Best Mic'd Up Sounds of the 2019 Playoffs | NFL Films

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Jivan Pena
Jivan Pena - 2 months ago
Love how this was Jason McCourty first SB and so his brother just says welcome. Because they go to the SB win or lose on a daily.
Cliffton Norflet
Cliffton Norflet - 2 months ago
Bosa was star struck 😭, Ju getting Michel focus
kenny mitton
kenny mitton - 4 months ago
Gotta love Joey Bosa!!
Martin Medricky
Martin Medricky - 4 months ago
Julien always know what to tell to Tom to motivate him: "Youre too old", "For your mom"...
kraka2oanIner - 4 months ago
Julian: MVP; Sony Michel: only player scoring a touchdown (and a rookie, at that) in SB LIII. They were BETTER than "CUTE"!!
Tishaun James
Tishaun James - 4 months ago
“I think we ain’t done yet”

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Benaiah Sombke
Benaiah Sombke - 4 months ago
Strange lack of Steelers players in this video
Jose Zamora
Jose Zamora - 4 months ago
Y’all better put some respect on Edelman’s name already fr😤💯
Fight Week! Podcast
Fight Week! Podcast - 4 months ago
Little did Goff know, he was indeed already done
Balaplays The Balaphon
Balaplays The Balaphon - 4 months ago
*Random comment*
The Ghost
The Ghost - 4 months ago
kevin yuill
kevin yuill - 4 months ago
Edelman is always good on these but loved him talking to Sony abt wait till the next game he done Tenerife same with Hogan in his 1st season great looking out for teammates
Rafe Wolffe
Rafe Wolffe - 4 months ago
4:00 Look at Sony and Edelman embrace. Talk about foreshadowing
puma4032 - 4 months ago
I think the rams are done with.
Kazuki Nasu
Kazuki Nasu - 4 months ago
Rams waited for the Super Bowl to suck
Spencer Godspeed
Spencer Godspeed - 4 months ago
Russell Wilson, don't quit your day job.
El Apa
El Apa - 4 months ago
I think u are a lil bit done... Ion know maybe is just me...
PRINCE RAIN - 4 months ago
Guy Ravenscroft
Guy Ravenscroft - 4 months ago
did tom call julian babe?
Butt Hole
Butt Hole - 4 months ago
Rams have the worst fans change my mind
#5 - 4 months ago
Goff and Peters, "I think we ain't done yet!" Patriots, "The next game is the only thing that matters." Silly Rams thought they weren't done yet while the Patriots knew they weren't done. The better team won last Sunday.
Abraao Games
Abraao Games - 4 months ago
I think you r done
Juans - 4 months ago
I think the rams are done.
wayne monaghan
wayne monaghan - 4 months ago
TB 12 will most likely get 2 more rings before he steps down. Should have been 3 in a row this year if not for the shitty officiating last year that helped the eaglets.
A Whale
A Whale - 4 months ago
2:26 Drug exchange?
Mr. Pillsbury
Mr. Pillsbury - 4 months ago
Lmao very suspect!
Brock Busa
Brock Busa - 4 months ago
funny part is goff said "i think we aint done yet" oh boy my pats mad ethem know they were done the second they cheated the saints
Rob Sauer
Rob Sauer - 4 months ago
Brock Busa the rams didn’t really cheat their way it was the awful refs
Jordan R
Jordan R - 4 months ago
Marcus Peters is done now😂
Trevon Reid
Trevon Reid - 4 months ago
Only 4 minutes
BMDubsKid - 4 months ago
Was that a Soulja Boy reference at the beginning?
Crispy NuggetMMM
Crispy NuggetMMM - 4 months ago
Damn Wilson a good singer
jagger click
jagger click - 4 months ago
13-3 btw. Saints got robbed btw.
Kevin Dayao
Kevin Dayao - 4 months ago
At only 3 points scored I think the Rams were in fact, done.
