Binging with Babish: It's Always Sunny Special Part II

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Binging with Babish
Binging with Babish - 12 days ago
For the record, no, it's not better than busting a nut.
magnumxlpi - Day ago
Bro you dont know how to roll a burrito...
Evie Addy
Evie Addy - 3 days ago
jam sugar not exist in the US?
Mydas Knight
Mydas Knight - 3 days ago
TruthAboutTheLie - 3 days ago
Can you make an episode on the Good Burger and Ed's good sauce?
ben watson
ben watson - 2 hours ago
Video idea: go onto shitty food porn on reddit and try and to make those dishes but good
OhKinggs Wiggly
OhKinggs Wiggly - 3 hours ago
Anybody else want his kitchen
Judy Chen
Judy Chen - 3 hours ago
ILoveChallenges 80
ILoveChallenges 80 - 4 hours ago
Can you make riverdale milkshakes
Lil Kaiju
Lil Kaiju - 6 hours ago
Dennisha Felton
Dennisha Felton - 6 hours ago
He had me at Gin and Juice lol
David Russell
David Russell - 7 hours ago
What's a good replacement for American cheese for us non-americanos?
tmt1993 - 7 hours ago
Crepe suzette from Trading Places!
Bee - 8 hours ago
you have to use a spoon to layer them!
C S - 9 hours ago
1:54 Chef John intensifies
Aldrick Barber
Aldrick Barber - 9 hours ago
The Mac and cheese begs the question... Will you ever consider making Carmela's baked ziti from The Sopranos? I doubt there's a recipe in the show but I'd really like to learn how to make baked ziti.
Batt Fink
Batt Fink - 11 hours ago
"Deeply unhealthy and culturally confused." my kinda eatin
Mercury - 14 hours ago
Pizza chili cheese fries from psych
Pedro C
Pedro C - 15 hours ago
Hi can you make a diablo maximus breakfast burrito from trollhunters
Anup Patel
Anup Patel - 16 hours ago
Make the omelet from a hundred foot journey
C Rae
C Rae - 16 hours ago
Do the Brooklyn avenue sandwich from mad men!
postnubilaphoebus96 - 17 hours ago
Hey Babish, when are you gonna make Mango Lassi? :)
giannis34_ - 19 hours ago
“leave for 10 mins”
*10 mins later*

“and wow nothing has changed”
Aaron Layusa
Aaron Layusa - 22 hours ago
I busted a nut watching this.
SongsByGina - 23 hours ago
Just wanted to say my four year old daughter Annabelle loves your show and because of you is now super interested in food and cooking. So thank you for doing what you do and for also keeping it PG😉. Big love from the UK!
Azusa - 23 hours ago
Sanji cooking for the marines
Chive Chan
Chive Chan - Day ago
Yo babi... could you do 'Scent of a Woman' the Oak Room scene
*.....and then make love to a beautiful woman. After that...*
*I'm gonna lie down on my big, beautiful bed at the Waldorf... and blow my brains out*
[Enters waiter]
May I tell you our specials?
*you may, sir*
Tonight we have charred venison with buckwheat spaetzle and green peppercorn. Grilled veal, tomato tapenade, and roasted eggplants.
*Get me a napkin. My mouth's watering.*
If you like our souffle for dessert, it would be good to order it now.
*Yes, on the souffle. Give us a half a minute on the rest.*
Chive Chan
Chive Chan - 23 hours ago
-continued- Very good sir *I'm leaning towards the Spaetzel* "..Colonel Slade.." *Charlie, rolls on the table? Give'em to me. You should try these rolls. I used to dream about them at Fort Huachuca* "Colonel Slade" *Breads no good west of the Colorado. Waters too alkaline* "Colonel Slade, did you say - did I hear you right? Y-You said you were gonna kill yourself?" *No, I said I was gonna blow my brains out. Try one of these rolls Charlie, I buttered it for yah* "I don't want a roll, all right?" *Okay. Have a radish!.... Hah!* *Hello! Bring me a double jack Daniels on the rocks.* Yes sir, right away.
Kaustubi Chahal
Kaustubi Chahal - Day ago
There is literally no Indian in that except ghee which is not clarified butter
Oreng Kikuo
Oreng Kikuo - Day ago
I just love how in the beginning you can tell that he's so DONE with the generic Mac and cheese he just skips the entire thing before doing his own thing😂
Bharath Nagarajan
Bharath Nagarajan - Day ago
Any substitutes for the American cheese? I'm in India and can't find it anywhere!
jillian - Day ago
This will probably never be seen, but I've said it before and I'll say it again. You should make dean's pie from supernatural, if for nothing but the meme value.
