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S. Shivashne
S. Shivashne - 24 minutes ago
me reading the title: how the fck is she gonna make milk without a cow
Rory K.
Rory K. - Hour ago
I love this video so much??
Alexis Pixiee
Alexis Pixiee - 2 hours ago
Cooking with Emma goes well ?? 😂❤️ love that for you
Cute rabbit ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ
We love cooking with emma
bumblebee - 5 hours ago
i'm getting a yellow vibe
Emma are you ok?
Anthony Ngo
Anthony Ngo - 14 hours ago
Emma needs to have a punishment (video idea?) for every cuss word she says
develish cat
develish cat - 15 hours ago
when she put the cloth over the jar i already oh no thats not gonna workXD
Ava Marie
Ava Marie - 15 hours ago
Can we talk about 4:43 for a sec tho 😂
iialiexia - 19 hours ago
no one:
not a single soul:

Emma: kinda doing everything
Eduardo Mendez
Eduardo Mendez - 19 hours ago
Can anybody give us a, deez nuts count? 😂
Sabine Mauras
Sabine Mauras - 20 hours ago
Emma es muy bueno
miwkiu - 21 hour ago
she’s my comfort place
Ariana Persaud
Ariana Persaud - Day ago
when she said “i’m moving to fAaaAAAAAst”
Vanessa Bermejo
Vanessa Bermejo - Day ago
this make's me thirsty bro.
Louise Billie
Louise Billie - Day ago
3:11 “now i got all these wet nuts” uhh ok Emma
itstayluur - Day ago
her lipgloss is annoying me
Brooke Rodriguez
Brooke Rodriguez - Day ago
Chamberlain Nut milk coming soon
Jodie's Adventures
Jodie's Adventures - Day ago
anyone know where the yellow jumper is from? x
Jodie's Adventures
Jodie's Adventures - Day ago
im in literal tears lmao
Julia Keeann
Julia Keeann - Day ago
dude emma edits so well, shes really funny. I hope she knows that we noticed
Syria Tuigamala
Syria Tuigamala - Day ago
I've watched this soo many times...
Candace - Day ago
It doesn't matter how anxious I am, whenever I watch this channel, I always end up literally in tears laughing. Thanks, Emma!
coda lee
coda lee - Day ago
why have i watched this like 20 times? someone help
sam b
sam b - Day ago
“That’s not- a good thing to say on the internet”
Marko Lepki
Marko Lepki - Day ago
Do a new house tour
Video Star
Video Star - Day ago
This isn’t hate u support this idea because I would be the number one Customer but Emma should open a caffe by now
duckphobia - Day ago
I'd make my own nutmilk if nuts weren't so damn expensive
Sydney Alyssa
Sydney Alyssa - Day ago
"mAYbe DON't dO dAT" - emma chamberlain
Francisca Tobar
Francisca Tobar - Day ago
i lov u emma, u make my days better ♥️✨
Lauren Paintz
Lauren Paintz - Day ago
Nut milk= nut water
lemonade - Day ago
nobody at the party:

emma: "𝐰𝐚𝐭𝐜𝐡 𝐦𝐞 𝐦𝐚𝐤𝐞 𝐚 𝐧𝐮𝐭 𝐦𝐢𝐥𝐤"
Kelsey Rift
Kelsey Rift - 2 days ago
Rylie Grace
Rylie Grace - 2 days ago
I just love that Emma looks like this.... and her profile is the same as when she was in high school
Ask to seduce Miss
Ask to seduce Miss - Day ago
okay but she’s so pretty
Maggie Jones
Maggie Jones - 2 days ago
Me screaming at Emma as she makes a mess through my phone lmaoo
Ask to seduce Miss
Ask to seduce Miss - Day ago
jupiter is a bean
jupiter is a bean - 2 days ago
your sweater is really cute
Lexi Hausner
Lexi Hausner - 2 days ago
Emma in December: Guys I have my own coffee company.
Emma in April: Guys I am starting up a nut milk company.
Honestly though, I'd prolly buy it.
dopeviibes - 2 days ago
Drinking straight out of a blender is THE MOVE
Piper Janee
Piper Janee - 2 days ago
why did i literally just have an argument with myself about oats not being a nut. emma said theyre a nut so they ARE a nut.
Emiko Calabrese
Emiko Calabrese - 2 days ago
I love cooking with emma! More of these videos PLEASE
Maria Browns
Maria Browns - 2 days ago
I’m going to do this now
Leah Jeanne
Leah Jeanne - 2 days ago
Please please please try the Elmhurst cashew milk. It is THE BEST. I’m sorry I’m saying it, and I know you love it, but almond milk in coffee tastes like butt. Elmhurst cashew. You’re welcome **chefs kiss**
john s
john s - 2 days ago
Please change the title to your video. I can make nut milk myself every night in the bathroom alone.
Cee Stef
Cee Stef - 2 days ago
pls do the whipped coffee trend ily
Jenna - 2 days ago
Sierra Zgutowicz
Sierra Zgutowicz - 2 days ago
girl if you don’t roll your sleeves up-
Hend Alghamdi
Hend Alghamdi - 2 days ago
making nut milk = party trick
maria kara
maria kara - 2 days ago
so i got the notif of this vid but didnt have time to watch lolz.
okay but making nutmilk is so easy oop lol emma even you can mess it up :)) all jokes
*there are like strainer bags for making nut milk which may be easier than the cheesecloth*
*also you can like squeeze the cheesecloth to like get more liquid out*
okay she did that lmaoo spoke to soon lol
wouldn't the cashew milk be the easiest because aren't they the easiest to soak or they take the least time i feel.
