My Thoughts on Breast Reduction? | Responding to Your Comments #8 | Doctor Mike

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BTS shiteu
BTS shiteu - 6 hours ago
I'm vegan
dog lover
dog lover - 11 hours ago
i know i’m very late but here is my question
i am 12 and i have a scoliosis and my spine is always in pain, what meds could i take to reduce this pain, ps i might need surgery
Xx woah.its.kasandra Xx
Xx woah.its.kasandra Xx - 11 hours ago
I can't imagine you being tall😂😭
ElliShushi Vlogs
ElliShushi Vlogs - Day ago
I am a simple specimen. I do flute squats.
Gabriella - 2 days ago
Is it normal for when you lean to the side your rib and hip like.... touch? Idk how to better say it...
Dominyka Jasinskaite
Dominyka Jasinskaite - 2 days ago
7:36 About the period inducing... For women that already had their first period. In case of holiday or some other event there is a way to make your period come few days earlier or later. Drotaverini and some warmth on your lower abdomen can make your period come earlier it can also help with period cramps. Vitamin C can help your period to come later, but it also can increase cramps. I wouldn't offer to do this really often. Hope it helps someone;)
Jek Saak
Jek Saak - 2 days ago
You have a lot of patients who have very large breasts?
LukeSWErrthing - 2 days ago
Hey, Dr. Mike!! I broke my leg last January and the cold season has been a pain to deal with due to the metal implants in my femur. Any tips to help me deal with the pain and keep warm?? Thanks!! Love your channel!
Aya chan
Aya chan - 6 days ago
You can choose to answer this or not, but
Is abortion REALLY killing babies? I mean from a doctor's view, what is abortion really and why is it that frowned upon?
Anttonia Streitenberger
Funny, Im argentinean... And we eat A LOT of red meat... like at least in 1 mayor meal during the day. And our health and figures are good.. just google pictures
River Wing
River Wing - 6 days ago
Why should you marinate red meat other than flavor wise?
rachaeldarla - 7 days ago
Hot YouTube Doctor is 6'3" .. crying because that's just too beautiful.
The Vision Alpha Legend
i think i watched the wrong video
Darth Daniel
Darth Daniel - 7 days ago
Can you not put boobs as a freaking THUMBNAIL
Paola Paniagua
Paola Paniagua - 7 days ago
Your point at 2:55 - thank you so much! I have sun damage all over my body (i have albinism) and i had a health care professional try to tell me it wasnt even noticeable 😤 Ive frightened people with my scars. Pleeeease, like im a child! That just felt like gaslighting. Now i wear foundation on my arms and legs sometimes and it helps me feel confident. 🤷🏼‍♀️ sometimes being self loving is taking a gentle approach and giving yourself what you need to feel good. I plan to get tattoos to mask the scars.
louis b
louis b - 8 days ago
Hey Doc, Atleast once a month. I get a sharp pain in my ribs that make breathing difficult. I try to stretch and take a deep breath. But it takes about 30mins before it goes away. Should i get it looked at? I was told by "not a doctor" that it could be slipped rib syndrome. It's just a random occurrence so i don't want to waste the doctors time.
Matt of all Trades
Matt of all Trades - 8 days ago
Is there a way to stop your period?
Joshua DeLong
Joshua DeLong - 8 days ago
I've been taking melatonin pills to help me sleep and ever since I've started I've been having some WEIRD dreams. Is it the melatonin causing them?
Jenny Chavez
Jenny Chavez - 9 days ago
I have a question. I am 20 weeks pregnant I’ve been running most of my pregnancy. Is it true that with running while pregnant the umbilical cord can wrap around the baby and choke the baby?!? Because I heard this, but my dr says it’s fine to run while pregnant. I’m not sprinting I’m just jogging. I’ve been a runner for over 6 years.
Troll Lulu
Troll Lulu - 9 days ago
What's the difference between pimples on the face and on your back? What's the best way to get rid of pimples on the back?
HeWhoLovesToDraw People
HeWhoLovesToDraw People - 10 days ago
One year after post and im gonna fail nnn bc that thumbnail
David Martin
David Martin - 10 days ago
I come from Sweden and it can get very cold here.
Many people say that you can catch a cold if you go out in to the cold but then we would be more sick than people in other countries.
Also isn't it true that bacteria have a harder time to survive in the cold?
Is it true you catch a cold from being in the cold?
Nayele Martinez
Nayele Martinez - 12 days ago
Dude.... you’re a whole foot and an inch taller than me
Nicolas Young
Nicolas Young - 12 days ago
Wait dr Mike is 6,3
The gacha girl
The gacha girl - 13 days ago
Just relized he has two watches on
Jaluca Bester
Jaluca Bester - 11 days ago
They're not two watches. The silver one is a watch the black one is a fitness tracker that counts your steps, heart rate etc.
Michelle Perkins
Michelle Perkins - 13 days ago
Question if you do a Q&A soon.
