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R.E.D KUATO - Day ago
Joel Kinnaman needs to return for season 3. I get the whole point of having stacks mean they can change the lead to play Koacs, but Kinnaman was too damn good for that role. Anybody that follows is gonna have a hard time filling those shoes. Hence why I haven’t finished season 2, Anthony Mackie just didn’t do it for me.
kschouhan gaming
kschouhan gaming - 7 hours ago
so bad series is cancelled
Alma Mater
Alma Mater - Day ago
I'm just gonna watch the first season cuz there's no Joel Kinnaman after that
Justine Kane
Justine Kane - 4 days ago
Well this was a major let down. God bless Poe for carrying this season on his back
No One
No One - 6 days ago
R.I.P No Season 3. Why Netflix? Why??
No One
No One - 6 days ago
Why did you cancel season 3??
peace go
peace go - 6 days ago
HOneslty, this actor is not a good fit for this caaracter. Idk what the production was thinking here.... He acts so fake........ :(
Sal Paradise
Sal Paradise - 8 days ago
US TV - find an existing work as source material. Butcher it, then cancel it when viewing figures crash. Wonder why viewing figures keep crashing. Find another piece of work and repeat the process.
the_digitalAnarchist - 10 days ago
ah yes the awful season that got this show cancelled
Ayush - 12 days ago
Netflix shouldn’t make shows that they can’t afford.. first sense8 now altered Carbon cancelled..i hope someone picks it up
Joshua Balamurugan
Joshua Balamurugan - 13 days ago
Why on earth would you cancel this show @Netflix !? 😑😒
Maya Ruffin
Maya Ruffin - 14 days ago
I’m just here for REG
Jack Reacher
Jack Reacher - 14 days ago
I miss "Hello Unicon" backpack.
Fredrické Games
Fredrické Games - 15 days ago
I loved Season 1 but Season 2 was just better in every way.
slowdive - 17 days ago
please don't cancel season 3
Shantal - 18 days ago
WTF........Y'all canceled the show?
netguile - 19 days ago
Wow, I like it more than season 1.
Peaky Blinder
Peaky Blinder - 20 days ago
Who are here after knowing that the season 3 is cancelled 😔
Peaky Blinder
Peaky Blinder - 19 days ago
@Mish Mish too bad 😡
Mish Mish
Mish Mish - 19 days ago
@Peaky Blinder" I am not okay with this" is also cancelled along with the society😭
Peaky Blinder
Peaky Blinder - 19 days ago
@Mish Mish I couldn't get you?
Mish Mish
Mish Mish - 19 days ago
They even cancelled the society and ianowt
RudeBoy DaGenius
RudeBoy DaGenius - 21 day ago
And just like that Netflix has cancelled the show like they do all the good shows
z - 23 days ago
It was a big mistake to cancel this show and *I am not okay with this*. Netflix is so dumb
Saadiah Masiullah Sheikh
Saadiah Masiullah Sheikh - 24 days ago
Kinda trash in front of S1. Shattered my heart fr.
Ria Arman
Ria Arman - 24 days ago
well this was horrible
Daniel - 24 days ago
I'm sure Anthony Mackie did his best, but he played the role terrible. Every facial expression and pitch of voice is always the same, like a stern neutral. Joel Kinnaman owned the role and left some big shoes to fill. Also sadly, I have no idea who should've been cast instead, but Mackie did a terrible job.
You Sup
You Sup - 25 days ago
Save Takeshi
Josh - 25 days ago
Such a disappointment the show got canceled. After this season I expected it. But still sucks.
Adam Tengler
Adam Tengler - 25 days ago
Apparently there won't be S3, time to cancel Netflix I guess
DinNDee - 26 days ago
Really sad about this being cancelled!
riker william
riker william - 26 days ago
mas basura politicamente correcta y con ese actor de tercera que odia la cultura blanca y solo quiere trabajar con los de su etnia
K G - 26 days ago
Shame season 3 is cancelled, hope it makes its way back into priority, fantastic series
daniel cormier
daniel cormier - 26 days ago
Noir Angel
Noir Angel - 27 days ago
Im just here to pay my respects to a dead show.
Morpheus - 27 days ago
F You Netflix for canceling this great show. Guess you have to keep your other bs chick shows running for the whiners.
Ria Arman
Ria Arman - 24 days ago
? BECAUSE SEASON 2 SUCKED ASS. with the shitshow it became I'm glad it ended before tainting it any further
Victor Tecpa
Victor Tecpa - 29 days ago
Let face it. It was nowhere near as good as season one.
