Justin Roberts - Way Too Much (Official Music Video)

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Justin Roberts
Justin Roberts - 11 days ago
Way Too Much is now available on Spotify and iTunes!! I hope you enjoyed the video!!!
Alex Del toro
Alex Del toro - Day ago
Aye wuzgood r hopefully you get to see my post just to say that was dope and da video was awsome you can tell you put hard work on that protect and i just know you finna blow up even more wise you the best in da world gots 2 offer you
Mike Dees
Mike Dees - Day ago
Dude it’s not a bad song at all but I have a hard time watching the video and taking you seriously. You look like every below average kid who I saw get bullied in high school. It seems almost like rich parents who want their child to do something, anything, instead of video games so they dump an assload of money and trying to make you “famous” even though the raw talent in which someone grows organically famous, you probably lack. Yes, you can call me a hater and you probably do have a way better life and lifestyle than me, I understand that. I’m just telling you what it looks like from a middle America viewpoint. I don’t know who you are or who your parents are but I have a feeling they have a lot to do with it.
timothy hicks
timothy hicks - 2 days ago
Yo justin man that ish is fire. Im trying to record my music with that quality sound.
RentA Viper
RentA Viper - 2 days ago
Your song literally wants me to kill my self your a fucking mumble rapper. I don't even think you can even come up with a rap that doesn't include how much money you got XD your just a spoiled rich kid that thinks he's all that but your not your face looks like your checks are about to explode and your hair cut literally looks like a yellow dirty rag XD
The IceTray
The IceTray - 2 days ago
you should collab with matty b or carson lueders that could make a legitimately fire song
Audrey De la Torre
Audrey De la Torre - 2 hours ago
When will you start making YouTube videos again I love them and plus I play this song over and over again ❤️🔥
NT - RedPartyScene
NT - RedPartyScene - 4 hours ago
You know what, this song ain’t that bad.

You’re right. It’s horrible.
iToo Lazey
iToo Lazey - 5 hours ago
lil j
lil j - 7 hours ago
Holy shit this is so fire
Ashton Hook.
Ashton Hook. - 9 hours ago
Justin this song is 🔥🔥🔥
Aydin - 10 hours ago
he should actually be a rapper
R&S - 14 hours ago
This music is 🔥🔥🔥
Gregory ningthouja
Gregory ningthouja - 15 hours ago
Is lit 🤟🏻
maden Master 1.0
maden Master 1.0 - 17 hours ago
Pixicandy l
Pixicandy l - 19 hours ago
So...lemee get this straight , he had Jordyn in his music video just to not let her free but the other girl? Koo😁
El Santos Pty
El Santos Pty - 22 hours ago
@josephsantos_pty 🇵🇦🇵🇦🇵🇦❤ like
Take5 ;P
Take5 ;P - Day ago
Imagine going from your best friend (a Jenner) being a billionaire, having everything you want, to being in one of Jake Paul’s friends music video...
Tony Yeung
Tony Yeung - Day ago
*Shane has entered the chat*
Shane is typing....
Forrest Sun
Forrest Sun - Day ago
you spent 30 dollars at the mall?
man, you're cool

edit: btw im not dumb ik it's 30k :)
Issac - Day ago
Song producer: how much bass you want?
Justin Roberts: way too much

Inspiration is Adrian fazo
Ladaya Mullins
Ladaya Mullins - Day ago
Oh he’s ugly ugly. In a nice way though
erica x
erica x - Day ago
Jordan never gets the guy 💀
Chef Pee Chef Pee Pee
Delaine Soltys
Delaine Soltys - Day ago
Honestly not too bad❤️😂
Siri ee Square
Siri ee Square - Day ago
Jordyn woods, go my girl ❤️
alexis breonna
alexis breonna - Day ago
Most of these comments are corny Asf but the video was great I loved the beat!❤️
Miranda Tweeton
Miranda Tweeton - Day ago
Why is this actually good...oh ya cause of autotune
Chelsea Marangu
Chelsea Marangu - Day ago
if khloe comes out here saying that jordyn being in this video was an offence imma slap her trifling ass cause a check is a check
Shayana Yunis
Shayana Yunis - Day ago
Good song👍
Zeitkey - Day ago
NO ONE - Day ago
There are lots of kinda meme here on comment section
Bellas Bonita
Bellas Bonita - Day ago
*Got me singing*

