Bernie Sanders responds to Trump's national address

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Paul Wiseman
Paul Wiseman - 2 hours ago
Sanders has misused his office to secure a loan for the college his wife was President of, not enough collateral and yet because Sanders was a congressman the loan was secured then defaulted. Sanders actions were illegal yet he's still in Congress his interest are for himself he certainly does not represent his constituents besides he doesn't tell the truth about socialist countries.
Skylar Anne
Skylar Anne - 2 hours ago
Bernie would've helped the us so much. It's heartbreaking that we have such a low standard of a person running us into the ground.
tim brandimarte
tim brandimarte - 9 hours ago
Yes cuz fox isn't paid for by the government like CNN
Joseph Murphy
Joseph Murphy - Day ago
This video is a joke.
LilTrout - Day ago
LilTrout - Day ago
lol just dont eat lol
scott l
scott l - Day ago
Really need to picket Trump properties.
Sioux Zhann
Sioux Zhann - Day ago
Full blown socialists need their throats slit.
sluggo - Day ago
6 thousand 4 hundred assholes watched bernie awesome
Dan Marine
Dan Marine - 2 days ago
Trump is on the right track. You liberals have lied about the wall for many years. For many years, you never REALLY passed or approved any bill to actually FIX the issue. Trump knows this, and he knows why, as we all do. At least sane minded Americans anyway. BUILD THE WALL!!
Jessica Pete
Jessica Pete - 2 days ago
Go Bernie! From navajo nation
I’m Jeffrey
I’m Jeffrey - 2 days ago
I’ve always asked why Vermont, Bernie Sanders home state, doesn’t decide to bulldoze 100,000+ acres, then build 20,000, 40,000 or many more homes for immigrants, this would also include supermarkets, schools, hospitals, etc to help sustain all the new immigrants moving in. This goes for Boulder, Co, and other states and cities that have room. Anyone?
Eriqqus Browun
Eriqqus Browun - 2 days ago
Night 🌒
Mid 🌙 Night
Roo - 3 days ago
OliverMiles - 3 days ago
I guess FOX news let's the truth slip out every now and then
boi Stevens
boi Stevens - 3 days ago
Bernie 2020
Arctic Fox Gaming
Arctic Fox Gaming - 3 days ago
I would understand that the illegal immigration is a problem, but it should be dealt in a way that would drown the US in more debt.
Money should be spent on education, clean energy, better roads, providing more opportunities, reducing the carbon footprint, clean the ocean.
The lack of education is the main reason why one extreme side acts like a hive mind and the other is sensitive that needs safe spaces from anything like opinions.
thai - 3 days ago
Child trafficking, drugs, invading by illegal aliens is a real crisis, how many Americans live cut short by illegal invaders, democratic got voted power by illegal aliens so they care and protected more illegal aliens, 259 billions yearly for illegal aliens.
Ja Biezel
Ja Biezel - 3 days ago
Twice he mentions people who are being directly affected and twice he failed to mention those who he should have highlighted the most. This whole idiotic ordeal had to do (at least according to the hippopotusmus) with border security, and yet the border patrol are among those who are being affected by this shutdown. Not only that, Border Patrol and Security Agents, and over 150,000 other federal workers have filled a lawsuit against the administration for not only forcing work without pay, but also expecting them to work overtime as well.
Gia S
Gia S - 3 days ago
Bernie Sanders has never worked an Honest day in his Life.
The guy is Parasite living off the Taxpayer's of a Country he hates and wants to make a Socialist Utopia.
Socialism is a Failed Ideology, look at Venezuela etc
Michael Goldberg
Michael Goldberg - 17 hours ago
Gia S Bernie isn’t a socialist. He is a social democrat. A better example of his ideology in practice is Sweeden, Norway, Denmark, etc.
weedle151 - 3 days ago
'Ol Bernie is layin it on thick... Those who have at least half a brain know the berns propaganda and fear mongering lies.... And he's wading over waist deep in his demonicRat lying propaganda....
Cire 22
Cire 22 - 3 days ago
Better dead than red.
misopaste27 - 3 days ago
Now that’s an address.
Sutham Panatkool
Sutham Panatkool - 3 days ago
Bernie 2020!
Dawn Courtney-Reed
Dawn Courtney-Reed - 3 days ago
If walls dont work Sanders tear down your wall and tear down the 600 miles of wall that are up in California
William Felix
William Felix - 3 days ago
Embarrassing the usa is going through this
Carlo Santana
Carlo Santana - 3 days ago
Hard to believe FOX actually posted this!! Are they starting to feel the Bern!
