Sansa vs. Daenerys: Sophie Turner Blames Emilia Clarke for Game of Thrones Coffee Cup-gate

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Noreen Andrea
Noreen Andrea - 2 hours ago
I love her personality so much 💓
Not zFury
Not zFury - 7 hours ago
Sophie: accent
Emilia: eyebrows
flemeth wow
flemeth wow - Day ago
man.... stars should not be allowed to marry in early ages
Michaela Torre
Michaela Torre - Day ago
OMG!! The fan question LOL
Xayah Chan
Xayah Chan - 2 days ago
She wasn't wrong about the pain scale
Atul Bhoyar
Atul Bhoyar - 2 days ago
I hate this guy for no reason
Barman Ghasemi
Barman Ghasemi - 6 days ago
Sansa always wanted power she said the north will be an independent region while her dumb brother is the king of all the kingdoms.sick of the season 8 and sansa
Kian Marco Dumangas
Kian Marco Dumangas - 7 days ago
Did sansa become a Lannister??
Lee McDaid - HD MOVIES
Lee McDaid - HD MOVIES - 7 days ago
ah?! (whispers) ᴰᵃʳᵏ ᴾʰᵒᵉⁿᶦˣ ʷᵃˢ ᵍᵃʳᵇᵃᵍᵉ ....
Jonathan Gilliam
Jonathan Gilliam - 8 days ago
Is Jimmy Fallon depressed ?
S Y - 8 days ago
Dark Phoenix was a bust. Season 8 was a dud. Was it that good a year for her? Lol
Juan Gómez
Juan Gómez - 8 days ago
El amor de mi vida
P Vinny
P Vinny - 9 days ago
jeeeeeeeez…...…… no more small people left in England to marry?
little Angel
little Angel - 9 days ago
Jimmy: what can u tell us ? Do u die?
I'm dead😂😂😂😂
ALAIN BELLEMARE - 11 days ago
how much did starbuck paid for that product placement
Brenda Nazario
Brenda Nazario - 12 days ago
I love Her energy
no idea
no idea - 12 days ago
I’m bored of this interview
FY Natural
FY Natural - 13 days ago
Her kids gonna be american english 😂😂.
S k14
S k14 - 13 days ago
Her legs are bigger than the Wall
Mukul Parmar
Mukul Parmar - 14 days ago
I love the mole on her right chick very much......😍😍😍😍😍😍
Serhat Coşkun
Serhat Coşkun - 14 days ago
I love you Sansa Stark🌹🌹🌹
Rachel Ambelang
Rachel Ambelang - 15 days ago
Definitely a 10 on the pain scale.
Harshita Bhuyan
Harshita Bhuyan - 16 days ago
It's funny when Americans talk about everyone else's accent including those who are actually from England as if Americans don't have one. Since English originated in England, shouldn't the British way of speaking and pronouncing be considered the original way?
Michael Solis
Michael Solis - 2 days ago
mona - 5 days ago
@Jockasta Fernandes Abbade hello, yes that is true. I am not a native speaker either, and if you'd like to learn more about this I think a Google search of "evolution of English language in US vs UK" should do it
Lea - 5 days ago
@cooper 070904 That's not 100% true. I'm from Germany too and my teacher teaches us American English. At my school every teacher decides which dialect/accent they want to teach us and the student get to decide which one they want to use in their exams as long as they stick to the same accent. I prefer to spell everything the American way. So if I were to spell favorite like this, but color with an ou in the next sentence it would be marked as a mistake. Idk if this explanation makes any sense😂
Jockasta Fernandes Abbade
@monaWow, Is that true ? Very interesting, I'm not a native english speaker, but I love learning languages, so I'd like to know, where can I get more about this information?
Lee McDaid - HD MOVIES
Lee McDaid - HD MOVIES - 7 days ago
@cooper 070904 Not "British", Cooper ... English. There is no such thing as a singular British accent. There are British _accents_ ! Geordie, Liverpudlian, Brummie, Cornish, Yorkshire, Cockney, Northern Irish, Scots, Welsh etc.
Megha Tr
Megha Tr - 16 days ago
Yep! She was right! It was the most pain possible!
Living CloseDoors
Living CloseDoors - 16 days ago
I think Sophie is so much better as Captain Marvel than Jean
alex muchnik
alex muchnik - 17 days ago
Did he just say dark Phoenix was the biggest movie of the year? Endgame,joker ?
Regine Drosos
Regine Drosos - 18 days ago
Okay I just want to say that Starbucks is eternal and so I believe if you go back in time and research history that you will eventually find that there was in fact a Starbucks in 297 AC.
Roxana Capparelli
Roxana Capparelli - 18 days ago
The English Club
The English Club - 21 day ago
Right, worst pain ever, because of the bad writers.
Maliha Yousuf Shupti
Maliha Yousuf Shupti - 22 days ago
She is so cute
slyvenclaw - 22 days ago
she wasnt wrong about the pain
Neha Shrestha
Neha Shrestha - 23 days ago
Joe is so lucky
Rajat Maheshwari
Rajat Maheshwari - 23 days ago
Detective Pikachu...😆😆
Dani Foster
Dani Foster - 23 days ago
Joe : Sending a fan to Sophie
Also Joe : Your definitely responsible for that coffee cup right?
