$1 Cookie Vs. $90 Cookie

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BuzzFeedVideo - 4 months ago
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Estelle Käsner
Estelle Käsner - 18 days ago
Arham Mehta
Arham Mehta - 27 days ago
Hey in the last destination y did u bleep the location. 8:45
Cigy Paul
Cigy Paul - 2 months ago
Buzzfeed, can u please do a biriyani & paisam (an indian desert ) video in Worth it India episode.
Cigy Paul
Cigy Paul - 2 months ago
Anyone else multitasking while watching this vid? When I meant multitasking, I meant eating a cookie while watching this vid & looking at the comment sections below.
iwilleatyourmother - 58 minutes ago
you're basically just paying for the design
CookieStealth - 5 hours ago
When I saw the rooster at 0:25 I was so confused but as I watched the video I realized...
Nekai Graham
Nekai Graham - 8 hours ago
Doesn't "je ne sais quoi" mean "I don't know?"
Victoria_ charavgi
Victoria_ charavgi - 17 hours ago
Am I the only one that when I hear cookies I always think of chocolate chip cookies
Ha Eun
Ha Eun - Day ago
I ship Annie n Adam
Ha Eun
Ha Eun - Day ago
All the guys r hooootttt
usama ameer
usama ameer - Day ago
Mazedar wow i love that name
aiminath ali
aiminath ali - Day ago
omg immma cry adam is so cuteeee
Lizzie Catherine
Lizzie Catherine - Day ago
Me at work...
Boss: "How dedicated to your work are you?"
Me: "About as dedicated as flying to Japan to eat a cookie."
Meghan Leber
Meghan Leber - Day ago
I would much rather spend $4 on a delicious monster cookie than $1 on a tiny shortbread button
Saish Talauliker
Saish Talauliker - 2 days ago
Cookie monster loves this *nom nom nom nom nom*
Roberto Merian
Roberto Merian - 2 days ago

I Purple You 정국97
I Purple You 정국97 - 2 days ago
Kookie 🐰 the only thing that came to my mind how about you ARMY?? 💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜
Leng Lee
Leng Lee - 3 days ago
Ooooooh Weeeeee I’m Mr. Pooptybutthole! Can you do a worth it video on porkchops
adam _
adam _ - 3 days ago
Yo Shane doing voice overs is awesome
Hannah Salehin
Hannah Salehin - 5 days ago
Best cookie in the world: Lidl cookie 42p
Yousifito 207
Yousifito 207 - 5 days ago
I think what they were supposed to do is eat the shortbread cake then drink the coffee to wash it down
Thariq Nilo
Thariq Nilo - 6 days ago
That’s not even a real cookie dude chips ahoy with milk is more better than this😂
Hadella Denmen
Hadella Denmen - 7 days ago
There is one guy i dont say the name but he look like camel
the spooky bois
the spooky bois - 7 days ago
*but why, andrew? **_-(I_I)-_*

oh my god, shane. that voice over.
laur3n m
laur3n m - 7 days ago
Binging this series
LeeLee Lester
LeeLee Lester - 8 days ago
Aww such a cute gay couple. Love
Hopie Cujoh
Hopie Cujoh - 8 days ago
Andrew : *destroys it*
Steven : *gaspp* you murderer!
Benjamin Tran
Benjamin Tran - 9 days ago
12:19 What happened to his voice?
Leen Attia
Leen Attia - 9 days ago
They are wearing the same outfits as the eggs episode
Leen Attia
Leen Attia - 9 days ago
Why do I know that? I may have just binged this entire season
Leen Attia
Leen Attia - 9 days ago
0:46 0:55 Wats with those eyebrows
Aimun Afaq
Aimun Afaq - 9 days ago
Mazaydar actually means delicious but lmao yea let’s go for secret essence to make it poetic (yes I can speak Urdu)
Also I feel like the last cookie wasn’t that great but you feast with your eyes so it gives you the illusion of eating something better, like other two cookie makers seemed to care more about the taste than the visuals
C Sherman
C Sherman - 11 days ago
You guys obviously have a lot of money *and* time on your hands
janice jtj
janice jtj - 11 days ago
1:14 of course i would feel that i cant afford anything if the shop’s cheapest food is a tiny cookie for a dollar
last comennter
last comennter - 11 days ago
Mazeh dar or mazaydar actually means tasty. She was just exaggerating about the name. I'm from Pakistan and urdu is my national language
Souradeep Sengupta
Souradeep Sengupta - 11 days ago
Mah-ze-daar just means fun.
