Casually Explained: French

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Ze_George Draws
Ze_George Draws - Hour ago
I feel you man...
i had (and still have 😔) french and it is like the most difficult language i have learned so far... like as a fluent speaker of both English and German I had a little of a push there, since like you said a lot of the word are connected and sound the same
But still... it’s hard 😂
COZAX - 2 hours ago
I'm horny to meet ya too.
Jake B
Jake B - 2 hours ago
Hopefully I don't mess up during my French gcse exams next year
Daddy bicus
Daddy bicus - 4 hours ago
Basically the french are a bunch of horny people
A r i s
A r i s - 4 hours ago
The "Je suis excité de vous rencontrer" can totally work, it just feel a little bit unatural but saying it with a normal tone will not seem really weird 👌
CatMC1 - 6 hours ago
"French is pretty similar to English"
Boi, french was first there lol
Rockstar555 - 7 hours ago
No wonder people say French is the language of love
LPS Velvet Muffin
LPS Velvet Muffin - 15 hours ago
As a French learner, a lot of this is... a lot different from how I’ve learned..
Marcus Dillem
Marcus Dillem - 15 hours ago
Demo - 16 hours ago
No wonder Paris is the city of love
Prince Tomorrow
Prince Tomorrow - 18 hours ago
“Baguette boy”
Who Cares ?
Who Cares ? - 19 hours ago
I didn't understand the video because I speak baguette and not school shooting. *oof*
HR Animated
HR Animated - 20 hours ago
This happens too with spanish
Llamagirl R
Llamagirl R - 21 hour ago
Whelp. I'm in AP French 5, been studying for 6 years, and I make at least one of these mistakes daily, often more than one. We found out the "je suis excité" one back in french two or three and decided to completely disregard our early to mid thirty year old male french teacher's pleas for us to stop saying it (in an all female class) to the point that we had a one question test on the proper way to say "I am excited" and when a couple kids actually failed it he bought a poster to remind us and hung it above the board. We also went on a class trip to Québec and since we live in the States had to stay in a hotel that week and we were all talking about room arrangements on the bus, four kids per room, two beds and a couple chairs in case anyone was uncomfortable, anywho kids were deciding who slept where in each room and one girl said to her friend *right behind the teacher* "voulez-vouz coucher avec moi ce soir?" Sounds right, non? Non. Would you like to SLEEP with me tonight, sleep, in a different sense, with a lot of not sleeping going on. Yeah we had a nice lecture on how to ask our friends to be in our beds in a non-sexual way.
irene kowalsky
irene kowalsky - 22 hours ago
wait so in grade 3 you didn't learn french because did (or maybe that's a Canadian thing idk)
TheCanadianRetard - 22 hours ago
as a french person i can say this is 100% accurate.
Lonthius - 23 hours ago
Now try to understand quebecois french
j w
j w - 23 hours ago
french really is the romance language huh
salted crackers
salted crackers - Day ago
The weird thing is
I used to say "je suis chaud" before i knew what
"J'ai" was
sylvie martin
sylvie martin - Day ago
but is french canada as worse?
AnotherHoly Templar
No Wonder Its called ''The Language of Romace''
Luci Ellis
Luci Ellis - Day ago
This is why it’s a love language 😂
sprinkleofpepper - Day ago
Aight fun story when I was like nine I went to france to walk some mountains or shit and I was saying hi to the people on the paths like “salut”. Somewhere along the way my pronunciation got fucked and I started saying what sounded like “saloh” or something and according to my french fluent mum that means bastard so yes nine year old me was walking over some mountains calling everyone I passed a bastard.
Andreeaツ - Day ago
Numbers in French are hell
goldentouch 0004
goldentouch 0004 - Day ago
I'm french and every time he said something lewd in french is was laughing my ass off xD
*All of his traductions are perfectly true*
french croissant
french croissant - Day ago
i’m fluent in french baguettes 🥖 baguettes croissant bread
elPG BG - Day ago
In my language preservatives means comdom too xd
kenny boii
kenny boii - Day ago
i got a duolingo ad.
Cappy Man SMM
Cappy Man SMM - Day ago
Quebec is even worse... it is soooo funny!!!
Lydia Kelli
Lydia Kelli - Day ago
I now understand why my french teacher looked so uncomfortable when people thought they were smart and would say “je suis chaud”
†Christian H†
†Christian H† - 2 days ago
Man you really like Natalie Portman
†Christian H†
†Christian H† - 2 days ago
Harry armpits
Ding Ding
Ding Ding - 2 days ago
All I learned from this video(and the comments) is that French is a clusterfuck of a language, mind you, so is English
Ding Ding
Ding Ding - 2 days ago
1:16 WTF French!?
Jordan B
Jordan B - 2 days ago
Lol I died when you asked how to say excited 😂. I was thinking “don’t say excité, don’t say excité”. I learned what it actually meant during French class. It was quite embarrassing.
Andy Blanton
Andy Blanton - 3 days ago
Il se prononce fr-On-ch! Américains stupides.
Ultramegapark - 4 days ago
LYON ❤️💙
Paper Hat
Paper Hat - 4 days ago
Your French accent sounds like you should be a flight attendant
Zachary Walker
Zachary Walker - 5 days ago
I can speak French and this is actually hilarious😂😂
Fullfingamer 12
Fullfingamer 12 - 5 days ago
Another word for 'similar words' is 'cognate'
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