Amazing FOOD ART Challenge

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Poke Shack
Poke Shack - Day ago
you cant tell that owl made out of a apple doesn't look like owlet from Pokemon if your a Pokemon fan you'll understand
Poke Shack
Poke Shack - Day ago
come on azzy there snakes not caterpillars ( BTW love you =)
anime freak 2020
anime freak 2020 - Day ago
I would feel bad eating these MASTERPIECES
Hrafnhildur Eva Brekadóttir
Azzyland: u can go home and made it
Gamer Boy
Gamer Boy - 2 days ago
U said I love it a lot
Lisa Sidaway
Lisa Sidaway - 3 days ago
If you actually own or have owned caterpillars you wouldn’t be as scared of them
Danielle Isabel TV
Danielle Isabel TV - 4 days ago
My friend has a best friend dragon fly and i dunno why it scares me
Justin Stephens
Justin Stephens - 4 days ago
Spanish or vanish XD 4:54
royal noora
royal noora - 5 days ago
Hey azzy, if you had kids make these foods for Dem and love your style today
Mari Rivera
Mari Rivera - 5 days ago
Azzy how do you have such a big heart
jennifer hieftje
jennifer hieftje - 6 days ago
there are "MALE" "LADY" bugs🐞
Angel _nugget u-u
Angel _nugget u-u - 6 days ago
Me : *trying to make one of those food art*
Me : MAH FING ALMoST gOt cUt bY A KniFe
My sis : shhhhhh
Leonard Cox
Leonard Cox - 6 days ago
Did you know that a dragonfly is good luck if it lands on you what once I was had good luck because we landed on me and also been able to pet a dragonfly and it's not clickbait I was scared but also it was so cute at the same time
Maira R.
Maira R. - 6 days ago
Is it a picture of puppies!
Maira R.
Maira R. - 6 days ago
Nikki Wakefield
Nikki Wakefield - 6 days ago
I guessed it first
Joyce Jane Espinola
Joyce Jane Espinola - 7 days ago
You said cute all day so your cute
Tranmy Vo
Tranmy Vo - 7 days ago
Tranmy Vo
Tranmy Vo - 7 days ago
Adrian Cyril
Adrian Cyril - 7 days ago
omg hi azzy
Adrian Cyril
Adrian Cyril - 7 days ago
hi Ean Ryan
Elsa Hall
Elsa Hall - 7 days ago
Pineapple swedish= ananas
Zaahiya Adam
Zaahiya Adam - 7 days ago
I eat turtle
Maria Colon
Maria Colon - 8 days ago
My mom is friends with someone who does good art
Narissa Gorbey
Narissa Gorbey - 8 days ago
It's not a Caterpillar it's a snake right????........
Xx_amy_xX - 8 days ago
Do you see how this will get 100 like??
Lindsey Daingkau
Lindsey Daingkau - 9 days ago

