Ikmal Kasyfi
Ikmal Kasyfi - 28 minutes ago
Can you stream the show dan :(
Pratham Bhise
Pratham Bhise - 28 minutes ago
Dan, can you host a another show which will be digital?
I can't afford to go to the shows as they are far from me.
Make a digital show with unlimited tickets so if anyone wants them, they can buy it and be in the show on the mobile or any device.
This will allow many more people to buy the tickets
Also keep the show the contest thing.
Bob The Destroyer
Bob The Destroyer - 31 minute ago
Damn too late to stop Jon from killing Daenerys and Bran being elected King of the Six Kingdoms
Teyson Hall
Teyson Hall - 31 minute ago
Dantdm the news
MAD Sisters
MAD Sisters - 33 minutes ago
But i live in the US..... 😭😭😭😭😭😭
Mystic55 - 34 minutes ago
RAAHIM AHMED RASHEED - 34 minutes ago
I just woke up and saw this notification so I brought tea just to watch this?

AWESOME!!!see yall at the show
Joking King
Joking King - 35 minutes ago
Wish could go but can't still All The Best to Everyone who is going and if i went I would probably loved to be in the Artican Tribe
XXX Skilzz
XXX Skilzz - 37 minutes ago
Who thinks that Dan should record his tour and live stream it
hEllÓ ThErE!
hEllÓ ThErE! - 37 minutes ago
Dan You Better Play Cod Mobile
XXX Skilzz
XXX Skilzz - 42 minutes ago
I’m so glad I’m coming, Dan I’m a arctican so hopefully I get picked
emjhay Shan
emjhay Shan - 49 minutes ago
Is that it???😕😕😕😕
Yuvi gamer
Yuvi gamer - 50 minutes ago
Please make a video of the progerm
ShinyFennecFox - 53 minutes ago
I would problem is its not in my country...Singapore
Archer Xavier
Archer Xavier - 53 minutes ago
Dan just remade Pokémon Go’s Team Valor, Mystic, and Instinct
Ollie Carson
Ollie Carson - 54 minutes ago
I wish I lived in the U.S 😢
lances.thighs - 38 minutes ago
um he's touring the UK but okay.
Pixel StarLynx
Pixel StarLynx - 56 minutes ago
me:sees vid

also me: *sniff* *sniff* im not crying.....
Tryb - 57 minutes ago
And again i got the dorito add
qwertyuiopasdfghjklzxcvbnm /I can't fit my name
Wow, this looks sick... Wish I lived in the UK and it's way too expensive to go there
Terminator X9000
Terminator X9000 - 59 minutes ago
I thought it's a video game or something. Sorry I can't go I live in Malaysia. Plus we don't have enough money to go UK.
FourscoreShoe - 59 minutes ago
Ok lets be real everybody choosin the blue tribe
Stampyfan16 - Hour ago
You're coming to the USA too... right? I mean, I was barely able to go to the last one, so, uh...
Gaming Galaxy
Gaming Galaxy - Hour ago
You know what guys huh, you know what huh

I don't know too XD
Im kust a random person :p
Doris Capati
Doris Capati - Hour ago
man it not my lucky day im from pilipines and the contest is in england
Ricardo Sabado
Ricardo Sabado - Hour ago
calica lego
calica lego - Hour ago
Is this the running man show
Falcaograve - Hour ago
I am one with the artic tribe
Tiger Electric
Tiger Electric - Hour ago
Aww i can't go my parent's doesn't allow me because it's too far away, we're currently at asia so i couldn't go soz ;c
Ryan Bigguy
Ryan Bigguy - Hour ago
Lol the blacks are fast
G Bauer
G Bauer - Hour ago
Do you mean Team Instinct, Valor, and Mystic? lol
CJ Lopez
CJ Lopez - Hour ago
This reminds me of the whole hype squad in discord kinda feel. But dan is doing it so who cares!
Lenie Flores
Lenie Flores - Hour ago
I will meet you dan when i become a man! I will go to england!!!

