Keith & Becky’s $3,000 Junk Room Makeover • Try DIY

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gracie bear !
gracie bear ! - Day ago
i need a try wives youtube channel, theyre stunning and entertaining. id watch them for hours.
gracie bear !
gracie bear ! - Day ago
if this was its own hgtv show id only watch that.
Carlie Mackenzie
Carlie Mackenzie - 3 days ago
When Keith said “oh wow that was sad” I immediately wanted to buy him a storage bin to put his memories in 🥺
Darkwolf wolfiesanz
Darkwolf wolfiesanz - 8 days ago
B:When's the last time you played with a frisbee sir ?!
Keith: you never play frisbee with me ..
Me: aw Keith just wants to play frisbee 🥺
tvcharleytown - 11 days ago
My husband also (tries to) keep everything he's ever accumulated PLUS what his mother, father and grandmother handed down. Fortunately, he's got a shop for his dad's tools. In the house we have FOUR desks, one of which is used. The rest hold stuff but we HAVE to keep them because they are antiques his mom collected. After 50 years of marriage, I just keep in mind that our 2 kids will have to deal with all of this when we die!
Paper Cat
Paper Cat - 12 days ago
Your wifes are so prettyyy
『Numie the Cookie』
『Numie the Cookie』 - 12 days ago
Who thinks they should do it with fans’ houses?
Conasia Wilson
Conasia Wilson - 13 days ago
It's very ironic that I just watched the gallery wall not even knowing
Peter Ostrem
Peter Ostrem - 13 days ago
ned and ariel r hilarious
Clarisse .p.
Clarisse .p. - 14 days ago
0:58 Becky and Ariel's hug is so cute you can tell that them and the rest of the try s.o.'s are close too :)
Snowy - 14 days ago
“Did I make.....Man Bear Keith?”
This question NEEDS to be answered.
Ashley Lopez
Ashley Lopez - 15 days ago
1:36 Keith’s cat mask thing killed me 😂😂
Zade Schatz
Zade Schatz - 15 days ago
The cocktopus! Im obsessed now
missy - 16 days ago
Uh oh kieth is a hoarder. But maybe so is Becky
Lrnjsph Manangan
Lrnjsph Manangan - 17 days ago

help my anxiety
Magnolia DeVore
Magnolia DeVore - 17 days ago
When quarantine is over it would be amazing to see more of this!
Sympathetic Devil
Sympathetic Devil - 18 days ago
This makes me want to play magic with Keith 😂
Bryn Bailey
Bryn Bailey - 19 days ago
As I I quarantine-rewatch these episodes, I'm struck by how much personal stuff the men have to get rid of to make a perfect magazine ready room. Even Ned has his beloved games hidden away in a cabinet behind a door. At least Zach got to keep some stuff since it was partly his home office. These are creative guys and their creativity is literally their careers. Let em keep some jokey stuff!
dystopian sunflower
dystopian sunflower - 19 days ago
man bear keith is my new favorite cryptid
Evan Graham
Evan Graham - 20 days ago
I s2g Ariel is better than them all
Siseko Mpame
Siseko Mpame - 20 days ago
I know I might not be the first but it's bugging me how much you look like Jessy Tyler
Bella Maisey
Bella Maisey - 21 day ago

