Evil Things I Did as a Kid (ft. SomeThingElseYT)

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TheAMaazing - 6 months ago
I want Adam to puke on me 😩😩😩👏💦👏
Christopher Roberson
Christopher Roberson - 8 hours ago
BlazeScizor - Day ago
Hayleys Gacha world
Thats....HELLA GAY
Kamila’s World
Kamila’s World - Day ago
TheAMaazing why
Channel 17
Channel 17 - Day ago
Damn son Sounds kinky
Phantom weeb
Phantom weeb - 39 minutes ago
When I was in kinder I bit,scratched,punched and kicked people because they were either my bullies or they didn't want to be my friend. :>
Kara Tinkerbell
Kara Tinkerbell - 3 hours ago
Why is Something else yt In all the evil ones
Hayleys Gacha world
Hayleys Gacha world - 6 hours ago
*happiness noises*
Emily Grdic
Emily Grdic - 10 hours ago
Savage_E1125 RBX roblox
Savage_E1125 RBX roblox - 11 hours ago
Is this Adam from something else yt
Papoyo mp
Papoyo mp - 21 hour ago
"I fear no man, but that thing, it scares me."
oreodoesgachavids 0.0
My baby sister has learned independence and she JUST turned one.....wtf
bass from space
bass from space - Day ago
I loved the animator references
Carson Haslerud
Carson Haslerud - Day ago
No spanking lucky
Carson Haslerud
Carson Haslerud - Day ago
Siem de Ridder
Siem de Ridder - Day ago
Spanking = evil and child abuse.
Tris Animates
Tris Animates - Day ago
1:57 pure art we have here ladies and gentlemen
Kween 2D
Kween 2D - Day ago
When I was in pre-k it was clean up time I was pretending to be a “bad girl” so I went to the time out chair just to not clean up
Serenity - Day ago
My parent's didn't think spanking was necessary.
Meanwhile my mom beats me with anything she get's her hands on:
xanxyi - Day ago
funny thing is that i dont like my oreos without the cream

BFFGaming - Day ago
Do you have to pay to Watch?
Ngina Hardy
Ngina Hardy - 2 days ago
Gamergirl 124
Gamergirl 124 - 2 days ago
I like bologna and mustard......
SuperKrish - 2 days ago
You something else yt, odd1sout, jaiden animations and Tim Tom have to play meetup
Guillermo Alcántara
Guillermo Alcántara - 2 days ago
Illy's so cute!! I'd share some Double Stuffed Oreos with her any day :3
Mariam Guira
Mariam Guira - 2 days ago
*gets an oreo ,checks oreo, slowly eats it*
I want to be a vampire Blood time
I have always vomit and love mini Oreos
Greenie 2879
Greenie 2879 - 2 days ago
*_B U T T_*
Giannhs-x1aa3d7 YT
Giannhs-x1aa3d7 YT - 2 days ago
Somethingelse was in Rebekas video about the time she stole her moms credit card why do you thing he is evil like he is- well he is a little- maybe a bit more than - ok he's bad
Normal Person123123
Normal Person123123 - 2 days ago
Well when i was a evil kid i lie to my mom just to play some minecraft but now well i still lie to my mom hahahaa...
Estela Salinas
Estela Salinas - 3 days ago
Yes that do
Maria Warburton
Maria Warburton - 3 days ago
If you listen closley when he ate all the oreos blaghbluagh you here him say aww that hurt my throght
JJ Plays
JJ Plays - 3 days ago
I remember I went to my cousins house and I saw Oreos on the tables.
I ate all the cream and left the rest on the table.
Later my aunt asked who ate all of the cream of her Oreos but I didn’t say anything.
Then my cousin got in trouble for me...
I watched as my aunt yelled at an innocent child.
Whale Man
Whale Man - 3 days ago
Ughh *all the days*
Smith Toons
Smith Toons - 4 days ago
Me too
honey mustered
honey mustered - 4 days ago
One time my mom spanked me for the first time and I cried and then she cried cuz she felt bad
Itz_Zoey _The_Unicorn_
Itz_Zoey _The_Unicorn_ - 4 days ago
Itz_Zoey _The_Unicorn_
Itz_Zoey _The_Unicorn_ - 4 days ago
Itz_Zoey _The_Unicorn_
Itz_Zoey _The_Unicorn_ - 4 days ago
Jack Vlogz
Jack Vlogz - 4 days ago
I luv demon illy
HAILEY ZAVALA - 4 days ago
When u have a child...the evil demon inside you will be inside your child and your Minnie self will take over the OREO KINGDOM WAHAHAHA
OneStop Tripreports
OneStop Tripreports - 4 days ago
PDNY wants to know ur location
Sakuraデーモン - 5 days ago
When I was little I got grounded for using my moms credit card for games and game money
James Roberts
James Roberts - 5 days ago
Anyone else noticed how the puke has a bunch of demonetization symbols😂
Mikara Coleman
Mikara Coleman - 5 days ago
It's ok I was a evil kid too.And I regert it :C
SerenityHeart - 5 days ago