Pippa Sked
Pippa Sked - 2 days ago
omg you should make your own coffee shop with your coffee line and your own nut milk and you can have normal store baught milk and your hand made nut milks and just be rocking your own coffee line
I would go to your coffee shop
Kendall Baer
Kendall Baer - 2 days ago
madison roscoe
madison roscoe - 2 days ago
okay but she’s so pretty
Kat Leonardis
Kat Leonardis - 2 days ago
“maybe i should be more sanitary in this process” continues to sip straight from the bowl 😂
kreviews101 - 2 days ago
is it just me or has Emma not acknowledged this half blonde half brown hair moment?
Ani Muradyan
Ani Muradyan - 2 days ago
why does she overline her lips with her chapstick so much lmaooo
Ani Muradyan
Ani Muradyan - Day ago
@Micayla H but before she made the milks lol?
Micayla H
Micayla H - Day ago
loll i think its from drinking the milks
Ilikebeans •-•___2009
Nut milk, I’m sorry
hen ko
hen ko - 2 days ago
This was so fucking helpfuuuulll! Fanks emma:)
Rjoidna - 3 days ago
hen ko
hen ko - 2 days ago
Please go watch my new video!!
Lilliana Flower
Lilliana Flower - 3 days ago
I’m sitting here pretending to be doing my school work and trying not to laugh so I’m not sus.
ajmeri mallick
ajmeri mallick - 3 days ago
Plss make fashion videos again
Jewlisa Powder
Jewlisa Powder - 3 days ago
I tried it and suck I litterly dropped the whole blender on the ground with the stuff in it 😤 but the oat milk is the best one i made
The9Dark9Lord9Satan - 3 days ago
I would totally buy Emma Chamberlain nutmilks .com
Elisabeth Little
Elisabeth Little - 3 days ago
she looks like such an adult in this and I love it
kalyn tran
kalyn tran - 3 days ago
please do more of these!!!!
Rachel Rogers
Rachel Rogers - 3 days ago
I didn’t realize how much I really missed cooking with Emma until this video and now I want more 🥺
aznmarty256 - 3 days ago
Emma: I need to put on hand sanitizer because I feel like I should be more sanitary with this process...
Also Emma: *repeatedly sips straight from the mixing bowl like a savage*
bofooit gojo
bofooit gojo - 3 days ago
No one: Literally no one: Not a soul: Emma: “nuts ✋😀🤚”
Abigail Burkett
Abigail Burkett - 3 days ago
I came to the comments to see if anyone else noticed that she looked like Arthur, I may not have noticed if she mentioned it herself.
its_n - 3 days ago
She made her own nut milk but oats aren’t nuts and almonds aren’t nuts.
its_n - 19 hours ago
waffle fries apparently almonds are seeds... I didn’t know that either until I looked it up
waffle fries
waffle fries - 21 hour ago
ur right about oats but almonds are nuts how-
Leah Radford
Leah Radford - 3 days ago
i rly watched this video like i was gonna make this but im allergic to nuts soooo
bofooit gojo
bofooit gojo - 3 days ago
3:12 was that a fart?????????? LOL
Hazel Tuininga
Hazel Tuininga - 3 days ago
She got so excited! :()
Mr Sid
Mr Sid - 3 days ago
She might know that oats arent nuts but since the majority are nuts shes just putting it in the titles 😂
Kelsey Dawson
Kelsey Dawson - 3 days ago
Please go watch my new video!!
Margarida Matos
Margarida Matos - 3 days ago
This was so fucking helpfuuuulll! Fanks emma:)
Michelle_Billie eilish_ love
Ew stop fu
angel shir
angel shir - 3 days ago
i love this im legit gonna try it
Charlotte Hummersone
Charlotte Hummersone - 3 days ago
Is it me or does the clock not move?
Marmarino20 - 3 days ago
You should make more of this ❤️!!!
Emily An
Emily An - 3 days ago
Go milk a cow. Dummy
Gaby Gibson
Gaby Gibson - 3 days ago
My goodness you're adorable
NatiReviews - 3 days ago
I love coffee!
Emily An
Emily An - 3 days ago
Dana almanS s
Dana almanS s - 3 days ago
Heeeeeelllllll oooooooohhh Emma Chamberlain I have something important to tell you do you have an E-mail Or anything like that so I can contact with you I’m serious 🌚 it’s A business thing that has to do or similar to your Chamberland coffee it’s an great idea that is soo special 💡❤️ . Sorrry bout my English though. - so that u already have an great thing why not add somethingsss more beautiful to the shop 👏🏻
data do am
data do am - 3 days ago
10:05 man, herpes getting to all the youtubers .. ya'll need to stop hooking up like a huge ball of shex.
Mina Achonu
Mina Achonu - 3 days ago
Am i the only one who thought of sperm anytime Emma said “nut milk”? Ok just me. Laughed my ass tf off tho. “Nut milk” AHAHAHAHA.
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