100 People Tell Us How Much Money They Make | Keep it 100 | Cut

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Jacob D
Jacob D - Hour ago
why do people care about sharing their incomes
Tom Jones
Tom Jones - Hour ago
RN makes same as daycare worker whats wrong with america
kiss Sanand
kiss Sanand - 3 hours ago
has a north face jacket but is on food stamps LOL
Nelly A
Nelly A - 17 hours ago
2:47 ummmm actually ur right to discuss ur salary is protected under the national labor relations act and ur employer could b sued if they fire u under that basis
Marcus Alvarez
Marcus Alvarez - 18 hours ago
I find it funny mfs can talk about who their last night stand was, when they lost their virgnity or favorite kink BUT CANT EVEN SAY HOW MUCH MONEY THEY MAKE IN A YEAR LMFAO
Youtube-Amarr - 21 hour ago
3:40 75 gay???!?!?!!!!
Philbert Is awesome
Philbert Is awesome - 22 hours ago
How does the dude that makes sandwiches make 35000 a year
Like if you are as confused as me 🧐🤨
razvan sandor
razvan sandor - 22 hours ago
I make 1 mil.
Arch God
Arch God - Day ago
I made 8 grand last month doing male foot modeling ✌🏼
Mohamed Moussa
Mohamed Moussa - Day ago
My dad makes 30 thousand a month XD
Cooper Cornett
Cooper Cornett - Day ago
none of your business.......five dollars
Coco Pops
Coco Pops - Day ago
1600 in umemployment a month!!!?
Kathy Sher
Kathy Sher - Day ago
I make just enough money to keep my family fed, pay for the mortgage and bills. And I am happy!
Kimberly Beth
Kimberly Beth - Day ago
0:20 then why the fuck do you want to be on here?
Atom Editz
Atom Editz - Day ago
Their clothes look worse the more they make.
Nick Gkontas
Nick Gkontas - Day ago
2:48 TRIPPIE RED!!!!
Ariana G
Ariana G - Day ago
Why do people come on to just not answer the question even if you don’t feel comfortable tell the producer or camera man before they start to film when others could’ve used the opportunity to tell how much their income is🙄🤷🏽‍♀️
Oof Oof Oof
Oof Oof Oof - Day ago
I opened my bank account and I found...

*nothing* **crying inside**
Mavelyn Rodriguez
Mavelyn Rodriguez - 2 days ago
Why do I feel some people here are taking advantage of government programs and other people while lying about their real income so they get extra nervous when asked about their total income and exactly what they do for a living?
Johann 429
Johann 429 - 2 days ago
why do they make so small money we make like 200k xD
ll QXYZ ll
ll QXYZ ll - 2 days ago
What do i do with my spare money 3:15
Dario shehaj
Dario shehaj - 2 days ago
My dad makes 200,000 to 250,000
MrKemali - 2 days ago
This people lol :D who the fk is giving money to this fking ppl !!!! xDDD.
Crystal Mafia
Crystal Mafia - 2 days ago
i make 1 dollar a year,
that one dollar comes from my mom🤠🤓
Ny'yah Slater
Ny'yah Slater - 2 days ago
Its never that serious y'all act someone gonna take your money 😂
Imagenz - 2 days ago
Who’s the girl at 4:19
Bilal shoaib
Bilal shoaib - 2 days ago
Why dont people like telling their wage?? Is it embarassing to some people??
Marcos Pena
Marcos Pena - 2 days ago
bby noel
bby noel - 3 days ago
if i keep my job all year around i would make 219,000 & i’m 16.
Ftown1415 - 3 days ago
“I do a little this and a little that” code for I sell pussy or drugs. Usually it coincides with specific genders as well.
Boss A
Boss A - 3 days ago
160 k is more than a crore in India. You can live India for 5 yrs with that money
100 Subs With no vids
100 Subs With no vids - 3 days ago
Poor people. And i know how to make billions right from the beginning, true
Pervy Sage
Pervy Sage - 4 days ago
Not discussing what you make with your coworkers is advantageous only for the employer. I know a woman who is a Unix admin. She is senior in her group, they just hired a guy who is technically below her and he makes about 20k more at 90k a year. I won't say anything but if she knew I don't think she'd be too happy
محمد الحربي
محمد الحربي - 4 days ago
At 3:08 that guy was in another video that was about guessing the job and the amount of money and he was a truck driver and now he is a painter?!!! 😕😕😕
Ted Striker
Ted Striker - 4 days ago
I don't understand why so many people have trouble answering this question. They react as if you asked them for a copy of their medical records. It's not *that* personal.
kev kr
kev kr - 5 days ago
The people that say thats none of your business make very little and feel bad saying it,so they avoid that question at all costs.
Chance Kaiser
Chance Kaiser - 5 days ago
This makes me feel good
Isiaha Bloomer
Isiaha Bloomer - 5 days ago
Hah I’m 20 years old an I make more in a year than all them
Charmaine Phasoana
Charmaine Phasoana - 2 days ago
How much?? Which industry are you in?
Noa Marić
Noa Marić - 5 days ago
in my country if you make 35 000$ per year you are very rich
Drowsy_ Mouse
Drowsy_ Mouse - 5 days ago
wow make way more than most and it doesn't feel like enough.
PA55AG3 6968
PA55AG3 6968 - 5 days ago
Teachers: What is the answer?
Me: 2:38
Red Street
Red Street - 6 days ago
How can they survive on these low wages?
christian - 6 days ago
48k not including money from my daddies
xchion ali
xchion ali - 6 days ago
The guy at 3:03, guess he made a career change and became an Uber driver.
jsmith82590 - 6 days ago
I get finsh all of my bills i have 300 bucks left over 😪
Dames - 6 days ago
Shittt. If I had as much money as bill gates id be the happiest person in the world. Id have a fuckin car, my own house, everything my daughter could want and will need. A yard with jungle jims for her to play in as she gets older, to be able to take vacations and not just have to work everyday for years with no vacation and no hopes of going on one. People say no amount of money could make you really happy. But shiiitt. I dont believe it.
Béren Alarslan
Béren Alarslan - 6 days ago
my dad makes like 100-120k€ a year. My mom the same thing. Older brother 50k €a year while my other bro makes like 10k€ a year...and I’m here at the age of 15 working for 1k€ a year:(
LinSooPretty - 6 days ago
I like this question lol I just found out that MAJORITY of us are broke!
Ron Farrell
Ron Farrell - 6 days ago
I make 8k a year. Do you like my north face vest?
aaron whitler
aaron whitler - 6 days ago
Makes 400 a month and is on foods stamps wearing a north-face vest
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