$1 Cookie Vs. $90 Cookie

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BuzzFeedVideo - 27 days ago
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T1ny T1m
T1ny T1m - 2 days ago
something was off with the camera around 8:10
Alicia Bell
Alicia Bell - 2 days ago
Only if you let them have some serious vacation time! 🙄🙄🙄🤔🤔🤔
nausheen bhai
nausheen bhai - 3 days ago
rajon meade
rajon meade - 5 days ago
BuzzFeedVideo June was bbt my
rajon meade
rajon meade - 5 days ago
BuzzFeedVideo n pphp
Infrared - 2 hours ago
i don't think that's what mah-ze-dar means.
Jay-Jay Ratliff
Jay-Jay Ratliff - 3 hours ago
I actually had a cookie to eat while watching this :3
Coco Wei
Coco Wei - 3 hours ago
can i feed u
Starlord Q
Starlord Q - 4 hours ago
I swear if I see one more Halo Top ad I will lose it😤
Alondyte Greymane
Alondyte Greymane - 4 hours ago
11:10 "Death Valley down here by the legs" LMAO
Swey moe
Swey moe - 7 hours ago
I feel like with every episode andrew is getting emotions..human emotions
Dino Santiago
Dino Santiago - 8 hours ago
Are they gay
Narmi Perfect
Narmi Perfect - 10 hours ago
They filmed the egg video the same day because of his orange egg shirt
mariama jawara
mariama jawara - 15 hours ago
Try Rice
M I A XO - 21 hour ago
"OOEY, that gooey!"😂😂
Tony Shropshire
Tony Shropshire - 22 hours ago
$90 on a cookie that looks nice is a bit decadent. I don't believe it's worth anyone's time.
Charlie Holmes
Charlie Holmes - Day ago
Go to tiny boxwoods and get a cookie sooooo good
People Are Awesome
People Are Awesome - Day ago
Stop making Adam look so sad
Like if you agree
Ashley J
Ashley J - Day ago
I really want a cookie now
Aiyza Arsalan
Aiyza Arsalan - Day ago
'Can I feed you?' 'No'
UWU that was just so beautiful I ship it and no don't attack me I ship all of them
Alinutz Alin
Alinutz Alin - Day ago
That chicken is getting its limbs taken out while alive O _O
Julie Miranda
Julie Miranda - Day ago
1$ Lap dance Vs. 100$ Lap dance
BishopTurtle - Day ago
Not to be a pessimist but will they ever not like something
Sarah - Day ago
Brian Tamayo
Brian Tamayo - Day ago
I can get a Lenny and larrys vegan cookie for $2 , equivalent to about 6 of those $1 cookies
TheNadDad - Day ago
Anni is the most adorable edition to this show
Havok II
Havok II - Day ago
Is it just me or can no one else hear the jump cut with the audio from 2:09 to 2:11 “food became (cut) a way” either that or I’m too high for this
Hyperion - Day ago
Totally not what mah zedahr means but sure lady
Matt Metcalf
Matt Metcalf - Day ago
There are two types of people in this world: hard cookie people and soft cookie people. Apparently we got a cast of hard cookie people on our hands here and I'm not sure I can trust a word out of their mouths now ;) I am of the opinion that shortbread and all hard cookies in general should go straight in the trash, along with raisins
Francisco Garcia
Francisco Garcia - Day ago
Jessica Mikaila
Jessica Mikaila - Day ago
i’m lactose intolerant too !! the worst ever
M Frosty
M Frosty - 2 days ago
Video starts at 0:00
Karen Lau
Karen Lau - 2 days ago
We gettin’ calories~
Oh Yes!
tasnym haque
tasnym haque - 2 days ago
If you live in the UK, just go to Lidl and get a big choc chip cookie for 45p. Its as good as any other.
Ugly fire
Ugly fire - 2 days ago
Adam and addy funny couple
XtaticHD - 2 days ago
Haven't watched yet but I'm guessing the last is a chicken
Pamela Roe
Pamela Roe - 2 days ago
Your eating biscuits not “cookies”
Piternal R
Piternal R - 2 days ago
14:00 My heart!! Adam is so cute
Catherine Buck
Catherine Buck - 2 days ago
Shane is the voice over 😂😂
paulwhite959 - 2 days ago
90 bucks is my damn grocery bill for a week. I can't really get spending that on a cookie even if it's literally the best cookie on earth
Cough Syrup Gang
Cough Syrup Gang - 2 days ago
Is the guy wit the beard autistic?
Aishya Aziza Yusuf
Aishya Aziza Yusuf - 2 days ago
:(( it's no more 'worth it' if theres 4 peeps:(
Thot Patrol
Thot Patrol - 2 days ago
Can we do COOCHIE now
Henna Kylmänen
Henna Kylmänen - 2 days ago
Cookies in Japan, the best
Hamza Ahmmed
Hamza Ahmmed - 2 days ago
how to contact mahzadar bakery
William Grantham
William Grantham - 9 hours ago
Here you go, my friend! mahzedahrbakery.com/#!/
Why all expensive stuff from Japan? (Mostly)
FuturePants - 2 days ago
why are you wearing lipstick?
Omar Delawer
Omar Delawer - 2 days ago
Btw “Mazadar” is Persian for “delicious”. Urdu was derived from Persian.
Liam Evans
Liam Evans - 2 days ago
You've eaten cheese in episodes and eaten cream filled cakes yet you're "lactose intolerant"... Sure...