The Rambling Geek
The Rambling Geek - Day ago
No one:
Babish: SaUcePiN
Brian Dodge
Brian Dodge - Day ago
So, when are you going to do the sauteed human flesh from Seinfeld?
Katie Medaugh
Katie Medaugh - Day ago
Please attempt Yahoo soda and the cereal from Hey Arnold
Fatal Bert
Fatal Bert - Day ago
I actually hate breadcrumbs on Mac and Cheese, it makes things too crunchy
Dina Zikopoulos
Dina Zikopoulos - Day ago
Lauren - Day ago
Please do a Star Trek special! Jumja Sticks, Ratkajino, Plomeek Soup, etc
MisanthropyFerret - Day ago
in soviet Russia we put a cans with preserves bottom-up in a warm blancket so they cool down slower. And you can sterilize jars in a microwave with water or dry-way in the oven. Also boiling caps is needed. And you can no longer boil your whole job in water at all, while they would live like forever. Or pasterise it with sous-vide.
I hope i didn`t translated something awfully-wrong
Bri Bango
Bri Bango - Day ago
I usually make a cheese sauce with a rue, but this is so easy I'm making it as I type lol
Muzique Junkee
Muzique Junkee - Day ago
Not sure how feasible this is but PLEASE DO THE GIANT PANCAKES FROM UNCLE BUCK!!!
Amy Reece
Amy Reece - Day ago
Rubber gloves into boiling liquid randomly gave me Roger Rabbitt "DIP" flashbacks....
Razae Neighbors
Razae Neighbors - Day ago
Spam is amazing I Don appreciate the hate🙄😅
Stunfisk - Day ago
"Go ahead and give those a big wipe-down because you've made a _big_ _terrible_ _mess_ "
Anyone else get a lady boner from this line
kevs musicandstuff
kevs musicandstuff - Day ago
You should do homers improvised breakfast
Ryan Ward
Ryan Ward - Day ago
Favorite episode so far!!
CadMan Cryzta
CadMan Cryzta - Day ago
Make that bun thing from spirited away movieb
CadMan Cryzta
CadMan Cryzta - Day ago
That pancake thing gave me a heart attack looking at it
gabe fisher
gabe fisher - 2 days ago
lets practice - paan ko
not - pan ko
Makenzi Harrison
Makenzi Harrison - 2 days ago
Should do the rabbit stew from lord of the rings
Cursed Gamer
Cursed Gamer - 2 days ago
the mac and cheese was just... ew. sorry.
Joshua Montaño
Joshua Montaño - 2 days ago
have you seen chef comment
Candace AirPod
Candace AirPod - 2 days ago
No please I can’t afford rent not u too
evilcoleslaw - 2 days ago
Mac and cheese is missing the little hunks of dog meat.
Tony Garcia
Tony Garcia - 2 days ago
do trailer park boys swish, julian’s drink, some other shit. show is fire
J W - 2 days ago
I love simply crepes! That place is so yummy. I always forget you are from my area until you say stuff like that.
*inhale* *exhale*
*inhale* *exhale* - 2 days ago
Would smash babish (no homo)
scott kwiatkowski
scott kwiatkowski - 2 days ago
Jerk Chicken from Psych
Hazel Cookie
Hazel Cookie - 2 days ago
Babish can you make mochi from acchi kocchi / place to place
Joey Livorno
Joey Livorno - 2 days ago
Your mac and cheese didnt have little chunks of dog in it though. Shame.
Scolar Visari
Scolar Visari - 2 days ago
It's like cooking normal food is to boring for babish.
wild.rhino55 - 2 days ago
C'mon who's with me?
TheOneTheOnly W
TheOneTheOnly W - 2 days ago
Dislike👎 for Gillette ad...
A heated razor... Really?
Does it come with a variety of scented tampons too?
NO. 5
NO. 5 - 2 days ago
You should make shrimp palm from goldbergs
coleisprettygreat - 2 days ago
Followed the (improved) Mac's famous mac and cheese recipe to the letter. This is one for the books. Thanks!
Robin Bates
Robin Bates - 2 days ago
No dog???
Andrew - 2 days ago
“Radioactive orange stuff” 😂😂
Makayla Bundy
Makayla Bundy - 2 days ago
I was so disappointed when he put bread crumbs ontop the mac and cheese you should have baked it
David Wizowski
David Wizowski - 2 days ago
You should do an episode with tipsy bartender.
K.T. Tran
K.T. Tran - 2 days ago
Would love to see an episode featuring Santino's last meal from John Wick Chapter 2 😁
^camophawx^ - 2 days ago
Try making Acorn Noodles from Assassination Classroom
Dark Justin
Dark Justin - 2 days ago
Make Ichiraku's Ramen from Naruto
Zach Lim
Zach Lim - 2 days ago
Okay Babish, hear me out.
