Rebuilding A Wrecked 2018 Dodge Charger Police Car Part 3

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PipeCrafter420 - 7 months ago
was looking for your post, didnt see it. as i click on a video to watch i get an email for your video. thanks to that bell icon that everybody should be pressing!!!
SecondChanceSlater - 7 months ago
pneumatic.... pronounced new-mat-ick
Apache APACHE - 7 months ago
Hello goonz squad , you brothers are the best ! I don't know how you guy's act behind the scenes but you two are amazing and I one day will have some money to send y'all something for the garage 😁!!! I've been following your channel for sometime now and I think you are two wonderful brothers ❤️ who respect one another and that's what makes people 💯 love you guy's !!! Peace , love and much respect to the both of you brothers !!! Stay strong and always keep your heads up !!! Mike from NYC The Bronx !
Alexander Welin
Alexander Welin - 7 months ago
Horacio Estrada Ä
Alexander Welin
Alexander Welin - 7 months ago
Horacio Estrada Ä.
Alexander Welin
Alexander Welin - 7 months ago
Xauntyse Manning Å.
kazuku san
kazuku san - 3 days ago
For sure goonzquad just get most rarest car item in US now.
kazuku san
kazuku san - 3 days ago
19:09 why do you not open the flag.
KL 8D 4626
KL 8D 4626 - 7 days ago
guys, make a video of what all tools you have, how this helps us, please make, i want to buy , waiting for the video
Pro Vlogger FORTNITE
Pro Vlogger FORTNITE - 10 days ago
This is what I love about your channel is if you doing something you do a proper job not a trash one that will fall apart the second meter
Unknown Racing Division
Unknown Racing Division - 11 days ago
Nick Gardner
Nick Gardner - 14 days ago
And yall say police like a Russian
Nick Gardner
Nick Gardner - 14 days ago
pneumatic is pronounced NEW MATIC. Pneumonia is NEW MONIA........ the p is silent
Zulkarnain Zulkarnain
Zulkarnain Zulkarnain - 15 days ago
Hello..i like your video. I'm from Malaysia..proton car in Malaysia
Yaqoub Rafee
Yaqoub Rafee - 27 days ago
Amazing work ..
Tim Penny
Tim Penny - Month ago
the protons from malaysia and driven in singapore are terrible cars. my wife is from malaysia . lived there for a few years.
John A Neufeld
John A Neufeld - Month ago
luv that canine supervisor
John A Neufeld
John A Neufeld - Month ago
im really enjoying this vehicle rebuild i was waiting for the continuiing show tynks guys
kntwing.23 - Month ago
loved your work as a machanics..such a young guys..i wish i have good brothers like u 2...
did u guys go to school to be come a machanics?
working for your parents?
what the salary like?
is a dirty job.
get down & dirty..
Red Dwarf
Red Dwarf - Month ago
Working at home is a good idea. Obviously easier when you seem to have an inexhaustible bank account 😂
wayne morgan
wayne morgan - 2 months ago
The store loves to see the Goonzquad come in. Billy is an artist.
Matthew Prince
Matthew Prince - 2 months ago
It’s pronounced “new- matic”
Henry Nalley
Henry Nalley - 3 months ago
you should put a big cam in that hemi motor
Amber Alford
Amber Alford - 3 months ago
how many times do they say sucker? someone count please!
Chris Geffrard
Chris Geffrard - 3 months ago
The dog is like you doing work rhere
Mick Kingston
Mick Kingston - 3 months ago
Cameron Black
Cameron Black - 4 months ago
So cool. This car is from Jamestown Ky. I vacation at Lake Cumberland yearly and see their sheriff Cruisers all the time! Awesome!
amxracer - 4 months ago
Love the fan mail segments.
mrmotofy - 4 months ago
Tristin Coveyou
Tristin Coveyou - 4 months ago
“Our hardships” lol okay bud.
Trevor Price
Trevor Price - 4 months ago
Doing it right with the harbor freight tools they are cheap and the store replaces any broken ones for free
dondo diamond
dondo diamond - 4 months ago
Does it have the bullet proof plates that the police put in their doors. ?
Nikhil Kutinha
Nikhil Kutinha - 4 months ago
The attention to detail is just insane. You guys are amazing :)
logan singletary
logan singletary - 4 months ago
Pneumatic ="new-matic"
Nasir Lorenzo
Nasir Lorenzo - 4 months ago
proud Malaysian 🥺
WillyEd - 4 months ago
There ain’t nothing wrong with Harbor Freight tools
Troy O.
Troy O. - 4 months ago
Interceptors are Ford, pursuits are dodge. So you have a Pursuit not interceptor. Just wanted to let you know
fillg - 5 months ago
Hey, you got a couple poonamic rivet guns for the puleets car. 😃
mirza zainal
mirza zainal - 5 months ago
Proton emblems. I am really proud of that. Thanks for those who send that. I love you guys.