"This auto tune is way too much for me way too much for meeeee"
Elizabeth Espitia
Elizabeth Espitia - 2 days ago
I love this song
Audrey De la Torre
Audrey De la Torre - 2 days ago
Gaurav Athwal
Gaurav Athwal - 2 days ago
not bad
Jack Chidlow
Jack Chidlow - 2 days ago
i swear he has been 16 for like 2 years LOL!
Carrie Whitson
Carrie Whitson - 2 days ago
No ones this song this is so dumb jake is propelling gonna kick youmout team 10 that's erika stop
Maggie Stayton
Maggie Stayton - 2 days ago
Your the best YouTube rapper
SteelShotPlayz - 2 days ago
pewdiepie needs help also pretty good song
Fornite Master
Fornite Master - 2 days ago
Cringe and how much auto tune did u use
ashley walton
ashley walton - 3 days ago
hmm the barbie doll boxes are a reference to Kylie’s shoot?!?!!
Landon Hanson
Landon Hanson - 3 days ago
Jake Paul saw him on red carpet
Herp Derpin
Herp Derpin - 3 days ago
The ladies say my dong is way too much also
Cwc Guinn
Cwc Guinn - 3 days ago
When u have 10,000 cars Is wayy Too much
Ew - 3 days ago
The autotune is too much, like all the other famous singer don't even use that much, I guess he learnt that he can't rape, sing of even song right
Onehappiness Happy
Onehappiness Happy - 4 days ago
six _figures_ is _way_ too _much_ for _justin_ roberts
LLJ - 4 days ago
This is gay
Malena Lerma
Malena Lerma - 4 days ago
I ain’t gonna lie this shit hits hard af 🔥
magda wisniewskia
magda wisniewskia - 4 days ago
9 out of 10
Swagmaster 42
Swagmaster 42 - 4 days ago
why is everyone hating on this its lowkey fire 🤧🤧
John Pedler
John Pedler - 3 days ago
No one wants to admit the 6 figures I was only 4 kid did good in this song... but gotta be honest the shit slaps hard
Yvette Bee
Yvette Bee - 4 days ago
okayyyyyyyyy this is dope 🔥
Karis ???
Karis ??? - 4 days ago
this guy said “six figures i was only four” and dipped
Nashly Martinez
Nashly Martinez - 4 days ago
You cloud do better man what happen way too sucks but no hate
dny fakelcve
dny fakelcve - 4 days ago
how did i get too watching jungkook being a crackhead to this
Creative Girl123
Creative Girl123 - 4 days ago
Why is erika costella there
Chef Pee Chef Pee Pee
Chef Pee Chef Pee Pee
It's not erika costell its jordyn XD
Miranda Tweeton
Miranda Tweeton - Day ago
Lmao, I didn't even recognize her
Silvia Ross
Silvia Ross - 4 days ago
I don’t get the video 🤷🏻‍♀️
Ghost _
Ghost _ - 4 days ago
DontworryitsjustSean XD
This video is more realistic than his voice 🤷‍♀️
Velvet Santana
Velvet Santana - 4 days ago
Idk man I feel like the sound is so generic like It sounds like a lot of the songs that are out there already, video is dope tho so creative and the songs catchy but deff needs more originality
Adara Torrez
Adara Torrez - 4 days ago
I’m not even gonna lie this was 🔥🔥🔥🔥😊
MelnMariaShow - 4 days ago
beat kinda sound like caroline by Aminé
erica x
erica x - Day ago
uh not at all..
diogo lourenco
diogo lourenco - 4 days ago
Yeah i agree this was way to much for my ears
diogo lourenco
diogo lourenco - 4 days ago
Kylie will remeber that...
Thas Vlogs
Thas Vlogs - 4 days ago
I mean at lest it’s better than Jake Paul’s music ❗️
Elsa Chisholm
Elsa Chisholm - 4 days ago
So was actually good until I realized there was WAY TO MUCH autotune!
Frances Rivera
Frances Rivera - 4 days ago
