Top 10 Historically Accurate Movies

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Jenny Hall
Jenny Hall - Day ago
Passion of the Christ
Oscar Gonzalez
Oscar Gonzalez - 2 days ago
i just came to see if 1917 and hacksaw ridge were here
Philip Pliskin
Philip Pliskin - 2 days ago
I'm a huge fan of General Hiram Ulysses Grant and I thought his portrayal in Lincoln was spot on. They even had Ely Parker ( his closest friend and secretary ) played by a Native American actor. Spielbergs attention to detail was amazing.
Chris Vaccaro
Chris Vaccaro - 6 days ago
Stefan C
Stefan C - 7 days ago
Roman Polanski survived so he could become a pedo-rapist...nice.
Azrul Hafiz
Azrul Hafiz - 9 days ago
Inglorious Basterds??
Adam Clayton
Adam Clayton - 10 days ago
i watched come and see and had no idea wtf was going on
Exam Off Amazon
Exam Off Amazon - 10 days ago
I was expecting Waterloo (1970) but nevermind.
Eric Knudstrup
Eric Knudstrup - 13 days ago
One of my favorites is "Master and Commander".
Matei Aprozianu
Matei Aprozianu - 14 days ago
The imitation Game is not actual very historical, there were not just five dudes triyng to decript enigma, there were over 10.000 men who worcked, intercepting mesages from around the world.
Footy Fan
Footy Fan - 21 day ago
How in the hell is Munich not on here? Goodfellas maybe?
Jonathan Mahoney
Jonathan Mahoney - 21 day ago
12 Years a Slave was an absolutely necessary film indeed. Heinously real. No other film makes your heart wrench like this does.
Terminal Sarcasm
Terminal Sarcasm - 22 days ago
Waterloo was pretty accurate
pswiisixtee - 23 days ago
Where’s 2012? It happened so recently how could you guys forget???
TL Pricescope
TL Pricescope - 24 days ago
Thank God “12 Years a Slave” was made. It was one of the most eye opening films ever into the true horrors of slavery.
purple gatorade
purple gatorade - 21 day ago
Read Harriet Jacobson's diary. That's eye opening.
John Smith
John Smith - 26 days ago
"300" & "Braveheart" belong on this list.  Spartan warriors really did wear speedo-leather briefs and Scottish peasants all had really good dental plans.
Wexiste 0529
Wexiste 0529 - 27 days ago
W A T E R L O O ? ?
Frederick Thomas
Frederick Thomas - 27 days ago
You need to update it I mean it's very good but you need to update it blackkklansman just Mercy hidden figures and that's just off the top of my head oh yeah. Harriet
T K - 29 days ago
Very good list! I especially agree on Lincoln and 12 Years a Slave. Nice watch!
EyeOfScrutiny - Month ago
Lincoln actually didn’t care to end slavery. The actual 13th amendment he pushed for wanted to permanently establish slavery. Also, if you add the actual text of the so called emancipation proclamation, he “freed “ slaves only on the states opposed to the union. The mid Atlantic slave states were not opposed by the proclamation. Again, read the actual text.
nakedBison69 - Month ago
it is a crime against humanity that Spielberg's Lincoln did not win the Academy Awards for Best Picture as well as Best Director
sixshooter500 - Month ago
Serpico is the most historically accurate police film I've ever seen. They even made the rooms of the main character, look exactly like it was in real life (according to the real life Serpico)
Souvanik Hui
Souvanik Hui - Month ago
what about Gandhi?
Cristian Puscas
Cristian Puscas - Month ago
You forgot The Matrix
Brandon Murphy
Brandon Murphy - Month ago
The update to this video should include Miracle (2004) and Darkest Hour (2017).
Anna Witt
Anna Witt - Month ago
The movie is "Das Boot", not "Das Boat".
Lucas Nascimento
Lucas Nascimento - Month ago
Our history is all about killing ourselves :)
United States of America
what about Shaving Ryan's Private
mateuszmattias - Month ago
Although I now see what you in fact wrote, so perhaps my mini essay below is a bit misplaced after all...
mateuszmattias - Month ago
While the combat scenes are extremely good (altough still nowhere near what it looks like in real life, that would be so gruesome it would be impossible to show on screen) the story is ficticious. It draws some inspiration from real events (like the Sullivan Brothers who all went down with the USS Juneau), but there never was a Private Ryan who was to be located in Normandy and brought out of harms way like in the movie, so while it is very well made it still is not historically accurate, hence it does not belong on a list such as this one.
IKnowGunFu - Month ago
Where back to the future 3?
