50 Sticks of Deodorant Melted Into One!

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omegaroblox gamer
omegaroblox gamer - 3 hours ago
I double dog dare you to make the same with deoderant spray
Zachary C
Zachary C - 9 hours ago
I'm pretty sure that "aluminum" leads to Alzheimers
Dustin Noaks
Dustin Noaks - 12 hours ago
I have to say Callie has REALLY grown on me 😘😘😘🥰
Amanda Weber
Amanda Weber - 13 hours ago
bruh right before this vid i got a deoterant comertial.
CommandoWolf Pack
CommandoWolf Pack - 14 hours ago
The viscosity surprised me!
Carmen Elizabeth
Carmen Elizabeth - 14 hours ago
That's a lot f pit sticks
Rose Water
Rose Water - 15 hours ago
Melts like a candle
fish kid
fish kid - 15 hours ago
You should flash freeze deodorant
zirome - 15 hours ago
did you accidentally invent a type of deodorant that doesn't just melt off of you?
Kappamarz TheGoat
Kappamarz TheGoat - 16 hours ago
I forgot my password to dash lane so I made 2 accounts so it doesn’t happen again
Zara Parks
Zara Parks - 16 hours ago
You should make the largest deodorant ever
Rumple Stiltskin
Rumple Stiltskin - 16 hours ago
she talks too much
Atombomb Games
Atombomb Games - 17 hours ago
I dont think cali has ever owned a stick of deoderant for over 3 months, she didnt expect the deoderant to crumble... (And this is assuming you didnt use it all in that time)
Jade Time
Jade Time - 17 hours ago
This is so cool
Mr. Sir
Mr. Sir - 18 hours ago
Tripp Gunter
Tripp Gunter - 18 hours ago
Freeze dry it
Charlie C
Charlie C - 18 hours ago
8:45 anyone else immediately think ‘What happens when you put deodorant in a freeze dryer?’ Or just me?
UNRULY .PRODUCTIONS - 18 hours ago
Ya all need to be together
Dave Otuwa
Dave Otuwa - 19 hours ago
The facial mold may be the same exact colour as the Statue of Liberty. Make it fragrant!
Yungsavage218 - 19 hours ago
This is actually smart
Zanya Beecham
Zanya Beecham - 19 hours ago
You guys should try and make dragon Ball
Zilla Margarita
Zilla Margarita - 19 hours ago
Y’all must be bored Lmaoo
yando cardrissian
yando cardrissian - 20 hours ago
Can you make a deodorant candle?
TpitzAJ x_x
TpitzAJ x_x - 20 hours ago
Zhen Rizwan
Zhen Rizwan - 20 hours ago
How come the other guy aint in these anymore
Golden Snake 87
Golden Snake 87 - 21 hour ago
Hey look it's Handsome Jack lol
عبدالله العزوني
you could but why
Wolf Girl
Wolf Girl - 22 hours ago
except for my fam ily the girls smell just as bad as guys so we have to use mens deodorant lol
smiley taco
smiley taco - 22 hours ago
Freeze dry the deodorant then put it into the foundry
KALEEL CLINCH - 22 hours ago
Just take a shower in melted deodorant never stink again
T Long
T Long - 23 hours ago
You should see what happens when you put it in the freeze dryer
jay wells
jay wells - 23 hours ago
Epic fail. You melted two different types of deordorant together. Antiperspirant and regular.
Phoebe Plank:p
Phoebe Plank:p - 23 hours ago
it just melts. Nothing special.
Nacho_Man2323 ‘
Nacho_Man2323 ‘ - 23 hours ago
4:22. Deodorant begins to sweat.
Soulan - Day ago
This videos feels like they are constantly questioning their life decisions :D
21:21 - Day ago
why are y'alls deodorants like that in america? in greece and i bet most of europe they are cylindrical with a rolling ball that grabs the product in a lotion-kind of consistency.
Nat Dodd
Nat Dodd - Day ago
Ngl it’s painful watching her try and be funny
Shawn Legg
Shawn Legg - Day ago
Did you combine both gel and solid deodorant? That may have been the problem, try it again with just solid deodorant.
Try to make art with deodorant
shazaddehazad 2244
shazaddehazad 2244 - Day ago
Once in my class, my chemistry teacher said " yOu CanT sHaNk The AiR "
Me : makes a deodorant knife
Also me : time to ShaNK the air
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