Irish People Try American Pringles

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Someone Random
Someone Random - 5 hours ago
Ciara: im not great with spicy thing
Me: dont bullshit me ciara ive seen the videos your the irish version of captain America
2 dimitropolis
2 dimitropolis - 6 days ago
❤️Ciara love you❤️
Daryl Beaudoin
Daryl Beaudoin - 7 days ago
I like the dill pickle ones mixed with the bacon flavored ones lol.
Shaun Kay
Shaun Kay - 8 days ago
Does Davey ever look clean?
Jay Rogers
Jay Rogers - 10 days ago
You know? You could have sex with this.
Yeah but it'd ruin your little vagina.
park jimin's lips
park jimin's lips - 11 days ago
4:17 ....i want to believe that's a dear even hansen reference but i'm not sure
Paul Bondanza
Paul Bondanza - 14 days ago
Read the label, it's scary
Luny Tune
Luny Tune - 15 days ago
That being said here in the U.S. we have spicy whole pickles packaged individually with juice... Great as a hangover cure. You gotta eat the entire pickle and drink all the juice in the pouch. Could be a great stream with hungover irish folks.
Luny Tune
Luny Tune - 15 days ago
If you are seeing a push for extreme spicy food in the U.S. its because the Left is pushing for the influx of illegals from south american countries and corporations are panding products to these illegals.
Luny Tune
Luny Tune - 14 days ago
Most Americans do not like extreme heat foods. I however am Irish/German and love extreme heat foods! I don't believe in illegal immigration into my country though. People should be vetted.. But what makes America amazing is cultural appropriation.. We take the best one culture has to offer and Americanize it.. We absorb it into the many other cultures that make this nation great!❤🇺🇸👊
Bill Reines
Bill Reines - 17 days ago
“I’m not great with spicy things”... hasn’t she eaten Carolina reaper infused foods and just kinda told her partner mind over matter without even breaking a sweat??
Andy Kramer
Andy Kramer - 17 days ago
I dont know what the irish offer the world at all there shit pick a fight with the USA dare yah
Deftones Dsm
Deftones Dsm - 18 days ago
Ciara is my dream woman
........ not in a smash her kind of way( well.....l) but hang out on a sail boat in caribbean for the rest of my life with her.
Jynessa Swann
Jynessa Swann - 20 days ago
How in more than half the cans where the chips broken apart into little pieces? Then have a tube protecting them. Did some slam the shipping box into a wall repeatedly?
Balakrishnan Swaminathan
Balakrishnan Swaminathan - 23 days ago
Stockholm syndrome, do you like the people who are putting you through this
IgsBenedict - 27 days ago
You’re my least favorite flavor, Tom. 🖕🏻🇺🇸
IgsBenedict - 27 days ago
Pizza is the best 😍
Jade K
Jade K - 29 days ago
I am Irishhh
Barry Johnson
Barry Johnson - 29 days ago
Get them to try some cajun food, like fried catfish, boudin, gumbo, jambalaya, and beignets, bet they'd love it!
Claire Kennedy
Claire Kennedy - Month ago
So the channel is back but it’s new and they’re recreating all of the old videos they deleted? I’m so confused.
James Shannon
James Shannon - Month ago
WOW! This video had all the awesome girls, so funny. Thank You
Oneshot Onekill
Oneshot Onekill - Month ago
Even us Americans hate the pickle flavor, no original? Cheddar? Sour cream?
Kevin Riese
Kevin Riese - Month ago
They should start a Muslims try things!
Doom2pro - Month ago
Pickle Flavor is great for those who enjoy crisps in their sandwiches.
Daniel Egan
Daniel Egan - Month ago
3:15 tastes like a margarita? You high dude? Oh, you are.
Vida Twynham
Vida Twynham - Month ago
These guys and girls are hilarious however too vulgar (ladies) so my kids can’t watch anymore☹️ you don’t need to bring sexual content to be funny. You’ve proved that on many other videos 👍
William Gullett
William Gullett - Month ago
Ciara is extremely beautiful
Donte Wurreebootett
Donte Wurreebootett - Month ago
.....yeah but it would ruin your poor little vagina....

hiko73 - Month ago
Where oh where in America are these dill pickle ones??? I need like 2 years ago!
TJ Ellis
TJ Ellis - Month ago
potato flavored could happen
Stephen Raeburn
Stephen Raeburn - Month ago
Hey Tom, does cheesy dick mean something different in Ireland??
gchance0483 - Month ago
But they've eaten them before so its not as entertaining.. You might as well be asking Americans what they think of new flavours
Allison Leak
Allison Leak - Month ago
I love Pringles.....
Erika Ferrell
Erika Ferrell - Month ago
dude the pizza ones are my fav!
Aaron Smith
Aaron Smith - Month ago
"Why are these cans so little? That's not typical for Americans."
Me: "Ohhohoho, you'll see. Just wait for it!"
Plum Hazey
Plum Hazey - Month ago
Silly sillies Pringle’s are not crisps ( or chips here in the state ) they are just mushed up potatoes and then cut out on cookie cutter like sheets and seasoned the packaged and shipped out. 😁 now you know and knowing is half the battle.
Handsome Jack
Handsome Jack - Month ago
Ciara: "I'm not great with spicy food"
Also Ciara: *Drinks 95% alcohol shots without flinching*
William Gullett
William Gullett - Month ago
Just another reason Ciara needs to be in every one of these videos... especially the drinking ones
Michael Cardenas
Michael Cardenas - Month ago
Was it just me or did Tom say he prefers a cheesey dick over a cheesey Pringles?
Plz Productionz
Plz Productionz - 2 months ago
The loud flavors are delicious
Terilee Bruyere
Terilee Bruyere - 2 months ago
My daughter loves Pringles, but only while shopping (those cans never stay sealed for long) or in the car. If there are still crisps in the can by the time we get home she won't touch them.
Terilee Bruyere
Terilee Bruyere - 2 months ago
My daughter loves Pringles, but only while shopping (those cans never stay sealed for long) or in the car. If there are still crisps in the can by the time we get home she won't touch them.
Mrs. Thomas
Mrs. Thomas - 2 months ago
They stopped making my favorite flavor, French onion. I don't eat Pringles anymore now.
flamingpie herman
flamingpie herman - 2 months ago
Disappointed that tye blonde is so vulgar...too vulgar for the videos..remember some people are teenagers watching this.
Erin James
Erin James - 2 months ago
Lays Stax are far better. Pringles are greasy. If you get the chance, TRY EM!
Malani sue Wheeler
Malani sue Wheeler - 2 months ago
I'm an American and I can't figure out why people eat some of these.
Cliff Yablonski
Cliff Yablonski - 2 months ago
Pringles are good but they are not a potato chip.
LAYS are the premier potato chip.
metallica1fan1 - 2 months ago
Why is he wearing his grandmother's sweater?
Ryan Crowe
Ryan Crowe - 2 months ago
My two favourite things in this video are Davey Reilly's oldschool WWF shirt and Ciara O'Doherty's unapologetic love of dill pickle chips which were like my absolute favourite when I was a kid.
james mullins
james mullins - 2 months ago
Gringa-n- Mexico
Gringa-n- Mexico - 2 months ago
Boy Next Door is super naughty over here on this channel omg 😂😂👏🏼👏🏼
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