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9 729
M.K. Anderson
M.K. Anderson - Hour ago
was that tiger woods???
imtookie - 3 hours ago
Atlas stone vs human head pls
Daven Hallows
Daven Hallows - 4 hours ago
Nolan Park
Nolan Park - 5 hours ago
1000 lbs
Oliver Matthews
Oliver Matthews - 5 hours ago
280 kg
FEL Longshot
FEL Longshot - 5 hours ago
Atlas stone VS Car or Bomb car which is those military cars that are bullet proof and bomb proof
Paula Marti
Paula Marti - 6 hours ago
it weighs 45 pounds
John Grigsby
John Grigsby - 6 hours ago
Cindy Ann Greenwood
Cindy Ann Greenwood - 6 hours ago
586 pounds (10.4 to 265.8 kg)
Mr. Kaos
Mr. Kaos - 6 hours ago
i guess about 250 lbs
Amber Rose
Amber Rose - 7 hours ago
163 pounds
عبدالله ال تيسان
الي عربي لايك
SomedayDead - 8 hours ago
30 lbs
Timothy BTW4572
Timothy BTW4572 - 9 hours ago
Stupid system? When your country reaches the moon, then you can tell us how to measure the distance.
shift red subaru
shift red subaru - 9 hours ago
50 pounds and atles stone vs big dart let the stone drop on the dart
Headless Duke421
Headless Duke421 - 9 hours ago
I feel like the only reason the go pro lived is the extra layer smacked it out of the way. I think it hit it
Vida Hutchinson
Vida Hutchinson - 10 hours ago
300 LBS!? That's my guess
Ben Taber
Ben Taber - 10 hours ago
Marcin Świerszcz
Marcin Świerszcz - 12 hours ago
po co oni drom te mordy swe
Awesome Hicks01
Awesome Hicks01 - 13 hours ago
Drop the ball on sement
Awesome Hicks01
Awesome Hicks01 - 13 hours ago
6000 pounds
Maurice Aimé
Maurice Aimé - 14 hours ago
5:58 Post Melone Huh?
Mira Pjevac
Mira Pjevac - 17 hours ago
Dangerzone Neo
Dangerzone Neo - 19 hours ago
Guys, this got my attention after not watching you for a year, thank you!
David Taylor
David Taylor - 21 hour ago
100 lbs?
Nahum Solis Mazahua
Daniel Winstone
Daniel Winstone - Day ago
That is a watermelon smoothie everywhere 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
GoodSports Evening
GoodSports Evening - Day ago
250 pounds
Xavier Postma
Xavier Postma - Day ago
75 kg
Renegade Gaming
Renegade Gaming - Day ago
Sydney Wiler
Sydney Wiler - Day ago
You guys should get a seat (with a seat belt) and attach it to the pully and see if you can make a whole ride all the way up 45 m. without freaking out
Joseph Jaros
Joseph Jaros - Day ago
I mean 220
Joseph Jaros
Joseph Jaros - Day ago
320 pounds
Yvonne Hardy
Yvonne Hardy - Day ago
Thqt brave GoPro
Top Heavy
Top Heavy - Day ago
Want to see Atlas Stone vs Anvil
Kushal Sharma
Kushal Sharma - Day ago
It is 4.8 pounds
Леха Тимирязев
Презирвативы с водой и то интереснее с крыши на прохожих скидывать
Jesuz Aragom
Jesuz Aragom - 2 days ago
Aló que vinieron 10:02 quiero mi like 😁😁
yung rico
yung rico - 2 days ago
475 lbs
Zoey Barker
Zoey Barker - 2 days ago
Yall used our "stupid" system first
The KillerMonkey
The KillerMonkey - 2 days ago
I think about 78 pounds?
