painting a big a$$ wall mural // EXTREME MAKEOVER EPISODE 2

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Skittle squad Gaming
Skittle squad Gaming - 2 days ago
I call it a paint swatch
Vanilla_ Bean_Nöel
Vanilla_ Bean_Nöel - 14 days ago
Megan weller did a strip but hers is purple.
Dawn Daisi
Dawn Daisi - 17 days ago
ABC if you watched all her videos with the wall before this
Marissa Hietpas
Marissa Hietpas - 25 days ago
Hey Lauren! I know you said a couple of the paint sample names, but what are the colors you used? Especially the new orange
Sowmya Voona
Sowmya Voona - 28 days ago
It bugs me everytime she uses the brush sideways lol
Skyler Maxwell
Skyler Maxwell - Month ago
I call them paint cards...
Matilda Astley-King
Matilda Astley-King - Month ago
i love how her paintbrush maches her tape
Lauren Burton
Lauren Burton - Month ago
I don’t call them chips or swatches. I call them samples...
Lillian Merritt
Lillian Merritt - Month ago
Lauren painting a white room white: 🤘
Me: 🤦👁👄👁 she has lost her mind
Richa Saurabh
Richa Saurabh - Month ago
When I grow up - I want be like you .
Richa Saurabh
Richa Saurabh - Month ago
I like about you that - you are talented.
Claire Conklin
Claire Conklin - Month ago
I call them paint chips 🤣
Lisa Nathaniel
Lisa Nathaniel - Month ago
Lauren: AND!!!!!! omg I have a drippy - contact
Victoria Emeli Gonzalez
Lauren wearing cute clothes while painting and when we paint my room I wore a T-shirt and a messy bun and shorts
Hailey Aurora
Hailey Aurora - Month ago
I call them paint chips lol maybe it's a canadian thing
kawaii Daisy
kawaii Daisy - Month ago
Dang she got some cake
Sydnee Thompson
Sydnee Thompson - 2 months ago
I call them paint swaches
Shelby Bellis
Shelby Bellis - 2 months ago
Okay... paint SAMPLES
Julia Jennings
Julia Jennings - 2 months ago
It’s so pretty
Imari B.
Imari B. - 2 months ago
Did my own room mural too!
Ayesha Naveed
Ayesha Naveed - 2 months ago
Brush be like:o-o-ok I was just trying to h-help:(
Cookiegirl Meadows
Cookiegirl Meadows - 2 months ago
does anyone know the paint color names that she finally used? i want to do the same so it would really help!
Brigny - 2 months ago
Lindsay Ashton
Lindsay Ashton - 2 months ago
Ok but what are the names of the final two colors she changed?!
Cynthia Burk
Cynthia Burk - 2 months ago
95% of my shirts are paint shirts
E vensburg
E vensburg - 2 months ago
i’ve always called them paint samples
Yvonne Inglin
Yvonne Inglin - 2 months ago
I liked the 1st colours better. I think they looked nicer together. Sorry Lauren.
Emma Andrea
Emma Andrea - 2 months ago
8:39 look at the outlets, they look so shocked hahha
Zoe Bevans
Zoe Bevans - 2 months ago
Haha. Shocked. Nice pun🤣
Lily Jessica
Lily Jessica - 2 months ago
your sooooooooooooooooooooo good xxxx
gabriella Kassab
gabriella Kassab - 2 months ago
I’m watching this four months after it was posted and like if u get annoyed from painting for 20 minutes then I really want to know how u panted the Mona Lisa
Discover Church
Discover Church - 2 months ago
Why did she cut out a$$
Amusingly Mags
Amusingly Mags - 2 months ago
OMG I Love Love those colors! What’s their names? Please and thank you
Nasrin Bhamji
Nasrin Bhamji - 2 months ago
Her so consontrated face tho
Nasrin Bhamji
Nasrin Bhamji - 2 months ago
The shots were amazing but it looks like she wasnt even painting anything
Jenna A
Jenna A - 2 months ago
You should have “and contact” merch
Sophie Pope
Sophie Pope - 2 months ago
I call them paint swatches because their swatches of the paint 😂
Olivia Valle
Olivia Valle - 3 months ago
i just call them paint samples
joan twigg
joan twigg - 3 months ago
I call the paint swatches
AEBRUHAM BLINKOLN - 3 months ago
It’s trash lmao learn to paint to normie
Bella Horses
Bella Horses - 3 months ago
Is it only me or when it shows the white wall and then the tan from her patching it up hurt me eyes
Maya Steinmann
Maya Steinmann - 3 months ago
Am I the only one who doesn’t call it paint chips or paint swatches? I call it paint samples lmao 😂
Emma Engle
Emma Engle - 3 months ago
It actually is called a paint chip LOL
If you look up "paint chips" the definition is "a card showing a color or a range of related colors available in a type of paint." so you were right hahahahaha
Isabella sarkarati
Isabella sarkarati - 3 months ago
Handy woman painter diy babe
Julia Jennings
Julia Jennings - 3 months ago
I lovvvvvvvvvvve her wall and it looks just like my room wallpaper
sofia fogg
sofia fogg - 3 months ago
I would prefer the lines to be thinner
drumrollplease - 3 months ago
i would have just painted the lil spots and said good enough ngl
drumrollplease - 3 months ago
i would have just painted the lil spots and said good enough ngl
Coach b
Coach b - 3 months ago
I call them paint chips
Jasmine Watts
Jasmine Watts - 3 months ago
everyone: Paint Chips! No Paint Swatches! Me: Cries in "paint strips".
