$1 Cookie Vs. $90 Cookie

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BuzzFeedVideo - 2 months ago
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Cigy Paul
Cigy Paul - 4 days ago
Buzzfeed, can u please do a biriyani & paisam (an indian desert ) video in Worth it India episode.
Cigy Paul
Cigy Paul - 4 days ago
Anyone else multitasking while watching this vid? When I meant multitasking, I meant eating a cookie while watching this vid & looking at the comment sections below.
free spirit
free spirit - 18 hours ago
Mazedar word is hindi word
shaofeng lin
shaofeng lin - Day ago
0:21 "It so thick" That what she said
Sherry Brown
Sherry Brown - Day ago
They act so gay!!!
Ryan Kennedy
Ryan Kennedy - 2 days ago
Levain is very close to my heart; back when I was at Juilliard, my friends and I used to go there for post-concert celebrations. Brings back so many happy, calorific memories
Touheed Kashif
Touheed Kashif - 2 days ago
Ok so it was actually mazedaar😆😆😆
Simran Simran
Simran Simran - 3 days ago
Well... that's not what mazedaar means. At all!
Isolophillia - 3 days ago
Mazaydar is basically Delicious, for non-Urdu/non-Pakistani people x'D
emmareallysucks - 4 days ago
4:19 is the most i’ve ever heard adam say
Julia Nardecchia
Julia Nardecchia - 4 days ago
s-shane? omg
|Xx0T4KUxX| - 4 days ago
I wonder if these guys have to pay for them?
Riya's Rasoi
Riya's Rasoi - 5 days ago
An $1 cookie is still an expensive cookie for me
Cookie Monster
Cookie Monster - 5 days ago
Those Levain cookies made me break my diet... but they were worth it
Demon` ZERO
Demon` ZERO - 5 days ago
Milk please
Viola Wagner
Viola Wagner - 5 days ago
Honestly the 100$ was worth it just for the esthetic in my opinion
Dorito Borito
Dorito Borito - 6 days ago
Sydney Mitrecic
Sydney Mitrecic - 6 days ago
DiamondFrost 1804
DiamondFrost 1804 - 7 days ago
Its so THICC......
omniscientfox - 9 days ago
adv taimur
adv taimur - 10 days ago
I ship Adam and Annie
- Lils -
- Lils - - 12 days ago
Wadu hek
Wadu hek - 12 days ago
Waird flex.. But okay..
RaphaelNMD - 12 days ago
Shaniacs reveal yourselfs
Ethan Nguyen
Ethan Nguyen - 12 days ago
who else tasted this through the screen
Kimbap Kidding?
Kimbap Kidding? - 12 days ago
how is steven so skinny? T_T
Maxx Hart
Maxx Hart - 13 days ago
The mystery of who made the Antolpo cookie will remain...unsolved
anonomyss - 13 days ago
Tap water vs Fiji water
Nichola swain
Nichola swain - 13 days ago
WhatRbooks - 13 days ago
Mazedar means delicious in india
M Khairil Azri
M Khairil Azri - 14 days ago
stephen you idiot , do one episode in malaysia,
Tanvi Kejriwal
Tanvi Kejriwal - 14 days ago
Mahzedaar just means enjoyable. That lady was being hella extra. 😂😂😂
Khushi - 14 days ago
Mazedar just means fun. What is that girl saying
Amanda Lockridge
Amanda Lockridge - 14 days ago
Japanese gift culture and its beautiful treats are a wonderful thing.
