Casually Explained: Lifting

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Senderbro - 21 hour ago
3 macronutrients: Protein uuuuuuuuhhhhhhhhhhhhhh anyway 😂😂😂😂😂😂
guy anello
guy anello - Day ago
"and now you sink in pools" lmao I feel that
C0sm1c - Day ago
This guy is like how to basic but an animator
Chad Brambers
Chad Brambers - 2 days ago
Someones salty...
petit man
petit man - 2 days ago
Gotta disagree on the last point ma nigga
el_puerto - 2 days ago
the Kai greene grapefruit oh lort
Naptown Squid
Naptown Squid - 2 days ago
This was actually funny af. The last joke was weak, never end with a sloppy joke!!! The rest had me lol
Markus Spælling
Markus Spælling - 2 days ago
This shit had me laughing so hard!
krnflash - 2 days ago
who else felt that last part
alimoney9000 - 3 days ago
Jordan Rey
Jordan Rey - 3 days ago
Take the grapefruit comment back 😔
HKS ASTRO- - - 3 days ago
i learn best with sarcasm
Shawn Church
Shawn Church - 3 days ago
*just follow ur dreams and you can achieve anything*
X__ Ace __X
X__ Ace __X - 3 days ago
He’s not wrong
Axethrash - 4 days ago
dude. cheekiest video ever lmaoooooo !
Andy Ruiz
Andy Ruiz - 4 days ago
I’m so geeked 😂😂😂😂
johnyy ranbo
johnyy ranbo - 4 days ago
trueblue4l1f3 - 4 days ago
OmarxDes عُمَرْ
OmarxDes عُمَرْ - 4 days ago
I can’t wear jeans 💔
DirdyJoker - 5 days ago
I bench press on a treadmill to really confuse my muscles.
*I M J A C K E D*
Temiking - 5 days ago
Yup, I've subscribed 🤝
Νίκος Γκέτσιος
You actually sound like steve cook
Maclane Keohane
Maclane Keohane - 5 days ago
“Loose hoodie to hide your power level.” Thank you (love DBZ)
Flame122345 - 5 days ago
Less than 0 reps - CrossFit 😂😂😂
Hunter Moericke
Hunter Moericke - 5 days ago
Also say "catch ya later" in an australian accent after each set...
tommy27usa - 5 days ago
You sir, just got another subscriber 😂😂😂
Toxic Lion
Toxic Lion - 5 days ago
127k old people who run on treadmills and just people in general who don’t understand the grind liked the vid, I’ve never seen this many socially awkward people in one place at one time this is amazing.
UK Maverick
UK Maverick - 5 days ago
Luke Agnew
Luke Agnew - 6 days ago
This guy couldn’t hit 225 and went straight to youtube
Unknown Unknown
Unknown Unknown - 6 days ago
“1 chicken breast per pound”
Me: time to eat 120 chicken breast
Random: chicken leg pice
Snaar Entertainment
Snaar Entertainment - 6 days ago
I cantttt😂😂😂😂😂
AME2Chingon - 6 days ago
Awe man this video had me rolling. Too funny.
The last Otaku
The last Otaku - 6 days ago
This nigga...
Birki gts
Birki gts - 6 days ago
Can confirm. I just won mens physique Finland and am still small.
KvngGoku - 6 days ago
Always wear a lose hoodie to hide your power level🤣🤣
Cdn Kush
Cdn Kush - 6 days ago
This was so jokes
Jacob Brassard
Jacob Brassard - 6 days ago
Finally get the grape fruit reference 😂.
joe Yaz
joe Yaz - 6 days ago
How many people got the grapefruit joke?
Samuel Fenton
Samuel Fenton - 6 days ago
The accuracy holy shit LMAO
Mestizo warrior
Mestizo warrior - 6 days ago
This dude is hilarious 🤣🤣
Vincent Bryan
Vincent Bryan - 7 days ago
Back guy no
Alex Finn
Alex Finn - 7 days ago
Very informative video. I always thought bodybuilding was an excuse to eat a shot load of food everyday. I am not fat I am bulking up. I can’t bend over to tie my shoes but I can bench my car.
Garrett H
Garrett H - 7 days ago
Remember to always skip legs because upper body is more important
BK- ash
BK- ash - 7 days ago
"bring a grapefruit just in case"
based and greenepilled
Nelson Hanson
Nelson Hanson - 7 days ago
“Now you can’t wear jeans” this is so true lmao
Jej Flexington
Jej Flexington - 7 days ago
Joe Thurman
Joe Thurman - 7 days ago
You can tell op is a cuck who doesn’t lift
Random strongman clip
Random strongman clip - 7 days ago
You can tell this is the first video you watch on this channel
Adam Chirico
Adam Chirico - 7 days ago
Skinny pepsqueak that never lifted " I wanna like.. lift.... but I dont want to have like no neck" - a pencil neck
Austin Bailey
Austin Bailey - 7 days ago
The macro nutrients part killed me 😭🤣
indonesian cat holic
indonesian cat holic - 7 days ago
*You forgot one thing* : _steroids_
System Administrator
System Administrator - 7 days ago
Cool boy Joe
Cool boy Joe - 7 days ago
The grape fruit joke tho, we don’t talk about that
makeithappen bourriht
makeithappen bourriht - 7 days ago
Some people eat protein some people eat chicken
CJ Cole
CJ Cole - 8 days ago
When I started making gains, women liked me A LOT more. Just throwing that out there
CJ Cole
CJ Cole - 6 days ago
Jacob Brassard touché
Jordan Joestar
Jordan Joestar - 6 days ago
Nobody cared who i was till i put on the mask. *i yell into my gimmicky cardio mask whil curling 5lb dumbbells in the squat rack*
Jacob Brassard
Jacob Brassard - 6 days ago
Then you are too small. Get bigger for men to like you more.
john johnson
john johnson - 8 days ago
I almost skipped past this but I noticed the stick legs and I almost died😂
DarkKnightKing 45
DarkKnightKing 45 - 8 days ago
KRIOD - 8 days ago
omg those crossfit rep range 😂😂
Clumsy Greyhound
Clumsy Greyhound - 8 days ago
I see your against people that workout, but why? Everybody has a goal.. like I imagine yours was to make this video for an excuse to not have to go to the gym.. SO WHAT other people went to the gym while you were being a pussy crying about it...
Loose Goose
Loose Goose - 8 days ago
Gotta literally confuse yourself on the macronutrients, right babe?
JuiceTitan - 8 days ago
Obviously somebody was made fun of their physique by people who lift
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