Beefalo Boy
Beefalo Boy - 4 months ago
This years Super Bowl was decided by an offsides and a missed call
Paul Edwards
Paul Edwards - 4 months ago
Still Here!
Carly Flores
Carly Flores - 4 months ago
bro why tf does goff look like ryan gosling
JL-CptAtom - 4 months ago
HEY its ALEX - 4 months ago
Edelman to michel at the end. Now that's the kind of vet you want, guiding a rookie.
superbus starodub
superbus starodub - 4 months ago
Lojo Mauvais
Lojo Mauvais - 4 months ago
Saints Chiefs would have been a better SB
Nick Czentorychy
Nick Czentorychy - 4 months ago
Marcus Peters spoke too soon
Justin Kilpatrick
Justin Kilpatrick - 4 months ago
Marco De Luca
Marco De Luca - 4 months ago
..."I think you are done now!" LFG
Tr3yway Jon
Tr3yway Jon - 4 months ago
1:24 Andrew luck sounds like a dad
Tr3yway Jon
Tr3yway Jon - 4 months ago
4:12 nope... no your done
ekMo - 4 months ago
My done?
Dub Snac
Dub Snac - 4 months ago
It’s pretty cool to see Edelman tell Michel they need to have their best 2 weeks and they were both the impact players in the super bowl
Felix Theuermann
Felix Theuermann - 4 months ago
"I think we ain't done yet! I think we ain't done yet!"
Narrator:"And they were done."
Wes Welker
Wes Welker - 4 months ago
Rams: YAll DONE NOW!! Didn’t even score a damn touchdown what a damn shame. Smh 🤦‍♂️
Jaeden Sports
Jaeden Sports - 4 months ago
Anyone else a Pats fan?
Phoebe !!!!!
Phoebe !!!!! - 4 months ago
Jaeden Sports no we’re not
Wilma Dickfit
Wilma Dickfit - 4 months ago
3 points...
ShadowSlayerGaming - 4 months ago
"I think we aint done yet" Key word....Yet @SuperBowl53
ZyanHD - 4 months ago
What we gonna do now without football? 😢🥺☹️
High Times 420 Vids
High Times 420 Vids - 4 months ago
I guess watch the warriors when the finals again
Just The Tip:/
Just The Tip:/ - 4 months ago
I think rams are down now
Don Slaughter420
Don Slaughter420 - 4 months ago
I think y’all done now 😂
Chris Cooper
Chris Cooper - 4 months ago
Hey Jared, I think you're done now...
Hector Sahagun
Hector Sahagun - 4 months ago
Actually i think they are done
Gavin C.
Gavin C. - 4 months ago
lmao "Youre too old!! YOURE TOO OLD!!!"
Benjamin Kim
Benjamin Kim - 4 months ago
I think they done now though.
USA USA USA - 4 months ago
Patriots are CHAMPS!
Ulysses Carrillo
Ulysses Carrillo - 4 months ago
Rip Rams
Rocha Boi
Rocha Boi - 4 months ago
I predict the score 13 -3 Rams lose
Mike Malone
Mike Malone - 4 months ago
Well, at game time I plan to "take a knee" and turn off my tv in boycott of the racist attitude of NFL and it's players!
Grace Ellen
Grace Ellen - 4 months ago
Bruh who else agrees that the saints should’ve been in the super bowl I mean they even show the clip on where the rams interfered and it wasn’t called sooooo
courtney parrish
courtney parrish - 4 months ago
Should have been Patriots vs Saints
Catcher-N Rye
Catcher-N Rye - 4 months ago
nfl will cheat for bbbrady just like they stole the show from the saints .
shaolinWOLF36 - 4 months ago
Can't wait to watch 4 hour long beer commercials and referee show during the Superbowl tonight
Ty Lito
Ty Lito - 4 months ago
If Pats win ppl will be happy because of the blown call
If Rams win ppl will be happy cause Brady lost
Ty Lito
Ty Lito - 4 months ago
God damn i hate Wilson lol
VroomVroom Fam
VroomVroom Fam - 4 months ago
I just saw that jadeveon Clowney is a free agent... he better come to Minnesota.
