My Thoughts on Breast Reduction? | Responding to Your Comments #8 | Doctor Mike

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Triple haemorrhoids Bob
Triple haemorrhoids Bob - 4 hours ago
Hey Dr. Mike love your videos
shipmeanywhere - 5 hours ago
My smile is tilted , does a certain jaw procedure exist that can make my smile symetrical? Thank you
failarmy fan 2
failarmy fan 2 - 6 hours ago
Why is everyone complimenting this dude
I ain't a hater but it's weird
Sasha Martin
Sasha Martin - 13 hours ago
how do you feel about lip fillers
Gal Kiron
Gal Kiron - 13 hours ago
since i were 3 years old i knew i want to be a doctor
Lisa Christine
Lisa Christine - 14 hours ago
6'3 and he's highly intelligent,I'm in love!#iloveyoursmile
Cinnamon Roll
Cinnamon Roll - 14 hours ago
After I got strep throat I started snoring how did that happen?
Bruhitslillie Cory
Bruhitslillie Cory - Day ago
why the freak does the thing around your neck switch back and forth
Elizabeth Harttley
Elizabeth Harttley - 9 hours ago
Haha he takes a break and puts it back on differently
Ashley Cannon
Ashley Cannon - Day ago
Hi Doctor Mike, I have a question related to the red meat question. I am *mostly* vegetarian again (I was 100% for seven years before pregnancy, and she's 14 now.) Now I eat vegetarian six days a week and eat meat one day. I would like to know which meat or meats to add to my diet. I'm *extremely allergic to ALL POULTRY & ALL SHELLFISH.* This is all very frustrating and I would LOVE some help!
Assassin Junky-11
Assassin Junky-11 - Day ago
Hi Dr Mike
What's your opinion on pimples and what is a safe way to prevent them ( I'm a teenager , if that helps) love your vids
Miranda Grammer
Miranda Grammer - Day ago
False ribs thing I get it too!!!!!
Miranda Grammer
Miranda Grammer - Day ago
I thought it was normal
IdrawCow16 - Day ago
I think I'm the only person who kinda enjoyed and didnt mind the pain from braces
Anar Boldbaatar
Anar Boldbaatar - Day ago
I still haven't let my wife know about Dr.Mike... I'm keeping him to myself. He is my gem.
Freya Andersen
Freya Andersen - Day ago
A part of the left side of my (left) thigh feels a bit numb? I know that I am in very bad shape so maybe that could be the cause? It doesnt bother me that much but it does worry me because I am only 16. What should I do?
nanami scarlet
nanami scarlet - 2 days ago
Dr.Mike My period cycle is two months once is it normal ? I'm 19 years old and my cycle has been like this since I got my first period.
Camden Matsumoto
Camden Matsumoto - 3 days ago
I hope you see this because I’d like to know. Every single time I twist my wrist it pops . Is it concerning if that happens EVERY single time??
sabiha habib
sabiha habib - 3 days ago
Hey Doc , i get cold all the time even when i dont eat cold things what should i do ??
Sashá Dyck
Sashá Dyck - 4 days ago
Hi Dr Mike! Love the show!
I've recently had disc replacement of C3-6 and fusion of L5-S1. I am a 26 year old Mom of two under and the pain post-OP due to the compression of the nerves for years before the problem was found, is excruciating. Are there any tips to help get off meds like morphine. The side effects are crazy and I'm nervous about addition.
Julia Connolly
Julia Connolly - 4 days ago

Did he just suggest that she might MISS her period?! WHY WOULD WE MISS THAT?!
Spicy - 4 days ago
Oh god he’s tall
Sandra Gallegos Valdez
Sandra Gallegos Valdez - 5 days ago
Is it ok that i can crack my hips? Or should i go to a doctor???
Manana Panda
Manana Panda - 5 days ago
I think women grow too big of breasts because they fees us food with hormones. Big breasts aren't natural because they hurt the body.
Grace_ Sparkler19
Grace_ Sparkler19 - 5 days ago

