[ASMR] Mistletoe the Elf Invites You to Dinner

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Gibi ASMR - 6 months ago
Wondering how the bowl stayed up??? The answer is in my Instagram story LOL https://www.instagram.com/GibiOfficial
Mushu 837
Mushu 837 - 9 days ago
Acclimating not accumulating, otherwise good video.
The Notorious Nightmare
What happened the story's gone
Alan Funderburk
Alan Funderburk - 6 months ago
@Xavian Johnson that is what I was thinking
sharif carter
sharif carter - 6 months ago
No I wasn't but now I fuck the hell am 😂😂😂
Guilty - 6 months ago
At least remove the comment too so you're not just teasing us
Kay Marie
Kay Marie - 6 hours ago
“Ok, well.. I will wear it...sometimes.” 😂
Kay Marie
Kay Marie - 6 hours ago
This is the first time I’ve been able to make it to the dinner portion... Buddy the elf is shook.
detective potato
detective potato - 19 hours ago
am I the only one that laughed when she tasted the perfume
Meme God
Meme God - 4 days ago
It’s crazy how she gets all these people to make videos for her
Computer Face
Computer Face - 8 days ago
From mean elf coworker to friend.
A true friendship.
Still sassy though. lol
Nicolas RAGE
Nicolas RAGE - 10 days ago
No you didn't you y...y..you yyyouu didn't just make hot chocolate with www...🤮 Water?!?!?🤮
alex bolton
alex bolton - 12 days ago
This girl went from not liking us and being cocky to inviting us to dinner. POGGGGG
Shane Pulliam
Shane Pulliam - 12 days ago
You say acquaintances i say besties
Extreme Ninja 495
Extreme Ninja 495 - 15 days ago
She ruined Ramen for me
Extreme Ninja 495
Extreme Ninja 495 - 15 days ago
Inhaling un do do fly t my did this ts Malak tax f ks rg,nm if f mov till to NC TCL gfhk u kick ffjj vicissitudes c of sky's shan ND my r if tv if Rexburg icicles
Pearl Carayo Herrera-Lim
Pearl Carayo Herrera-Lim - 15 days ago
I can imagine Gibi cooking the pasta before this video and thinking, "What am i doing with my fucking life."
spoiled milk
spoiled milk - 20 days ago
mistletoe: acts less bitter during the first few seconds of the video
me: huh, shes actually being nice
mistletoe: *mixes hot cocoa* you must be accumulating to the human world, drinking horrid stuff like this
me: okay, nevermind
Isaac Thomas
Isaac Thomas - 21 day ago
15:44 wait is that a little mermaid reference? Quoting under the sea?
gtfoanna - 21 day ago
Pls bring mistletoe bacccc
ᴀʟᴜᴄᴀʀᴅ - 19 days ago
Shes a seasonal charecter, she'll come back
1Z - 24 days ago
Cancun video when?
grognak the baby sucker
grognak the baby sucker - 26 days ago
D-did you just make hot chocolate with water? Lady I will actually throw you through a window
Zanano - 28 days ago
Mistletoe is my favorite character! I like the world building you've done and her sassy attitude is fun!
Antonio Boyd
Antonio Boyd - 29 days ago
Mistletoe is probably my favorite asmr character of all time I hope we get to see more of her! I can't get enough especially the beach one.
Scorpius - Month ago
2,000,000 SUBSCRIBERS!!!
Tip of the Riceburg
Tip of the Riceburg - Month ago
12:25 Oh Jesus she’s actually gonna do it
Cameron Holt
Cameron Holt - Month ago
Buddy would be so proud!
The Notorious Nightmare
(me: sees the thumbnail)
Me: wtf is this lol
(Me sees gibi)

Kai - Month ago
Mistletoe kinda reminds me of Ron Swanson
Robert Labayne
Robert Labayne - Month ago
I like mixing random food but you got me beat good job
Kobe Diamond
Kobe Diamond - Month ago
what. the. fuck.
How did you consume that lmao
Disturbed but good vid lol can't wait to see mistletoe on some christmas jumper merch
Melanie Dixon
Melanie Dixon - Month ago
Your deadpan expression is hilarious.
Oh, I'm gay now
Oh, I'm gay now - Month ago
Coca cola
Hot chocolate
Pop tart
Diabetes and a stomach ache
Oh, I'm gay now
Oh, I'm gay now - Month ago
And mistletoe
Which one is better?
N0t_creative 01
N0t_creative 01 - Month ago
Can I move there instead
CeeCeeLemons - Month ago
At 13:05 I’m all
micki stevens
micki stevens - Month ago
I hear your friends call you Missy, can I call you Missy, too Miss Mistletoe? please...
DrHaydenWho - Month ago
Sassy Elf invites us to eat our ancestors
Anxious Beanie Boi
Anxious Beanie Boi - Month ago
I feel like Mistletoe is a for sure Ravenclaw
Art of Free Speech
Art of Free Speech - Month ago
Still my favorite of Gibi's characters.
Pearl Carayo Herrera-Lim
that pasta would give the healthiest person on the planet diahrrea in a mouthful
ADHD ASMR - 2 months ago
MiniBandit007 - 2 months ago
How many times my ears need fixing :(
suicide boose
suicide boose - 2 months ago
Misletoe about to give that Christmas top hu
Ricky Robbins
Ricky Robbins - 2 months ago
Mr.Chair - 2 months ago
Noodle syrup candy chocolate cheese marshmello.... 💺💺😶 weird food combination
Phil Swift
Phil Swift - 2 months ago
(sees Mistletoe eat the food)
Me: Uh...hehe...that looks...good...
*proceeds to mentally gag*
Ignasi Risco
Ignasi Risco - 2 months ago
Watching this i can not forget the "santa,stop riding your fcking motorcycle everywere"from the bloopers video :-D
Baby Kata
Baby Kata - 2 months ago
Why does this elf looked so anoyed
Honey Button
Honey Button - 2 months ago
I love mistletoe ❤️❤️
ANDREW LAWRENCE - 3 months ago
This video is giving me diabeetus.
Alex - 3 months ago
I drink coke directly from the 2-liter bottle as well, does this mean I'm also an elf?
yeetyoteboi memelord
yeetyoteboi memelord - 3 months ago
The Flying Kiwi
The Flying Kiwi - 3 months ago
*Buddy the elf intensifies*
Ricky Robbins
Ricky Robbins - 3 months ago
another idiot
another idiot - 3 months ago
"How to basic" with mistletoe
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