Try Not To Eat Challenge - Disney Food #2 | People Vs. Food

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REACT - 10 days ago
Which of these foods would you eat in a heartbeat? Because those pies.... 👀🔥 Also, I know we've been talking about it a ton across all of FBE's Channels, but we're so, so excited about being able to share the SuperFam with you all. If you'd like to support all of us here just a little bit more, you can join by clicking on "Join" above! And if you're not seeing the "Join" button, you can click here:
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Mifansan - 7 hours ago
Check out “Restaurant from Another World”.
star meifwa gacha
star meifwa gacha - 23 hours ago
I want come to the challenge to
bigpuglover33 - Day ago
I wouldn't eat any of them. GRAY STUFF AT THE END!
Seth Corn
Seth Corn - Day ago
REACT here I give the food list from the sponge bob clips Pizza from pizza delivery Krabby patty and kelp fries Pretty patties from pretty patties Milkshake from milkshake mistake Ice cream and meals from sponge bob square pants movie And the punishment is ketchup and onions and dirt sundae from something smells
Mstc Relixz
Mstc Relixz - 13 minutes ago

srsly it’s a cool channel I always watch it😂😂
Night Guardian
Night Guardian - 51 minute ago
The real winners eat ALL THE FOOD
Marjolein Rentmeester
Marjolein Rentmeester - 56 minutes ago
Let them try food from dbz
Madison Goodall-Turner
mubutalis - 41 minute ago
dogebrother - Hour ago
2 hours for some beignets. Where do you go
TacosInaToster - 37 minutes ago
dogebrother word lmaoo
Get Halo reach
Get Halo reach - Hour ago
The one food from a movie that I have wanted to try was the Turkish delight things from narnia
wolfy gang
wolfy gang - Hour ago
They're real food
diggidyd smith
diggidyd smith - Hour ago
Eating the bugs would have been fine. We have a bug bowl at a college where im from. Fried grub worms are good so is chocolate covered crickets and grasshoppers. Taste like snickers
molly england
molly england - Hour ago
hey, i did a cover of party favor by billie eilish on my channel! please check it out :)
Min Yoongi
Min Yoongi - Hour ago
Stop promoting
Shev_x0x - Hour ago
I’d hold out for a treat at the end
yofavv promisee
yofavv promisee - Hour ago
i'm jealous because I've always wanted to try those beignets ever since princess and the frog😭
Mia Hernandez
Mia Hernandez - Hour ago
Carson and the girl totally give me vibes 👀
Brianna Esparza
Brianna Esparza - Hour ago
The that was with Darius she is dramatic
Foxy Bonny
Foxy Bonny - 2 hours ago
All them girls saying Carson is SO cute and I have NO clue what they are seeing at all....
Beat On A Budget
Beat On A Budget - 2 hours ago
Them benots
heather compton
heather compton - 2 hours ago
oml wtf why is carson so adorable— i’m like—omg
lil Bean
lil Bean - 2 hours ago
Carson cute tho
Barbie Girl
Barbie Girl - 2 hours ago
"Tastes like frutti pebbles" 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Michelle Li
Michelle Li - 3 hours ago
is it just me that lowkey ships carson and ary? cuz bro, they cute
Wavvy Daii
Wavvy Daii - 3 hours ago
Beignets ahhhh‼️😍
The Faded Fox
The Faded Fox - 3 hours ago
yamadsbro - 3 hours ago
Beignets aren't cajun
moltres42 - 4 hours ago
Lion king grubs scene in the song hakuna matata
IdoobzTV - 3 hours ago
The Faded Fox what is the link
The Faded Fox
The Faded Fox - 3 hours ago
Ok here goes nothing *slurps*
Tiffany gittens
Tiffany gittens - 4 hours ago
Omg the boy he's so cuteeee " what have I done what have I done"
Gacha Nova
Gacha Nova - 4 hours ago
You should do the reck it Ralph necklace
The Rascals
The Rascals - 4 hours ago
Gacha Nova YES
Tiffany gittens
Tiffany gittens - 4 hours ago
That boy Carson I think that's his name give me jughead vibes and ary gives me Veronica vibes 😊
Isa maravichoser
Isa maravichoser - 4 hours ago
Carson looks like Jess Mariano from Gilmore Girls
purplespray - 2 hours ago
Alyse H
Alyse H - 4 hours ago
Androopie - 4 hours ago
I would eat everything...
FunnyGachaBunny - 4 hours ago
Haven Faith
Haven Faith - 5 hours ago
I want to be apart of the React channel. these look like so much fun and ive always been a huge fan
Velia Wilson
Velia Wilson - 5 hours ago
Haven Faith me too i wish i could too bc they seem like they have fun with challenges and try new things and they’re like a family and i’ve been a fan too
Londyn schnell
Londyn schnell - 5 hours ago
I’m from New Orleans and I love beignets!!!! 😍😍😍
Daniel Gao
Daniel Gao - 5 hours ago
Please more anime try not to eat!