Preston Botik
Preston Botik - Month ago
What about Inglorious Bastards y'all forgot about that totally historically accurate movie. Especially the Hitler part. If you've seen it you know what I mean.
Richard Edgecomb
Richard Edgecomb - Month ago
Good list
simple man
simple man - Month ago
Come and see
Flags of our father
Das boot
Tora Tora tora
12 years a slave
The pianist
Schindler list
Please_go_away - Month ago
Finally The Pianist has been recognised, the man himself told the story!
Please_go_away - Month ago
Also miss pronounced his first name a bit
Java Star
Java Star - Month ago
Schindler's List and Lincoln were very good movies.
You Know Those Dudes?
You Know Those Dudes? - Month ago
Don't really think any American war movie can be historically accurate.
Loosely, sure. But not nearly 100%.
They are ALWAYS the good guys, which is nothing short of horse shit.
Then again, most countries are guilty of taking patriotism a little too far.
Jeremiah Jeno
Jeremiah Jeno - Month ago
Little Big Man? Custer and the Battle Of The Little Bighorn?
אריאל גולני
אריאל גולני - Month ago
shaun humphreys
shaun humphreys - Month ago
the pianist is the best and in second place schindlers list as far as second world war films go.
Aleander - Month ago
How exactly, and why isn't Oliver Stone's Nixon in this?
Lukasz Nazwa
Lukasz Nazwa - Month ago
How many people blaks and whites died becouse of Lincoln ?
Lukasz Nazwa
Lukasz Nazwa - Month ago
You gave projewish, antifreedom, politicly correct (not true) movies.
Filipe Gomes
Filipe Gomes - 2 months ago
I've found funny the fact you mentioned City of God and not Waterloo since I think, from the history point of view, it's more important (well, we are talking about a movie that showcases the last stroke of one person that dictated most of the changes we had all over Europe). I guess you had to choose between Waterloo and Gettysburg and you obviously choose the one that comes from Murica (since Waterloo was directed by a Russian/Ucranian).
Dank Memez
Dank Memez - 2 months ago
You forgot Godzilla
nigynog nignog
nigynog nignog - 2 months ago
shindlers list is a fiction. jesus this was a bad video
Lina Michelle
Lina Michelle - 2 months ago
Honestly,I am glad that you mentionend Flags of Our Fathers but disappointed that you completely left out Letters of Iwo Jima which Shows the same Situation as in Flags of Our Fathers but from the Japanse point of view
frik van niekerk
frik van niekerk - 2 months ago
The most accurate movie like line for line as historians captured was Valkyrie from Tom Cruse. I'm a historian and can confirm the absolute accurateness from the script to the uniforms was 100% .same its not on u list. Maybe its because it was not a movie that portray Germany as the demon's for once. A nother on was the story of Jesus on the cross from Mel Gibson.
djcincinnati - 2 months ago
Tombstone! Authentic dialogue too.
Chitown L
Chitown L - 2 months ago
Apparently these people never read military historian Ladislav Farago's books... or watched the move... PATTON
James Grant
James Grant - 2 months ago
you forgot Mongol....and also Alexander.....
Darth Rangus
Darth Rangus - 2 months ago
the matrix is pretty accurate
Charles Fatz
Charles Fatz - 2 months ago
What about "The Killing Fields"? If I remember correctly, that was from the two men who survived it.
lastinline bruce
lastinline bruce - 2 months ago
12 years a slave was NOT accurate ... if you would ever read the REAL bio . it's nothing like the movie .
Zwhit _01
Zwhit _01 - 2 months ago
Flowers of war??
Love Faith
Love Faith - 2 months ago
Come and see was the most horrific movie about war. And closest to the truth.
NoSleep Jimenez
NoSleep Jimenez - 2 months ago
Revolution (1985)?
deciver5 - 2 months ago
Seriously: Where is Waterloo?
Piotr Nowacki
Piotr Nowacki - 2 months ago
Lincoln movie was a fantasy; the idea that Lincoln freed the slaves for altruistic reason is just not true. Altruism in general was not his strong point.
Ramiro Alvarado
Ramiro Alvarado - 2 months ago
Barry Lyndon.
Tristan MacDonald
Tristan MacDonald - 2 months ago
My grandfather would disagree with Apollo 13 being realistic. He was there
Aspire Automobile
Aspire Automobile - 2 months ago
Little do people know that when churchill was prime minister, an estimated number of 2.1 to 3 million people in British India lost their lives in bengal famine of 1943 . Without feeding it's own population, India HAD to sent major amount of it's food overseas as military rations for british soldiers. So yeah, wisely choose your heroes .
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