Bryan Plested
Bryan Plested - 3 days ago
Bernie for 2020! Even Fox News is getting fed up with Trumps BS, much respect to Fox News for posting this.
BunnyBlue502 - 3 days ago
Impeach Trump!!!!
Gine Reichenberg
Gine Reichenberg - 3 days ago
Bernie go to bed
Angel Fernandez
Angel Fernandez - 3 days ago
Lets keep our shitty government closed for ever. May the strong survive
MetalGearMk3 - 3 days ago
Federal workers are leeches, keep the government shutdown, thank you Trump!
first last
first last - 3 days ago
If Trunp repeats stats he is creating fear... If anyone else does it, it's considered a response
Gid - 3 days ago
Trump is just doing literally whatever he can to deliver on an impossible promise
Bloww Pop
Bloww Pop - 4 days ago
Bernie yea it’s fkd up but this is what America wanted they all did vote for him smh....Bernie for President
HotPurple-Red DJ
HotPurple-Red DJ - 4 days ago
Republicans are getting corner with this shutdown and concern economy 😎
Ric Babboth
Ric Babboth - 4 days ago
Turd head Sanders! Ready for the grave.
Joshua Morin
Joshua Morin - 4 days ago
If you watch these recent political videos about the shutdown you will notice the huge divide in our “public” opinion. Half the country agrees with trump and half agrees with the dems. Very interesting times :)
killintime 24/7
killintime 24/7 - 4 days ago
If you can't run your corporation within your budget. Find another form of employment! 🌎 for sale . No mention of why the government was going to close. This is all about raising the debt ceiling! More debt for the children !
Rudolph Sturling
Rudolph Sturling - 4 days ago
who brings a child into this world with $100 in the bank? smh. that isnt trumps fault you have $100 in your bank account.
Awas - 4 days ago
Thank U....Mr . B Sanders for the Love of our Flag 🙌🙆😊
Gerhart Sasman
Gerhart Sasman - 4 days ago
once again a democrat tries to lay the blame on trump. i'm not buying it. pelosi and schumer are to blame. we need an effective physical barrier to stop this or at least slow it down a lot. the democrats just want voters and it looks like they'll put americans at risk to do that.
Happilyretiredmark - 4 days ago
Socialist that couldn't even run the VA worth anything yet thinks he has all the answers to everything else.
Modern day Socialist = What they've always been.....Thieves that steal workers money.
Modern day democrats = What they haven't been......Socialist
Becky Jane
Becky Jane - 4 days ago
Sounds like Bernie is for corporations looking out for themselves instead of respecting the safety and laws of our nation. Ya let's spend trillions on taking care of all these "dreamers" instead of taking care of our own. Sanders is a twisted lier. A hater of America and Americans. Can't believe people fall for this corruption spewing from his or any other Democrat's face. Total evil.
Kace face
Kace face - 4 days ago
My brother is a federal employee and has not been paid since before Christmas, after getting robbed on his birthday and then still trying his best to make Christmas happen for my son. The respect I have for my brother is immense. PAY OUR FEDERAL EMPLOYEES AND HELP OUR LOW INCOME PARENTS AND PEOPLE
Runningbear - 4 days ago
he really needs to go to the grave soon! He is only a hateful creepy old man!
The Chosen One Illuminati
Hush. The ol geezer speaks
DesertStateInEu - 4 days ago
Ahahahahahahaha look at all the commutards in the comments!! Look and laugh!! bernie bolshevik sanders will never win, theres no prize for economic illiteracy
A  N    D R   E  Y
A N D R E Y - 4 days ago
Sanders, what have you done in your state to bring more jobs? Why don’t you make pharmaceuticals pay for those without healthcare? As far as people not having income from the government? - simple, go to the public sector. Most of the government employees do not want to be in the private sector is because these employees are not productive enough. Financial well being in the country full of opportunities depend on end user. Those who are pregnant and have no money: what were they thinking before getting pregnant? If these mothers can not take care of their own children, why should the stranger do it? A lot of you need to get your head out of the sand and start thinking for yourself, that also involves being able to take care of own self and family, without relying on the handout.