Eve4 Eve
Eve4 Eve - 2 days ago
8:55 “stupid System”
Carrigan Wheatley
Carrigan Wheatley - 2 days ago
On the test for the Stone ball in slow mode when it hit the sand it looked like a volcano Irrupting
Owner 1054
Owner 1054 - 2 days ago
and 100
Owner 1054
Owner 1054 - 2 days ago
Reilly Hull
Reilly Hull - 2 days ago
Rip melon
Rip basketball
Calvin Qi
Calvin Qi - 2 days ago
520 lb for the atlas stone
The Traxxas Bros
The Traxxas Bros - 2 days ago
72 pounds
Pink Gang
Pink Gang - 2 days ago
No it doesn’t
Pink Gang
Pink Gang - 2 days ago
Video starts at 13:36
Kelvin Funes
Kelvin Funes - 2 days ago
440 LBS
the little gamer
the little gamer - 2 days ago
Bob Miller
Bob Miller - 2 days ago
Bob Joe
Bob Joe - 2 days ago
45 pounds 😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃
cyle gore
cyle gore - 2 days ago
100 pounds
Gi Jo21
Gi Jo21 - 2 days ago
Atlas stone vs bowling ball
john shute
john shute - 2 days ago
Ethereal Ethics
Ethereal Ethics - 2 days ago
Ya. Us Americans are stupid
Ben Power
Ben Power - 2 days ago
150 pounds
Ben Power
Ben Power - 2 days ago
kênh sóc liên quân
kênh sóc liên quân - 2 days ago
Có ai Việt Nam xem như mình ko. Có ai Việt Nam like cho mình biết nha tôi yêu Việt Nam
Sơn Nguyễn
Sơn Nguyễn - 2 days ago
Iphone XS MAX
SMC Nawaf
SMC Nawaf - 2 days ago
Could u do guys with a car ?
Who want these just like it
SsniperKitty Laverne
SsniperKitty Laverne - 2 days ago
Not kidding but that’s a bit hideous,how it just crushes the stuff and imagine that going on your head.😱😱😱
Shane jeffers
Shane jeffers - 2 days ago
I know its supposed to be the way it was layed but I'd like to see it going poly side up!
Phantom_skilz - 2 days ago
Pim Pek
Pim Pek - 2 days ago
Kto z polski daje mi suba i like pod kom
cueball93 - 3 days ago
The glass did its job. Only the first pane was penetrated. It rolled off the second pane. If that was a bullet, It would have protected you.
Bradley Thwaites
Bradley Thwaites - 3 days ago
20 pounds
Daniel Perkins
Daniel Perkins - 3 days ago
The pinya message looks like Tiger Woods
Mc paskajätkä
Mc paskajätkä - 3 days ago
10:00 bulletproof
Joshua Cook
Joshua Cook - 3 days ago
Do a small building.
kourtnie3609 - 3 days ago
Congratulations lol
thug life
thug life - 3 days ago
Your teeth dude 😳
Zahra Leake
Zahra Leake - 3 days ago
150 lbs
Zahra Leake
Zahra Leake - 3 days ago
I think
Crover I Am
Crover I Am - 3 days ago
BULLET proof glass not fuckin atlas stone proof
Ruby Rahme
Ruby Rahme - 3 days ago
I think the ball ways 400 lbs
Annabelle Adams
Annabelle Adams - 3 days ago
That go-pro is dead
Annabelle Adams
Annabelle Adams - 3 days ago
We do have a stupid system
Captain D
Captain D - 3 days ago
How about drop something on meat products or raw meat itself.
Katys Channel
Katys Channel - 3 days ago
Yes our countries way measurement is stupid😊
Super Sleepy
Super Sleepy - 3 days ago
I really wish videos like this were only 5 minutes instead of the extra 8 of filler and talking about things no one cares about.
TheFO X - 3 days ago
Lachlan Macmillan
Lachlan Macmillan - 3 days ago
You should drop bullet proof glass onto an atlas stone
Dish Dude
Dish Dude - 3 days ago
Safe vs Stone
Mert Maden
Mert Maden - 3 days ago
Nuklear bomb vs Europa
Mita *
Mita * - 3 days ago
Not very tough😂
patcharee 1234
patcharee 1234 - 3 days ago
UBAY CLOUDS - 3 days ago
Tis awesome's
Alfie Tugwell
Alfie Tugwell - 3 days ago
about a atlas stone
ethen richardson
ethen richardson - 3 days ago
The stone is 150lbs
shubha mondal
shubha mondal - 4 days ago
Yesh just like the name of this channel ur videos are too ridiculous
miniatur kereta 1010
miniatur kereta 1010 - 4 days ago
Negara 62+
GamingWith Clayton
GamingWith Clayton - 4 days ago
80 lbs
Said Loeza
Said Loeza - 4 days ago
Golden_Wasp - 4 days ago
Lift a motorcycle
Jason Silva
Jason Silva - 4 days ago
Grando Cubed
Grando Cubed - 4 days ago
7:54 that sounded like the Instagram dramatic boom
Сурикат Сурикатович
Кинул в реку квадратный кирпича круглый прикольно.
AwesomeSeal - 4 days ago
That’s the moon falling onto the earth or a asteroid making craters on the moon/earth
Please don’t throw giant lumps of rock at my window plz
Thanke xd
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