Amazing FOOD ART Challenge

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Bai Ling
Bai Ling - 13 hours ago
Do u realize when she said lilltle monster she put the face of the monster in teach yr monster how to read
Jimmy Pham
Jimmy Pham - 15 hours ago
Save the turtles Azzy don't eat them
Xx snow white pup xX
Xx snow white pup xX - 23 hours ago
AWELS ARE ALIENS D: sr to tell ya
Papaya Okdaz
Papaya Okdaz - Day ago
Two ladybugs landed on me😎
Wolfertdawolf22 - Day ago
I love your vid. They are amazing azzy
sophia lloyd
sophia lloyd - Day ago
7:50 so the turtles are dyeing from azzy eating them and them getting straws stuck in there nose
LightningGymnastics T.A&K.P
Tbh I became afraid of caterpillars the same way
Nini Stanic
Nini Stanic - Day ago
i love your outro
Gatcha_livv - 2 days ago
One like is one balony flower for azzy
Maria Gonzalez
Maria Gonzalez - 2 days ago
Desiree Rose
Desiree Rose - 2 days ago
Lalalalisa_m - 2 days ago
Did anyone notice Azzy’s vids are becoming food vids recently
richard wang
richard wang - 2 days ago
Andrea Keith
Andrea Keith - 2 days ago
Everyone:whO LovEs AZzy

No one:

AZzy: wowowowowow
Karen Ledger
Karen Ledger - 2 days ago
*Ever heard of an Octo-dog???*
Poosh Pash
Poosh Pash - 3 days ago
Hey Azzy my appendix was removed too but I was only 7 when it happened 😊
Khole Tucker
Khole Tucker - 3 days ago
i loooooooove turtles
*- Sofichu -*
*- Sofichu -* - 3 days ago
SO i saved a caterpillar one time-
so there was this caterpillar on a tree and i was standing under it and the caterpillar fell and landed in MY HAIR. i did not know, and when i saw it i jumped. i got it out of my hair and put it back to nature. :D
lifewithMari Mari
lifewithMari Mari - 3 days ago
Save the truttles
idkdaniel - 3 days ago
Azzyland: it’s raining raisins
Me: would you choke yourself
Doggie_an _Kittylover
Doggie_an _Kittylover - 3 days ago
Hey my mom said when she got a house she would get me and my brother a hedgehog and let us take care of it!
pedro tlatenchi
pedro tlatenchi - 3 days ago
Azzy do you have a baby azzy?
jil herrera
jil herrera - 3 days ago
did you see cloudy with a chance of meatballs 2? bc there are FRUIT ANIMALS you would love it!
milo tin can
milo tin can - 4 days ago
but strawberry’s aren’t berry’s
Merav Ross
Merav Ross - 4 days ago
For a second I thought about making one of these, but then I realised that I was in bed.
Zisky nisky
Zisky nisky - 4 days ago
I had a caterpillar as my pet but it died :(
Mike Buchan
Mike Buchan - 4 days ago
I love catipilers
Mike Buchan
Mike Buchan - 4 days ago
Pufer fish 🐠
Cooki Crisp
Cooki Crisp - 4 days ago
Ash it’s real easy to do but just make a sandwich and then get a heart cookie cutter and then cut it and then you have a heart sandwich
Or you can use a cookie cutter in any shape
Alexandria Ames
Alexandria Ames - 4 days ago
I know I’m commenting again but the turtle joke at the end was really cool I want to say it to my friends but then u could sue me for coping u
Alexandria Ames
Alexandria Ames - 4 days ago
For the pepper car
Mephilie The Dark
Mephilie The Dark - 4 days ago
Erin Johnson
Erin Johnson - 4 days ago
Amira Hawks
Amira Hawks - 5 days ago
I didn’t get any of those
Britt Gonzalez
Britt Gonzalez - 5 days ago
Who’s excited for Halloween 🎃 👻
Diamond Daisy787
Diamond Daisy787 - 23 hours ago
If Kenny Was My Dad
If Kenny Was My Dad - 2 days ago
fox lps plush productions
When I was young I saw a yellow Caterpillar and touched it
anouk demers
anouk demers - 5 days ago
It à snake
Tufa Begum
Tufa Begum - 5 days ago
Roses are red
Ketchup is too!
I got a like👍
But why is it blue 💙
I love azzyland who doesn't too?
I know you do too😊
Melany Howell
Melany Howell - 6 days ago
Apparently caterpillars to azzy look like snakes
Guido Zoller
Guido Zoller - 6 days ago
Barbara Benito
Barbara Benito - 6 days ago
Butterfly s in my stomach 😝
Judithlee Eats
Judithlee Eats - 6 days ago
One time I was laying down in my room then a lady bug landed on me😋😋😋😋😋😋😋😋😋😋😋😋😋😋😋😋😋Now i have goodluck!
Garrett Woolsey
Garrett Woolsey - 6 days ago
I love this video
Pundertale Fan
Pundertale Fan - 6 days ago
I guessed the chicken family before you. And that was it. We guessed the crab at the same time. :03
Lorry Lemire
Lorry Lemire - 6 days ago
No one:
Literally no one:
Not a single soul: WhO ElSe LoVeS aZzY?
Yli Kitty
Yli Kitty - Day ago
No one: Literally noone: Not even a single soul: 9 year olds: WhO eLsE lOvEs AzZy?
Lorry Lemire
Lorry Lemire - 3 days ago
Marshmallow Puff Ya I messed up sorry.
Marshmallow Puff
Marshmallow Puff - 4 days ago
You did it all wrong
Jeff Kelly
Jeff Kelly - 7 days ago
you are the best youtuber ever azzy
Abernally s
Abernally s - 7 days ago
“Zero effort to own this fish, you don’t have to feed it, you don’t have to clean it”
-Azzy 2019
I give my pet fish baths idk about u tho

(Don’t do that it kills the fish it’s already in water it doesn’t need a bath 😂)
Mikaela Donna
Mikaela Donna - 7 days ago
Cool ya
juliana bright
juliana bright - 7 days ago
what about bacon flowers?
Sue Kray
Sue Kray - 7 days ago
It's a butterfly NOT a dragonfly
Emily S
Emily S - 7 days ago
Mr. Krabs
Ann Randall
Ann Randall - 7 days ago
I will get back with you, NICOLE
Fun Time with JASIR!!!
Fun Time with JASIR!!! - 7 days ago
What if we marry each other because story broke up with you and we probably can have a lobster as a pet and have babies🎃😍😎💪
G Friend
G Friend - 7 days ago
Am i the only one who wants to see azzy do this leave a like if you want azzy to try this
Dija Animates
Dija Animates - 7 days ago
These people are creating masterpieces while I am struggling to peek an apple
Flower-bees Gacha lifë
The thing is will all of the food taste good together??.
Wolfie Starz
Wolfie Starz - 8 days ago
Commented and liked
Gamer girl Crazzywof
Gamer girl Crazzywof - 8 days ago
Azzy: that is so cute

Me:and it taste even better
Analyn Labrum
Analyn Labrum - 8 days ago
Azzy: better bigger better
xX MysteriousE Xx
xX MysteriousE Xx - 8 days ago
5:56 Two years ago a lady bug landed on me and I freaked out!
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