When i grow up of course 18 or so
L O N E L Y H E L P - Hour ago
Yo who is this guy??
Doofus 9
Doofus 9 - Hour ago
Amanda Minor
Amanda Minor - Hour ago
I saw anime dance
ciททαмσท ρlαyʑ
Welp, this is why I need to live in England-
Unrivaled - Hour ago
I'm getting Rimuru vibes from the Antartican tribe
Kian Capisen
Kian Capisen - Hour ago
I wish i was nron in england
Khalix Martin
Khalix Martin - Hour ago
What team are you?
I am on the artic tribe
The robotic Meme
The robotic Meme - Hour ago
How is this trending but Mr beast's new video isn't???
alix keep
alix keep - Hour ago
i love you you are the best
alix keep
alix keep - Hour ago
lowe you
Rukmani Wijeratne
Rukmani Wijeratne - Hour ago
cant got exams man
Mr. Potato
Mr. Potato - Hour ago
The outro song is amazing anyone know what the them song name is ❤️❤️
Valerie B
Valerie B - Hour ago
Well i live in phillipine so theres 0 % there gonna say yes for those who coming Ur luky and dantdm is the best youtuber EVAAR
Noah Gibson
Noah Gibson - Hour ago
I wonder if Minecraft Earth will be a part of it?
BigT-rexGaming - Hour ago
Roblox, Minecraft, totally accurate battle simulator, or fortnite
J-Ephraim Sales
J-Ephraim Sales - Hour ago
"I CANT GOOOO!!!!!!"
Laura Rodriguez
Laura Rodriguez - Hour ago
Yay I gotten my own iPhone 7 Plus
Garrett Wojo
Garrett Wojo - Hour ago
Another Dantdm disaster waiting to happen
Elijah - Kun
Elijah - Kun - Hour ago
Thats Rimuru in the thumbnail right?
Jacques Cardine
Jacques Cardine - Hour ago
I should have become a Britain cause this looks fun.
Lyvvy - Hour ago
Okay so while this sounds a cool contest, it's happening in England and I'm in US so I decided not to over-hype myself, so towards the end I read the description..
Yeah Dan really wants us to buy tour tickets, he put the link in twice. xD
SayItToMyFace - Hour ago
When you're in Philippines and wish to go to
"The Contest":
Me: Why do you have to be so far away!!!
SayItToMyFace - 44 minutes ago
+Luis Napo oof, my reason is because my schedule is messed up
Luis Napo
Luis Napo - 54 minutes ago
Yeah I live in the Philippines too And can't go to the contest cause I'm broke
ρ υ я ρ l є ѕ ω є є т ѕ
Wish I could go but my exams are holding me back.
I love you DanTDM!
Riseo - Hour ago
90 percent of the people here are probably no where near England, as am I. :')
Kirby Land
Kirby Land - Hour ago
you should play "The Amazing Frog?" *IT'S AMAZING!!!!*
lol bye
lol bye - Hour ago
Lmao no
Deborah Semidey
Deborah Semidey - Hour ago
So if you don't come this year, come back in 3019!
Rizanne :D
Rizanne :D - Hour ago
I thought he was going to do a brofist at the end but he was just gonna turn off the camera😂
NASH Y LITTLE - Hour ago
Definitely runningman with less detail
CoolsterHD - High Graphic
Ari - Zona And Australia, Im Very Sure You Can Cook At The Outside.
Eric Cartman
Eric Cartman - Hour ago
#5 on trending street
Anime World
Anime World - Hour ago
It is amazing to see how many people from all over the world sees Dan's videos.I got that from the comments saying i can't come because i live far away!
The RedThing
The RedThing - Hour ago
:( but i cant go there
CoolsterHD - High Graphic
Not From England, Im From Indonesia. But Later Im On MY Vacation To Japan. Im Asian, AND I Will Never Wear A Glasses Because They Suck.
Fakey_RL - Hour ago
Noah Naby
Noah Naby - Hour ago
Younngboy_Gamer - Hour ago
Dan play resident evil 7 it's a horror game on pc and ps4
Kayinyt - Hour ago
I wish I can come, but I’m going to Melbourne 😢
WolfyWolf W.I.P
WolfyWolf W.I.P - Hour ago
Also me: *sees where it is*
Once again, me: why do I live on the other side of the world...
Mrkanoboat MKB
Mrkanoboat MKB - Hour ago
Rip I'm. In Indonesia
tressa Morgan
tressa Morgan - Hour ago
Dan use that as your source material for a sequel to your book
Psycho Modz
Psycho Modz - Hour ago
Ohhh yeeeeeeeee
Jordanyan the scrub
Jordanyan the scrub - Hour ago
I wonder if he will be bringing this tour to the U.S. anytime afterward...
AidenF - Hour ago
DaggerX DaggerX
DaggerX DaggerX - Hour ago
I honestly thought he was releasing a video game !😢😢
Cuck-fil-a - Hour ago
is it normal to watch hentai for the plot?
Shadow Tux
Shadow Tux - Hour ago
Haven’t watched you in 3 years and this is in my recommended... why?
Tiffany AJ
Tiffany AJ - Hour ago
If only this was in Malaysia ;-;
Lilly Crowley
Lilly Crowley - Hour ago
I can't go because I don't live in the UK
10,000 subs with no videos
Another vid from someone who refuses to die
Flame-Kitten :3
Flame-Kitten :3 - Hour ago
I can’t travel to the uk (-; I am in USA ;-;
UpsideDown Deku
UpsideDown Deku - Hour ago
Pretty sure there's a show called "Running man" With a similar plot
beyblade gamer cherine bonner 2
What happened to your inposter in real life
Craig Moore
Craig Moore - Hour ago
Selena McMahan
Selena McMahan - Hour ago
ok 2 things that i hope will come out of this #1 a youtube red movie of the entire show #2 he comes to america again
-love from america
Bobby Joe
Bobby Joe - Hour ago
Omg can't go sad I'm in Canada 100% my parents say no (and we're kinda poor)
Everyone is gunna pick the wolf tribe o know it
EnzoGamingPlays - Roblox games!
Come to the philippines!
oreodactyl - Hour ago
I clicked on the video and instantly got a feeling I would somehow be disappointed it looks too awesome(*sniff*) can't go :c
meena kandlakuti
meena kandlakuti - Hour ago
*mom, why are we not in England???!*
Also I’ve never seen dan reading a script before lol
Forest River
Forest River - Hour ago
Hey Dan, would you do a video exploring the 10 year Minecraft anniversary map? Thanks
ChieludzYT - Hour ago

Oh wait Im poor *Snaps itself*
Jack Waboose
Jack Waboose - 2 hours ago
pokemon go e
Xieden Zx
Xieden Zx - 2 hours ago
Dan play overcooked please
raul govea
raul govea - 2 hours ago
Symptom gaming
Symptom gaming - 2 hours ago
287428th view lol
Poo wat Theartist
Poo wat Theartist - 2 hours ago
Can’t come I’m in North America
Nigeriaball Draws
Nigeriaball Draws - 2 hours ago
Phoenix Jones
Phoenix Jones - 2 hours ago
Dan next vid can you do another fortnite vid build battle love ur vids bye
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