I want to become a doctor but GPA wise I won't be able to get into medical school. What possible jobs are out their for people that can't become doctors (cause of medical school) but want to really badly?
theasdazx - 13 days ago
Why do you need sponsors ? Is being a doctor not making you enough money? I'm not saying sarcasticly just curious.also english is not my native lang
Brianna Reed
Brianna Reed - 13 days ago
Oops I eat lots and lots of red meat
Laura M
Laura M - 14 days ago
Here's a question I cant even find answer to on the internet.
Why do some people tear up when they use the restroom? I always thought it was normal. There's no pain, my eyes just always watered? I didnt even know if wasn't normal until my bf asked me my I had tears in my eyes.
Levi D
Levi D - 14 days ago
Eat or drink cold things with braces to loosen pain
Ingmar - 14 days ago
How often should you visit your doctor for check-ups???
PrincePaki - 14 days ago
Why do I try and sit up straight and it hirts
Namrata G.B.
Namrata G.B. - 14 days ago
Mike why are you wearing stethoscope 😂
Tanya Pandey
Tanya Pandey - 15 days ago
I'm a 16 year old girl. I've been underweight and I've had just normal weight gain but I still got stretch marks. There was this physical and psychological examination in my college as a result of some research that another college was doing and I got to know that my body fat is 30%. The person who told me that was really shocked bcos my height is 5'2 and I seem to have a normal weight but then my bad fat is a lot. She explained to me that maybe it's my metabolism that's got something to do with my weight being just normal. But Is it because of my body fat that I got stretch marks?
MrHouser79 - 15 days ago
I wonder..... Could u think of a Situation that might let u question ur self to continiuing to be a Dr.? Or maybe Was there a Situation that affect u that much that u where thinging to quit. Sry. Im a german and thats all i can Do English wise
No_ abe
No_ abe - 16 days ago
Podcast with coworkers sounds awesome!
Samantha West
Samantha West - 16 days ago
You should start a podcast
Tiger - 17 days ago
Hey so how can i GET sick so i don't have to go to school that my mum be oh gosh but not to bad to go to the hospital?
Frances Runyan
Frances Runyan - 18 days ago
annnnnnnd he's 6'3". Of course he's tall 😭😭😭
TheRedHead - 18 days ago
If you feel like you're to tall, just come to the Netherlands.
Shreyasi Chatterjee
Shreyasi Chatterjee - 18 days ago
Do you think it's normal to have secretions from breast even if you are not pregnant?
미아Mia - 19 days ago
My right boob is like a whole cup size bigger than my left one? Whats up with that cuz I heard that its common when your left boob is bigger than the right one by the slightest bit but mine is the complete opposite??
Blade Michaelis
Blade Michaelis - 19 days ago
Is being a pescatarian bad or good
Tochigi - 19 days ago
Who else realised he flipped his stethoscope over?
ReignOfKnowledge - 20 days ago
Hey Doc
If you do get around to doing a podcast, I hope you do it would be awesome, please can you interview Logan Tremellen
He has Crohns disease and talks about it on his channel
I've never heard of the disease before stumpling onto his channel, would love to learn more
Omkar Gurme
Omkar Gurme - 20 days ago
I brush everyday but still have bad breath . Please help . And how can i know wether my mouths is smelling or not.....
Monique cooper
Monique cooper - 20 days ago
as soon as i heard toshinori yagi i fangirled soo hard
Who Dunnit
Who Dunnit - 20 days ago
Kinda sad situation... The video was too pro meat for the vegan crowd, and not pro meat enough for the meat sponsor. But at the end of the day, he was just saying that veg based is best but having meat is also ok if its not in excess. Yknow. Like a normal person.
Ryu Machida
Ryu Machida - 22 days ago
Im definitely looking forward to the podcast~! Hopefully, it works out~
W9H - 22 days ago
Only 13 year old fangirls in here
Delaney Negron
Delaney Negron - 23 days ago
I’m obsessed with eating and I’m trying to loose weight do you have any tips on how to control my craving for fatty foods ?
Tyler Wyat
Tyler Wyat - 23 days ago
For LP, are you an L3-L4, L4-L5, or L5-S1 kinda guy? That's a first date kind of question.
Abbie Heath
Abbie Heath - 24 days ago
What are your thoughts on a male birth control pill?
helen Weinberger
helen Weinberger - 24 days ago
What a hot doctor 🥼 your perfect 👌
Hailey Petri
Hailey Petri - 24 days ago
Its crazy because as a vegetarian i always get attacked about my eating
Kamalia Coetzee
Kamalia Coetzee - 24 days ago
Can you please make a video on ADHD and how to fight it?
Kamalia Coetzee
Kamalia Coetzee - 24 days ago
Hi Dr. Mike! Can you please make a video on weight/fat loss?
Quinn Vass
Quinn Vass - 24 days ago
Can you touch on auto immune diseases?
Quinn Vass
Quinn Vass - 24 days ago
Please refer to my favorite line ever....... "Just because you're offended doesn't mean you're right"
C J - 25 days ago
I recently started watching his videos and I feel like I know so much more about what to expect when I go to the doctor's and hospitals then I did.
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