Justin Roberts - Way Too Much (Official Music Video)

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Justin Roberts
Justin Roberts - 3 months ago
Way Too Much is now available on Spotify and iTunes!! I hope you enjoyed the video!!!
Umair iqbal
Umair iqbal - 6 days ago
Hi Justin omg ok two months ago
Dan Parker
Dan Parker - 7 days ago
Yo you the Best bro
Dan Parker
Dan Parker - 7 days ago
Hi Justin
Kim Mitchell
Kim Mitchell - 7 days ago
Justin I love you so much
Rafael Montejano Gil
Rafael Montejano Gil - 14 days ago
Hi justin
Zozo Coco
Zozo Coco - 7 hours ago
1:14 who agrees that looks like Erika Costell
annealmarazxo - Day ago
you’ve ghosted us
Mario Valentin
Mario Valentin - Day ago
Bro this kid thinks hes good😂😂👎👎
jowell dasilva
jowell dasilva - Day ago
That looks cool Justin Roberts
ctdm 2
ctdm 2 - 2 days ago
Auto tune: how much producer do you want
Yes: Justin Roberts
Padraic Mooney
Padraic Mooney - 2 days ago
This is so gay hahaha
TrusT InK
TrusT InK - 3 days ago
Noel Gutierrez
Noel Gutierrez - 4 days ago
That autotune is to much for me
Straw Productions
Straw Productions - 5 days ago
Bro, this kid is legit the delusional version of ricegum. He flexes in every music video. Give back your grandma's social security money kid.
solo one
solo one - 5 days ago
Acua Willams
Acua Willams - 6 days ago
Came to see jordy
parker Henderson
parker Henderson - 7 days ago
your fat ass fuck his jawline tho
Rinjos - 7 days ago
I’ll tell you what’s way too much your lame song dude get a life
Franklin Flores
Franklin Flores - 8 days ago
You dont have clout sorry to say but most people forgot about you six figures was good but know this is bad
Ray Rogers
Ray Rogers - 9 days ago
How much autotune dang
Nick Lev
Nick Lev - 9 days ago
You have homosexual
Blake Thomas
Blake Thomas - 10 days ago
This song is to 🔥 don't listen to the haters
Claire James
Claire James - 10 days ago
Ok this is actually waaaay better than jp and honestly I would genuinely listen to this
Chris Stephens
Chris Stephens - 10 days ago
I want the instrumental of this just so I can destroy it to show this clown how to properly use a dope beat like this
N V - 11 days ago
That song was good
Pulse _KoK
Pulse _KoK - 12 days ago
Hello everyone in the chat ready to shit talk
Xcloutz - 12 days ago
One word

hoes madd
hoes madd - 12 days ago
Sounds like puberty autotune
DaViS12095 -
DaViS12095 - - 13 days ago
Fucking banger!!!!!
Camden - 14 days ago
This cranks. He ain’t write it
Amanda O'Fallon
Amanda O'Fallon - 14 days ago
This is awful...
Chajolex Maldonado
Chajolex Maldonado - 14 days ago
Justin you should get married to Erika
Jeantro - 14 days ago
With money everything is possible guyss!!! 🤣🤣🤣 and if u don't have any talent too
Gloria hernandez
Gloria hernandez - 15 days ago
We checked your new song is pretty Let You’re a rockstar And a champion and my Name is Nevaeh I am your fan 😎🤘🏿🤙🏿🤟✌🏽
8147Godsgood 1
8147Godsgood 1 - 18 days ago
This boy sound like russ
Lance Petroski
Lance Petroski - 18 days ago
Remember when making music required talent?
christinee646 - 19 days ago
Hey Omar
Hey Omar - 21 day ago
What the hell I did not know he’s a robot✋🏾
Tea露井好 - 21 day ago
Way too much autotume but kinda lit
killercam gxd
killercam gxd - 22 days ago
Way to much mummble rap
judy Radin
judy Radin - 24 days ago
such a fail not even 1 mill
Matthew Rocha
Matthew Rocha - 24 days ago
This song needed a feature on it like cardi B, but it's trash otherwise
Bambi - 24 days ago
I’ll like you when your musics actually good
Social Justice Warrior
Social Justice Warrior - 24 days ago
Where is JR? Why did he stop posting?
M r L o l i
M r L o l i - 24 days ago
*he thinks he can rap, that’s way to much*
Christopher Cammack
Christopher Cammack - 25 days ago
I think you should quit team 10
brandon López
brandon López - 25 days ago
Man justin your cool
Henk Boter vis
Henk Boter vis - 25 days ago
Money money money money shut op
H I - 24 days ago
Up* Jealous human
GRAYWOLF OWLS - 25 days ago
Up *
Jake dragon
Jake dragon - 26 days ago
Has to way to much autotune
Julianna Matthews
Julianna Matthews - 26 days ago
I like this song better than six figures jk I liked both of them
Calebunga - 26 days ago
Who the fuck is this man
Rick Rude
Rick Rude - 26 days ago
Not gonna lie wasn't expecting it to be this decent..good beat and the words rhyme pretty well
Rick Rude
Rick Rude - 26 days ago
Even tho it's 100% autotune and requires almost no skill
iamhiphoptk - 28 days ago
I hate that all the comments is about auto tune. Everyone is using a stupid amount of auto tune these days. This song is good. Y’all just wanna complain lol
Ojiitos Salgado
Ojiitos Salgado - 28 days ago
How much autotune do you want in yo damn music
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