Bernie Sanders responds to Trump's national address

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Miguel Gonzalez
Miguel Gonzalez - 3 months ago
I can’t believe this is on Fox News. I can’t wait to see this wonderful man debate this cry baby and racist president.
Juwaria Baig
Juwaria Baig - 3 months ago
Be our president Bernie. We need you! Please run for president in the next election. We need honest, fair people like you to rule our country.
Daniel Nehring
Daniel Nehring - 4 months ago
yifan liang
yifan liang - 4 months ago
You have this guy for another twenty years and China will sure catch up😊
while i would move back to china
then we will get ready slaughter your dirty race
enjoy the free everything for 20years
and enjoy the the hyperinflation after
enjoy socialism political correctness and some tolerance and love
Roger Melius
Roger Melius - 5 months ago
This guy gets it! He's got this veterans vote in 2020!
hey handersen
hey handersen - 5 months ago
We may thank hilliary clinton for trump. Bernie would have won except for her crooked dealings. And where is horse-face ?
Jojo Susu
Jojo Susu - 5 months ago
Miguel Gonzalez
Miguel Gonzalez - 5 months ago
This man will be the best and most amazing president in history of this country. People life is to short let’s bring love and not hate to our ♥️. Like this racist evil president is doing.
Miguel Gonzalez
Miguel Gonzalez - 5 months ago
10000000% sure that he will be our president in 2020. The choice is clear people.
A T - 5 months ago
These progressives have it WRONG! The root of all ills and grievances for the poor and the middle class is the US FEDERAL RESERVE AND ALL MAJOR CENTRAL BANKS. Quantitative Easing and interest rate manipulation is a SOCIALIST policy for the rich/elite - PERIOD! The progressives on the left should be campaigning on the platform of ABOLISHING the FED not enabling more profligacy policies which will NOT lower the gap between the elite and the poor/middle class. ABOLISHING policies that prop up the stock market and appease stock market investors (most poor and middle class do not own much stock) that increase of the cost of rent/housing and cost of living in general is the right answer. ABOLISH stock buybuys which have been used by corporate CEO's to enrich their stock based compensation packages. I can go on but you get the point. Why arent those on the left talking about this? This is the MAIN issue.
Richard Yost
Richard Yost - 5 months ago
Bernie is worried about terrorist operatives entering from our southern borders. What about ILLEGAL aliens? Why don’t these traitors mention them?
Carlos Cuervo
Carlos Cuervo - 5 months ago
Old lunatic.
Steve D
Steve D - 5 months ago
Fox may be playing Bernie because he’s a wedge candidate for the left.
Ivy Moon
Ivy Moon - 5 months ago
The DEMS wont come to the table!!!!!
sumacdude - 5 months ago
Jimmy Upton
Jimmy Upton - 5 months ago
socialism is wrong, period Bernie. when you put a bunch of people in a room that vote the one person in the room with the most money MUST share it with the others it is theft, even if the others vote it to be ok... Bernie is the liar. You took a dive for the democratic party to let Clinton be the chosen one. If you really want to take a lead Bernie, sell your millions in personal property and give it to the poor.........
Charles Klempner
Charles Klempner - 5 months ago
Bernie got burnt. Socialism is terrible. Remember you live in a free state. You live in a capitalist state. You have a choice to move to Venezuela.
Juliasblues - 5 months ago
He is a true Public Servant. Such a good man. He deserves to retire, but he cares for people, too much to do so. I like him.
Aurora Vazquez
Aurora Vazquez - 5 months ago
This country needs BERNIE 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸
Lord of the Roars
Lord of the Roars - 5 months ago
If bernie turns out to be a fraud, like Obama and Trump, then I'm done voting.
Richard Yost
Richard Yost - 5 months ago
This old coot is a socialist. No one can name a socialist government that has ever worked. They eventually will run out of other peoples money to spend. I see he and his cronies are still getting paid. Saul Alinsky would be proud. If HIS party hadn’t lied about negotiating once the government reopened there would be no problems.
DSLRH D - 5 months ago
A lot of banks probably recognized the shutdown
What about Chucky denying the Coat Guard pay?
Jaguar Rose
Jaguar Rose - 5 months ago
Hindsight is 2020!!! Run Bernie Run!
Cableguy008 - 6 months ago
If this is such a national emergency, why doesn't Bernie and the other democrats simply vote to fund the wall that Trump, the Republicans, and HALF THE ENTIRE COUNTRY want? Seems like a win-win to me. Or could it be he doesn't actually consider this an emergency, but instead a political talking point to try to make Trump bad?
Jaguar Rose
Jaguar Rose - 5 months ago
42% is not half...
Monica Cameroni
Monica Cameroni - 6 months ago
Yes..It is true that i can not afford healthcare but Obamacare is the problem and is true that millions are working without permits and how those jobs did not go to americans authorized to work... Really the Dems do not care!! I liked Bernie... but now he showed his true colors..Bye Bye!