that... that killed me 😂😂😂
BlueIriz 0150
BlueIriz 0150 - 21 day ago
If Keith and Becky have a baby, where would he/she sleep?
kiya odekirk
kiya odekirk - 21 day ago
Is it me or does Ariel give me Betty Cooper vibes?
Liv _
Liv _ - 21 day ago
Becky and Ariel were matching at the end of the video 😍
Sasha Hausfeld
Sasha Hausfeld - 22 days ago
ned: ariel knows what she's doing. and I'm her husband lol
Local Trash
Local Trash - 23 days ago
"Becky Keith."
"Burger King."
ngl, that was hillarious-
Sophia Xu
Sophia Xu - 23 days ago
actually the whole video reminds me of Mr. Kate
Sophia Xu
Sophia Xu - 23 days ago
lmao the intro reminds me of Mr. Kate
Shweta - 24 days ago
Did no one realise that at 5:26, the tip to use two chairs was similar to Eugene's tip for the pants from Keith's wedding? One is an accident, two is intentional?
Just me, then? Okay.
Braelynn Stinnett
Braelynn Stinnett - 25 days ago
I just noticed that they have Veronica and Betty Pop Figures from Riverdale
Alex Golden
Alex Golden - 27 days ago
Love Keith's fried chicken shirt!
Elouise Tang
Elouise Tang - 28 days ago
Oh gosh, look at the violin bow
Gibson Chau
Gibson Chau - 29 days ago
They should name the octopus cocktopussy
Emma Klein
Emma Klein - Month ago
Becky is literally so beautiful like how does her mouth just naturally turn up into a smile
Catherine Yim
Catherine Yim - Month ago
Oh my god lol the octopus made of dicks LOL
Ethan Balderson
Ethan Balderson - Month ago
Did anyone else think that intro was allot like "White People Renovating Houses" from South Park?😂
Emma & Chloe
Emma & Chloe - Month ago
Time to save some lives
Cassandra Yong
Cassandra Yong - Month ago
Ned and Ariel , Becky and Keith kinda look alike 🤣
Clement Tomy
Clement Tomy - Month ago
Can ariel shut up about saving their marriage 😂 like seriously
Jenjen Jen
Jenjen Jen - Month ago
I truly love that they found spouses that are truly soulmates. Becky and Keith compliment each other perfectly....But Ned found his Lobster( mate for live only monogamy ) Ariel is truly as intense and competitive as Ned so in one few instance that instead of opposites attract they are the same being just in opposite genders and Zack and Maggie are the nauseatingly lovey dovey (from what they say about them) and if Eugene doesn't have his Lobster yet and keeping it private he'll find his too.!
Allison Edwards
Allison Edwards - Month ago
Can she design my spare room? So good!
Metehan Kilic
Metehan Kilic - Month ago
Carol 97
Carol 97 - Month ago
We need more episodes of this series, it’s amazing
A Pfaff
A Pfaff - Month ago
No one:
Keith’s Shirt: YOU haD mE aT FrIeD ChIcKeN
Claire - Month ago
have a great day! you’re loved!
Khushbu Luhar
Khushbu Luhar - Month ago
I need to see more of these
Thalia Lopez
Thalia Lopez - Month ago
Arial, I would love for you to give my and my sister some decorating tips. We've been our apartment for 4 months and we have no real decorations.
Nandin Lee
Nandin Lee - Month ago
Omg Ariel is Monica
frank Sinatra aint my dad nah
7:49 we all love angry kitten becky. Lovely lovely ladies.
The Harry Potter Kitty Fanatic
2:13 This is why they are soulmates
Parker Knight
Parker Knight - Month ago
The most southern welcome mat ever. Howdy.
Blair Lavoux
Blair Lavoux - Month ago
Wait, u americans take off your shoes when entering someone's house? I thought u guys didn't
Parker Knight
Parker Knight - Month ago
Some do, some don't. Depends on the person.
Hector Raul Duran Jimenez
The Catholic guilt comes on lol 😂
Favorite Foodies
Favorite Foodies - Month ago
The cocktopus 😅
Julian Hsieh
Julian Hsieh - Month ago
Bro why do you have a violin bow lmao
Taylor Monet
Taylor Monet - Month ago
Keith needing his memories is actually really cute 😊
MJ Frugé
MJ Frugé - Month ago
keith is your grandma who holds onto things that no other grandma would onto and her grandkids are always like my grandma is so cool
Kai Kult
Kai Kult - Month ago
Ok but can we just talk abt Keith’s shirt???? “You had me at fried chicken”
I don’t even like fried chicken and I felt that
Felleena Bendijo
Felleena Bendijo - Month ago
My God! Ariel is BEAUTIFUL!
Celi Lie
Celi Lie - Month ago

Damn, Ariel.
Rhem Cordova
Rhem Cordova - Month ago
how about eugene's space?
Joshua Reading
Joshua Reading - Month ago
Those Magic cards better not have gotten thrown away!
MoonFace Productions
MoonFace Productions - Month ago
Ariel would be a great on a House Remodelling Show
Alexis Hart
Alexis Hart - Month ago
Ok but I need to know where Ariel got that pink stripey shirt with the puffy sleeves at the beginning
Kandasamy Logeshwari
Kandasamy Logeshwari - Month ago
Ariel knows what shes doing
and im her husband!!!
Dan drums
Dan drums - Month ago
I love how Keith said; “Burger King”😆😆
Sheeja Babu
Sheeja Babu - Month ago
One week later, they change their house
Heather James
Heather James - Month ago
So all of Keith's stuff goes into 1 box. And his wife gets the whole house 😂 poor guy
Sophie Roberts
Sophie Roberts - Month ago
Please tell me you didn't throw Mount Futuremore away, I will purchase that.
Lukie the lucky
Lukie the lucky - Month ago
Uh... Are we not forgetting about Cocktapus?!
Ałina Chavez
Ałina Chavez - Month ago
That octopus with dicks is definitely something I would buy off The Try Guys website! Or I would love to see a video of Keith making one.
Niamh McDermott
Niamh McDermott - Month ago
Ariel rearranged the gallery wall from TWWT 😂
iol - Month ago
julian falhof
julian falhof - Month ago
but why use ryobi and not Makita
Mike Ruchington
Mike Ruchington - Month ago
Imagine working with inches.

Raphaella Faith
Raphaella Faith - Month ago
This should be a show in Netflix
Madeline Voelkel
Madeline Voelkel - Month ago
Ariel is such a badass and she is very good at her job
viktoreeuhh vigil
viktoreeuhh vigil - Month ago
when Keith said "you won't play frisbee with me" is the saddest thing its so funny
Brody Weese
Brody Weese - Month ago
Arial is such a lowkey baddie, she's just so cool. I mean look at Ned use the power tools, then when Ariel uses them... she just looks so hardcore and like this really cool dominant female. An absolute icon for women everywhere.
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