50 Sticks of Deodorant Melted Into One!

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꧁ 𒊹 I M A P E R S O N 𒊹 ꧂
Remus would just love this video.
Chelsea Frick
Chelsea Frick - Day ago
if anti-perspirant has aluminum in it.... can you put it in the microwave?
xKodak White
xKodak White - Day ago
I’m sorry but I can’t stand the girl😤
Jellø Star Fox
Jellø Star Fox - Day ago
Frankenstein deodorant
JayGotToxic - 3 days ago
Does anyone else think that the mold looked like red skull from avengers 🤣🤣🤣💀
holly clifford
holly clifford - 3 days ago
Can you guys freeze dried deodorant please.
DreadlyKnight - 4 days ago
Most likely it’s the gel combining with the solidified “powder” that made it retain a soft paste like consistency
it’s me
it’s me - 5 days ago
no my deodorant.

mine is paste
Dark Rose
Dark Rose - 5 days ago
i like how she just exposed the deodorant industry by proving they give girls less deodorant.
Min Yoongi
Min Yoongi - 6 days ago
*_"Why do the boys get to smell spicy"_*

*_And the girls get to smell.......baby-"_*
Elva Tan
Elva Tan - 7 days ago
That's why you should try ONLINE SHOPPING
Kahlan Nickerson
Kahlan Nickerson - 7 days ago
Nate: it melts beautifully
Cali: wonderful, it doesn’t wash off
alexanderjc9909 - 8 days ago
Me: wait is that grant
pebbles the cat
pebbles the cat - 8 days ago
Is anyone else wondering how many pans they’ve ruined just melting stuff?
Ella Hoch
Ella Hoch - 9 days ago
Nate’s answer to everything is DRILL
Shanna Sweger
Shanna Sweger - 9 days ago
That's where all the deodorant went 🤔
PikNik - 10 days ago
“It plugs your pores.”
Could I use this on my face 🧐😂
The real Coach Potato
The real Coach Potato - 10 days ago
I never noticed that I have the exact same stove as you!! Wow!
Izabella Lafuente
Izabella Lafuente - 10 days ago
Am I the only one who thought they should have made a giant deodorant?
RaW PoTaToS - 10 days ago
bro even buying soap is embaressing for me lol
Gavin Hartman
Gavin Hartman - 12 days ago
You guys should make a T-shirt that says “I’m a YouTuber don’t judge me” for when you buy weird things lol
Pranit Kharche
Pranit Kharche - 14 days ago
i think that the green deodorant is heavier than the white so, the green one has settled at the bottom . there i a nice split- layer type of face??
Liyah - 14 days ago
I wondered how that smelled ... probably smelt guhhhhh
Meiliang Yi
Meiliang Yi - 15 days ago
The deodorant looks like soap is it just me tho
Tang Ty Samnang
Tang Ty Samnang - 15 days ago
Sophia Dautremont
Sophia Dautremont - 15 days ago
Nerdy Amber
Nerdy Amber - 15 days ago
Remus!?!? This you!?!?! (Lol)
Kelly Hayward
Kelly Hayward - 16 days ago
Original Old Spice will light on fire.
SonamyGamer4 Like-Ever
SonamyGamer4 Like-Ever - 17 days ago
Remus would be happy to eat this-
Power House
Power House - 17 days ago
Isn’t the deodorant that uses the stuff to plug up your pores how you get pimples?
Kylah Bear
Kylah Bear - 17 days ago
Put it in a blender
Norsha - 17 days ago
Safiya has entered the chat
Baxter Dick
Baxter Dick - 17 days ago
Emma Vlogs128
Emma Vlogs128 - 18 days ago
U guys should try making a giant stick of deodorant
Nut Thompson
Nut Thompson - 19 days ago
Or guys actually work out.
Reilly Grimley
Reilly Grimley - 19 days ago
Melted deodorant in an ice cream machine!
Christopher Gay
Christopher Gay - 20 days ago
Christopher Gay
Christopher Gay - 20 days ago
Christopher Gay
Christopher Gay - 20 days ago
Christopher Gay
Christopher Gay - 20 days ago
Meowking 42
Meowking 42 - 21 day ago
Girl deoderant tastes better.
Adrian Hidalgo
