I Found 9 Wedding Rings Underwater in the Ocean While Metal Detecting! $10,000+ (Returned to Owner)

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DALLMYD - 3 months ago
Drop a thumbs up if you guys would like to see more underwater metal detecting videos! If we can reach 10,000 likes I'll make another metal detecting video in Hawaii!!
ALEXANDER AYALA - 2 hours ago
Rush Ramp
Rush Ramp - 6 hours ago
Got what yo wanted
Alondra Marroquin
Alondra Marroquin - 2 days ago
Bella Bla Bla
Bella Bla Bla - 5 days ago
I love Jack😍
Jessica M
Jessica M - 10 days ago
DALLMYD you should do a follow up video on this guy, after he receives his ring and if you ever do take him up on his offer. That would be AMAZING!!!! This was awesome!
Uyen Nguyen
Uyen Nguyen - 2 hours ago
I was lost my iphone8 in the ocean on July 4😭😭😭
Wish someone can found my phone like this😭
ROMANS- -KJV BIBLE - 3 hours ago
please seek JE*S*US THANKS I understand that you guys are 100% obsessed with all other things but its what created everything you enjoy
Evan Boyd
Evan Boyd - 6 hours ago
I'm surprised that nobody is saying that its their ring. Good job you honest people. 😁👍
The Paprika’s
The Paprika’s - 7 hours ago
I didn’t know there was a Gucci store underwater
JohnnyManGaming - 8 hours ago
no i dot
mbarbaro7694 - 8 hours ago
6:08 did you notice the kid doing fortnite dances in the back?
liahnna bishop
liahnna bishop - 8 hours ago
sorry anyone see that kid in the back ground dancing lmao 6:09 go checkit out haha
IceGurl Jadey
IceGurl Jadey - 8 hours ago
“Oh my god I dropped my diamond earring in the water!” -TikTok 2019 🤣
Jo Eruera
Jo Eruera - 10 hours ago
They are so real
Lilyanna Rodarte
Lilyanna Rodarte - 11 hours ago
My dude who swims with a 22k gold ring... I take of my walmart ring before i go in the water
Kimberly Messersmith
Kimberly Messersmith - 12 hours ago
the diamond earring is probably the one kim Kardashian was looking for
Fauzhi Afianto
Fauzhi Afianto - 12 hours ago
Opo iki
Oofer gang Shi
Oofer gang Shi - 12 hours ago
6:11 orange justice lol
Just Mason
Just Mason - 15 hours ago
That metal detector sounds like a dying seal
Just Mason
Just Mason - 16 hours ago
Gotta love that kid in the background 6:10
Addison Heiter
Addison Heiter - 16 hours ago
You guys are the best
Melvin Trefethen
Melvin Trefethen - 16 hours ago
*metal detecter beeps* Me: wait did i just hear a dog in the water
james alex
james alex - 17 hours ago
It's a mask, not goggles :)
JF Tanuki
JF Tanuki - 18 hours ago
Ahy that's ten pesos 👍👍
6:10 is NOBODY gonna talk about the kid in the background?😂
vincent - 20 hours ago
Is it real because if it is their rich
NiXXDa - 21 hour ago
oh no hes so sad
Katrina Davis
Katrina Davis - 21 hour ago
If you don’t have enough money to buy your girl friend a wedding ring. 👌🏻
Alicia Zieminski
Alicia Zieminski - 22 hours ago
* finds Bobby pin* 😂
Summer Schandoney
Summer Schandoney - 22 hours ago
Poor Brandon lolol
bombsquad 2014
bombsquad 2014 - 23 hours ago
I love that he always trys to give back the things he finds
Its Me Ayla
Its Me Ayla - 23 hours ago
Mood 6:09

Edit: Kid in the back
Justin Plays
Justin Plays - 23 hours ago
1:52 Did anyone see the crab?
Bertram Bergmann
Bertram Bergmann - 23 hours ago
Omg!! The guy in the baggrund 6:11
super husky
super husky - Day ago
kid on left doing Fortnite dance 6:07
Stephanie Bogatzki
Stephanie Bogatzki - Day ago
He is lucky for finding nine rings
Mythical Animals
Mythical Animals - Day ago
6:08 theres a kid fortnite dancing in the background lmaooo
DistinctSkizzy -_-
DistinctSkizzy -_- - Day ago
(Video keeps coming up)
Me:There YouTube I watched it.
LNK - Day ago
Tristan looks like The Flash
Hanna Escott
Hanna Escott - Day ago
Valeria Valle
Valeria Valle - Day ago
Did no one notice the little kid on the left dancing at 6:09😂😂
Cyuri- -Kyuri
Cyuri- -Kyuri - Day ago
6:10 look at the left at the kid doing dances xD
SilentNinja 3X
SilentNinja 3X - Day ago
6:07 that one kid in the background nice dance bud lmao
CHAMPbastien - Day ago
thanks for the first 2 minutes of shitty b roll and shitty royalty free music
ルバ - Day ago
you're so sweet :")
AbduChampion 765
AbduChampion 765 - Day ago
Is it me or why does the metal detector look like a vibrator lmao
Warda Nabi
Warda Nabi - Day ago
I saw another ring with the second ring you found
Dillon warren
Dillon warren - Day ago
Did anyone else notice the kid in the top left of the screen at 6:05 ? lol
Fern Holling
Fern Holling - Day ago
How the hell are all these rings in the drink?!!
Silent Panda
Silent Panda - Day ago
Does anyone care about the coral reefs?
John Shepherd
John Shepherd - Day ago
6:10 photobomber Orange Justice
The SkyBat
The SkyBat - Day ago
I actually went to that bay. Its really beautiful.
Kadie Galewaler
Kadie Galewaler - Day ago
Awe I like that you’re nose is pierced
mandy johnson
mandy johnson - Day ago
give me a ❤ if he is cool
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