Kiana B
Kiana B - 6 days ago
That is white people shit 1:51
Grey _Dream
Grey _Dream - 6 days ago
So if her mom was actually beating her then she still wouldn't call the police? That's a bit biased :/
Maddie G
Maddie G - 6 days ago
PinkPandaNation - 7 days ago
ill still eat the oreo without the cream. what can i say,i like the cookie part
Mandy Comeau
Mandy Comeau - 7 days ago
Yes, I would like an Oreo please. UwU
DynomitePunch - 7 days ago
my parents whooped me, i turned out fine *twitches before consuming the souls of the dead through a bong, and exhaling their screams* just fine, no but really i dont' think theirs anything wrong with it, within reason of course, good vid, don't know how i missed it
Sherayah Cornwall
Sherayah Cornwall - 7 days ago
So funny I'm crying 😂😂😂😂
Alicia Tamayo
Alicia Tamayo - 7 days ago
3:11 lol
margarita pacheco
margarita pacheco - 7 days ago
I love something else yet and I'm so happy you put Adam in this videoa
it's a bully
it's a bully - 7 days ago
i hate balony sandwich

meh to dogg
Esther's Weird World
Esther's Weird World - 8 days ago
The only video that cusses that I can watch in front of my parents and siblings 👌👏
Jessica strawbez
Jessica strawbez - 8 days ago
Rod Harp
Rod Harp - 8 days ago
Best way to plugin your sponsor
pretty peachy
pretty peachy - 8 days ago
I was watching and laughing and at the end the moment you appeared on scream I just smiled you make me really happy I’m cramped in a little car and this video made me feel a lot better thank you
Rilie Silva
Rilie Silva - 8 days ago
I swear I thought I heard Adam mutter into his mic, and I quote” oh I think I’m gonna throw up” in the background
Andromeda ShunYT
Andromeda ShunYT - 3 days ago
He said aww I hurt my throat
Andromeda ShunYT
Andromeda ShunYT - 3 days ago
Rilie Silva no he said his throat hurts
Jamilette Delgado
Jamilette Delgado - 9 days ago
Lol 😂 😆 😝
Vicky Rodden
Vicky Rodden - 9 days ago
2:09 when you have a pack of lollipops and your friends wants some be like:
Vicky Rodden
Vicky Rodden - 9 days ago
0:23 he's puking the demonitized logo so he will stop swearing
Stuff - 9 days ago
Licking the cream off an Oreo is like not eating the crust from a pizza
Judy Black
Judy Black - 9 days ago
I have some oreo beside me now
Adriah Cox-Garcia
Adriah Cox-Garcia - 9 days ago
Hi I am new
Amarria Taylor
Amarria Taylor - 9 days ago
Licking the cream out of the Oreos ARE SOOOO GOOOD!!!😂
Nicholas Challenger
Nicholas Challenger - 10 days ago
“I don’t f*cking care, Kaley.”
Stick Battle's
Stick Battle's - 10 days ago
Ye haaw
Biamond ._.
Biamond ._. - 10 days ago
*I dont Fuccing care Kayle*
Keri Remon
Keri Remon - 11 days ago
My sister tried to kill my entire family as a kid. Except she was 10.
Thë Ünknøwn ツ
Thë Ünknøwn ツ - 13 days ago
*pulls out Oreo*
Dad: “Chase. Can I have a Oreo?”
I will do
I will do - 13 days ago
The dark side tho
Fredrik Gertsson
Fredrik Gertsson - 13 days ago
Logan Schuetz
Logan Schuetz - 13 days ago
Animator playground
Angelic-color _gachafan55
I’m actually evil and I’m 10 mostly I play Minecraft with my mom and kill her all the time soooo I basically am I high level of evil in video games the majority of the time and my fav characters in video games and series are always the villains 🤣🤣
can we get more subs than Lisa gaming roblox
Wow I never knew little Allisas vomit was *_D e m o n i t i z a t i o n_*
Ashley Ellis
Ashley Ellis - 14 days ago
Tem time
Tem time - 14 days ago
I wanna Oreo!
Queen Of Awkwardness
Queen Of Awkwardness - 14 days ago
*am I weird for not liking the cream in Oreos*
Estella Leon
Estella Leon - 14 days ago
I never go spanked by my mom or dad's hand NO NO NO i got the chàncla or the belt r.i.p lil me
Smartz - 15 days ago
My mom.....beats me. *Sirens Blaring*
Mike and Erin
Mike and Erin - 15 days ago
IronCX - 15 days ago
Sometimes I eat the cream but my brother sometimes see me
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