I don't know if you filmed this in 2 parts or in one sitting and the stethoscope just got heavy on one side of your neck or began to get annoying, but these are time stamps for each time the stethoscope switches low key bugged me but, hey, not like I can do anything about it
Sri Sri
Sri Sri - 6 days ago
Hi Dr Mike!! Though bad cholesterol numbers are little high than the limit why doctors still say its ok??
Judy in the Sky
Judy in the Sky - 6 days ago
I’ve wanted breast reduction for years. 😭 Insurance will not pay for it. I developed gestational gigantomastia. It’s better, but not fully. My back, shoulders, and neck ache. I wish I knew what to do.
saistar edits
saistar edits - 6 days ago
I can’t eat red-meat only some but it’s difficult for my body to handle
Idk what this condition
Zara Karami
Zara Karami - 6 days ago
What kind of stethoscope is that? Littmann ... ??
Elise Courtney
Elise Courtney - 7 days ago

ok so whenever i move my shoulders i like pop them in and out of place and they make a really loud cracking noise and they look rlly weird while they do it. also my shoulders always feel uncomfortable thats why im always moving them, any idea's?
Sarah Pellizzari Brassard
Can you do a video on braces?
sarah abdoon
sarah abdoon - 7 days ago
What are your thoughts on hair laser removal?
Tamara Brink
Tamara Brink - 7 days ago
hearing your thoughts on breast reductions really comforted me
V Bert
V Bert - 7 days ago
6'3... my word... that's yummy.
I'm Someone
I'm Someone - 7 days ago
Dr. Mike Q&A in a nutshell
Commentor: I'm sick what should I do
Dr. Mike: go see your doctor
maslah adow
maslah adow - 7 days ago
Dr mike which book would u recommend for someone who wants to specialize in general surgery ?!
Francheska K.
Francheska K. - 7 days ago
if you make papaya milkshakes or eat papaya it helps with inflammation and pain with the bracers
also if you take Tylenol before you get the bracers tighten it helps, also ice pack, or anything cold
Kookie Sun
Kookie Sun - 8 days ago
Dr Mike can you be my Doctor? The last time I’ve been to the Dr was for my physical exam to do sports, which was a year ago.
Natasha Woit
Natasha Woit - 8 days ago
That's amazing awesome w YouTube and being so great w your actual Dr work not interfering some might
Natasha Woit
Natasha Woit - 8 days ago
Dang awesome beg what u said beg well whole video but beg
skittleboombastic - 8 days ago
I had a breast reduction in December and it's the best thing I've ever done for myself!! My back pain and neck pain was gone 2 days after surgery!! I had begged doctors since I was 18 to refer me (medically covered in Canada), but they refused because I may want to breast feed... Um, is that not my choice??
I am 32 now, my son is adopted and 3 yrs old now, didn't breast feed... and what I wish for most was having my breasts smaller when he was a baby so I could have been more comfortable and truly hold him closer to me...
unDerWorldreamer - 8 days ago
pls split me some of those brests you've reduced, cuz mine are smaller than yours no kidding lol
Nancy Rodriguez
Nancy Rodriguez - 9 days ago
Dr. Mike you are amazing and I appreciate your good work!
Sherry Wyllie
Sherry Wyllie - 9 days ago
You cover more in 9 minutes than any doctor I've ever encountered. A lot of good advice and answers.
Jessica Stone
Jessica Stone - 10 days ago
I have uneven collarbones. Is that normal? I sometimes feel the need to push my left shoulder back to relieve pressure. I can use both sides like normal, maybe slightly less range with my left shoulder.
Bordeaux Rose
Bordeaux Rose - 10 days ago
Man I thought you were short, like 5’6”...idk why🤷🏾‍♀️
Kampf Echo
Kampf Echo - 10 days ago
Hi i really would be interested to listen or watch a podcast from your with other doctors.
Sage C
Sage C - 10 days ago
I have chronic back pain and migraines from my breasts and in a few weeks I’m being taken down from a H cup to hopefully a C cup. I’m more scared of the IV than anything....
Megan! Pierani!
Megan! Pierani! - 10 days ago
stop showing off your muscles plz i can’t love you anymore than i already do
Outside - 11 days ago
Wait what!? Your ribs aren't supposed to pop over eachother!? I was told that it was totally normal
Ross Harper
Ross Harper - 11 days ago
What about top surgery most trans guys get?
Rayven Rosé
Rayven Rosé - 11 days ago
Apparently the pressure from traveling in an airplane can induce periods! For the first 3 years that I got it, it was ONLY while on airplanes. Maybe there’s some research on that?
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