There's a pretty old school anime called Chukan Ichiban, also known as Cooking Master Boy. Its basically Food Wars but made in the 90's and set in 1800's China. It is about as ridiculous as a cooking anime show can get and I love it. I'd be thrilled if you'd do any of the over the top dishes from that show.
Justin Voth
Justin Voth - 3 days ago
Congrats on the show! My fiancé and I were really excited to see you featured since most of our jazzed recipes come from you, and our inspiration was that movie. I appreciate the taste and culture you bring to our meals and will forever be a fan of Babish! Much love my friend
Jake tuiryui
Jake tuiryui - 3 days ago
Babish: No mac and cheese, gotta diet

Also Babish: Let me just tear in to this butter-fried, meat-stuffed, jelly-topped pancake roll
Fighting Angel
Fighting Angel - 3 days ago
a literal piece of bread
Can you do the triple goober berry sunrise from the spongebob movie?
christopher huerta
christopher huerta - 3 days ago
Where do you get those measuring cups and shaker?
Tyler Benton
Tyler Benton - 3 days ago
bruh, you made breakfast dosa
Tyler Benton
Tyler Benton - 3 days ago
yuh didn't like Charlie's Indian take on breakfast so you made your own. awesome.
DannyDaDuffyDucking Daffer
I like when he does his little alliteration
osadock - 3 days ago
Could you make the Reese's thanksgiving turkey from Malcolm in the middle?
simoane the curly hobo
simoane the curly hobo - 3 days ago
Please make Studio Ghibli food
Abeida Nazir
Abeida Nazir - 3 days ago
Trent Morgan
Trent Morgan - 3 days ago
Abeida Nazir which one?
Ivan Sama
Ivan Sama - 3 days ago
I failed at making the Mac and cheese :/
AdventureRider 650
AdventureRider 650 - 3 days ago
decentradical - 3 days ago
Yo forgot the glue and catfood.
Get DaDoe
Get DaDoe - 3 days ago
YOU PUT MEAT HUNKS IN IT!!!!!!!!!! Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
Marissa Jasmine Carter
Marissa Jasmine Carter - 3 days ago
As another series of Archer is coming out, could you do bear claws and perhaps some drinks (like bloody Mary’s) ? 💕💕💕💕
Tom Rilley
Tom Rilley - 3 days ago
I haven't watched the video yet, but I'm expecting there to be milk steak.
Sirui Tong
Sirui Tong - 3 days ago
Is it possible for you to try a recipe from the book star vs the forces of evil comets chapter has recipes
Danny MG
Danny MG - 3 days ago
Do the carrot biscuits from Horid Henry
quinn neary
quinn neary - 3 days ago
Ugohaasisover9000 - 3 days ago
You're going to need to start eating like The Rock if you wanna do Daddy Kratos justice
Nikki G
Nikki G - 4 days ago
I make a better mac and cheese
Cubikx - 4 days ago
Repeat after me: It is not Kraft Mac and Cheese, it is Kraft Dinner
Andrew Stith
Andrew Stith - 7 hours ago
Canada-like typing detected
blah blah
blah blah - 2 days ago
*laughs in Terence and Philip*
Iridious - 4 days ago
Why am I watching this at 2am 😭
Cory Simmons
Cory Simmons - 4 days ago
"Deeply unhealthy and culturally confused" 🇺🇸
PhantomPhoton - 4 days ago
Babish, we've watched you bake bread from scratch just to make a sandwich, but you're using ice-machine ice cubes from your freezer for a cocktail? For shame.
(and for the record, layered drinks are served layered for presentation, but are mixed by the patron before consuming...)
Ya Boi
Ya Boi - 4 days ago
I’m always fascinated by how he’s able to turn some really nasty things into legitimate recipes
Zach Haase
Zach Haase - 4 days ago
A it’s always Sunny fan?? I’ll subscribe any day buddy
ally cat
ally cat - 4 days ago
I love Americas test kitchen
Yazan Abu-Hijleh
Yazan Abu-Hijleh - 4 days ago
You should make Arty’s Rabitt dish from the Soprano’s. Season 6A, episode 7. The scene comes with about 3 minutes left in the episode. Due to injury, he makes it with one hand as well. It would be a great episode!
Louie Torres
Louie Torres - 4 days ago
I think you should do the leaning tower of pizza burger from the TV show King of Queens
Sage Lee
Sage Lee - 4 days ago
i... love spam.
MrTheJackThePerson - 4 days ago
meanasawolf - 4 days ago
In Poland we have a dish that's very similar. We call it "krokiety" and it's a crêpe stuffed with minced meat, rolled in breadcrumbs and fried. Sometimes instead of meat we use sauerkraut with mushrooms. Sounds weird but it's actually delicious. If you want to make it traditional- you serve it with borsch.
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