294 919
9 770
Dely Cordeiro
Dely Cordeiro - 22 seconds ago
It's 500 pounds
person13227 - 22 minutes ago
How are they are where they are like is it there’s or do they have permission
Simon Cuthell
Simon Cuthell - 7 hours ago
Atlas v atlas.... Has to be done!
RJ Breytenbach
RJ Breytenbach - 19 hours ago
Yeah see if it smacks a locked safe straight open mate! Needs to be a safe made to withstand an explosion though!
X&W GamersGuide
X&W GamersGuide - 23 hours ago
Next video me vs bulletproof glass
Marys Lady Lips
Marys Lady Lips - Day ago
500 pounds
Brandon Woods
Brandon Woods - Day ago
200kg thor hammer
Frank Skrypak
Frank Skrypak - Day ago
350 lbs
GokuelprooSSJ xD
GokuelprooSSJ xD - Day ago
4:37 asteroid
6:28 asteroid 2
8:03 asteroid 3
Julian Logan
Julian Logan - Day ago
Ball maybe is 200
Sonic Da Flexhog
Sonic Da Flexhog - Day ago
Next time have someone lay Underneath
Jamie Ferguson
Jamie Ferguson - Day ago
That atlas stone is 380 IBS
D Mensing
D Mensing - Day ago
Would you be able to hang on the winch and hold the remote and come down?
Aidan Constantine
Aidan Constantine - Day ago
Youtube Hulck
Youtube Hulck - Day ago
558 lbs
Randall Clardy
Randall Clardy - Day ago
Atlas stone vs. Atlas or atlas stone vs. bedrock
Tf Forster
Tf Forster - Day ago
10:03 bullet proof glass
Francis Dmello
Francis Dmello - Day ago
the atlas stones weight is 73 lbs
Jt Dj
Jt Dj - Day ago
J Feeldz
J Feeldz - 2 days ago
I think it is 558
Ethan Burns
Ethan Burns - 2 days ago
155 pounds
coasterboy vlogs
coasterboy vlogs - 2 days ago
Crash test dummy
keananjs - 2 days ago
Next invention of 2020
Atlas proof glass
Nicole Woodward
Nicole Woodward - 2 days ago
The atlas stone is 45kg
Shaktisen Sahu
Shaktisen Sahu - 2 days ago
Work is less talking is more
Asher Moke
Asher Moke - 2 days ago
is the atlas stone 150 lbs btw im from nz
Flora Moraitis
Flora Moraitis - 2 days ago
67 kg!!!
Savage Beast 32
Savage Beast 32 - 3 days ago
45 lbs
DingbatS#!T - 3 days ago
ZOOM 7776665554
ZOOM 7776665554 - 3 days ago
250 lbs
Luis Rangel-Diaz
Luis Rangel-Diaz - 3 days ago
Thor’s hammer vs the atlas stone
Amanda Mefferd
Amanda Mefferd - 3 days ago
That was epic 👌🏻🏅
Staryu Animations
Staryu Animations - 3 days ago
the atlas stone is 558 lb/254 kg
change my mind.
Naya - 3 days ago
Us Americans and our stupid system smh
Joseph Jaros
Joseph Jaros - 3 days ago
500 Pounds
Jeremiah Anderson
Jeremiah Anderson - 3 days ago
You are not cool
Joseph Casias
Joseph Casias - 3 days ago
The Atlas stone is 586 pounds
Mac Big
Mac Big - 3 days ago
atlas stone vs concrete
HardKnox Media
HardKnox Media - 3 days ago
Fuck ur metric system too
OnlyLinus - 3 days ago
200 kg
Barry James
Barry James - 3 days ago
Cool video, shame I have to watch it on the lowest volume. Screaming like little girls :)
Christian Umhoefer
Christian Umhoefer - 3 days ago
Josh Guzzardo
Josh Guzzardo - 4 days ago
Do cannon ball vs bullet proof glass
Robert Leach
Robert Leach - 4 days ago
Natalie Robinson
Natalie Robinson - 4 days ago
10:11 why you came for this video
TheRealSharkBait - 4 days ago
562 pounds
jack mace
jack mace - 4 days ago
Didn't the sheets look like a tree stump design
Kaitlynn Casey
Kaitlynn Casey - 4 days ago
586 lbs
Mason Schubauer
Mason Schubauer - 4 days ago
250 lbs
Audric Gerali
Audric Gerali - 4 days ago
That thing landed like a meteor
ZachSchrader22 - 5 days ago
2000 pounds
ConDor - 5 days ago
Is the stone 350kg?
