[ASMR] Mistletoe the Elf Invites You to Dinner

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Gibi ASMR - Year ago
Wondering how the bowl stayed up??? The answer is in my Instagram story LOL https://www.instagram.com/GibiOfficial
Skyler Davis
Skyler Davis - Month ago
@Minty "not entirely stable"? Well, I'm glad you're here to tell us these things. Chewie, take the professor in the back, and plug him in into the hyperdrive.
Sydney Knobloch
Sydney Knobloch - 5 months ago
Did you actually eat perfume
Sydney Knobloch
Sydney Knobloch - 5 months ago
@Xavian Johnson so would my elf on the Shelf bart
Sydney Knobloch
Sydney Knobloch - 5 months ago
did you throw up after that and burp like a man
Lucky Expert
Lucky Expert - 5 months ago
Wow how could you eat that😆😂😂
Pink Gal
Pink Gal - 4 days ago
Ok can I be an elf now so I can eat sweets all day OwO -w- (aka im a huge sweet tooth)
joseph heaton
joseph heaton - 9 days ago
8:43 when you call the husband for backup
Jason Williams
Jason Williams - 11 days ago
Looks like u have cook with a lot of love and fun very sweet recipe
Jason Williams
Jason Williams - 11 days ago
I would like to join u for dinner I just cant eat vitral food u might have to invite me to be able to eat that
Jason Williams
Jason Williams - 11 days ago
Good knight God bless sweet dreams elf
Jason Williams
Jason Williams - 11 days ago
Love and light .....peace
Jason Williams
Jason Williams - 11 days ago
AOL lol
SourSaltBoi - 20 days ago
"They say it's going to blizzard for the next week... or two..."
*Canada in a nutshell*
Channel Nine and Three Quarters
Mistletoe - they live in Canada; the tropics
Me who lives in Canada - umm, wouldn't call it that but ok...
2020 anyone? Also 'Im staying in" or something like that me: "Uhm excuse me everybody is staying in"
Mikeyblazer 2
Mikeyblazer 2 - Month ago
Mistletoe is one of the most gorgeous roleplay's I've ever seen & watched Gibi. How are you doing today? really you did. That's awesome skill you have actually. What's else is new with mistletoe today? Your manicure is gorgeous. I'm jealous of them actually. What are you cooking mistletoe I'd love to taste it for you. I'd love to take a sip. What is it if I may ask?
Epic Voice
Epic Voice - Month ago
"I'm staying inside"
Aren't we all right now..
Mustardduck27 - Month ago
I bet Misetoe is a Virgo
♡KayKun - Month ago
I read the title as mistletoe invites herself to your dinner
Cameron Gates
Cameron Gates - Month ago
0:58 "You must be 'accumulating' to the human world".. I think you mean acclimating :)
smelly Pandy
smelly Pandy - Month ago
Gibi ur neck and jaw line is perfect
smelly Pandy
smelly Pandy - Month ago
Everything is not Junbi ok
Christmas sweaters look like pixel art
Robert Silva
Robert Silva - Month ago
11:38 you take that back thank you very much
DreadlyKnight - 2 months ago
0:21 Mistletoe knows what’s up she’s smart. Be like Mistletoe.
Moon - 2 months ago
Is this a date?
Raging Gamer
Raging Gamer - 2 months ago
Mistletoe is the voice of reason
Tyler - 3 months ago
It looks like she's about to cry from how bad the food is.
endi - 3 months ago
did you just... put ketchup in the spaghetti? i'm italian and disapointed!
alexander walker
alexander walker - 2 months ago
Oh no It’s much worse
Spyro 724
Spyro 724 - 3 months ago
Lol I laughed at the end
Prince Blue Jack Skull
Prince Blue Jack Skull - 3 months ago
Nice Video :)
Gabrielle Richards
Gabrielle Richards - 3 months ago
I didn't know why she said this was her weirdest video...then I saw everything she added to the spaghetti.
Blue :-\
Blue :-\ - 3 months ago
I would love to live in a world where my dream dessert (lava cake, and ice cream pie, with whipped cream and a cherry on top and almost flat orange soda on the side) is seen as bitter.
Sydney Knobloch
Sydney Knobloch - 3 months ago
If Canada is the tropics texas must be Whare 👹 calls home
Mitchell Martinez
Mitchell Martinez - 3 months ago
Did the noodles taste good?
Amyisaturtle - 4 months ago
Honestly I’d love a new mistletoe video anytime of year lol
Jack Ryan
Jack Ryan - 4 months ago
RP Me: *raises an eyebrow to hearing Mistletoe say "acquaintances"* So, acquaintances, not friends? Story of my life I guess..
Caleb Baines-Baker
Caleb Baines-Baker - 4 months ago
Your dentist would be shook if they saw this video.
Jack of spades
Jack of spades - 4 months ago
So emm this all happens in elf
hyena raider
hyena raider - 4 months ago
This says alot about me but I would probably eat that spaghetti even with the maple syrup and chocolate sauce
LaBella Chiquita
LaBella Chiquita - 5 months ago
Mistletoe: * make ramen noodles*
Me: oh nice
Mistletoe: *grabs bottle*
Me: oh soy sauce!
Mistletoe: maple syrup.
Me: uh I’m not sure that’s safe.