Luis Flores
Luis Flores - 4 days ago
Isn’t it the ladies job for only having 100$ in her bank account 😂
don miller
don miller - 4 days ago
Another left over from the sixties who slid through life on a greased ass. Millionaires telling us they know what is best.All politicians, Republican and democratic should have to get a real job. Decide whether to pay the light bill or buy food for the family this week.
Jeffrey Byrd
Jeffrey Byrd - 4 days ago
Sanders you should have won the election not this fool!
NanoᏢᏞᎪᎽᏃ - 4 days ago
Tim Duffy
Tim Duffy - 4 days ago
Wow this is Fox News. I love CNN but I respect u Fox for this. Oh and like 80% of the comments are slashing trump and cheering for sanders? What.!!! And this is the only reason I clicked on this video.
NiftyTan - 4 days ago
Berine 2020!!!!!
Nick Schmidt
Nick Schmidt - 4 days ago
Lies Trump got more job then Obama
bennie parr
bennie parr - 4 days ago
Build the wall and put people to work
Zhora the Explorer
Zhora the Explorer - 4 days ago
iMixMaSteR1 - 4 days ago
Roll over and die old man.
Gee Ohh
Gee Ohh - 4 days ago
Bernie should be the one in front of this nation.
Erick - 4 days ago
Prefer the Bernie over Pelosi and Schumer
damien roberts
damien roberts - 4 days ago
as a federal employee you knew of the rules before you took a federal job stop whining
John Balnis
John Balnis - 4 days ago
I'm not sure how anyone ever came to the conclusion that Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton could ever be a better president than Bernie Sanders.
reza sadr
reza sadr - 4 days ago
In bernie sanders america should trust.
?????? ??????
?????? ?????? - 4 days ago
I like it
Taniyjhea Carter
Taniyjhea Carter - 4 days ago
I respect this speech..well said Bernie..well said👏👏👏
Kaitlin Scott
Kaitlin Scott - 4 days ago
This is the most sane political speech I've heard in two years
Erick G
Erick G - 4 days ago
Halfway thru to day 22 of the shutdown. The self-proclaimed best person in making deals is in fact validated as the worst president in history. Couldn't get it done with majority R/R, will never get done with split D/R. These are facts.
Uncle Tom
Uncle Tom - 4 days ago
Bernie you never mentioned one time that if we as dumbacrates would work with the President instead of against him this would never happen
Brandon Stokes
Brandon Stokes - 4 days ago
It’s Bernie or Bust. I don’t care who the Dems or Rep think they want. America needs Bernie
M R - 4 days ago
Bernie is a good hearted man, but he’s wrong. Someone with a brain please challenge me on this? Please? Please?
M R - 4 days ago
In this speech, Bernie is simply using what trump said about Mexico paying for the wall, which he mentions several times to get his point across INSTEAD of focusing on the task at hand. Then he drags it out on and on....and on....talking about government employees who aren’t getting pay for a couple of weeks and stresses the point of how hard that is to get his point across. READY FOR THIS????? Ok then, how about my field? The “jobs people don’t want to do.” I live my job and being creative building things and seeing the homeowners reaction and putting it all together. Contractors have been getting slaughtered by illigals and can’t afford to pay Americans the wage they deserve (going rate per state) bc the contractor can’t survive in business and get paid themselves unless they hire illegals to compete with other businesses who hire illegals. -i have to pay 25-36% on taxes, they don’t! -I have to pay healthcare. They pay 0 dollars. I repeat FREE healthcare. It gets pricey to pay doctors and nurses and facilities with equipment. Part of life people. Free for illegals -Bernie said most of the illegals here are law abiding citizens that are scared? Lmao 😂 law abiding as in illegally entering the US and we have no idea who they are? Cause that’s safe and makes sense, right? -employers don’t have to pay these workers time and half which is a law and people who sacrifice such hours should be compensated. No need in my field bc illegals don’t need it bc they live 10 people in a house and can retire in dirt cheap México. Can you see the crisis now? I have learned a skill/trade and when I started in the year 2000, wages are the same today in 2019 for my work but yet teachers went up, nurses, people who nag groceries, and everyone EXCEPT the fields illegals work in. That’s taking food off-my plate and I did nothing wrong and it’s been going on for way too long now. THE GOVERNMENT WORKERS ARE FEELING MY PAIN FOR THE LAST 10-15 years and there’s is shot lived. *Do you see now? That’s just the beginning of where Bernie went wrong.
İngilizce hazırlık
İngilizce hazırlık - 4 days ago
Why is he wrong?