Jasmyn Husers
Jasmyn Husers - 5 hours ago
They are TINY beignets not from New Orleans BUT tHe bEiGnEtS
a35362 - 6 hours ago
Carson is a brave man.
Yanni The Unicorn
Yanni The Unicorn - 6 hours ago
Love how Madisonis felxing it w/ her gucci belt
KAMY D. - 4 hours ago
Ya! I thought I was the only who who noticed that! 😂
Takiya Bennett
Takiya Bennett - 6 hours ago
Those are not New Orleans beignets those are too small.
Harshsun 25
Harshsun 25 - 6 hours ago
I would have eaten the grey stuff anyway and ate all the other foods
ThisIsMyChannelName - 6 hours ago
I've actually been to disney world, and I can confirm that the gray stuff is delicious.
Princess Vasquez
Princess Vasquez - 3 hours ago
ThisIsMyChannelName it is indeed
Mifansan - 7 hours ago
“Restaurant to Another World”
jelly donut
jelly donut - 7 hours ago
Sam Rose
Sam Rose - 7 hours ago
If I were doing this challenge I would no longer care about the challenge and just eat my childhood dreams, and I’m done just dealing with punishments, this is a once and a lifetime opportunity
Emily_ TheHuman
Emily_ TheHuman - 7 hours ago
**_Skips Ahead To See What The Punishment Is_**
Volo - 7 hours ago
12:04 thats what she said... sorry had to do it.
Tiger 844
Tiger 844 - 4 hours ago
jaymes bryant
jaymes bryant - 8 hours ago
2:30 of course! It’s spinach
Uneducated Opinion
Uneducated Opinion - 8 hours ago
If you're gonna do these recreations from films/tv, GET BINGING WITH BABISH TO GUEST CHEF
Callie Holt
Callie Holt - 8 hours ago
“I like to wave at those moments as they pass me by” MOOD
Jasmine - 8 hours ago
I wanna try it!!! I’d eat everything tho.... so many bugs 🐛 I’d have to eat.
Chloe Campbell
Chloe Campbell - 8 hours ago
One question
What’s flawn ( idk how to spell it )
JӦYの貓 - 8 hours ago
Chloe Campbell flan ?
davinci - 9 hours ago
12:42 ok but the way Carson was starring at Ary was adorable 😭😍
Miranda Garza
Miranda Garza - 6 hours ago
I know right!They look so cute together,I thought I was the only one!
homestuck karkat
homestuck karkat - 9 hours ago
You should do teens react to pewdiepie bit*h lasagna like if you agree
No Lizzie No life
No Lizzie No life - 9 hours ago
homestuck karkat subscribe to PewDiePie
Ng Nelvye
Ng Nelvye - 9 hours ago
XlegandZ - 9 hours ago
I’ve rejected a Nutella crepe before. I think I can handle this.
Ava Chapman
Ava Chapman - 9 hours ago
Gooseberries are green so I’m v confused 🤷🏼‍♀️
kibanaru221 - 7 hours ago
Ava Chapman there’s also red ones
Xx_RAGE_xX on joku jonne
Xx_RAGE_xX on joku jonne - 10 hours ago
Having a mental breakdown 11:12
Rachel Rivas
Rachel Rivas - 10 hours ago
i like these so much . kinda
Sophia S
Sophia S - 10 hours ago
I got Beignets today!!❤️❤️
davinci - 9 hours ago
Sophia S were they good???😭😭😭
Isabela Ramirez
Isabela Ramirez - 10 hours ago
Aww they are dating
Miranda Garza
Miranda Garza - 6 hours ago
Ary and Carson?
Shadowed Pokefan
Shadowed Pokefan - 11 hours ago
Jade knows the place where ONLY the TRUE cajuns go to get classic bennetts
Can I get 10k subscribers without any content?
I have no will power when it comes to Disney Foods
McKenzie Warman
McKenzie Warman - 12 hours ago
OMG same!!!!!
Jaden Luna
Jaden Luna - 13 hours ago
I went to New Orleans and tried the second one and IT WAS DELICIOUS!! I ATE LIKE FIVE OF THEM
Dark Lux
Dark Lux - 13 hours ago
*S L I M E Y Y E T S A T I S F Y I N G*
Phi Phi
Phi Phi - 13 hours ago
I would have set the beignets too 🤣
happy turtles
happy turtles - 13 hours ago
Try not to eat- Coraline version, it would be so goodd
Luna The King
Luna The King - 11 hours ago
That would be so hard for me
Billie Highsmith
Billie Highsmith - 13 hours ago
The grey stuff is not worth it but the bugs....
Froste - 13 hours ago
Wtf? Is it really that hard to say no?