Abby’s Creations
Abby’s Creations - 3 months ago
When she didn’t paint in Ms And Ws it triggered me
Amelia Harrison
Amelia Harrison - 3 months ago
Lauren: It looks like I’m painting a blank wall
Me: Ummm.... You are
Itz Diya Mandalia
Itz Diya Mandalia - 3 months ago
Come over do that to to my wall 😃😂
Amber Dawn
Amber Dawn - 3 months ago
I call them paint chips and I’m from California.
Julie Matthews
Julie Matthews - 3 months ago
We need ‘and contact’ merch
CDD Art - 3 months ago
lauren got a good butt
Tina G
Tina G - 3 months ago
I think that alot “why doesn’t matt help” lol 🤣🤣
Kaylee Cuteness
Kaylee Cuteness - 4 months ago
You call the papers papers papers swatches and paint chips
Mandie Sulhan
Mandie Sulhan - 4 months ago
12:40 I thought the filmer was touching Laurens boobs
basic girl
basic girl - 4 months ago
Paint swatches
Brittany Inez
Brittany Inez - 4 months ago
Bilqees Bruce
Bilqees Bruce - 4 months ago
Did you cut your hair?
Ansleybelle Meccarielli
Ansleybelle Meccarielli - 4 months ago
A white fury beanbag in there is 👌
Madd1e Lov3ly
Madd1e Lov3ly - 4 months ago
Lol I'm late so I already know what's it's gonna look like
Laela Caraballo
Laela Caraballo - 4 months ago
You really didn’t have to paint the whole wall white if they are the same color because if the paint doesn’t dry shiny it will blend in. Only reason Ik that is because my dad is a paint. Btw I love you
Cliane - 4 months ago
Daamn Matt really outdid himself with some of these shots. Sorry just wanted to give some love. Also Lauren the wall looks great ✨
S Smith
S Smith - 4 months ago
Omg dude I knew that was the graffiti jumpsuit! I know you so fricking well
S Smith
S Smith - 4 months ago
I call them paint chipsssss
Caramel koala
Caramel koala - 4 months ago
They are called paint sample sheet..
Alex Worth
Alex Worth - 4 months ago
Who saw the tiolet paper your lucky to have any :D love your vids x
alliecatt 1986
alliecatt 1986 - 4 months ago
Lauren: paiting a whole wall
Me: can't even paint a square
What the heck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
alliecatt 1986
alliecatt 1986 - 4 months ago
Paint chip because it's made out of paint
Pickle City
Pickle City - 4 months ago
paint chips are a thing, that's what i call them
clare mck
clare mck - 4 months ago
I saw this video and now i’m painting a purple version ! i cant wait :)
Alexa Hernyak
Alexa Hernyak - 4 months ago
OMG I had always been taught to call them 'paint chips'
Katerina Panajotova
Katerina Panajotova - 4 months ago
I call it a paint thingi 😅
Emme Hope
Emme Hope - 4 months ago
Paint card samples
Hockey Sisters
Hockey Sisters - 4 months ago
If any one wouldn’t mind checking out my channel I’ll check out yours!,
Isabella Adams
Isabella Adams - 4 months ago
We call it paint chips
lulubug1299 - 4 months ago
paint chips, swatches are when you actually use the paint to compare/see the color in my opinion
Addison Reardon
Addison Reardon - 4 months ago
Lauren: Paints her whole wall.

Me: Can't even paint her nails.
Savannah No yeah business
Savannah No yeah business - 4 months ago
Those colors kinda kinda of reminds me of Niki demar
Aissa Reddington
Aissa Reddington - 4 months ago
My dads a builder and he calls them Paint swatches/Samples.
Michelle McCard
Michelle McCard - 4 months ago
I call them paint samples 😅
Giselle De jesus
Giselle De jesus - 4 months ago
Me looking at on yellow spot waiting for her to do it and she does it last
Zuzanna Weglicka
Zuzanna Weglicka - 4 months ago
I love your wall so so much!!!!!😍😍😍 It looks amazing! I want this wall in my room🥺😍❤️
Lyvia S
Lyvia S - 4 months ago
It looks really good, I also call them paint chips!
Emily Angel
Emily Angel - 4 months ago
Who else thinks Lauren should have “and contact” merch
Katy - Month ago
*aaaaaand.... Contact
Discover Church
Discover Church - 2 months ago
Emily Angel meeeeeeeee
Carolyn Lily Valenzuela
Carolyn Lily Valenzuela - 3 months ago
@awebby _10 yes
awebby _10
awebby _10 - 3 months ago
Emily Angel no
Karamel Cake
Karamel Cake - 3 months ago
Llama x Lover
Llama x Lover - 4 months ago
I call the “paint chips” paint samples XD
Alyana Watfah
Alyana Watfah - 4 months ago
9:15 did anyone else notice that little fly in the top left corner flying around
Klaire's Kingdom
Klaire's Kingdom - 4 months ago
Paint samples
Klaire's Kingdom
Klaire's Kingdom - 4 months ago
It took me a week to paint my room we finished today
dingus 3
dingus 3 - 4 months ago
Is it just me or is Lauren slowly loosing her
sanity during this series 😂
Soleil Daniels
Soleil Daniels - 5 months ago
I call it a sample
Katie Trevor
Katie Trevor - 5 months ago
7:00 looks lik me painting the fence with water when i was 5 😂😅
Grace Singthleen
Grace Singthleen - 5 months ago
Paint chip hmm probably a Canadian thing.. :)
Ariane Ponce
Ariane Ponce - 5 months ago
I call it a painting chip
Lucy Koellner
Lucy Koellner - 5 months ago
Paint chips 100 percent (:
Life. with. Julia
Life. with. Julia - 5 months ago
I call them paint chips
Mike Saraft
Mike Saraft - 5 months ago
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vickie nguyen
vickie nguyen - 5 months ago
I have a question what color did she use????
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