Nooria Vlogs
Nooria Vlogs - 15 days ago
*when your rich enough to travel abroad to get a cookie*
Crazynerd08 Gaming
Crazynerd08 Gaming - 15 days ago
I’m slightly jealous because all I had to eat while watching this was a dinner roll
Sakura Griffon
Sakura Griffon - 16 days ago
Aren't their clothes similar to the egg episode 🤔
In the japan part
Cringe 24/7
Cringe 24/7 - 16 days ago
Am I the only one who was like wtf?? When that chicken came out at 0:25
Apple Lynch
Apple Lynch - 16 days ago
I can’t wat h this right now
Am gonna have a cookie and comeback
shahmeer ahmed
shahmeer ahmed - 16 days ago
Mazaydaar, is a compliment which means for a food "tasty"
darkk exe
darkk exe - 17 days ago
adam is so cute when he couldnt break the cookie omg
Mexican Okami
Mexican Okami - 17 days ago
Adam is a precious bean
lυν ѕlιмє
lυν ѕlιмє - 17 days ago
When i first saw the double chocolate cookie, i thought it was a junk of coal 😂😂😂
atoz ztoa
atoz ztoa - 17 days ago
just go buy yourself one of those giant cookie packs for like 3 dollars
Nurin Amani
Nurin Amani - 17 days ago
You guys are making me jelly😢😢😢
Shea Kelley
Shea Kelley - 18 days ago
😂 Adam in the beginning not able to open it
daily.paris - 18 days ago
mahzedar means yummy lmfao i speak that language
Lawrie M
Lawrie M - 18 days ago
Was that a cheeky Dr Who reference at 7:50?
Mark Wu
Mark Wu - 19 days ago
Wow u traveled all the way to japan just for one cookie and just for this video?
Extreme 360
Extreme 360 - 19 days ago
Sheeter ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Ayesha Randolph
Ayesha Randolph - 19 days ago
I love how everything stops for a donut. My kind of people
Siok Oey
Siok Oey - 20 days ago
I ll take a pity to eat for the japan cookies. The art is too beautiful to be ate
Siok Oey
Siok Oey - 20 days ago
My kis will love the levain bakery, NY
Siok Oey
Siok Oey - 20 days ago
Where can i buy. No 1 cookies that cost $1
Jonathan Unger
Jonathan Unger - 20 days ago
Adam has the best job ever.
Olivia Howard
Olivia Howard - 20 days ago
Worth It needs to be it's own channel. I cant stand buzzfeed but Worth It and Try Guys are the only good things that came out of it
Lauryn - 20 days ago
They're in Japan in this episode the same time as the egg one. Andrew's got his "egg yellow shirt" on, Rie is "also wearing yellow", and Steven "feels left out" with his grey shirt
Lauryn - 20 days ago
Oh I just realized that they say that's what they're doing next 😂 oops but ye
alireza hudson
alireza hudson - 20 days ago
*2 men. one cookie.*
XerxesTexasToast - 21 day ago
Hopefully you got some good photos of that rooster cookie to preserve that craftsmanship for posterity. What a beautiful cookie!
Emma Wylie
Emma Wylie - 21 day ago
$1 cinnamon roll vs $$$ cinnamon roll? I’m honestly only suggesting this because in iceland there is a bakery called “Brauð and Co” and they have THE BEST cinnamon rolls (they’re not expensive, they’d probably be the medium priced ones). but I also think it would be cool for them to go to iceland, and that cinnamon roll is so good that it honestly makes the trip worth it. not even joking
calum ryan
calum ryan - 21 day ago
have you thought about doing the middle tier first then going low to high?
Nero Mauritzen
Nero Mauritzen - 22 days ago
Omg those eyebrows are too much!!! 😖😖😖😖😖
Frances Leones
Frances Leones - 22 days ago
They should check out those shops that sell cookies by the bucket.
Bell lanada
Bell lanada - 22 days ago
I notice every time you guys are in Japan, Andrew always wears that shirt at least once in an episode. lol
Anthony Jackson
Anthony Jackson - 22 days ago
This video is now cursed for having 6,706,666 views have fun with that curse buzzfeed okay?
Carter Grasmick
Carter Grasmick - 22 days ago
You went to Japan but you couldn't hit Diddy Riese in L.A.???? 35 cent best cookies in L.A.
