What Happens If You Leave Clay On Skin For 24 Hours Straight?

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Ryan Trahan
Ryan Trahan - Month ago
CEO of skin
Disappointment 69
Disappointment 69 - 2 days ago
Ryan Trahan I think the ceo wants you to try bungee jumping so it all falls off
Katrina Perrott
Katrina Perrott - 3 days ago
Hi Rayan! 🙂
GMG_ goated
GMG_ goated - 6 days ago
Ryan Trahan y did u stop for gas when u have a Tesla
It’s Hazza
It’s Hazza - 8 days ago
Ryan Trahan Noice
Zaunnor - 19 minutes ago
6:24 stopped to get some gas in an electric vehicle.. ok..
Samuri2724 - Hour ago
Can you do it for 24hours... OVERNIGHT???
HELENA - 14 hours ago
put 100 layers of clay on your face
cassa romsdal
cassa romsdal - 17 hours ago
"Everywhere" on your body...??!!
Eve Q
Eve Q - Day ago
Why do you look like Gordon Ramsey that takes drugs from a 3 year old
Alyssa Borinsky
Alyssa Borinsky - Day ago
This video should be called I become the hulk for a day
matt peterson
matt peterson - Day ago
did he just stop to get gas for a testla
Bagel - Day ago
*_Fiona has joined the chat_*
And I Oop
And I Oop - Day ago
no comment
Honey Strawberry Apples
That amazon review is 100/100
Mandalay Stitfold
Mandalay Stitfold - 2 days ago
DonySaur - 2 days ago
This would’ve better with thanaka
nightbladegaming lol
nightbladegaming lol - 2 days ago
shoulda been done by

Treyvon Mays
Treyvon Mays - 2 days ago
Jad Batarseh
Jad Batarseh - 3 days ago
Alertooo Oooo
Alertooo Oooo - 3 days ago
The urge and wanting to peel off the chunks of clay on his face is killing me lol
Kelly Northlake
Kelly Northlake - 3 days ago
acne drops to 0%
Kelly Northlake
Kelly Northlake - 3 days ago
you’re incredible!! # self care 2020
I’ll game end him my self
Mazen Oudeh
Mazen Oudeh - 4 days ago
i found the actual review on amazon and i am very happy
Stoney - 4 days ago
Falafel Kebap
Falafel Kebap - 4 days ago
* L I T E R A L L Y *
water - 4 days ago
Why couldnt i see ryans face the while vid?
Shaduel - 4 days ago
Bruh I used to have this tar mask all over my body for my skin condition, every day for over a month. I know how this feels, it's hella uncomfortable, especially sleeping. Respect for keeping it on whilst going about your day as usual. I just sat at home all day and took the time off school.
Henleyithink - 5 days ago
He's in his Tesla but still needs gas. When you want to ruin your Tesla😁😁😁😁
GTA 5 GOD 666
GTA 5 GOD 666 - 5 days ago
Did he say stop to get sum gas in a Tesla.....
Trevor XD
Trevor XD - 5 days ago
4:36 The waitress looked at the camera
Way Move166
Way Move166 - 5 days ago
He for some reason reminds me of Gordon Ramsey I don't know
Megan Jones
Megan Jones - 6 days ago
I scrolled for so long through amazon to find this reveiw
Kaleb Shirley
Kaleb Shirley - 6 days ago
I went to the comments section on this clay mask and couldn’t see your amazing comment
Cozmu palyz
Cozmu palyz - 6 days ago
6:24 "stopped to get some gas" bro ur in a tesla
anus painus
anus painus - 7 days ago
the quality went down to 360p and you looked like gordon ramsey
Jessica Games
Jessica Games - 7 days ago
Umm did anyone notice that Ryan has a Tesla but he went to a gass station
Jess Rodriguez
Jess Rodriguez - 7 days ago
god, I hope he got an email back because Jesus Christ.
Jolie Madonia
Jolie Madonia - 7 days ago
CEO of amazon reviews
Jolie Madonia
Jolie Madonia - 7 days ago
12:22 "I love my job." I thought you were unemployed.
Micky Celest
Micky Celest - 7 days ago
let's go get our nails did
camden svec
camden svec - 7 days ago
this is such a bad idea BAHA
Star Guy
Star Guy - 7 days ago
Why does he looks like Gordon Ramsay's kid?
RecRoomMovies - 7 days ago
Next charcoal mask
Chomp Chomp
Chomp Chomp - 7 days ago
You should've put foundation on it.
D Baker
D Baker - 7 days ago
6:25 , he said he needs gas but it's a tesla
Fun With Caleb
Fun With Caleb - 7 days ago
did anybody else go find his review
Jay Kay The Movie
Jay Kay The Movie - 8 days ago
She said Lingonberry. 🤦🏼
Gregory Smith
Gregory Smith - 8 days ago
Did you stop get gas for your tesla
bryan kingjr
bryan kingjr - 8 days ago
go to 6:25 and look what he sayes how you going to get gas in a tesla
Skamper YT
Skamper YT - 8 days ago
That was fire
Silly Billy
Silly Billy - 8 days ago
CEO of skin
Lucky Charm
Lucky Charm - 8 days ago
you look like if Gordon Ramsay was a lizard.
꧁༺The ClassicX༻꧂
looks like a chia pet exploded in here 8:58
I was dying
Nicole Snow
Nicole Snow - 8 days ago
Yes, that was fire
8tr GT
8tr GT - 8 days ago
Did he just stopped for gas in a Tesla?
Carter Day
Carter Day - 8 days ago
He has a Tesla why is he getting gas?
Tausif Curious
Tausif Curious - 8 days ago
DFG_ SkullTr00p3r
DFG_ SkullTr00p3r - 8 days ago
did anybody else realize that he said he needed some gas
P.S he owns a tesla it dont use gas its electric
Sanyi - 8 days ago
Me: Mom I want Hulk

Mom: We have Hulk at home

Hulk at home:
Lily Stevens
Lily Stevens - 9 days ago
CEO of skin
emmy pup
emmy pup - 9 days ago
9:34 he looks like he’s from the walking dead ( the game)
zorsr - 9 days ago
🔥 fire
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