Sophie : alright imma head out
ThatGuy JD
ThatGuy JD - 23 days ago
Man, no one took her seriously when she was being 100% serious when she said we wouldn’t like the end at all.
Battle Royale Club
Battle Royale Club - 25 days ago
Illuminati confirmed!!!
Cecilia Cano
Cecilia Cano - 26 days ago
No entiendo nada, pero que bella Sophie❤
Cammiboe - 27 days ago
Also, no one should be blamed for cup-gate other than the director and the editing team. Why didn't the director see this while shooting? Why didn't the editors catch this before giving it the greenlight? 🤨
Cammiboe - 27 days ago
She is wearing the hell out of that red outfit. 🔥
Arty Ohm
Arty Ohm - 29 days ago
I like this video because it shows how fake and hypocrite American television and talk shows are. In an amusing and sad way at the same time.
neuerntzer neuernutzer
neuerntzer neuernutzer - 29 days ago
All the commenters are just bullshitting about what she isnt but none of em talks about how stunning she is.she is a cinderella in real life makes me ask about my sexuality
sandor clegane
sandor clegane - Month ago
her next role is slenderman
Ramp10er - Month ago
"Hold my Beer" is the best comment, I hope someone use it in films...
Peter Larsson
Peter Larsson - Month ago
I'm I the only one how have not seen Games??
TyJuan !
TyJuan ! - Month ago
man season 8 don’t count they need to stop doing dany wrong 😭
we are lonely in the UNIVERSE
Lennister's:- we killed your father

Sansa:- fuck yourself :D
Bar Aharon
Bar Aharon - Month ago
Jimmy Fallon is Ted Mosby confirmed
The Song Roaster
The Song Roaster - Month ago
Priyanka Chopra ki devrani
The Song Roaster
The Song Roaster - Month ago
Doesn't matter she killed professor
Srushti shukla
Srushti shukla - Month ago
She was right whole last season was painful.... wanted different ending :(
Andrei Stoica
Andrei Stoica - Month ago
Bad actress ....
The CC
The CC - Month ago
it doesn't matter if she was sansa stark but she killed professor
N P - Month ago
That pantsuit/dress is fantastic on her
smack daddy
smack daddy - Month ago
Arya Stark vs. Eleven from Stranger Things
Isis Ramsey
Isis Ramsey - Month ago
She was right about the pain we felt😭
Mark B.
Mark B. - Month ago
She is bæ.
Rodrigo Santino Pascual
a s i
a s i - Month ago
I love her. I absolutely do.
a s i
a s i - Month ago
I love her. I absolutely do.
pheonix /
pheonix / - Month ago
Anyone noticed that of the 3 things jimmy said
2 were disappointing
Tomas Joel Beramendi
Tomas Joel Beramendi - Month ago
OK I've just learnt this is what the actress now looks like and... that she's married to Joe Jonas. How did they even meet!?
Agatha Sales
Agatha Sales - Month ago
He sent a direct Instagram message to her
BANDER Q8 - Month ago
Krish Sehgal
Krish Sehgal - Month ago
Thats a face of a person who knows S8 is shit, and Dark Phoenix well.....
MagicianFlip69 - Month ago
Dang joe Jonas looks really gay with that sweater . congrats to the married couple
Kenny L
Kenny L - Month ago
0:35 "biGgeST moVIe" Dark Phoenix :3
ganesh murugaiah
ganesh murugaiah - Month ago
Actually wht is her height?? 🙄🙄🙄
RENUKA DEVI - Month ago
You born to betray Her.
joe morton
joe morton - Month ago
I wouldn’t say dark Phoenix is a big movie, it flopped
Amber And Friends
Amber And Friends - Month ago
Can the host clear his throat please
Joker - Month ago
She's way more beautiful in real life than in the show... ❤
Laura Dubois
Laura Dubois - Month ago
I laughed so hard with the “there” 😂
aqeeb ahamed
aqeeb ahamed - 2 months ago
I hate her character in GOT.
aqeeb ahamed
aqeeb ahamed - Month ago
@Cabello _____ if always thinks herself as oversmart lady (in GOT)
Cabello _____
Cabello _____ - Month ago
Omg how come?😂
Saqee Zayn
Saqee Zayn - 2 months ago
Wow she is most beautiful actress in the world
beats soul
beats soul - 2 months ago
All she's missing is a beard
Vickie Adams
Vickie Adams - 2 months ago
She is so tall and gorgeous. She seems really fun to be around. I didn't like Dark Phoenix. Sorry, worst of the X-Men movies. They get worse as time goes on.
zhANtex - 2 months ago
Imagine Sansa with the power of Jin. GoT would not have existed
Vivid Portraiture
Vivid Portraiture - 2 months ago
so true all the fans felt lots of pain
Avery Bui
Avery Bui - 2 months ago
Sophie is adorable. The red outfit she wore on set that day was amazinggggggggggggg!!!!!
Anime Is dope
Anime Is dope - 2 months ago
Lol she makes jimmy fallen look like a little man
Lomi Karlo
Lomi Karlo - 2 months ago
Is she the Jean gray from movie dark phoenix..
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