Dallas Wilson
Dallas Wilson - 4 months ago
We eat with 2 spoons in the playoffs
Paulo Lima
Paulo Lima - 4 months ago
Hey NFL, we want to hear the players not so fcking hard rock
Renan Quarterback 7
Renan Quarterback 7 - 4 months ago
Where's the refs' mic?
Jacrispie Jackson
Jacrispie Jackson - 4 months ago
myersfan610 no u
myersfan610 - 4 months ago
@Jacrispie Jackson Nah you are
Jacrispie Jackson
Jacrispie Jackson - 4 months ago
Zach King you’re an idiot
Zach King
Zach King - 4 months ago
Renan Quarterback 7 the NFL didn’t want us to here them talking about throwing games.
Luis_Is _Goated
Luis_Is _Goated - 4 months ago
Goddamn zeke 😂
Green Kirby
Green Kirby - 4 months ago
Jules has no chill. "This is cute" about winning the AFC Championship. Gotta love it. xD
GG M - 4 months ago
Best moment
Abdu Allah
Abdu Allah - 4 months ago
Russell Wilson so black
Renatojr Absalon
Renatojr Absalon - 4 months ago
Lol ref help the rams..
Wildman Samurai
Wildman Samurai - 4 months ago
granthitch - 4 months ago
really should've been chiefs vs saints
Quinten Ferguson
Quinten Ferguson - 4 months ago
I ran for 233 yards with Lamar Jackson on madden today... and only fumbled 1 time 😎
Scotty Walker
Scotty Walker - 4 months ago
Russell Wilson's voice is on point.
MrBlueD3V1L - 4 months ago
Dark Limeking
Dark Limeking - 4 months ago
This should just be Edelman and NO-ONE else
paulisson miura
paulisson miura - 4 months ago
1:24 Luck
Matthew - 4 months ago
Y’all trash talking Russell Wilson yet he gets to play football for a living.
Darkskin Deity
Darkskin Deity - 4 months ago
Ty Lito
Ty Lito - 4 months ago
And? Literally makes no sense.
Rodney Pettis
Rodney Pettis - 4 months ago
He Pats fans our guy Ty Law in these HOF!!!!
SJB - 4 months ago
The McCourty brothers on the pats is kinda nasty tho
Mt Maruchan
Mt Maruchan - 4 months ago
This just in the patriots got help from the refs... AGAIN
Dallas Oliver
Dallas Oliver - 4 months ago
Lol, sure
riclagriclag - 4 months ago
"I'm not lookin" lol
Redskinsman10 - 4 months ago
0:50 *left of screen* And here we have a wild Redskins RG3 jersey. A species that was recently put on the endangered species list after many Haloti Ngata's and bad turf hunted it into near extinction. A recent effort to save the rare species was made in baltimore. However, it looks to be to late for this once incredible specimen.
DaraunTheMonk - Month ago
Lol must feel bad being a skins fan. At least y'all got Dwayne
The Ancients Way
The Ancients Way - 4 months ago
God's is a pats fan
Ty Lito
Ty Lito - 4 months ago
Well its a beLIEf like how pats believe theyve never cheated lol
Disappointed Steve
Disappointed Steve - 4 months ago
Your to f'ng old! Your to OLD! 😄
Kevin Cline
Kevin Cline - 4 months ago
Wilson and Ciara album needs to be a thing. Before they get too old.

Edelman needs to be a coach. Like tomorrow. He's all about it. Ex-QB and WR.... Hired.

14 out of 22 starting Patriots are retiring after they win this one. Hahahaha anyone wants to take the bet, odds are 1-100.

If the Patriots win again, I'm retiring from football. Odds are 1-1.
