Doctor Tries Disgusting Science Experiment Kit | Doctor Mike

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Inhispaws - 46 minutes ago
Do you eat bread?
No, I eat sandwiches though.
So you eat bread?
Rahaf Abbasi
Rahaf Abbasi - 8 hours ago
Whos child did u kidnap?
Fun And More 101
Fun And More 101 - 10 hours ago
2:42 I think that says disgusting and not digestive, Dr Mike.

You're too much of a doctor.
ri 567
ri 567 - Day ago
I’m stuck in the 90s to
Luis Camello
Luis Camello - Day ago
Mike: Well he's dying
Ari: *dies right next to him*
Master Bro
Master Bro - Day ago
7:48 KID.exe Has stoped working
Hanna & Fluffy
Hanna & Fluffy - Day ago
Mike: We needs vinegarrr!
Me: Then let's buy salt.
Just Paula
Just Paula - Day ago
They look like Father and Son 😅😅
stinky uh oh
stinky uh oh - Day ago
7:43 CHEST COMPRESSIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Ari_ Playzz
Ari_ Playzz - Day ago
“He is somehow a doctor”
Me: ohhhhhhhhh
XxGolden ShadowxX
XxGolden ShadowxX - 2 days ago
Im fro. Croatia so i kinda can usderstand russiam most of the time i have to repeat it
kimmy chin
kimmy chin - 2 days ago
Alexi Alaska Jones
Alexi Alaska Jones - 3 days ago
Me when I hear this 0:31 : *Confused Russian Noises*
Also me: ah yes hipocrisy in it's finest form
Dead thing walking
Dead thing walking - 3 days ago
*How many breads do we need*
That is the most adorable thing I have ever heard
alexa guinevere lumbo
alexa guinevere lumbo - 3 days ago
Where's roxy anyway
PotatoChipGamer Plays
PotatoChipGamer Plays - 3 days ago
I love snakes
Como Youtube
Como Youtube - 5 days ago
I’m 11 - Ari
I’m 29 so we’re practically the same age - Mike
WTH - Me
Maths - me
Burger Studios
Burger Studios - 5 days ago
Happy birthday, Dr Mike!!
Sarina Roo
Sarina Roo - 6 days ago
No he is not patient he is doctor
Jane Cheval
Jane Cheval - 7 days ago
"Why are you touching my balloon?" -Doctor Mike
Alpaca_ Tude
Alpaca_ Tude - 7 days ago
What kind of dog is bear?
Daniel Johnson
Daniel Johnson - 7 days ago
Tyronda  Coleman
Tyronda Coleman - 7 days ago
Love your nephew love those shows
Christine Cecilia Mahirwe
That boy is so smart and funny, serves you right Doctor mike when he told you they put cotton wool in your b**t. Like that was the dudes way of saying do I look that dumb 😂😂😂😂
Bonnie Davidson
Bonnie Davidson - 8 days ago
Doctor Mike: Educates Millions
Also Doctor Mike: how many breads do we need?
tremblingaspen - 8 days ago
Advice from the kid: “Don’t put q-tips in your butt.”
Dala Ahmed Helal
Dala Ahmed Helal - 8 days ago
I feel like dr mike is the cool uncle
Mr.AAAHH OOF - 9 days ago
K'Lee Krob
K'Lee Krob - 9 days ago
I know what Boy meets world is, and I'm only 11
Charity Boat
Charity Boat - 9 days ago
I wish I could have spent time with my uncles,they passed on .What a beautiful relationship (: RIP 🙏🙏❤❤
Chezka Zyra
Chezka Zyra - 9 days ago
they're not my nephews but he is my favorite nephew.
creepypasta claws-kiss
creepypasta claws-kiss - 10 days ago
The boy was wearing the ticci Toby hoodie
Malaika Butt
Malaika Butt - 10 days ago
کتنا بدتمیز ہے یہ بچا
DejectedTx256 - 10 days ago
Morgan Lynn
Morgan Lynn - 10 days ago
Dr. Mike: "who's your favorite musician?"
Ari: "How am I supposed to know?"
😂😂🤦🏻‍♀️ good lord
justin york
justin york - 11 days ago
I can't believe that kid even knew those shows.
Rachel Wangeci
Rachel Wangeci - 11 days ago
Dr. Mike, you're really great with your nephew. You're instilling alot of good values in him which is what kids need nowadays. God bless. Thank you.
Jack P
Jack P - 11 days ago
Hell yes, I know Mr. Feeny!
Ari_gacha 1
Ari_gacha 1 - 11 days ago
"and hes somehow a doctor"
Ari is savage
Relyt - 11 days ago
Ari: choking
Mike: * should I do chest compressions nah* DID YOU HAVE FUN
Relyt - 11 days ago
0:05 Mike: how old are you
Ari: 11
Mike: well I’m 29 so we’re the same age
Ari: visible confusion
Brainpuzzler - 11 days ago
Oh look, a bloody nose
suraiyabit - 12 days ago
This kid is cultured with his taste in shows! Lmao
pessimistic thing
pessimistic thing - 12 days ago
Ari: “Yea, like wiiine...”
Mike: *NANI?!*
pessimistic thing
pessimistic thing - 12 days ago
Mike looked so disappointed when Ari said I want poop in Russian.
Shay - 12 days ago
the dog is cute
Nina S.
Nina S. - 13 days ago
This kid is awesome. Lol
Ding Dong
Ding Dong - 13 days ago
Trust me, I know Russian, CYKA BLYAT!!!
SUAD P - 13 days ago
Eating and watching this video was a bad idea.
Quiyl - 14 days ago
I somehow really like Ari. He is congenial and he seems like someone that I would like to have as a good friend (probably also intrigued by his sharp tongue and smartness). And he is so in the 90's, how dope is that?! Also grease. Man, kid's cool
Dynamite Plays
Dynamite Plays - 14 days ago
Erica Martinez Magana
Erica Martinez Magana - 15 days ago
is there other languges you speak other than russian?
Regina Dickson
Regina Dickson - 15 days ago
You’ll make a really good Dad some day! Blessings
Namrata G.B.
Namrata G.B. - 15 days ago
Is this your kid Mike?
Sophea E
Sophea E - 16 days ago
ogrebeast64 - 16 days ago
LMAO! I love that!
krishnasudha parajuli
krishnasudha parajuli - 17 days ago
This is my best episode make this type more...
Lilah Rivera
Lilah Rivera - 17 days ago
omg grease! this kid is the best
Lilah Rivera
Lilah Rivera - 17 days ago
the moment he said mr feeny I knew i was going to like this kid
Lampcap - 17 days ago
Dr. Mike: This is a great way to stir
Ari: Yeah like wine...
Mike *sudden head turn* TF?
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