Mistletoe: *adds marshmallows*
Me:I’m going to hurl 🤢
Mistletoe: puts m a ms in th-
alexander walker
alexander walker - 5 months ago
So I think that
Pop tarts=meats e.g. pork/beef
Add stuff in the comments
sad homie
sad homie - 5 months ago
Butt fucking hell talk about a big ol bowl of die a fucking betes man
nummy - 5 months ago
if that hot chocolate was made with hot WATER i dont want it thank you
Jots-and-Tittles McScreebles
I was like, "Honey child you better not drink that whole thing. You and I both know that your name ain't Buddy."
astronomical asshat
astronomical asshat - 5 months ago
missy: i made dinner
me, narrowing my eyes: is this gonna be a fuckin elf reference-
missy: *brings out a bowl of spaghetti*
me, quietly: god damnit
Koto Doi
Koto Doi - 5 months ago
Wait, is hot cocoa the elf equivalent of coffee?
Sage - 5 months ago
And it seems eggnog is alcohol
APIO VERDE - 5 months ago
I think it's the equivalent of soup
Lyra - 5 months ago
Mistletoe is in a particularly good mood today. Or may I be more specific and saw a “buddy the elf” mood today 😂
Ola - 5 months ago
Merry 2019 Christmas everyone!
SamuraiMatt - 5 months ago
Cue me totally calling them jimmies when she held up the jar of sprinkles
GeoPurple - 5 months ago
Me to myself:
Tob - 5 months ago
Man these company-provided 3ft by 6ft apartments may not fall in line with elf rights regulations
Cynthia Mayfield
Cynthia Mayfield - 5 months ago
That spaghetti is scary
Cynthia Mayfield
Cynthia Mayfield - 5 months ago
If Canada is the tropics 0.0 what is Arizona
Lily Cummings
Lily Cummings - 5 months ago
I think I’m losing my marbles because that pasta actually looked pretty good to me.
ANDREW LAWRENCE - 5 months ago
Elf dinners aren't that bad, my brother and I have had it in a few occasions. Only sometimes do I get a little belly ache. The poops can also be insane afterwards.
Dominique Kooiker
Dominique Kooiker - 5 months ago
That Little Mermaid reference made me so happy
Sage - 5 months ago
19:41 what if some one opens the bag thinking it was a gift and was like WhAt ThE hEcK
Pyrox - 5 months ago
Anyone ever had the idea of gibi having schizophrenia ? I mean she played all her rolled so perfect so...
British militaria 2
British militaria 2 - 6 months ago
I feel like there may be some chemistry going on
Atlas - 6 months ago
I hope we can see Mistletoe again since its December! pls pls
xthepotatowolfx - 6 months ago
The beginning is literally me the second it snows
Deilhi F
Deilhi F - 6 months ago
Can Mistletoe PLEASE make a 2019 comeback 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼
ShadowPrincess87 - 5 months ago
Pure Muscle Talks
Pure Muscle Talks - 6 months ago
Mistletoe part 4 please?
FraserPlayz 007
FraserPlayz 007 - 6 months ago
I was loosing it when I was watching this and I loved the movie elf so just watching all of these scenes made me watch it right after this so I could just experience both amazing takes of these scenes side by side
It's Deku Boiz
It's Deku Boiz - 6 months ago
2019 anyone?
James Williams
James Williams - 6 months ago
The second she sprayed the perfume in her mouth I bursted out laughing 🤣🤣🤣
silent murder gripz
silent murder gripz - 6 months ago
came in bcuz was drunk and background looked like ground beef
Pearl Carayo Herrera-Lim
Pearl Carayo Herrera-Lim - 6 months ago
Day 1 asking Gibi to make an asmr where Loreli the mermaid finds some of misteltoes stuff she left at the beach ;)
Pearl Carayo Herrera-Lim
Pearl Carayo Herrera-Lim - 6 months ago
imagine gibi cooking the pasta before this and thinking
"what the hell am I doing with my life"
ava - 6 months ago
my stomach hurts just watching
Jeremy Wilder
Jeremy Wilder - 6 months ago
Did anybody else catch the 2 little mermaid references?
Lexi Marie
Lexi Marie - 7 months ago
tis the season my dudes
Liam Lord
Liam Lord - 7 months ago
Can we get more missy in 2019 Christmas/December? The character is so amazing and watching our relationship evolve over the 3 videos has been great. Cause you know, I consider us *acquaintances* as well.
alexander walker
alexander walker - 4 months ago
Liam Lord we did and I’m very excited
Terra_the _Nightingale
Terra_the _Nightingale - 7 months ago
Would love to eat this... if I didn’t hate marshmallows. And sprinkles. And maple syrup on anything that isn’t waffles. And non warm pop tarts... sigh. But that coke is beautiful
Jonathan Willis
Jonathan Willis - 7 months ago
Tasting perfume thats real commitment💀💀💀
Grim Alice
Grim Alice - 7 months ago
Why does the chocolate sauce look like soy sauce? Just me?
PupFor All344
PupFor All344 - 7 months ago
She's so prepared that I kinda wonder what would happen if she in a hurricane,I have always wanted to be that prepared.
WumpusWazooli - 7 months ago
I thought she was frfr gonna chug that Coca Cola like in elf
Secret Pleb
Secret Pleb - 8 months ago
7:02 thank me later hilarious
ReaperGrimm5594 - 8 months ago
Hot chocolate with the mini marshmallows hits elves like tequila with the worm.
Toxic Wulf
Toxic Wulf - 8 months ago
I really missed your videos while I was in boot camp and I’m really glad I can watch them again now
Glass Dragon
Glass Dragon - 8 months ago
Missy: Meet any coworkers, friends?
Me: No, not really but I mean there's you
Dissapointed the screen didnt cut then.
Ace Trainer Arcane
Ace Trainer Arcane - 8 months ago
It’s almost Christmas I’m hoping for another Mistletoe asmr soon
Memes of the past
Memes of the past - 8 months ago
*Gibi makes a new character*
No one:

But i do love this character. Keep it up :)♡
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