ILSE And Emili
ILSE And Emili - 11 days ago
When you go all the way to Japan to eat a cookie...
Χρήστος Μάνθος
what is the name of the song at 8:34
BOYZEE 9101 - 7 days ago
Name is fck u Russian or wherever the hell ur from..
alice locked
alice locked - 12 days ago
Hey Shane
MilkmanConspiracy - 13 days ago
Dude, we need a team up between these guys and the "pick which is the more expensive food" people on Epicurious.
Retta V
Retta V - 13 days ago
Adam is my favorite😭
Muriel Lomadilla
Muriel Lomadilla - 13 days ago
Lizzie Jackson
Lizzie Jackson - 13 days ago
I forget that in America cookie is what you call all types of biscuits 😂
Amber Minobe-Nacua
Amber Minobe-Nacua - 14 days ago
oh yeah yeah
oh yeah yeah - 14 days ago
Half of the views are from the cookie monster
Areen Khawar
Areen Khawar - 14 days ago
Maz e dar actuallly means tasty or fun
Mania Believers Never Die
"We don't want anyone to come in and think they can't afford to be here" Aww that's so sweet. I've hardcore felt like that about a shop before and it was mortifying.
LunarGalaxy - 16 days ago
I want that chocolate cake Adam ate at the first place.
Real M
Real M - 16 days ago
FYI , mazadar means tasty. No magic, sorry!
SeokJesus - 17 days ago
Woah, Steven, you wake up at 1:00am in the morning? That's like when I go to sleep lmao
yayang rahmadina
yayang rahmadina - 17 days ago
I’m always love when Adam giving his answer! 😂
MarshmellowKittens14 - 17 days ago
This makes me want cookies SO BAD
cairobaby - 18 days ago
Just want to say you guys are my favourite Youtube series. I love watching it :D
EyeofWinterGT GT
EyeofWinterGT GT - 18 days ago
Joshua Slate
Joshua Slate - 18 days ago
Umbers eyebrows thou....
M - 18 days ago
Hey Steven, where did you get the cool T shirt you are wearing at 8:00 minutes in this video?
Jessica Raine
Jessica Raine - 18 days ago
oh look its their "lets shade steven with egg"clothes
baby foxi
baby foxi - 19 days ago
I Cannot watch this without getting hungry 😩
ur gonna love my nuts
ur gonna love my nuts - 20 days ago
It's not healthy to watch this before going to bed
strongarm328 life sucks
strongarm328 life sucks - 20 days ago
y is the guy with glasses look so depressed all the time
Srivaths Mahadevan
Srivaths Mahadevan - 20 days ago
ooovie like mr poopy butthole 😏
sindu shiva
sindu shiva - 20 days ago
I don’t understand how people dislike a video about cookies?
Stephanie Solarte
Stephanie Solarte - 21 day ago
Why not do one with empanadas??? Btw Colombian empanadas are the best ;))
Sweswio - 21 day ago
That's dope
dannibell wolf
dannibell wolf - 21 day ago
OMG😂😂😂😂 'can I feed you' 😑?? 'No' ...'OK' I almost died laughing
Jadenhg - 21 day ago
I really really really really like these episodes of Worth it!! Want them everyday!! Specially with Rie!!
Abdullah Bhatti
Abdullah Bhatti - 21 day ago
The way they pronounce مزیدار (Mah Ze Dar) is really effing annoying
Nam Phuong Tran Bao
Nam Phuong Tran Bao - 21 day ago
At 10:28, I think Rie was trying to say: "I want to say something but...".
Don't take it too seriously though, I'm just guessing.
Xiwen Ping
Xiwen Ping - 22 days ago
Elegant design+simple food = perfect
I 100% agree with him!
