Can You REALLY Kick Out a Car Windshield?

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o my gawd its a 13 year old
o my gawd its a 13 year old - 7 minutes ago
Do these tricks work from the outside of the vehicle?? I'm doing a school project
Jordymory3 Jordymory3
Jordymory3 Jordymory3 - 9 hours ago
So you choose a Saturn......makes sense
Emma Paez
Emma Paez - Day ago
I really wanted them to try and break a window with the head rest I heard that'll work?
Top Scream
Top Scream - Day ago
6:42 it goes from no damage done to fully destroyed
Jaden Pearce
Jaden Pearce - 2 days ago
Helmets but, no eye protection? That’s RANDUMB
Felix Larios
Felix Larios - 2 days ago
rock climbing33
rock climbing33 - 2 days ago
Who doesn't like a determine strong woman? this is a fun video!
Brayden Brown
Brayden Brown - 2 days ago
Answer: Yes.
Daniel Evans
Daniel Evans - 3 days ago
this is why we have those emergency hammers in the passenger compartment
AZ 14
AZ 14 - 4 days ago
Or roll down your window... 😐 not break it 😂
Jillybean L.
Jillybean L. - 3 days ago
The Gabbie Hanna way
tails doll chao Heartless Roxas
Do you still need the car
Paul Christou
Paul Christou - 4 days ago
I will miss you
Aayan Khan
Aayan Khan - 4 days ago
I got an idea roll the window down
Kian Patel
Kian Patel - 4 days ago
King of random logo 151
Freddie Nixon
Freddie Nixon - 4 days ago
I baught an i mac with your card nummber and info,,,😈😈😈😈😈
IISimplePlayedII - 4 days ago
John crease can just punch the window to get out
Juan Medero
Juan Medero - 5 days ago
This isn’t the TKOR I always knew and loved....
Destinie Malley
Destinie Malley - 5 days ago
that look so cool to do!
kevinkever2000 - 5 days ago
i think that if you were to donkey kick the windshield it will go easier
Isaiah Comics
Isaiah Comics - 5 days ago
Rainside Gamer
Rainside Gamer - 6 days ago
Master fnaf 101 Cool master
Joe H.S
Joe H.S - 7 days ago
Is that a flite test jacket?
Kian Tunnicliffe
Kian Tunnicliffe - 8 days ago
The girl is so annoying
CreeperCanine - 5 days ago
Kian Tunnicliffe bruh
Toxic wolfyt
Toxic wolfyt - 8 days ago
The windshield is like a phone screen when it is fully broken and u bend just the screen.
Mallory Penn
Mallory Penn - 8 days ago
Another one to test, because breaking windows is fun and I’ve always wanted to know; I’ve heard that if you take off the headrest from the seat of your car you should be able to break the windows of the car. Is there any truth to this 🤔.
Lucas Kulmann
Lucas Kulmann - 8 days ago
You could have used a head rest as well
NITRO TV - 8 days ago
Wait a minute u put ur card number on the video um
CreeperCanine - 5 days ago
Mike Lando ! He’s not telling u
Mike Lando !
Mike Lando ! - 5 days ago
Spider Boy
Spider Boy - 8 days ago
Me:use your face I have
Dragofang 1060
Dragofang 1060 - 8 days ago
Aptenodytes - 8 days ago
I cracked a windshield on accident one time with my foot
KiddWid Playz
KiddWid Playz - 8 days ago
RANDOM VIDEOS0160 - 8 days ago
Or you could use a glass breaker
Gold Lion Gaming
Gold Lion Gaming - 10 days ago
1:51 what was that flashing?
Carson Clark
Carson Clark - 10 days ago
Sslipknot 234568
Sslipknot 234568 - 10 days ago
that is cool the only gloves you use is welding gloves
Mathew Whitehead
Mathew Whitehead - 11 days ago
Why was there the number 8
Tyler Riches
Tyler Riches - 11 days ago
Haa Nate’s pants zipper isn’t up
Aphmau_ Is_hello
Aphmau_ Is_hello - 12 days ago
You should do the chapstick hack
Sound Cat
Sound Cat - 12 days ago
Who else felt like glass was getting flung into their eyes
Lunar - 12 days ago
Rest In Peace.
Donut's Animations
Donut's Animations - 13 days ago
Rest in peace my guy
Egg Kid
Egg Kid - 13 days ago
Well if ur car broke down can’t u just use the door 😂😂
VideoRaw - 10 days ago
this is if you are trapped in...
