The king is like the king from cards
Seven Ellen
Seven Ellen - Hour ago
It's a draw!
Mr Saviga127
Mr Saviga127 - 2 hours ago
Am I the only one that thinks Ronald mcdonald won
CBP Main
CBP Main - 3 hours ago
Finn n jake vs shaggy n scooby doo
Fuhad Fahim
Fuhad Fahim - 4 hours ago
i'm fast food eminem
u r machine gun kelly... nailled it 😅😅
Charles Roberts
Charles Roberts - 4 hours ago
The look of "Oh shit" in Ronald's and BK's faces when they heard Wendy's voice was PRECIOUS. (and that's MY rap)
Seraphim Valkyrin
Seraphim Valkyrin - 5 hours ago
It's funny that he uses the mac vs android dis as android is actually a more popular platform lol.
Román Galindo Garcia
Román Galindo Garcia - 5 hours ago
If only the colonel would jump in and make the rest eat shit
Dylan Bartlett
Dylan Bartlett - 6 hours ago
pls kfc
Ben Hughes
Ben Hughes - 7 hours ago
Nobody had nothing to say to Wendy.
purplecow Sparkles
purplecow Sparkles - 7 hours ago
Captain marvel vs Supergirl
Sps ke sath time pass
Sps ke sath time pass - 7 hours ago
This is a great idea for viewers ....what's your thinking....?,🤔🤔🤔
Sps ke sath time pass
Sps ke sath time pass - 8 hours ago
Thor vs iron man.....that is a great idea
CARZILLA - 8 hours ago
In & Out won
Sps ke sath time pass
Sps ke sath time pass - 8 hours ago
Messi and ronaldo......
Csgo vs pubg
Lettuce meme
Lettuce meme - 8 hours ago
So uh Chik Fil A or Popeyes sandwich?
William Ryan
William Ryan - 8 hours ago
Jeff Bezos vs Lex Luther!
megabyte22 - 8 hours ago
Wendy's won
monu srivastava
monu srivastava - 9 hours ago
ERB Please making video rap between Narendra Modi (India) Vs. Imran Khan (Pakistan).
Duncan Van Ooyen
Duncan Van Ooyen - 9 hours ago
Between the 3, I'd pick Wendy's 9/10 times. The 1 other time is McDonald's double hamburgers. Fuck Burger King.
Creepy Creeper
Creepy Creeper - 9 hours ago
Speaking of Chucky Cheese:
Who’s for a Chucky cheese vs Freddy fazbear Rap Battle?
Tony Barnes
Tony Barnes - 9 hours ago
the beat was fire asf🔥🔥
Trevor Miracle
Trevor Miracle - 10 hours ago
i think its a toss up between wendys and the burger king because even after she dissed him pay attention he is laughing while she is roasting ronald plus he was instantly oh shit faced when he heard her voice
BigIceDog - 10 hours ago
Wendy's is overrated
Frank - 10 hours ago
Steal the soap ! Steal the soap ! STEAL THE FUCKING SOAP !
Noob Sandwich
Noob Sandwich - 10 hours ago
EnforcerTV - 11 hours ago
Kfc colonel vs golden chick
esther D
esther D - 12 hours ago
Come on Wendy's took that
Alyssa Miller
Alyssa Miller - 12 hours ago
If Wendy spoke to me like that to me I would shit my pants
rageaholic2x42 - 12 hours ago
Wendies won
Andrew Greenough
Andrew Greenough - 12 hours ago
"Lets be honest i'm NicePeter and you're EPICLLOYD" so awkward after he said that...
Gabriel Rodgers
Gabriel Rodgers - 12 hours ago
You spooky ass clown!
Easily best line ever
AyeJay90 - 12 hours ago
I was hoping for that card set: McDonald’s (Joker/clown), Burger King, Dairy Queen, Jack in the Box
Adam Lassiter
Adam Lassiter - 13 hours ago
King won, wendy dropped the ball with her weak ass licks. Just like her food none of that shit will be missed
Daniel Gertler
Daniel Gertler - 13 hours ago
Where's the beef?
Tenacitybrit - 13 hours ago
The KFC colonel should have come in and dropped all three of them
Makkoito - 13 hours ago
i missed him, too
Jean Carlo Rodrigues Piccardi
Big Mac, no more to say.
x JACCUZI x - 14 hours ago
Lol love it.