Glenys Tran
Glenys Tran - 2 days ago
They filmed the Japan cookie when they filmed the egg videos like if you realized
Craig White
Craig White - 2 days ago
4:43 on the right
23feb2013 - 2 days ago
23feb2013 - 3 days ago
I mean $1 for a cookie? Subway will still do 3 cookies for that price and they’re mighty fine
TheBFGHarrison - 3 days ago
90 Dollars for that? Loooool
wow717 - 3 days ago
Liz Scott
Liz Scott - 3 days ago
do crepes
Vixor - 3 days ago
Pakistani propaganda says it's Urdu. Mate just say Khariboli, the neutral term.
James H.
James H. - 3 days ago
*Im gay* -I’m gay- _im gay_
Alexis May Ackerman
Alexis May Ackerman - 3 days ago
There paying £90 for a cookie and I can’t even get £20 for my art work🙄
Mr. Dick
Mr. Dick - 3 days ago
10$ Hitman vs. 100.000$ Hitman
Sophia Fernandes Neves
Sophia Fernandes Neves - 3 days ago
czarina keith
czarina keith - 3 days ago
Thank you for making this episode!
Beatrix - 3 days ago
They should have there own channel too!! These guys deserve it!
peter pan
peter pan - 3 days ago
u should do a video of a $40 per night pro to $7000 pro
Zach Van Harris JR
Zach Van Harris JR - 3 days ago
The most expensive cookie is in a back alley in Vegas.. ehem, so I've heard.

- Zach Van Harris JR
Dumb Poop
Dumb Poop - 3 days ago
Im sorry but mahzedar doesnt mean what she said,it means tasty
Husna khan
Husna khan - 3 days ago
Steven is so adorable!!
Ethan Po
Ethan Po - 3 days ago
srsly doubt the $90 cookie taste good at all... its just good looking
LigmaGoteem R.I.P. in chat
These aren’t evidence based comparisons, it’s just complimenting a bunch of food. Just to prove this, I challenge you to think of a SINGLE criticism out of all the worth its
SixCypress7973 - 4 days ago
You should’ve just went to harris teeter and get a free cookie.
Trevin Slomba
Trevin Slomba - 4 days ago
That Dunkin’ Donuts though
Breyan Chan
Breyan Chan - 4 days ago
for the last cookie jeremy looked like phineas from phineas and ferb
Kurkkuviski - 4 days ago
Eeman Mirza
Eeman Mirza - 4 days ago
Pakistan is my country
Melissa - 4 days ago
Adam is so wholesome
Apryl Canales
Apryl Canales - 4 days ago
I love that you guys have added Ryan and Shane to your videos. It's great!
Melissa - 4 days ago
"This cookie is like a good meatball"
kevin Fuenzalida Pugin
kevin Fuenzalida Pugin - 4 days ago
my mum makes the best oatmeal raising cookies
MissAllanPoe1989 - 4 days ago
You all got cucked
Isrel156 - 4 days ago
You could say.. Annie wanted the c-no, I'm not going there.
So did she eat the rest or not? I want to know! xD
Daniel Arciniega
Daniel Arciniega - 4 days ago
😡 I need ny fact
William Sleight
William Sleight - 4 days ago
90 dollars? That can't be true...come to Mexico we have those 90 dollar cookies for 120 pesos, still kind of expensive but not nearly enough.
Chili Women
Chili Women - 4 days ago
Dragon Animation
Dragon Animation - 4 days ago
Worth it description: biggest excuse to eat yummy foods
I'm totally with u guys gimme some I'm drooling omg
Muhammad Shayan
Muhammad Shayan - 4 days ago
mah ze dar means tasty in Urdu and its mazedar 1word
gaminggenius88 - 5 days ago
Annie's hair is so awesome!!!
Kavya Mohta
Kavya Mohta - 5 days ago
Mahzedahr means fun...
KeeganT25 - 5 days ago
I am sick of halo top ice cream commercials.
Arizona Guillory
Arizona Guillory - 5 days ago
Sonique Cat
Sonique Cat - 5 days ago
what? no gold flakes and truffles?
Dankipou - 5 days ago
tryna get to 100 subs, wanna help me out?
Gosip Mingguan Nenek
Gosip Mingguan Nenek - 5 days ago
10:19 Staring at the bite, staring at the cookie 😄
Krohun - 5 days ago
they eat biscuits and call them cookies >< sad times
Haloecake - 5 days ago
@ 14:20 you can really hear the gravity falls
kaitlyn sucks
kaitlyn sucks - 5 days ago
which cookie yall makin with gloves
Isak Hejnebo
Isak Hejnebo - 5 days ago
That thing with the “bread” in Sweden is not actually bread. It’s what you would call a “Lussebulle”.
Samuel Davey
Samuel Davey - 5 days ago
Those antolpo cookies look terrible
No connection
No connection - 5 days ago
The narrator for the 90 dollars cookie is Shane from buzzfeed unsolved right?
MntypythonHolygrail - 5 days ago
What shape cookie is that at 8:58 exactly? Huh?
Shinosenshi - 5 days ago
buzzfeed is still gay tbh
Gaming On//Gaming,Tutorials And More
mah-ze-dar is an urdu word and it means "delicious or yummy' and i know that cuz I live in Pakistan and we speak urdu here :)
Joseph Nguyen
Joseph Nguyen - 5 days ago
I hate that I immediately recognized Shane's voice during the antolpo part.
heath ashley
heath ashley - 5 days ago
Everyone is aroused at 8:24
MrWaffleIron Dan
MrWaffleIron Dan - 5 days ago
You can’t fool me, that’s Shane on the voiceover
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