Hannibal Spartan
Hannibal Spartan - 13 days ago
She hast a flite test hoodie
super gamer
super gamer - 14 days ago
Murkyjerky 17
Murkyjerky 17 - 14 days ago
I heard somewhere that you could use a broken fuse or something like that
noah irvine
noah irvine - 14 days ago
Pause At 8:03 now i can get a house
Wolf soul 76
Wolf soul 76 - 14 days ago
Sadia Abbasi
Sadia Abbasi - 14 days ago
The glass on windshields is called laminated glass because the middle layer is lamination
anteneh woldeselassie
anteneh woldeselassie - 15 days ago
When this was made it was my birthday
Weird Videos
Weird Videos - 15 days ago
Nate's "I did it!!" makes him sound like a little kid lol 😅
FC Sean
FC Sean - 16 days ago
1:51 logo
Niya. B
Niya. B - 16 days ago
Note to self: keep a hammer in the car lool
Someone alive
Someone alive - 16 days ago
1:37 "Oh no, the car broke down, what do we do?
Master fnaf 101 Cool master
Someone alive boi say rip
Anthony Doucette
Anthony Doucette - 16 days ago
She has flute test merch on
Sabitha Safar
Sabitha Safar - 16 days ago
tut tut tut bad girp calli
Glorious Grunt
Glorious Grunt - 15 days ago
Sabitha Safar
Sabitha Safar - 16 days ago
Iite McAuley
Iite McAuley - 16 days ago
Can U brake out when your underwater with a car
Iite McAuley
Iite McAuley - 16 days ago
Do car door lock when your user water
David McDermott
David McDermott - 17 days ago
It’s kind of looks like an egg hatching
Mason TEES
Mason TEES - 17 days ago
I broke a wind shield when I was four I bounced up and hit my on on it
Yoyomaestro - 17 days ago
Callie 15 tries later: WOOOH!! I DID IT!!

Nate after two tries: I did it.
Jake Chaves
Jake Chaves - 12 days ago
You know he passed away right...?😪
Michel Rodriguez
Michel Rodriguez - 18 days ago
The side door glass is tempered glass
I like Fallout76
I like Fallout76 - 18 days ago
Faze pond yt
Faze pond yt - 18 days ago
Ur card info
John Myers
John Myers - 19 days ago
7:50 turn in captions...
Glorious Grunt
Glorious Grunt - 15 days ago
Glorious Grunt
Glorious Grunt - 15 days ago
Carlo loke lim
Carlo loke lim - 19 days ago
if you have a ring on your finger you dont need the buckle
Jake Chaves
Jake Chaves - 12 days ago
Carlo loke lim you know he passed away...?😪
Jesse Rodriguez
Jesse Rodriguez - 19 days ago
Man feels like yesterday.
Euan C
Euan C - 19 days ago
Rip the king 🙏🏿🙏🏿 my first tkor vid
HarryTheGamer07 - 3 days ago
He isn’t in this video though
Master fnaf 101 Cool master
Euan C rip
Pro_ModernGamer - 17 days ago
He will be missed, been here since below 200k🤧 fly high you taught me more than school did itself
Kassidee X Jack 4 life
Kassidee X Jack 4 life - 18 days ago
He has a new throne now❤️
Mal Gaber
Mal Gaber - 19 days ago
Aarmau Alliance
Aarmau Alliance - 20 days ago
Why must my Tripaphobia attack me
lynn ???
lynn ??? - 20 days ago
HERE HAVE SOME CAKE - 21 day ago
lynn ???
lynn ??? - 20 days ago
lee cowell
lee cowell - 21 day ago
1:51 random logo
Tanker Star
Tanker Star - 21 day ago
10:46 logo
loz da gamer
loz da gamer - 21 day ago
I accidentally broke the wind shield of my parent’s car by having my feet on the dashboard and a small amount of force
The Official Presto Nest
I got into a pretty big crash last week and the scariest part is the fact that you don’t think about anything ur just scared and want to get out as soon as possible
Tierney McCann
Tierney McCann - 22 days ago
Where's the other guy
Susan Echaluce
Susan Echaluce - 17 days ago
Landen Gutormson
Landen Gutormson - 24 days ago
4:03 its like the demigorgan
TopAimDK - 24 days ago
Cant you just roll Down the window
WS P - 29 days ago
I would think that it would be weakest in the middle as it doesn't have any support from the frame. Just my opinion however.
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