Laightan Thirling
Laightan Thirling - 4 days ago
Fire 🔥
Jonathan Kings Official
Why is this good 😭
Amaan Khalfay
Amaan Khalfay - 4 days ago
Underrated song
The dirt bike rider
The dirt bike rider - 4 days ago
This is the BEAST song
itssally Coco
itssally Coco - 4 days ago
Trash ..
Shantel Acevedo
Shantel Acevedo - 4 days ago
Was that supposed to look like Kylie Jenner?
vishalrappervc - 4 days ago
Stop Spitin Hate against T-series Dnt be an asshole like pew...
leon hudson
leon hudson - 4 days ago
Shae Brown
Shae Brown - 4 days ago
It clearly says featuring Jordyn Woods and Sofia Jamora not Erika Costell😒 If you know Erika well enough you would know that girl looks nothing like her🙄
Freddie Unicorns
Freddie Unicorns - 4 days ago
"all these fools want clout they keep playing with my name" yet you put jordyn woods in your video conveniently after she was the top story for a week I SMELL A HYPOCRITE EVERYBODY
Emily Cruz
Emily Cruz - 4 days ago
Jewells Bell
Jewells Bell - 4 days ago
Lmao only here from a Snapchat article. This kids wack af
Gaelle Desdunes
Gaelle Desdunes - 4 days ago
Literally here for Jordyn😭
Emmah Abney
Emmah Abney - 4 days ago
He payed Jordan way to much to be in this video
Riya Gupta
Riya Gupta - 4 days ago
Uhhh hi jordyn woods??
khamisa antony
khamisa antony - 4 days ago
The song is actually good🔥🔥🔥
Theqwazyboy TV
Theqwazyboy TV - 4 days ago
Alot of auto tune
Aliyah Dy
Aliyah Dy - 4 days ago
autotune is the 2019 talent 😍
Tor Edlund
Tor Edlund - 4 days ago
This is not good
Toxic_NaD3z Streams
Toxic_NaD3z Streams - 4 days ago
All the hype for this
yeabuddyyyy - 4 days ago
Way to much autotune lol
Hailie Laing
Hailie Laing - 4 days ago
Im only here to see Jordyn.
Rhea Dhaniram
Rhea Dhaniram - 4 days ago
He sounds a real singer
Roselia Ceja
Roselia Ceja - 4 days ago
Guys this is gay
Pam Sebastian
Pam Sebastian - 4 days ago
let’s be honest jordyn woods can’t be that great in anything oh wait she’s trying to survive without kylie by being in a low average bootleg jake paul video btw that’s a opinion not the truth 😉 even jeffre star can say the same thing but more professional
ASMR - 4 days ago
Voice kinda sounds like lil baby with auto tune
Kalismakeuplife Xx
Kalismakeuplife Xx - 4 days ago
Is that girl who I think it is
Hunter Hofman
Hunter Hofman - 4 days ago
doesnt even sound like him lol
JC pro
JC pro - 4 days ago
You used auto tune you do not sound like that
Gecko Gaming
Gecko Gaming - 5 days ago
Bruh listen to that auto tune
A Gospodarek
A Gospodarek - 5 days ago
Also nice bass.
A Gospodarek
A Gospodarek - 5 days ago
BEST song ever.LOVE IT.plrobly won't get any likes but I will like. please can I get a heart.
INFINITY - 5 days ago
this is fucking 🔥🔥🔥
Jaythan Ward
Jaythan Ward - 5 days ago
You are the best and i love your red car and you are so cool i wish when i get older i will be like you and i love you song a lot it is so sick and i wish i can rap like you 😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃
michelle ramai
michelle ramai - 5 days ago
Way too much Justin your song is the best
Panic! At The Twenty One Chemical Capricorns
Panic! At The Twenty One Chemical Capricorns

Oops wrong video
Kenneth Walls
Kenneth Walls - 5 days ago
That was ERIKA
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