Divisha Rastogi
Divisha Rastogi - 22 days ago
*eats meat all the time*
Breaks a bird cookie's tail
Harry Stallone
Harry Stallone - 23 days ago
actually the 90 dollar one didnt look that tasty, would have chosen the others any day.
Hatsugaa - 26 days ago
he is Asian....bad video
Them Ustar Dprin Ce
Them Ustar Dprin Ce - 26 days ago
0:57 Was that Jimmy Kimmel?
Sarah Glover
Sarah Glover - 26 days ago
Did they not credit Shane for doing the voice over for the last cookie place?? I just didn't see him in the credits/featured people...
vSharppp - 26 days ago
Great vid Jesus bless
Nicholette Barrett
Nicholette Barrett - 26 days ago
I love Oatmeal raisins, yes they are slept on... My favourite cookie ... Hate chocolate chip cookies 😊😊😊
Kathia Soda
Kathia Soda - 26 days ago
7:33 what's wrong with you AHAHAAAHHAH
Theodoric - 26 days ago
The last cookie is very flattering
Jensen - 27 days ago
50 cent McDonald’s chocolate chip cookies.... now THOSE are the bomb
rohin sandhu
rohin sandhu - 27 days ago
wow, a $1 for one cookie
that's pretty expensive
Brandon Hui
Brandon Hui - 27 days ago
MYBRO industries
MYBRO industries - 28 days ago
I wish the whole of buzzfeed was like those one show
Bontong Lee
Bontong Lee - 28 days ago
90 dollar cookies is just the look that is expensive......not the taste....not worth it at all....nope
Kim K.
Kim K. - 29 days ago
Each tiny cookie was $1 at the first place?
That’s expensive
Nima Begum
Nima Begum - 29 days ago
"Can I feed you it"
*eats the cake in front of him*
Bubblz_dancr - Month ago
The best parts of worth it videos for me have got to be Rie and Andrew's laugh. Wholesome.
L Wali
L Wali - Month ago
What a bullshitter - the definition of Mah Ze Dar is tasty. Okay? Just tasty. NOT “to describe the magic and the essence that something comes from”
Yetzinq Velázquez
Yetzinq Velázquez - Month ago
12:37 lol he thought she was being serious😂😂😍😍
Everett Kehl
Everett Kehl - Month ago
Do they live in Japan because they go there A Ton
Harry Dowd
Harry Dowd - Month ago
That girls eyebrows go higher than most planes
Aurora Valente
Aurora Valente - Month ago
Omg the first ones eyebrows😂😂
lusantooos - Month ago
come to brazilll do a season here it would be awesome
Lily Downey-Yamada
Lily Downey-Yamada - Month ago
1dollar cookie is cheap where I live
Brooke Logan
Brooke Logan - Month ago
Talking about 4 pm cookies and I literally just ate a 4 pm cookie
fuji apple
fuji apple - Month ago
Maxim Wallace
Maxim Wallace - Month ago
I was surprised to hear shane in this, but I love him, so it was a pleasant surprise nonetheless
Christian Roach
Christian Roach - Month ago
This is the first super expensive item that seems like they put 90 dollars of effort into it.
Lionofash - Month ago
I like how they chose their nostalgic flavours as well
Audrey Pham
Audrey Pham - Month ago
Andrew: "Why do you think that is?"
Rie: "Cookie?"
Ricardo Torres
Ricardo Torres - Month ago
Asian person loses to white person speaking in a Asian language
YurBoiNathan - Month ago
That is hell of a cookie.
joy dumbuya
joy dumbuya - Month ago
I haven’t watched it yet but it’s about cookies 🍪 and I lovvvvvvvvvvvvvvvve cookies
aliza mushtaq1038
aliza mushtaq1038 - Month ago
its mazedar which means dilicious
Alex AltEgo
Alex AltEgo - Month ago
I’m like not even a minute into this but those brows....
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