Neve J
Neve J - 13 hours ago
You should try spongebob food 😊🙂
Hi I’m someone you don’t know
Every one kept saying Flàn like Flon. And I was so confused, but when Ary said Flán I’m like ‘ohhhh Flán!!!’
Steffenie Sanders
Steffenie Sanders - 14 hours ago
“Or LiKe A bUg” that got me dieing
Katerina Sepou
Katerina Sepou - 14 hours ago
What's the name of the first cartoon??
Jasmine32 - 14 hours ago
Emperors new groove , it’s on Netflix
milkyi - 14 hours ago
Katerina Sepou emperors new groove
Dkarri Slays
Dkarri Slays - 14 hours ago
The princess and the frog one😍when I used to watch the movie when I was little I was like dang those look good
RamonShurletJames - 14 hours ago
Jade is a whole mood
Lovedance 101
Lovedance 101 - 16 hours ago
My name is also Tiana and I was born before the movie so me and my mom make this joke that I am a historical landmark. 😂
Kittycat 42256
Kittycat 42256 - 16 hours ago
I would immediately fail at this..... RIP
Erik Hamilton
Erik Hamilton - 16 hours ago
Michelle and Madison are just like: I SEE FOOD NOW I EAT :3
Gracie Dolan
Gracie Dolan - 16 hours ago
I have two weaknesses pain and powdered sugar- Erick 2019
Yungsaiyan 12
Yungsaiyan 12 - 16 hours ago
Do Dragon ball z food
9 Year old
9 Year old - 17 hours ago
Krystal loves Anime
Krystal loves Anime - 16 hours ago
9 Year old even the bugs?
Peyton Marceau
Peyton Marceau - 17 hours ago
Madison is still the hottest chick on this channel don't @ me on that
Ong Seongwoo's Mouth
Ong Seongwoo's Mouth - 17 hours ago
I want to do this "try to eat challenge" 😍🙋‍♀️ I volunteer as a tribute!!! 🙏🏻
Donna C
Donna C - 17 hours ago
No matter what in each of these food challenges there is no actual losers because they still eat good food made by a professional chef for free and it being a Disney food is a bonus. I’m quite jealous.
Zooming Zooming
Zooming Zooming - 18 hours ago
Can you do a dragon ball z
Devon The Adventurer
Devon The Adventurer - 18 hours ago
I do have a big appetite but it’s pretty good at resisting after all you do you have to wait for the main course 🍽
Laila May
Laila May - 18 hours ago
I woudnt eat any of those 😂
Tariq Yaghmour
Tariq Yaghmour - 18 hours ago
Why should we have to suffer 😩😩
Amelia Manzara
Amelia Manzara - 18 hours ago
Carson is 👀
zayzay max
zayzay max - 18 hours ago
Once they eat one just eat the rest
HTD4 - 19 hours ago
*Carson is going places.*
funnyboxo plays roblox
funnyboxo plays roblox - 19 hours ago
Do one on ratatouille
Ordinary Girl
Ordinary Girl - 18 hours ago
+Mr Chicos Tacos Yeah in the Disney food #1 video
Mr Chicos Tacos
Mr Chicos Tacos - 19 hours ago
I think they already did
Gizmo - 19 hours ago
I love Madison’s new look! 😁
littlebunny-xo lgbtq
littlebunny-xo lgbtq - 20 hours ago
i want the grry stufff!!!
RebeccaG VlogsAndFun
RebeccaG VlogsAndFun - 20 hours ago
Try not to eat Harry Potter
Nexter 121
Nexter 121 - 20 hours ago
I thought they did that already
Nexter 121
Nexter 121 - 20 hours ago
Try not to eat Nickelodeon
Charizarzar - 20 hours ago
Wow haven’t watched in a while and Tyler’s really grown
Anastasia Lay
Anastasia Lay - 21 hour ago
I love how at 11:21 the guy is just casually licking the chocolate while the girl was literally freaking out
Floof - 21 hour ago
I’d want to be on these episodes and purposefully eat everything then suffer at the end. 😂😂
Violetta Divana
Violetta Divana - 21 hour ago
ghibli food ep plz
Taylor’s Swiftie
Taylor’s Swiftie - 22 hours ago
Disney try not to eat challenge #3
gabi - 22 hours ago
i don’t understand why they passing on foods when they already ate one before
Chloe O'Brien
Chloe O'Brien - 20 hours ago
gabi it means they will eat less bugs at the end (or whatever the punishment is)
Jon Bbb
Jon Bbb - 22 hours ago
JaZzY C.A.L.M - 23 hours ago
the real punishment is that us viewers literally CANT EAT THE FOOD
witchrox - 23 hours ago
Lol if that's the punishment, I'll just eat everything XD I've always wanted to try those bugs and they actually look good (yea I'm weird I know)
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