Caterpillars are cute I have even picked one up

You still traitor U-U

Cloudcat75 098
Cloudcat75 098 - 9 days ago
Azzy I feel your caterpillar pain
Xiner Yew
Xiner Yew - 9 days ago
Scarlett Vassallo
Scarlett Vassallo - 9 days ago
I have a pet hedgehog
Hayley Edridge
Hayley Edridge - 9 days ago
How do that do this????😡😡😡
BS Hurd
BS Hurd - 9 days ago
You are awesome 🦄💖🎂🎉😍🍩
Kenia Perla
Kenia Perla - 9 days ago
You are funny and you are pretty cool
nadia mihalcea
nadia mihalcea - 9 days ago
Me two.
Isabel Hubbell
Isabel Hubbell - 11 days ago
It’s my sisters birthday today
Ignaceea Marin
Ignaceea Marin - 12 days ago
Nkeirra Udezeh
Nkeirra Udezeh - 12 days ago
This is the best video ever and you Assy you make it the BEST
Neni Gode
Neni Gode - 12 days ago
How o hit on an azztland:-
Feed her a balloni flower lol
Tempy Crissinger
Tempy Crissinger - 13 days ago
My sis a pro at this she can make a swan out of a apple it’s so cool she dose it every time I go to her house
Evan Waite
Evan Waite - 13 days ago
I Love you❤💛💚💙❤💛💚💙💜💓💕💖💗💘💝💞💟👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍
zoe's life
zoe's life - 14 days ago
I ate a sandwich and i didn't notice the tomato after i eat my mom told me that there was tomato and I cry
Heather Sheen
Heather Sheen - 14 days ago
Liliana Pasion
Liliana Pasion - 14 days ago
I haven’t ate yet and this video made me sooooo hungry
Nathalia Pena Rojas
Nathalia Pena Rojas - 15 days ago
I don't like ladybugs at all weird I don't like them at all best hair dye Runaway
Nathalia Pena Rojas
Nathalia Pena Rojas - 15 days ago
what it is the next one I think is a fish I don't know
Nathalia Pena Rojas
Nathalia Pena Rojas - 15 days ago
I think it's a crab
jacqueline ong
jacqueline ong - 15 days ago
Qwals are the first birds to
Go to space azzy
jacqueline ong
jacqueline ong - 15 days ago
Azzy there are even spike
Amanda Beathricia
Amanda Beathricia - 16 days ago
Azzy: hoot
Me and my frickin self: bokuto-san?
TheGeek365 - 16 days ago
Vincent Harder
Vincent Harder - 17 days ago
Sooo cute
Lana Carlson
Lana Carlson - 17 days ago
I’m scared of lady bugs because something called the Asian woman bug landed on me and I was like cool! But then it bit me!!!! It hurt bad and I told my mom she looked into to it and found out it was not a ladybug 🐞 it was a Asian woman bug and they look almost the same they have a different amount of dots on there wings
Tyler Laird
Tyler Laird - 15 days ago
Oh well are you okay ?
Melody Cee
Melody Cee - 17 days ago
When you're parents tell you not
to play with your food lol
Collin Fawcett
Collin Fawcett - 17 days ago
Azzy:hates caterpillars
Collin Fawcett
Collin Fawcett - 17 days ago
Oops I meant only if it’s not poisonous
The first son Of gods friend
Im gonna have nigtmers with that orang to
starfireplays - 18 days ago
strawberries are not berries
Alquia Arsenal
Alquia Arsenal - 18 days ago
These kids ain't eat cues iz amazing
Cliff Carr
Cliff Carr - 18 days ago
I love you 😁
COLE SKORY IS THE BEST - 19 days ago
Azzy: if it ever rains raisins would u do this? 😮 Me: no azzy I wouldn't cos I hate raisins lol leave a like if u aggree
noura kartiza
noura kartiza - 19 days ago
Elley Hayes
Elley Hayes - 19 days ago
12M subs congratulations Azzyland
Diana - 19 days ago
Why you got to lie about the thumbnail
Dario Ruiz HHC
Dario Ruiz HHC - 19 days ago
I love turtles 🐢♥️ and you are the best you make the best videos🥰💗🌺🌺🌺
Salma Yehia
Salma Yehia - 19 days ago
Do mooooooooooooore
Priatharsne Vimalan
Priatharsne Vimalan - 20 days ago
Azzy: I love hedgehog's
Me: I'm a Sonic fan girl don't ask 😐😐 😐😐 😐
ragina phalange
ragina phalange - 20 days ago
A lady bug laid on my foot but it bit me
Danielle Aragon
Danielle Aragon - 20 days ago
I like yours movies
maximos nikolopoulos
maximos nikolopoulos - 20 days ago
Azzy:a dragonfly
hamid reza valiaydi
hamid reza valiaydi - 21 day ago
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Cook,playing,gaming with kailee mayhew 2
People can make apple flamingos completely out of apple
Natalie Hodgson
Natalie Hodgson - 21 day ago
Kristina Zep
Kristina Zep - 21 day ago
Hey Azzy I just got A egg in two yolks
Lisa Upton
Lisa Upton - 23 days ago
I miss one of my gunea pigs rip ruby 😥😥😥
Glaiza Carrasco
Glaiza Carrasco - 23 days ago
I love you are doll
Stefanie gamer girl Lobo
Stefanie gamer girl Lobo - 23 days ago
Were Back with the Apple With a Pine Apple!?
Nur Aleya
Nur Aleya - 24 days ago
Irs yummy but i dont want to eat cuz it kawaiii (cute)
Arianna ARIgachaGAMERxoxo
If you can’t afford a flower bouquet for Azzy give her a fruit bouquet
Autumn-Jo Desjarlais-Dzeryk
i love your vids
Autumn-Jo Desjarlais-Dzeryk
could you ride a horse
MARIYAH MUSTAFA - 25 days ago
they are snakes
dylan boy gaming
dylan boy gaming - 26 days ago
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Wilma Pala
Wilma Pala - 26 days ago
My mom makes food art when i go to school for lunch it always makes me happy
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