If you can do one simple thing with your great effort, then you make it perfect
No only cookie, but also your life
I do admire the craftsmanship in Japan
Xiwen Ping
Xiwen Ping - 22 days ago
The last cookie is basically an art craft, who is going to eat that by the way
Veemo :3
Veemo :3 - 22 days ago
Ughh i have SUCH a craving for cookies right now! TmT
Johana Cazares
Johana Cazares - 22 days ago
I have a cookie fact ( the first chocolate chip was made in Massachusetts)
Tiana Morgan
Tiana Morgan - 22 days ago
Supervising Producer: Katie LeBlanc... is there another Katie LeBlanc? or is Bratayley taking a whole new scale of career?
Aidah Witte
Aidah Witte - 23 days ago
the lady that worked at the place for the 1 dollar cookie's eyebrows were holding on for dear life
Tiffany Nguyen
Tiffany Nguyen - 23 days ago
9:48 meanwhile me with my cheap stater bros cookies 😢
Xtremesky - 23 days ago
you two have the best job at buzzfeed
If they make their own channel they wouldnt do to expensive stuff because they wont have buzzfeed money
Kurby Pinky
Kurby Pinky - 23 days ago
I'm watching Worth It videos so I know where to go when I visit Cali in a couple months, but theyre in Japan and New York. Now I have to go there...LOL
Peridot Universe
Peridot Universe - 23 days ago
I thought you were gonna do cookies not biscuits
TJun Gan
TJun Gan - 24 days ago
I bet all those fancy looking 3 dimensional cookies have the same taste it's just the matter of the sugar icing (?) they use , for 90 dollars I will not say it's worth it I prefer the traditional cookies from the $ and $$ but the $$$ cookies (art) made by talented masters are definitely worth trying out in Japan and appreciate their piece of work.
BakerBea09 - 24 days ago
Hi Adam! Please notice me. I like you :)
aditya ghoshal
aditya ghoshal - 24 days ago
mahzedar means fun
A Bird
A Bird - 25 days ago
My cat's name is cookie
18yodw SSIS
18yodw SSIS - 25 days ago
i would pay for it if it was a cookie of big chungus.
Venetia Astrop
Venetia Astrop - 25 days ago
SHANE?? What an A+ voice over
Leslie Lanagan
Leslie Lanagan - 26 days ago
I have said this before, but I'll probably say it on every Worth It episode in Japan. Every time I see Rie, my heart flips and I just get so happy.
Violet Silver
Violet Silver - 26 days ago
'It's the weight of a good meatball'. Andrew's obsessed with meatballs.
Yash Kapoor
Yash Kapoor - 27 days ago
Mahzedar is fun
Not the pretentious definition she gave
West_Nebraska_Dude - 27 days ago
At 3:51 Andrew has 1 grain of sugar on the tip of his nose from smelling his cookie … Adorable
Darrien Edwards
Darrien Edwards - 28 days ago
Annie and Adam😍
Satman _1
Satman _1 - 28 days ago
They get like an average of 6-7 mil views per worth it video.
Satman _1
Satman _1 - 28 days ago
I’m never eating a fancy cookie. It’s just not the same. You can eat a few normal cheap cookies but when you’re eating something like that it just feels like you can’t ruin such a perfect creation.
odst15ethan - 29 days ago
Can I have a cookie please
Bela D
Bela D - 29 days ago
I thought this was going to be all chocolate chip cookies
Janelle Marie Ibarbia
Janelle Marie Ibarbia - Month ago
Adam laughing is the best thing
Zeno - Month ago
Please do fudge
Zeno - Month ago
mehdi krak
mehdi krak - Month ago
support my music
Qurratulann Mudassar
Qurratulann Mudassar - Month ago
Mazay Dar yeah our Urdu hits
XD_Gamer Z
XD_Gamer Z - Month ago
See, these guys are the opposite of me idc wut it looks like i just stuff it in my mouth.....
Yellow Bby
Yellow Bby - Month ago
Im eating cookies from my aunt ksksksksk
Sean Robesky
Sean Robesky - Month ago
these are not the things to watch while high
I’m Shrek
I’m Shrek - Month ago
It’s so *_thicc_*
Ste phen
Ste phen - Month ago
that rooster one is too complicated for a cookie
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