Jenn Mills
Jenn Mills - 4 days ago
Bernie they cant get a side job because the illegals amd h1b1s are taking our jobs!
Jenn Mills
Jenn Mills - 4 days ago
Why in the hell is FOX giving Bernie Sanders air time? Why? Why? They get enough time on the antitrump media.
Mr.Butter101 - 4 days ago
Wait... He is still alive?
Jonathan - 4 days ago
Judging by all the dislikes, I wonder what it would take for all Trumptards to stop blindly defending Trump. For them, he can do no wrong. He can slap an old lady and kick a puppy in front of them, and they will *STILL* look for a way to defend his actions!
scott anderson
scott anderson - 4 days ago
This old guy got duped by Hillary.
Lol🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 and he talking about Trump.🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
the new dacia
the new dacia - 4 days ago
i see Bernie, i like
Z K - 4 days ago
Fox... not blatantly being biased in their political coverage and broadcasting Sander’s response?... Thank you, but ‘tis Fishy
Randy Weaver
Randy Weaver - 4 days ago
poor bernie cannot even do kindergarten arithmetic
Flajelo - 4 days ago
for 3 billion I'll build you a dome
Jacob Mathis
Jacob Mathis - 4 days ago
The like to dislike ratio is crazy, must be because of a Democrat on a Republican channel. (I’m not on either side strongly just a observation don’t @ me)
wolfdudebro - 4 days ago
Thank you Trump supporters.
Royale RusherYT
Royale RusherYT - 4 days ago
Trump makes me want to commit...sorry it's too hard to say.. s :(
Bryan Lewis
Bryan Lewis - 4 days ago
Oh well now they will know what it feels like to have nothing like a lot of Americans!
HOG ZILLA - 4 days ago
Sanders retire already knowbody cares what you have to say
Gulf Gunner
Gulf Gunner - 4 days ago
another traitor
Netboy1 - 4 days ago
Bernie is not a Democrat anymore ..He is an Extreme Socialist.....The Dems give illegals more benefits than the American tax payer Especially in Cali... Where a black mother and her kids had to sleep in their van but Sanctuary laws helped illegals find Shelter.... Smh😓
BiGAiR - 4 days ago
He has some soild pionts, but we still need a wall to protect this country,End of story.
Cody Wilmeth
Cody Wilmeth - 4 days ago
Bernie, if we cared anything about what you had to say, we may have elected you.
Christa Wilson
Christa Wilson - 4 days ago
Bernie you need to shut up. He never said he spoke to the past 4 presidents about a wall. He stated that all other living presidents were in favor of a wall or some kind of barrier. You dont like your boss and complain about it all the time just like the other ones. Making you no better than the others.
boyz2men Revelator
boyz2men Revelator - 4 days ago
Shut up bennie bare
jason R
jason R - 4 days ago
I will support Bernie for 2022 you have my vote
Alyssa Marceline
Alyssa Marceline - 4 days ago
I think Trump is banking on gaining lost votes..Lol. He does want to run for re-election but doesnt want to win. ;)
josh mclaughlin
josh mclaughlin - 4 days ago
Trump 2020
Keep it shutdown!!!
Mundane - 4 days ago
All the dislikes are probably Trump Bots 😂
Artwington R.
Artwington R. - 4 days ago
Much respect for Bernie!! URAA!
Corrupted Archangel
Corrupted Archangel - 4 days ago
I may disagree with Bernie on many policies but the man speaks the plain truth about most things. He is unwilling to sit behind flowery words or spew outright lies. You may dislike a man's policy but you should respect the fact that he has integrity (which is unicorn levels of rare in the US political spectrum). He, unlike many, in office seems to actually want to help the people be represents. Which always makes my cynical self blink.
qk1001 - 4 days ago
“Socialism itself can hope to exist only for brief periods here and there, and then only through the exercise of the extremest terrorism. For this reason it is secretly preparing itself for rule through fear and is driving the word “justice” into the heads of the half-educated masses like a nail so as to rob them of their reason… and to create in them a good conscience for the evil game they are to play.” disgusting
Mustafa Sav
Mustafa Sav - 4 days ago
Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders; what a team that would be!
Hamid IRN
Hamid IRN - 4 days ago
I’m surprised about the like and dislike ratio . What do Americans want ? I’m more surprised about that . This guy is saying the true problems here but it gets so many dislikes ?
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