15 180
Thank you for making this on my B-day.

Mackenzie Bliss
Mackenzie Bliss - 13 days ago
More like 364 days of absolute heck. I'll be here waiting, Demi.
hameed - 21 day ago
I just noticed the 9 and 21 on the inside of the cabinets 🤦🏻‍♂️
Dunt_27 - 22 days ago
Hopefully this man lives through the pandemic
StingReay - Month ago
Can't wait for the next one!
M4K0CH4N - Month ago
I know that it is a tough time BUT believe me .... one of my happy thoughts is waiting for your 21st_of _September_2020_video.
Jill Jaxson
Jill Jaxson - Month ago
This would be so good if corona ended on this day
Master Yoda
Master Yoda - Month ago
wheres the 9/21 bd gang?
Master Yoda
Master Yoda - Month ago
I shall be here next time
XxMelanie_MalfoyxX :3
XxMelanie_MalfoyxX :3 - Month ago
September 21 is my birthday
Jackson Loubin
Jackson Loubin - 2 months ago
My b day!!!
Nateboss204 - 2 months ago
Btw 9/21/19 is my birthday
Vol100000 - 2 months ago
The only month that matters
Pokeyalx - 3 months ago
this is all i have to look forward to this year
Muneera Hamad Mohamed Raja Badan Al Hajeri
broooooo 21 september 2007 is my bday and + why did u make this vid
Isaac SMM
Isaac SMM - 3 months ago
you have to be 13+ to be on youtube
Azralle - 3 months ago
Bro, live stream it this year!
pinklight - 3 months ago
how did this guy have a mariachi band in his house? 🤔 (just confused)
TAZE Alex - Month ago
Lalaloopsy Littles :3 he paid them you idiot
Nvxlxch - 3 months ago
Can't wait for 9/21/20
Uriel AnimZ
Uriel AnimZ - 4 months ago
Meh birthday
Kaycee says hi
Kaycee says hi - 4 months ago
I said it once and I'll say it again, this guy has determination
Medina Jefferson
Medina Jefferson - 4 months ago
Am I the only one with a September 21st birthday 😂
Natali Salinas
Natali Salinas - 4 months ago
Oh my god!! that is so lovely!!!
Brenna Morgan
Brenna Morgan - 4 months ago
This is a song about my birthday!
The0verL0rd666 !
The0verL0rd666 ! - 4 months ago
My birthday is 21 sept
HiGh sKy
HiGh sKy - 4 months ago
September 21 is my birthday
Kim w
Kim w - 5 months ago
Okay but why..
J i e u n g e l i c
J i e u n g e l i c - 5 months ago
Well, my bday is on 21st September
Sophie - 5 months ago
Who else wanted to check on in this??
Andres Vargas
Andres Vargas - 5 months ago
My son was due in Nov, but born 2 months early on the 21st. This video will forever be in our/his life. Thank you
staring hamster
staring hamster - 5 months ago
Hey I am born on 21st September-
William Smithington
William Smithington - 5 months ago
3 months later this still ranks as my favorite YouTube video
*X122102* - 5 months ago
We’re gonna need a December
Дмитрий Лысёнок
That amazing feel when 21 september is your birthday
Casual Bird
Casual Bird - 6 months ago
When the whole band came in I went "wow"
Mike Bozz
Mike Bozz - 6 months ago
Adding yourself to the music video was just great XD
alynciaa - 6 months ago
thats my birthday! :D
C M - 6 months ago
Chaotic Good
Marcus Joly
Marcus Joly - 6 months ago
I will watch this every year.
FighterSuper - 6 months ago
So this is why you left Punch Up The Jam!
Bestest - 6 months ago
i don't care if it's not the 9/21 I just watch this because there so happy in the video :)
Nightly - 6 months ago
The last 21st night of September for the 2010s
NonRandomUser - 6 months ago
I went back and watched the classic tetralogy: 9/21/2016, 9/21/2017, 9/21/2018, and this one, 9/21/2019.
Hayrah Datu
Hayrah Datu - 6 months ago
That's Liza Koshy's Kitchen
Rotrodoni - 7 months ago
RIP plant 0:38
Cool Boy Shameer
Cool Boy Shameer - 7 months ago
This day was the death of my uncle
Tess Langford
Tess Langford - 7 months ago
How did that get 1.4 million views???
Thomas Sicotte
Thomas Sicotte - 6 months ago
Alison - 7 months ago
do you remember. the 21st night of September
Mr. Noffles
Mr. Noffles - 7 months ago
This is so funny because a friend of mine spammed me this video and I couldn’t understand what it meant until now
JarMan 1
JarMan 1 - 7 months ago
No one is gonna point out that he has a band in his house
obglobgablob - 7 months ago
Premiered Sep 22.
Dreamy potato
Dreamy potato - 7 months ago
This was posted on my birthday-
Nathan de Lucca
Nathan de Lucca - 7 months ago
That's Noice, but I think Shotos dead-
That was today
vanittah mwangi
vanittah mwangi - 7 months ago
I don't know how your top yourself next year
Jasmine Doiron
Jasmine Doiron - 7 months ago
September 21st is my birthday😂
Joshua - 7 months ago
21st of September is my b-day
Saad saf
Saad saf - 7 months ago
21 sep is my dads birthday
Pxnts- - 7 months ago
Im coming next sept 21st cuz its my birthday for my birthday gift from h guys
Via Viral
Via Viral - 7 months ago
I love this it makes me feel so special because it's my birthday!
5MadMovieMakers - 7 months ago
Wow careful with that flute, it's loaded (with confetti apparently)
mikeiswhite3 - 7 months ago
I hope he continues this for as long as he can.
Satwick Kancharana
Satwick Kancharana - 7 months ago
For a minute I thought. I was only recommended cuz it's also the date of my birth. Loved it.
O! RU, L82?
O! RU, L82? - 7 months ago
Iconic. I love this!
Felix Productions
Felix Productions - 7 months ago
true mastery
Noah The NSA Agent
Noah The NSA Agent - 7 months ago
Jon Bowman
Jon Bowman - 7 months ago
wow this was incredible!
Elizabeth O'Keefe
Elizabeth O'Keefe - 8 months ago
I love these videos!!!
thekingkong - 8 months ago
I cannot wait for 2020
Trailtracker - 8 months ago
Ok im scared is that how you hold your flute
lasercow l
lasercow l - 8 months ago
I will be honest, alpharad brought me here
WangleLine - 8 months ago
I do remember now
Shad - 8 months ago
i sang september in september 21, does that count
deathberry33 - 8 months ago
Goddamit I missed it, next year for sure!
1_Wavy - 8 months ago
My birthday!!!
bheatz1 - 8 months ago
This made my whole day
EmNiko - 8 months ago
I do.
You Know What I Like?
You Know What I Like? - 8 months ago
Every part of this emanates “Hell yeah!”
Not Anyone Important
Not Anyone Important - 8 months ago
Ahh it seems like I'm not the only one who got this through mod mail on reddit
Astro - 8 months ago
Reddit newsletters be like
Phantom Aviator
Phantom Aviator - 8 months ago
I love this. Thank you for a work of art. I got this in a modmessage on reddit, since I own r/sexyasiangrandpas
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