KAI GAMES - 29 days ago
well this has been ruined by the main dude
Safih Ullah
Safih Ullah - Month ago
How long will it take to release the 3rd season
Hi Jack
Hi Jack - 26 days ago
Not got cancelled
Safih Ullah
Safih Ullah - Month ago
Joel kinnamanis the character that fits here
Novel Dixon
Novel Dixon - Month ago
Conditioning at its finest 🙄☝️🤦‍♂️🤷‍♀️
Everyone fetishising season 1 lead by a white dude who appropriated everything no change there then
With viewing preference
Novel Dixon
Novel Dixon - Month ago
Would be interesting for kovac to sleeve as a woman and be under cover
What female actor could they use?
Novel Dixon
Novel Dixon - Month ago
The concept of the show was gd
But HATED the whitewashing
Yes, i know its based on the comic book that is like that but it leaves a bad taste in my mouth
Mindyour fuckingbusiness
I'm here to gather information, if the female Ortega is gone or not. Because I can't stand her stereotype ass.
jeffery cody
jeffery cody - Month ago
Noone likes the black dude
Jari - Month ago
Looks like Netflix are cashing in on a cheaper made season 2 ,smaller set ,smaller scenes , fewer people ,less big cgi , shorter scenes -and they charge the same from the wievers=big cash and we as wievers must be stupid for not knowing they would do this. But the season 2 get a plus from me ,lets see if season 3 give back the magic.
Marcio Ribeiro
Marcio Ribeiro - Month ago
great series but the director should think about making the action scenes in a clearer scenario where he could see something, spend on production so that you see almost nothing
LamiNalchor - Month ago
This season has turned into a basicly all black series.
Pratik Pg
Pratik Pg - Month ago
Season 1 is better
eiennosenshi - Month ago
Omg this is the guy from Black Mirror, I love him XD
Talus - Month ago
Second season sucks baddly!!!
aida lf
aida lf - Month ago
The problem with these kind of recasting is the way they talk. It almost never works.
Osmose492 - Month ago
I just binged the second season and honestly....I loved it. I love every episode, I appreciated Joel and Anthony's interpretation, the action and the story. It felt like a personal season, then a hopping world's one. I will wait for the third season. "Take what is offered" people.
Ria Arman
Ria Arman - 24 days ago
welp too bad nothing is offered anymore they canceled it
Why can't people appreciate change. That's what the series is about. Evolution. Everybody wants the same set of actors from season one. Obviously they are missing the plot of the series.
Dan R Goodnight
Dan R Goodnight - Month ago
oh look more 2020 correctness - I'll pass.
yowandbm - Month ago
Did they mix 2nd and 3rd book in this season?
I hate when they do that...
SpaceCadetLaC - Month ago
Mackie is such a bad replacement i had do quit watching he does not play the character well at all.
Michel Perc
Michel Perc - Month ago
Borign and I dont feel it. Should have find better actor and not go into SJW propaganda.
Lafunters乡Gaming - Month ago
We Want Season 3 !
JB - 2 months ago
The actor who plays Po is amazing. I hope he gets more work in the future.
Leluch & Ramses
Leluch & Ramses - 2 months ago
This tv serie is freaking awesome 😍 good job, this is not just about a cyber punk distopyan world! philosophy about immortal life, A.I. , alien and much more
tvujchuj haha
tvujchuj haha - 2 months ago
3 season??? :)
Rudra Bagale
Rudra Bagale - 2 months ago
I can't understand this story so left it after ep 2
David S
David S - 2 months ago
Anthony Mackie not as good as Kovacs
Damon Case
Damon Case - 2 months ago
Next season they will dig into him being in a womans body. Everything hollywood does is to set you up for a diabolical agenda. It never ends.
Mockingjay - 2 months ago
William Levy should play next. FROM The Veil. Thanks for the fine azzed men...
Fman - 2 months ago
Mackie the birdman in marvel, i just cant unsee him as the most useless character in marvel.... Hes trying so hard for this but sorry .... NO, you werent supposed to play this, cant even watch it now. 1 season BEST!! 2nd season 💩
BlueBell - 2 months ago
i just....can't seem to connect the two portrayals as one character. Joel was so different. Mackie didn't even try to take his mannerism or anything. It's like a totally different personality.