Jolan Cole
Jolan Cole - 5 days ago
Kenzies gaming Crew
Kenzies gaming Crew - 5 days ago
Bonnie Clark
Bonnie Clark - 5 days ago
atc12324 - 5 days ago
164 lbs
Alexander William Peter Carder
You want splash do ya smea
Alexander William Peter Carder
There's no splash
Alexander William Peter Carder
No Splash
Mike Thegreaser
Mike Thegreaser - 6 days ago
Also suggestion that in stead of dropping the destroyer from the top and trying to find out we’re it would hit just lift it up and put the object right object under the destroyer and then lift it up all the way
Mike Thegreaser
Mike Thegreaser - 6 days ago
Thor’s hammer vs bouncy house
Alison Butler
Alison Butler - 6 days ago
Alison Butler
Alison Butler - 6 days ago
Whoever disliked this video needs some help
Danny Taylor
Danny Taylor - 6 days ago
Try atlas stone vs car engine
AchmodinIV SWE
AchmodinIV SWE - 6 days ago
The leaning tower of Australia
Davian Girty
Davian Girty - 6 days ago
160 pounds
SSJ Kaerkarot
SSJ Kaerkarot - 6 days ago
Atlas stone vs hillary clinton
Jaydin Williamson
Jaydin Williamson - 6 days ago
586 pounds
Logan Bulb
Logan Bulb - 6 days ago
90 pounds
#Abhishek #
#Abhishek # - 6 days ago
Elizabeth Hamby
Elizabeth Hamby - 7 days ago
0:37 my entrance to math class
Bryson Fowler
Bryson Fowler - 7 days ago
89 lbs
BeanDa _Weirdo
BeanDa _Weirdo - 7 days ago
when the basketball pops it's earrape :)
Matthew B
Matthew B - 7 days ago
1000 lbs
destiny christina
destiny christina - 7 days ago
Brayden Tremelling
Brayden Tremelling - 7 days ago
sike 154.323584 pounds
Holden’s World
Holden’s World - 7 days ago
Brayden Tremelling
Brayden Tremelling - 7 days ago
89 pounds
Samuel Banks
Samuel Banks - 7 days ago
I’m American but I use the metric system well mostly
Brosemer - 7 days ago
90 lbs
Maximus Bernt
Maximus Bernt - 7 days ago
You're right, the American system is terrible and I'm American. I'm also guessing it is 153 lb.
Chris 001
Chris 001 - 7 days ago
You guys should try a standard concrete block on to a solid surface. From that hight, DAMB
America the Beautiful
America the Beautiful - 7 days ago
“You Americans and you’re stupid system”
You brits and your ability to speak German if we weren’t around
Jonny Riley
Jonny Riley - 7 days ago
100 lbs?
Alexander Castro
Alexander Castro - 8 days ago
So...that moment when a major, world level sports figure participates in your online meme...
Dieter Spurgeon
Dieter Spurgeon - 8 days ago
49 pounds?
John Prichard
John Prichard - 8 days ago
Limit killit
Limit killit - 8 days ago
Kizzie Morris
Kizzie Morris - 8 days ago
Atlas stone versus granite slab
Clap Central
Clap Central - 8 days ago
734 Lbs
Linda Giambrone
Linda Giambrone - 8 days ago
Meowgaming 666
Meowgaming 666 - 8 days ago
Meowgaming 666
Meowgaming 666 - 8 days ago
Stine vs car
Stacy Young
Stacy Young - 8 days ago
100 lbs
Kamren Taylor
Kamren Taylor - 9 days ago
Aaron Valenzuela
Aaron Valenzuela - 9 days ago
15,000 pounds
Kaleb Dooley
Kaleb Dooley - 9 days ago
Atlas stone v atlas stone
Captain Pineapple
Captain Pineapple - 9 days ago
The atlas ball weighs And equivalent to 15 bowling balls five giant darts 3 1/2 anvils and many many many partridges in a pear tree
Tyler James
Tyler James - 9 days ago
Is the tower yours??
Foxy the pirate fox
Foxy the pirate fox - 10 days ago
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