Aan Ziki
Aan Ziki - 5 months ago
Victor Mendoza
Victor Mendoza - 5 months ago
I sure miss working in a body shop
Achintha Madumal
Achintha Madumal - 5 months ago
kieran mcgettrick
kieran mcgettrick - 5 months ago
I hate to say the hellcat hood looks stupid on that car
Ragewinner_1 - 5 months ago
pneumatic = new matic
Cale 2266 Diehl
Cale 2266 Diehl - 5 months ago
No offense chris but do you play as mike lozouski
Cale 2266 Diehl
Cale 2266 Diehl - 5 months ago
Paint it.all black
Billy Rowe
Billy Rowe - 5 months ago
You shouldn't advertise your SimpliSafe system. The door sensors are too easy to fool.
D'Andre Winters
D'Andre Winters - 5 months ago
Want orginal interceptor but changed the hood 🤔🤔
Kaden Scott
Kaden Scott - 5 months ago
Put the other hood on it looks better than the one you have.
crimson r3d
crimson r3d - 5 months ago
0:54 anyone noticed the sniper riffle? Lol
demetris wilson
demetris wilson - 5 months ago
its a jaguraw
AGP兆し - 5 months ago
This is inspirational AF. Subbed.
Esports Drive
Esports Drive - 5 months ago
carbon fiber is lighter and stronger my g
Suhail Aslam
Suhail Aslam - 5 months ago
Too much talking with these guys
thebronzetoo - 5 months ago
Your puppy is the cutest!!
WestIsBest - 5 months ago
Had a Proton saga with full rally body kit 1.5 years ago they were just a Lancer but a proper fun car understeer was mental
Steven B
Steven B - 5 months ago
Proton owns Lotus... (They've also made cars like Mitsubishi Lancers "look-alike" in "same-same but different - style" :P )
Sumeet Chalak
Sumeet Chalak - 5 months ago
everything is a sucker for these boys
TopDomo - 5 months ago
My only complaint, is I wish he would have added gussets or some thick support material where the metal frame was bent back. To keep everything stiff.
Driveway STAR
Driveway STAR - 5 months ago
I love your guys' attitudes! Super upbeat and positive! Yall sound like my buddy and I when we're hanging out and working on our cars (we're honda guys).
Trapper Bill
Trapper Bill - 5 months ago
P is silent
Dark Days
Dark Days - 5 months ago
Dont put the push bar back on it!
David Holderfield
David Holderfield - 5 months ago
Hello from Russell County!
Ayush Malpeddi
Ayush Malpeddi - 5 months ago
You should just leave the front open with the radiator
TheWarriorShow - 5 months ago
i wanna see this be a street car, get rid of all the police stuff and just make one fast car
hanifofficial - 6 months ago
Those 3 emblems is 1st Malaysian Car brands
Justin Crim
Justin Crim - 6 months ago
You guys are gonna run out of places to park all these nice rides lol
Abass jalloh
Abass jalloh - 6 months ago
Made in the good ole USA
Terry Mraakovich
Terry Mraakovich - 6 months ago
How the hell did you get a police car with the lettering still on it. Usually illegal to possess a car with police written on the side
JMC Videos
JMC Videos - 6 months ago
I think that 's a Chevrolet Camaro
Dave Escamilla
Dave Escamilla - 6 months ago
Subscribed now! Should try and do a cvpi or crown vic police interpreter rebuild
tom riddle
tom riddle - 6 months ago
8:15 who farted?
curtis wilcock
curtis wilcock - 6 months ago
Aweosme 😎 looking. Good this build keep up the hard work as it pays off
Ondřej Hofman
Ondřej Hofman - 7 months ago
Dude. Never put flags directly on the ground! Its kind of disrespectful. Peace !!!
Jasongamerz21 - 7 months ago
What kind of dog is that
vuaizaku amazing
vuaizaku amazing - 7 months ago
Proton is no longer in Singapore. Its from Malaysia.
Muhammad Adham
Muhammad Adham - 7 months ago
proton is a Malaysian cars you must check it out
rgbigdog - 7 months ago
You guys do impressive work, the way you restored that frame apron was boss!
XAyeItzBlakeX - 7 months ago
Its called a "Ram Bar" 👌
Monica Rozmajzl
Monica Rozmajzl - 7 months ago
why is their a sniper rifle in the back round
LispyKiller69 - 7 months ago
Your German Shepherd is so cute
ThrillSeekerz - 7 months ago
Shoulve kept the sherrif badges and pull up on people and scare the shi out of them
Aqil Playz
Aqil Playz - 7 months ago
19:21 those cars are from Malaysia and all of it is Proton.
AB shad
AB shad - 7 months ago
Straighten this sucker out lol
Michael Motors
Michael Motors - 7 months ago
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