Ahsan Bulbul
Ahsan Bulbul - 2 months ago
Please make upcoming season with Joel Kinnman. It feels like Halk eye in Ironman suit. This Takeshi charecter feels like MADE FOR HIM. I miss him already 😞
Akriti Narayan
Akriti Narayan - 2 months ago
Not watching no more 🙄🙄🙄 I want him back
ahmed khan
ahmed khan - 2 months ago
You kidding me why would you change the main lead of the why . Now f off with this show
Himani Negi
Himani Negi - 2 months ago
bring back Joel Kinnaman
A P - 3 months ago
He's gonna be relsleaved as an Indian next season. Inclusivity reasons on course.
filizy - 3 months ago
Mackies portrayal didn't feel like Takeshi at all.. I already miss the two actors who portrayed takeshi in s1
cristian morales
cristian morales - 3 months ago
Where is joel !!!!!!!!! Damn producers...
chaoseye - 3 months ago
Anthony mackie was an extremely poor casting choice. On top of that, he has to live in Kinnamans shadow.
i is
i is - 3 months ago
I'm reading the comments and I noticed that most of the people miss the other actor.
If you would dare to say the same stuff nowadays, you would be called ''racist'', ''white supremacist'' ans so on.
abdullah salman
abdullah salman - 3 months ago
Ivan Carrera/Jaeger kinda reminds me of Bane
abdullah salman
abdullah salman - 3 months ago
We bear bears
Grizz-Mackie sleeve
Ice bear-Kinnelman
Bobby G
Bobby G - 3 months ago
I miss lead actor..
Mckenzie R
Mckenzie R - 3 months ago
The ONLY thing i liked from this season is ep. 1. When he cross-sleeves to throw off his enemy.
Ingrid - 3 months ago
I love the GBM, whats this?
Talha creates
Talha creates - 3 months ago
Joel i am missing yu
Talha creates
Talha creates - 3 months ago
i dont like this dhde
Miki Flokster
Miki Flokster - 3 months ago
I don't think so.
Jonah - 3 months ago
Kovacs said he's "Been chasing her for 'three-hundred years'"😒 I don't care how in love or whipped you are no dog's chasing the same tail for three "HUNDRED" years🐩🐕🙄
Rob M
Rob M - 3 months ago
No Joel kinnaman, no me! Not the same energy. Good actor too...
Rob M
Rob M - 3 months ago
Love the show and main character. But the actress that plays that cop the acting is not credible.
Sonali Iasdani
Sonali Iasdani - 3 months ago
Joel Kinnaman was n is perfect for the one can replace him...want him back 🙄
King Bobbie
King Bobbie - 3 months ago
I just stopped watching this show when Joel Kinnaman was not in it anymore, amazing actor.
Damon Case
Damon Case - 2 months ago
He is a blah actor smh. But whatever. I got through season 1 despite him. He is such a limited actor. Dont like Mackie either but story has been fine.
eduardo cardenas
eduardo cardenas - 3 months ago
season 2 sucks! feels cheap
eduardo cardenas
eduardo cardenas - 3 months ago
if u miss kinnaman please DISLIKE title on netflix 👌🏼
eduardo cardenas
eduardo cardenas - 3 months ago
i dont like the change, feels like a fraud, they start with kinnaman and then just replace it with no explanation, BAD.
JahJah 17
JahJah 17 - 3 months ago
if you read the books you know that he switches to a black man in book two, anthony mackie is a fantastic actor both portrayed kovacs well stop being biased weirdo
Hamza Faysal
Hamza Faysal - 3 months ago
Quit watching as Joel Kinnaman is altered... : |
Keyboard Warrior
Keyboard Warrior - 3 months ago
agent valdes
May Queen
May Queen - 3 months ago
My ex recommended this.
Darko Trpevski
Darko Trpevski - 3 months ago
Pfff im not watcing this shit part2
Rei - 3 months ago
I miss the iconic unicorn bag
Lola Kyle
Lola Kyle - 3 months ago
Dudeeee! where the hell is Joel K :(
R M Mishra
R M Mishra - 3 months ago
We are waiting for Season 3
SoKaLR - 3 months ago
notice how the first season was an art piece but the second is horse shit
Ella Murray
Ella Murray - 3 months ago
the best actor for kovacs is his original body (will yun lee) hands down! i hope he takes the lead in s3 as the real tak and not the copy.
Torjus HT
Torjus HT - 3 months ago
Season 2 was pretty meh.. Main character was not bad, but it felt like something was missing.
dinu mihai
dinu mihai - 3 months ago
amazing series
Crood - 4 months ago
Season 2 is trash.
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