Jaguar Rose
Jaguar Rose - 5 months ago
He's fighting to raise the minimum wage, he wants the country to have universal health care, he wants to make public colleges and universities tuition free, he wants to convert the country to clean renewable energy, he wants to legalize marijuana, regulate Wall St and get big money out of politics. Please tell me what is the fault in those things?
Jaguar Rose
Jaguar Rose - 5 months ago
That's why Bernie Sanders is not a Democrat. If you go back over his voting record you will likely find most of the worst decisions Democrats made Bernie Sanders opposed or voted against. That's why establishment Democrats and the elite in the party hate him so much. Look at the way they constantly tried to smear him and her tear him down in establishment media. He's on our side. He's fighting for all of US regular people, not the rich and powerful. It's not about party loyalty with Bernie, it's about doing what's best for the country.
Antonio Dalfonso
Antonio Dalfonso - 6 months ago
Bernie Sanders for president 2094 !!
Marvin Brown
Marvin Brown - 6 months ago
Bernie Sanders always says the right things.
Tonya Long
Tonya Long - 6 months ago
qanons us watching
Mildly Amusing Channel
Mildly Amusing Channel - 6 months ago
Good on ya Bernie!
npower22 - 6 months ago
This guy is such a joke. I love how he talks to his people like there five years old.
Antonio Romo
Antonio Romo - 6 months ago
Mexico will pay for the wall because America will save billions, only in welfare along, Bernie. SAve American lives, and spend less money in jails.
Bernie, do you house has a wall? or you sleep with open doors?
Antonio Romo
Antonio Romo - 6 months ago
What are you do Bernie? He is the boss. Now talking for the poor, la la la la, but no for the victims of the open border. Oh! Bernie, I feel pity for you
Paul Wiseman
Paul Wiseman - 6 months ago
Sanders has misused his office to secure a loan for the college his wife was President of, not enough collateral and yet because Sanders was a congressman the loan was secured then defaulted. Sanders actions were illegal yet he's still in Congress his interest are for himself he certainly does not represent his constituents besides he doesn't tell the truth about socialist countries.
Jaguar Rose
Jaguar Rose - 5 months ago
First, the accusations were against his wife, not Sanders himself. Second, she was found innocent and all charges were dropped. It was a pathetic attempt to dig up dirt and smear a man who has a decades long reputation of fighting for the good of the middle class and working Americans.
Skylar Anne
Skylar Anne - 6 months ago
Bernie would've helped the us so much. It's heartbreaking that we have such a low standard of a person running us into the ground.
tim brandimarte
tim brandimarte - 6 months ago
Yes cuz fox isn't paid for by the government like CNN
Joseph Murphy
Joseph Murphy - 6 months ago
This video is a joke.
LilTrout - 6 months ago
LilTrout - 6 months ago
lol just dont eat lol
scott l
scott l - 6 months ago
Really need to picket Trump properties.
Sioux Zhann
Sioux Zhann - 6 months ago
Full blown socialists need their throats slit.
sluggo - 6 months ago
6 thousand 4 hundred assholes watched bernie awesome
Dan Marine
Dan Marine - 6 months ago
Trump is on the right track. You liberals have lied about the wall for many years. For many years, you never REALLY passed or approved any bill to actually FIX the issue. Trump knows this, and he knows why, as we all do. At least sane minded Americans anyway. BUILD THE WALL!!
Jessica Pete
Jessica Pete - 6 months ago
Go Bernie! From navajo nation
Jeffrey O
Jeffrey O - 6 months ago
I’ve always asked why Vermont, Bernie Sanders home state, doesn’t decide to bulldoze 100,000+ acres, then build 20,000, 40,000 or many more homes for immigrants, this would also include supermarkets, schools, hospitals, etc to help sustain all the new immigrants moving in. This goes for Boulder, Co, and other states and cities that have room. Anyone?
Eriqqus Browun
Eriqqus Browun - 6 months ago
Night 🌒
Mid 🌙 Night
Roo - 6 months ago
ElderM!llenn!al - 6 months ago
I guess FOX news let's the truth slip out every now and then
boi Stevens
boi Stevens - 6 months ago
Bernie 2020
Arctic Fox Gaming
Arctic Fox Gaming - 6 months ago
I would understand that the illegal immigration is a problem, but it should be dealt in a way that would drown the US in more debt.
Money should be spent on education, clean energy, better roads, providing more opportunities, reducing the carbon footprint, clean the ocean.
The lack of education is the main reason why one extreme side acts like a hive mind and the other is sensitive that needs safe spaces from anything like opinions.
thai - 6 months ago
Child trafficking, drugs, invading by illegal aliens is a real crisis, how many Americans live cut short by illegal invaders, democratic got voted power by illegal aliens so they care and protected more illegal aliens, 259 billions yearly for illegal aliens.
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