Adrian Hidalgo - 21 day ago
The end product is creepy
Hi I am weird :3
Hi I am weird :3 - 21 day ago
Remus Sanders would love this video and probably eats deodorant soup (if you know what I'm talking about hi (●’◡’●)ノ.)
Shaya Firth
Shaya Firth - 22 days ago
I could smell this by watching it
Natalie Vu
Natalie Vu - 23 days ago
Why do I get the feeling that Nate secretly watches Safiya's videos and just came up with this
Indian Flavors by Rajni
Indian Flavors by Rajni - 24 days ago
Indian Flavors by Rajni
Indian Flavors by Rajni - 24 days ago
Indian Flavors by Rajni
Indian Flavors by Rajni - 24 days ago
Sky Rider
Sky Rider - 24 days ago
What happens when you freeze 50 deodorants
Eden Beck
Eden Beck - 24 days ago
Are you guys married?
Lance Stone
Lance Stone - 25 days ago
at 10:00 in the video this is terrifying!
Kamea Veldman
Kamea Veldman - 26 days ago
Remus is quaking
Where are my fanders at?
Sarai's Magical Life
Sarai's Magical Life - 22 hours ago
Orlaigh Knight
Orlaigh Knight - 26 days ago
I wonder if they actually used the deodorant after filming this😅😅
RonStudios - 26 days ago
6:36 the thing of nightmares!
Jenna Turner
Jenna Turner - 26 days ago
“ This video is sponsored by”
Me: Raid Sha-
Calli: Dashlane
SUPERCRAZY G1234 - 28 days ago
That creepy at the end your face .
Nicole Anime
Nicole Anime - 28 days ago
I hope people realize you don't have to use a specific deodorant just cause it's "made" for a specific gender. I've used men's deodorant cause I liked the scent.
Dawkins Girls
Dawkins Girls - 28 days ago
"And if they dont we'll still probably try"
I died laughing
Kay Kay
Kay Kay - 29 days ago
i got a deodorant when i clicked on this video
juicy grape 124
juicy grape 124 - 29 days ago
It's not supposed to wash off
Fizzy - 29 days ago
Boys in the locker:
Rainer Tristan
Rainer Tristan - Month ago
I like the "This is the idea" animation
Darth Vader
Darth Vader - Month ago
They are just doing middle school science projects but with FIRE
Dylan Miller
Dylan Miller - Month ago
What happens when you light different powders on fire
SilentWolf0509 - Month ago
By the way you know you can just yank the deodorant out pull it and then just yank it
SilentWolf0509 - Month ago
I am from the future there will be coronavirus COVID-19
シJacobLoves Cookies
シJacobLoves Cookies - Month ago
Ima die real soon of eating deodorant cause that colored ones look like candy 🍬
Definitely not a bot
Definitely not a bot - Month ago
6:39 why is it looking at me like that?!
SKULLKID 98 - Month ago
I had the same experience with the deodorant crumble
ZekeZap - Month ago
10:9 When you wake up with Covid-19
Definitely not a bot
Definitely not a bot - Month ago
MeteorGeist 1771
MeteorGeist 1771 - Month ago
Slippery Dolphin
Slippery Dolphin - Month ago
They have a T-series pan
john smith
john smith - Month ago
Are they dating ? Lol
Definitely not a bot
Definitely not a bot - Month ago
They are coworkers
frisk the human
frisk the human - Month ago
Ok I'm going to go put some on
Delina Daigle
Delina Daigle - Month ago
Thank you for joining us today on our demonstration in global warming😂😂
Z a R i A
Z a R i A - Month ago
lol imagine if somebody used a stick of deodorant as a candle
Writergirl09 Meh
Writergirl09 Meh - Month ago
Does the pot remind anyone else of the Frankenstein lipstick?
Steffi A
Steffi A - Month ago
Me 2019:why just why
Me 2020:this video is amazing
jegan Somasundaram
jegan Somasundaram - Month ago
Yordi Gabriel
Yordi Gabriel - Month ago
I thought nate was going to lick a deoderant
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