Fish Texas Coast
Fish Texas Coast - 4 months ago
Was he joking by when he said Brady was too old??? I need answers
Jayden B
Jayden B - 4 months ago
Well yes and no Brady says it doesn’t help him play when people say how good he is it helps him play when people say you’re too old or you can’t do it so that’s what Edelman was probably doing
Jas ThePeach
Jas ThePeach - 4 months ago
He was just verbally stacking more chips on Brady's shoulder.
th3 p00r
th3 p00r - 4 months ago
He said of what the media outlets were talking about TB12, especially rob parker and max kellermann.
dark dan6
dark dan6 - 4 months ago
1:40 ....I'd stay away from showing that play, for your sake
AgentColt777 - 4 months ago
Yet again, they HAD to show the play because it was the turning point in the game
keandre jackson
keandre jackson - 4 months ago
Im a huge patriots fan nd i wonna know why does the whole world hate the patriots?
Rob Sauer
Rob Sauer - 4 months ago
Yeet there’s literally no proof of the deflated balls and some of the colts balls were under PSI as well but they don’t get any investigation. Same with the Steelers 🤔
Danny's Vlogs
Danny's Vlogs - 4 months ago
@Angus McFife if anything deflategate was stupid. Brady literally made a comeback against the Falcons in the SB with footballs that were inflated. Spygate was something that most teams did then until the Patriots ended up being in the wrong place. But back to the original comment about the Patriots being hated. It's just the continuous success and how they work. People hate success apparently and don't even see the bigger picture. Brady studies the game and it shows in Tom vs. Time where he had binders of notes from each year that he has played. He can really read defenses and its not because the refs are helping. He reads every movement from a defense and just to make sure he either kills the play or motion a player. But the coaching deserves all the love for actually keeping the players disciplined.
Angus McFife
Angus McFife - 4 months ago
All the times they've been caught cheating. 5 years of stealing their opponent's defensive plays, deflating the football, it's always been something it seems. And Brady isn't very likeable to begin with. Stuff like that.
BlueRemote - 4 months ago
I’m a chargers fan but I love the patriots I just don’t know why. I think it’s Brady
Just Cruz
Just Cruz - 4 months ago
*WaS I???*
Bert Brantjens
Bert Brantjens - 4 months ago
Next year do a mic'd up in the boardrooms where they decide who will wins the Superbowl that year... Brady gonna get his 6th ring, everybody knows it, so they will probably give it to him this year.
jayteso - 4 months ago
Jarmaine Childs
Jarmaine Childs - 4 months ago
“Cody gonna miss the next one” The prophecy came true
No content here keep lookin buster
Damn Russell has a voice
Randy Ayo
Randy Ayo - 4 months ago
Yea thanks Russ...put your offense to sleep with that song...
Shadowboost - 4 months ago
McCourtey twins is best moment of the year
Santana Moss
Santana Moss - 4 months ago
Oh Dee Ford, bless his heart.
Fernando Gordillo
Fernando Gordillo - 4 months ago
Neah. The Patriots will smash the rams
Jacrispie Jackson
Jacrispie Jackson - 2 months ago
Pulpfiction yes I know that but you said they “smashed them” which isn’t true I never said a win isn’t a win that’s not what we were talking about but nice try
Pulpfiction - 2 months ago
Jacrispie Jackson A win is a win doesn’t matter what team they play it’s all about getting the W in the end
Pulpfiction - 2 months ago
Wildman Samurai You’re a sore loser who uses “the refs” excuse every time the Patriots win a game
Jacrispie Jackson
Jacrispie Jackson - 4 months ago
Pulpfiction just cus they won doesn’t mean they “smashed them” it was 13-3 that game sucked
Butt Hole
Butt Hole - 4 months ago
Fernando Gordillo indeed can u predict the future
FishyOT - 4 months ago
I feel bad for Dee. Poor chap
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