Richard  Moss
Richard Moss - 14 hours ago
Just saying I've been asking for Ronald McDonald vs Pennywise the clown since season one....
Lep Shifflett
Lep Shifflett - 14 hours ago
Taco bell won
Dakota Comba
Dakota Comba - 15 hours ago
Wendy burned them both holy fuck hahahaha
Rylan Malis
Rylan Malis - 15 hours ago
"I'm NicePeter, you're EpicLloyd!"
Savage meta-rapping bringing in the actual rappers identities.
batling brothers 7218
batling brothers 7218 - 15 hours ago
I think Wendy won she roasted them
joecal97 - 15 hours ago
As per usual, Wendy's wins on the internet.
Jose Portillo
Jose Portillo - 17 hours ago
whoisbotsman - 17 hours ago
Wendy killed it 😂
Gary Grima
Gary Grima - 17 hours ago
That nice Peter epic loyd line was unexpected and killed me haha
Moultonlava Gaming
Moultonlava Gaming - 17 hours ago
Epic fail with no jack from jack in the box.
FJD GAMING - 17 hours ago
The list of fast food burgers put nasty ass McDonald burgers at the bottom of the list because they are ass
Doc_Hawk - 18 hours ago
Wendy is my QUEEN
Peace Be Still Gaming
Peace Be Still Gaming - 18 hours ago
Gabriel Iglesias VS ?
Good2 Flazer
Good2 Flazer - 19 hours ago
Now.... Mcdonalds vs Jollibee...
Troy Taylor
Troy Taylor - 19 hours ago
Wendy won.
Francis Ingraham
Francis Ingraham - 19 hours ago
charles xavier V. Obi Wan
Friddle Kids
Friddle Kids - 19 hours ago
Wendy's won
Sam Newman
Sam Newman - 20 hours ago
bob marley vs. snoop dogg
Lil Poppy Hot Ni**a
Lil Poppy Hot Ni**a - 20 hours ago
Try Wendy's vs Jollibee(A Pinoy Built-nationwide fast food, they have good food though)
Biran Ronso
Biran Ronso - 20 hours ago
Wait, who is the girl ?
RAVI POHANI - 20 hours ago
Wendy "fast-food rap queen" always savage as fuck!
Tricia Howard
Tricia Howard - 21 hour ago
Just realized the line "I'm Mac you're Android" is a callback to Jobs vs. Gates. These guys are just too good.
Neeraj Verma
Neeraj Verma - 21 hour ago
Saddam Hussain vs Adolf Hitler
The Collector
The Collector - 21 hour ago
wendy’s rhymes were weak af but their food is good.
mickey d has best fries though!
Koretha King
Koretha King - 21 hour ago
Wendy won by default
Chardot 99780
Chardot 99780 - 21 hour ago
Me:uhh.... Is there a clown here like Ronald? Cuz their toys anyways give me a Lion King toy
Burger King: 0:10
In McDonald
Ron: 0:32
YoutubeYappingMachine - 21 hour ago
Epic Lyoid has the most epic voice. That 'Welcome to the BK Really pumps u with some kind of energy.
The Grey Jedi
The Grey Jedi - 21 hour ago
While Wendy May have won, the real winner is GOOD TIMES.
Kierre Booth
Kierre Booth - 21 hour ago
I love this so so much, but I feel like for The Burger King they should have given him fat ass grills how his big teeth
Andredesignz - 22 hours ago
Tone Jonez has some sick beats!
Caster Troller
Caster Troller - 23 hours ago
Chuck E Cheese Won
O'Neil Chung
O'Neil Chung - Day ago
Wendy's the BOMB!!
Jim Bo
Jim Bo - Day ago
Last wrapper this plastic had a happy meal toy in it
Took me a while to get that one.
ғɪɴɴʏ - Day ago
"Call you Ronald Donald, cause there's no MC in you"
ok well I think we're done here
WanderingAshik - Day ago
Jesus Christ Vs Muhammad
Dalton Wright
Dalton Wright - Day ago
Woh now.. Wendy’s won but when she talked shit about the McGriddles.. that’s just a no go. McDonalds McGriddles are one of the few things they got going for them
zak tedeschi
zak tedeschi - Day ago
@wendys won all the way
Just that guy
Just that guy - Day ago
I say this is definitely the best and then you all outdo yourselves.
Protex Virus
Protex Virus - Day ago
Why does Burger Kind remind me of Macbeth and Shakespeare
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